Thanks to our Armed Intelligentsia, Google, Glen Reynolds ( and Bruce W. Krafft (, The Truth About Guns’ monthly traffic has crested 250k unique viewers. Wait. That’s not it. Thanks to our dedicated, passionate, informed and tireless stable of writers, TTAG is kicking ass. Our open-door policy for new scribes (ping [email protected]) has yielded as talented a crop of firearms writers as you’ll find anywhere—dead tree or digital. Not to coin a phrase, thank you for your service. And now, please, patience. I’m swamped. Reviews and editorials are stacked-up like jets over Hartsfield. I’ll be working my way through them in the next few weeks. The same message goes out to all the generous manufacturers who’ve lent TTAG product for review. For all concerned, I promise: it will be worth the wait. [NB: That’s not me behind the Marlin Model 55)


  1. We should be thanking you for all your hard work and giving us such a great place to share our love for guns. Keep up the great work and you’ll continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

  2. RF, I think that running TTAG is kinda like taking care of a barn full of thoroughbred racehorses. No matter what you do, the work just keeps piling up.

  3. I understand and hate to keep pestering for reviews…but can you do as all a favor and stop teasing us for so long..I’v been anxiously checking this page for the p290 review that was promised over a week ago. come on man my ccw is coming up I know.

  4. Robert I really hardly do anything. I click a link, say “Hmm, that looks cool” and do a couple of copy and pastes. You find writers, deal with manufacturers, do reviews, gather information, find time to write, etc.. I’m just happy to find such a concentrated source of good/interesting/amusing info to share.


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