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So before the law, the cops weren’t on alert. Makes sense to me.

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  1. The reporter said that there’s no way for the officer to know whether the person they pulled over has a weapons permit or is carrying a gun. Isn’t that true for anyone you pull over? That has absolutely nothing to do with new gun laws. Anyone in any car you pull over could have a gun without you knowing it.

  2. Yea cause we know criminals just leave it out in the open or open carry!

    We also know thugs use expensive Galco leather OWB holsters too! Don’t forget the leather mag pouches!

  3. Except they can run the plates and find out if the registered owner has a CCW. And in Ohio, we’re REQUIRED to inform the police if we’re armed. It’s also considered a best-practice to let them know that you have a CCW and AREN’T armed, because they likely already ran your plates, or will find out you have a CCW when they check your ID…

    • Thankfully, here in FL, neither one is the case. CCW permit files are not tied to vehicle inquiries. And there is no necessity to inform LE of armed status upon being stopped.

  4. I’d like to see the station check back in with that officer in a year. I would wager that he won’t be so concerned about it then.

  5. Poor babies.

    Which one is it? Sometimes they want to know who has a gun, and sometimes they say ignorance is bliss.

    They don’t want you armed. PERIOD.

  6. There is so much wrong with this report. Iowa’s law is a “Permit to Carry Weapons”. Under the Iowa code weapons are more than handguns. Furthermore, there is no requirement that the weapon be carried concealed. An Iowa Permit does, and has previously, allowed a weapon to be carried open or concealed. What substantively changed on 1 January 2011 with the new Iowa law was that Iowa became a Shall Issue state as opposed to a May Issue state and the Permit is good for 5 years rather than 1 year. Prior to 1 January 2011, whether or not you received a Permit depended upon which county you lived in. I live in Linn County and the Sheriff in Linn County generally granted Permits as if the law was Shall Issue, so very little change in Linn County. Just south of Linn County is Johnson County where the Sheriff previously treated the law has May Issue, and very few Permits were granted. Obviously big change in Johnson County and all counties in which the Sheriff held a similar attitude.

  7. My position on open carry is that you should only do it where it both customary and appropriate. (Unlike the clown in Philadelphia from a few days back). I live in an open carry state (no permit needed in Virginia) but I never open carry in Arlington. Of course with a Model 1911 you are always in the “semi open” unless it’s the dead of winter. In an urban area East of the Mississippi open carry is an invitation for police harrassment and a potential attraction for some local gunslinger. If I go out to a place like Warrenton or into Valley I might carry in the open because nobody is going to look twice at someone toting a firearm especially during hunting season.

    I also only carry when it’s appropriate. I don’t carry when I go to work because they frown on it in the Pentagon and I don’t generally go into neighborhoods where I would need it and besides, if you go into a bad neighborhood you are going to be outgunned anyway. As a SOF buddy of mine said “you never have enough when you are in indian country.” Open carry for the sake of making a point is very foolish and gives us all a bad name. Sometimes we are own worst enemies.

  8. Folks who are inclined to attack cops are going to be so inclined regardless whether the weapon is legally carried in plain sight or illegally stashed out of sight.

    Seems like the gun that they can see is better than the one they can’t.

  9. I don’t get any negative vibes from the deputy there. If you put yourself in his shoes, his actions are 90% rational. I see 2 issues.
    1: The presence of a gun does NOT indicate danger absent any other factors. If they’re drawing on every spotted gun carrier whether it’s cased, holstered or on the seat then they’re attacking folks on the side of the road. I doubt that’s what they’re doing actually, but the comment is troubling enough that maybe the Iowa gun groups ought to invite the department guys to a meeting.

    2: The overall sentiment is just management misdirected. This has been the knee-jerk reaction of every single law enforcement agency in every single state that has gone shall issue. It has borne no statistical fruit to back up the sentiment.

    OTOH… maybe the new law will create a chilling effect on unnecessary traffic enforcement 😉

  10. For the 22 years I served in the military, there was a bullseye implicitly painted on my back in the event I ever got deployed into a combat zone. I was a volunteer, I signed the papers to join, NO ONE FORCED my hand. I marvel at these cops, their Unions, their FOP’s and the rest of the bunch. For the record, I don’t want to see cops harmed or killed in the line of duty but like the military, there’s a degree of hazard they have to accept juxtaposed against the supreme law of the land, The Constitution of The United States. I have a CCW and will not wait for a cop if myself or a family member’s life is threatened by some skank the cops REALLY need to worry about. If the cops don’t like the 2nd Amendment singularly or collectively, tough! Deal with it or get off the force, ya didn’t belong there anyway and besides, each one of these evolving wusses volunteered…no one forced their hand.


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