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“On Memorial Day this week, a former Marine in Texas named James got a couple calls from friends who’d spotted an unusual gathering in downtown Fort Worth,” reports. “Roughly a dozen people, mostly men, were hanging out in the middle of the city’s cultural district, armed with semi-automatic rifles. James quickly knew what his friends were describing, having recently encountered an open-carry demonstration himself in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. An independent TV commercial producer who sometimes films live events, James headed downtown with his camera to get some footage.” Considering the Marine’s penchant for potty-mouth verbal aggression, what followed was destined to be “fun” for all concerned . . .

Members of the groups Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County, asked him which news network he was with. When he said he wasn’t, things began turning frosty. They pressed him about what he thought of their demonstration, and he replied with an unvarnished opinion that included profanities, language he told me he regrets having used . . .

Suddenly he was surrounded by about a half-dozen armed men. They started badgering him with questions and accusing him of being anti-American. “I said, ‘Are you kidding me? I served in the military.’ They were trying to intimidate me, and when I didn’t cower that upset them,” he said. But he was starting to feel nervous and decided to disengage and walk away.

In a video obtained by Mother Jones that was posted online later that day by one of the activists, the group can be seen pursuing and harassing James through downtown Fort Worth. “I’m following this guy around,” declares one of them, setting off after him with his weapon slung across his back. He and others stay right behind James for several city blocks, following him through traffic and taunting him along the way. James grows more agitated and tells them off, calling them assholes and bullies.

“We’re being polite, you’re calling people names,” one of the gun activists pursuing him says.

“You’re not being polite out here with assault rifles the weekend after people lost their children,” James retorts, before again trying to walk away.

The harassment continues down the street. “Are you gonna cry?” one says. “Sounds like you’re about to cry.” Another says: “What’s wrong with that guy—is he a liberal?

“Yeah,” the other replies.

“Big time?”


As I’ve said before, take the high road people. Anything less is ammunition for the antis.

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  1. So he goes up to an open carry demo, dumps a bunch of profanity on them, and he’s the one who is getting “harassed” here?

    To paraphrase Terminal Lance, this Marine is That Guy.

    • While he was being a douchebag too, following him around like that is extremely provocative. If someone was following me around personally I would take it as a threat. Whatever they said isn’t such a big deal but they were crossing the line with following him like that.

      • He stuck his big ass camera in their face and called them names so they followed him with a tiny smart phone camera and did not insult him the way he continued to shout profanities.

        “Considering the Marine’s penchant for potty-mouth verbal aggression, what followed was destined to be “fun” for all concerned . . .”

        So he was in the military so that gives him the right to “cuss like a sailor”?
        This had nothing to do with open carrying. This was a jerk with a camera thinking that camera would intimidate those folks and it was an epic fail. Does anyone wonder why we have the demonstrators point of view but not the antagonist’s? Because they released it to show they were attacked. He had every right to go down there and say what ever he wanted to them but if you are going to be an ass then don’t be surprised when they shame him down. That is what is wrong in society today. We are not allowed to shame those that need it. It is called bullying, but bullying is different. Bullying is picking on someone to make the bully feel better about their own self. Shaming is for the person being shamed in order to correct a disruptive behavior. 14 year old girls used to be ashamed of having sex. Now they walk around pregnant and proud.

        • Uh ok fella way to blow what I said way out of proportion. He’s a douchebag. Known. But the minuet pro gun activist is like “Im gonna follow this guy” and a group of people start to follow him an video tape his tags is the minuet they started asking for trouble. You talk about the “old ways”- well in old school he could’ve turned around and layed the dude out who was following him. You sound like someone who likes to preach about how their hard and society needs to be hard but has no clue about what it really means. Please tell me, if you got into an argument with someone at a rally of any kind, (abortion pro or anti/ obamacare pro or anti/ anything) and after you decided to DE ESCALATE the situation by walking away they started to follow you and your telling me you wouldn’t see that as threatening?

        • And further more jackwagon, 14 year old girls always have gotten pregnant. Throughout all of human history in every society. Regardless of what society tries to do sex is something people engage in, the fact that its shamed even gets people to do it even more. You want to stop 14 year olds from having sex? you don’t shame them. You educate them. You teach them why they should wait. You seriously need to take a hard look at the human race and its history because you really don’t know what the hell your talking about.

        • The first amendment gives him the right to “cuss like a sailor” and the supreme court has ruled the you may address anyone in a rude and insulting manner. This is a perfect example of some words of wisdom I received almost 50 years ago. “Everybody needs to mind their own damn business.” You want to open carry then open carry. You want to open carry in a park with your buddies and some schmuck like me comes walking down the street I am going to make some quick decisions like what is the risk to me and my family? How quickly can that group get a bead on us and get a shot off? Are the firearms being handled so that a muzzle well be pointed at us? Should I unholster my concealed weapon and initiate risk mitigation?

          So why put anyone in this position? When firearms are involved self discipline should be evident and signs of agitation are equivalent to aggression.

          Didja ever notice that people at a shooting range are generally much more polite and they mind their own business? There is a reason for that.

        • @Cleveland.Maybe I should have said pass instead of right. Why does he get a pass for cussing out the peaceful demonstrators? But if you shout obscenities at me for no reason, I am going to break your nose and knock your stupid ass out with one punch. When the judge asks me why I punched you out, I will say that your obscenities showed that you are unstable and you were a danger to my well being and I had to defend myself but that lethal force was not warranted so I decided to use my fist instead of my gun. See. that shows restraint on my part. The video of you being threatening will be evidence in my favor. How do we avoid this whole mess? How about you not interpret the 1st amendment as a free pass to be an asshole.

          • “But if you shout obscenities at me for no reason, I am going to break your nose and knock your stupid ass out with one punch.”

            Making terroristic threats online now, are we? If this actually took place, I hope that you’re aware that you would be committing assault and battery.

        • No matter what someone says (assuming it isn’t an actual threat, that is realistic to the normal person), you don’t have the right to punch them in the nose. You damn sure don’t have the right to follow them and harrass them, no matter how ignorant or insulting they are.

          Cant watch the video, but if he said “leave me be” and tries to walk away, and you follow them, that in itself could be perceived as a threat, and that in itself could be considered assault. And since you are doing it carrying a rifle across your back, I could see someone charged with “assault with a deadly weapon”. If it sticks or not isn’t the issue, it is the fact that you are creating headlines in a negative manner.

          Look, these open carry demonstrations have their purpose, I won’t deny that. But they have to be done right. Call ahead and ensure any commercial establishment won’t get all upset and call the cops, then ban everyone who carries (open or concealed) from coming in with a weapon by putting a sign on the door. I dont live in TX, but now I can’t carry in Chipotle, I have to leave my gun in the car.

          IF YOUR PURPOSE IS TO EDUCATE AND GET THE PUBLIC TO GET USED TO THE IDEA OF GUNS, being a bunch of a$$holes about it is counter-productive to your cause/purpose. It is counter to the whole culture of gun owners/ and those who choose to carry. I took part in an Open Carry demo. I carried my Glock in a holster. We did it right. The business we chose elected to not participate (now I don’t go to Starbucks), but the back-up not only welcomed us, but the manager treated us like special guests. The employees knew we were coming and were not concerned when we arrived. Customers who became concerned were quickly calmed by the management and employees at the place. Now I eat there every chance I get, except on Sundays when they are closed.

          done right, demostrations help, done wrong, they hurt.

        • If a parent would spank a child for using foul language not in a threatening manner, I am going to bust your face for getting in my face and cussing me out for no reason and being threatening. Why is what I say “terrorism” and not free speech but some jerk invading my space and cussing me out somehow honorable and should be ignored on my part? Get in a cops face and tell him what a f**king douche bag he is and see if you aren’t put in a full nelson.

        • “But if you shout obscenities at me for no reason, I am going to break your nose and knock your stupid ass out with one punch. ”

          If you shout obscenities at an open carrier, they are going to murder you. Even though its your right to shout obscenities. I suppose the open carriers think its their right to carry guns and follow people, even though that is a stupid thing to do. Should someone knock one of them out–since you think that knocking someone out for stupidly exercising their rights (shouting obscenities in the case you cited–open carrying in my hypothetical case) is justified?

      • Hey, he accosted and harrassed the peaceful demonstrators first. He knows these people are docile. That’s why he felt safe trying to intimidate and humiliate them in the first place. The little anti-gun bully is just mad that his tactics backfired. He can dish it out, like all the rest, but can’t take it. He got the fright he deserved. Maybe next time he’ll learn to be either an objective photojournalist, respectful opposition voice, neutral spectator, or else stay the hell away. Those are his choices. Being an anti-gun bully, however, is no longer an option.

        • Yeah, I agree. He’s a punk. But following him in a group like that is just plain threatening and makes the good guys look like predators.

        • I refuse to lower myself to your level and call you names such as you did to me.
          Now for my reply: Two people does not a group, make. Watch the video again but put aside your bias and pay attention. One guy follows him and the other guy films the first guy following him. That is two where I went to school. The voices yelling fade out as they walk away so you know they remain on the sidewalk. The other people in the video were stationary as the demonstrators were scattered throughout the block. Pay attention to the fact that they are standing on the sidewalk and making comments as James and the two men walk by.

        • Open Carry Texas has decided to make public demonstrations to promote the right to bare arms. OK, got that. But they’re also engaging in in public drama, an activity that has its own set of tacit rules about maintaining quality in one’s performance. Bad acting just doesn’t cut it when you want to influence people’s opinions in your favor. These guys acted like bozos and got handed their heads because of it. Yes they were being provoked. A great big cow patty was placed directly in front of them and they dutifully stepped in the middle of it, thereby making complete fools of themselves and doing damage to a righteous cause with their amateurish bungling. Open Carry Texas needs to hire some media consultants to teach some basic PR skills to it’s members. This kind of stuff is embarrassing. Shannon and the Mom’s are far more skilled than this. Think about it.

      • These comments certainly have their’ share of internet tough guys which is much like farting and sticking your’ head under the covers. Why waste our’ time with that tripe. Let’s skip the military, police and private security credentials shall we? Who knows who is telling the truth? That said, it’s unwise to draw attention to yourself when you are carry a deadly weapon in a civil situation. Based on what I’ve seen of these “activists” they appear to be Peter Pans keen on showing off their’ guns. I’m tempted to say “I remember when I got my first gun.” Yes, the marine’s actions were naive. But his’ actions were more representative of himself while the “open carry” fools represent all pro-gun people whether we like it or not. One of these babies is going to end up getting either themselves or someone else killed with their’ foolishness. You would certainly feel stupid and dead if someone carrying concealed decided to be proactive and shoot you in the back of your’ head because they didn’t know you were a open carry “activist” instead of a potential spree shooter. You are betting your’ life on the judgement and goodness of your’ fellow man in that situation. How is one to really to know if/when somebody slinging a rifle over their’ shoulder is not going to open up on us? I do not respect the street sense of these folks. Carry concealed, eliminate any confusion, reduce public alarm and think like adults and responsible citizens.

        • So hide it until they take it away, nobody seems to be carrying them, so nobody will miss them? Good for you. Though if you are really of the shoot first mentality you describe, you might want to stick to water guns.

        • You actually responded to say that? You wasted your’ time and now mine. I did not say I was of the shoot first variety.. you did. Don’t be dramatic. Your’s was a non-response that made no sense. You think playing cowboy in urban areas is going to stop them from taking your’ gun? That’s naive. Most likely your’s will be the first. When the NRA doesn’t agree with you it’s getting bad. This is really my point. It seems that some open carry people don’t realize they are not making a sensible point. That they are poor salesmen and representatives. Almost makes me wonder if some O.C people are gun grabbing plants with this attitude.

          • Now that was a stupid comment. Being afraid to show that you actually have a gun is a tacit admission that they have no place in society, ask any anti-gunner. Keep inuring people to not having to expect guns around them, pretty soon you won’t be able to have tem in public at all.
            You were the one who made a comment regarding some concealed carrier mistakenly drawing on an open carrier, it sure sounded like you were talking about something you yourself might do. Why would you expect to think for other, more sane individuals than yourself? When statistics don’t support your ideas, make up your own?
            I am pretty sure the NRA retracted the opinion against open carry, but even if they didn’t, they have been on the wrong side of arguments often enough in the past.
            Say thank you…..OC activists are defending your rights when you are afraid to show that you exercise them.

        • My comments where a rude.. sorry. I should point out the metro area I live in is 2.3 million and my view on the subject is influenced by that.

        • Just read my words and quite trying to read between the lines. It is what it is. Quit trying to find something in there to make you comfortable. I’m not the one wearing my assault rifle over my shoulder for everybody to see. It’s grand standing or worst.. it’s play acting. So no comments on courage. We don’t know each other. You have your’ opinion I have mine.

          • I wasn’t reading between the lines….I was making logical deductions based on your wild ass fantasy ideas of OC guys getting shot in the streets…the ones unsupported by facts.
            What, you and you alone get to think for others. Kiss off.

        • Still projecting. You have trouble with abstract reasoning. You at least know that you need a reason to brandish a firearm. The problem is you need to make one up. And right back at you, I don’t appreciate you thrusting you’re odd views on me as a responsible gun owner and don’t want you as my representative either. So long, don’t shoot yourself in the foot cowboy.

          • The only projection was on your part, don’t you read your own words? Or maybe never had even psych 101? You still are projecting with your “cowboy” sentiment, you try to put your own characteristics on others. Maybe you should just sell all your guns, they never see the light of day anyways.

        • I agree 100% Frank Green. Paul, You lost. Your’ argument was juvenile and a nerve was hit. You and idiots like you are in the minority and are making gun owners look bad. From what I’ve seen on youtube most of you open carry turds are a bunch of nerds. Are you one of them? You should see how stupid you look.

      • Good job open carry patriots! You got guns banned in a list of restaurants. The anti-gun people are probably starting to like you. That’s nice… because I sure don’t! You got anti-gun and pro-gun to go against. Good luck with that.

        • Maybe actually knowing what really happened would help….try actually reading or watching instead of commenting without and comprehension.

    • Doesn’t matter Jolly Roger, we as Gun Rights Activists, are ALWAYS under the microscope. We will ALWAYS have to take the high road.

      Always. We have to be better than following someone around and talking down on them. That doesn’t help our cause.

        • Actually yes. Following someone is a good way to end up dead. Its one of those unwritten rules that used to exist, like “don’t trespass on peoples land in the middle of the night” and you wont get shot. Typically if someone is following you, they have a reason, and that reason is do to some sort of harm to you.

        • Dude, if you were armed and following me after I’d disengaged, I’d consider it threatening. If I were armed myself, things might devolve from there.

        • Is following somebody a few blocks with guns on your’ back threatening? In the real world, in my neighborhood.. YES it is. All these O.C people must have been born in a hay loft. Do yourselves a favor. Stay small.

    • Nah; The ex-marine; (not former marine; this guy is a disgrace to the uniform and the flag) was immature and provocative; but; to follow him after he left the area to harass and intimidate him was worse; they followed him carrying rifles when he had no gun. These OC people were acting as bullies at this point.

      Nope, not only did this not help the OC cause; it has hurt it.

      • Not disagreeing with your summation of the stupidity involved here but they wouldn’t know if he was armed or not, neither would you or I. Of course engaging in petty harassment of a man who may be armed ( as may anybody) is a stupid idea. If choosing to be a person of the gun has left me with one impression it would be that anyone pushing me to far may suffer for it, and the same may well go for me. Turned me from an all around nice guy into a genuinely polite man.

      • That he disengaged is irrelevant from a moral standpoint. What matters is who initiated the encounter. He did. He doesn’t get to claim he was bullied, after those whom he attempted to bully, stuck up for themselves and ran off the aggressor.

      • Just like the ex-Marine had every right to be profane, and to film people in public, the people he offended have every right to travel freely in the same direction and at the same time as him. If he doesn’t like it he shouldn’t be in public. Hell, those open carry guys aren’t even collecting meta data. If the ex-marine felt threatened, he could have called police for assistance, but of course, that would have entailed the whole story being revealed to the officers.

    • All were wrong, PERIOD. That’s what most will fail to admit. Going and taping a bunch of guys while you curse at them will make them unhappy. When the guy tries to leave these guys who feel wronged decide to berate and shame him while following him. Why not just let him leave? Why not just video tape these guys and not comment? You have the right to free speech, it doesn’t always mean that you should speak though.

      My grandmother always used to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your damn mouth shut!”. She was right. My mom likes to say “Don’t go looking for a fight because you just might find one.” She’s right also. Most people just want to be left the hell alone, you know the Life/Liberty/Pursuit of Happiness thing. You want to exercise your rights? Awesome! Some won’t like it but that’s just the way it is. What should you do? Be prepared for some unhappy banter and take the high road.

      Going out and running your mouth to armed men is not smart. It’s a bad idea in every country, state, county, or city that I know of. Stalking a Marine for 6 blocks isn’t widely advised either. I say this as someone who has lost a loved one because two people couldn’t be civil. My younger brother had got in the middle to stop the argument between my cousin and a stranger. A few hours later the stranger returned, couldn’t find my cousin, but saw my brother and shot him with a load of 00 buck instead. My brother is dead, the stranger is in jail for what will be the rest of his life, and I don’t speak to my cousin. All for what, hurt feelings?

      This could have went bad, really bad. LEAVE PEOPLE THE HELL ALONE. DON’T YELL PROFANITY AT PEOPLE JUST EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS. DON’T FOLLOW AND HARASS PEOPLE WHO ARE ALSO JUST EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS TO HAMMER YOUR POINT HOME WHILE CALLING THEM NAMES. I know from the pain and loss I feel everyday that nobody wants what has happened to my family to happen to theirs. A little common decency goes a long way. Treat others as you would like to be treated, that’s a gem of knowledge that everyone has heard. Unfortunately, few people these days seem to practice this philosophy. Now that is a shame.

    • look, these are open carry activists. As activists they are trying to make a point and impress upon the public an image of gun owners. If you want to have a certain effect, you must act in a way that will have that effect, which means you need to know the audience.

      If someone who disagrees with you (the generic you, not you specifically) as an open carrier comes up to you and is verbally aggressive, kill them with kindness. Sure you have a right to open carry, but you also have a goal to achieve. When open carriers encounter close minded fools like this marine, they do themselves a favor if they behave such that they appear to be civilized, calm and rational while their opponents appear to be rabid and feral.

      • He was watched and filmed for our safety. We were following him around as he walked from corner to corner putting his camera in the faces of the people there using profane language around women and children. His actions and aggressive manner were enough to significantly upset a female veteran with PTSD that was with us. She does not carry a gun, but she had her mace in hand fearful of this crazy person.

    • The open carry activists were the ones who attacked him. He was politely filming until they asked what he thought of their event–which was right after they got suspicious when he said he wasn’t with a mainstream media outlet.

      • nieowa you come one here and bash military service members allot. Especially ones unable to defend themselves. You want to pick a fight with one? Pick a fight with me. I served from 2007-2011 as an Infantryman in the US army. 4th BTN 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd BCT 10th MNT DIV. And I’m damn proud of my service and very PRO Iraq war. Now come on, start showing us all your real side.

        • I was USMC 1991-95. I got off the island a Lance Corporal the only reason being I could speak in complete sentences. nieowa’s comment is 100% fully legit. You weren’t a Jarhead, you were regular Army so I don’t know why you’re running your facehole about it. nieowa’s comment was about Marines. And, as I said before, correct.

          Anyone who would 1)deny truth 2)pick fights on internet blogs and 3)state that they were PRO Iraq War in the same breath is a class a douche. I lost a beloved friend in Iraq you poser. That war shoulda never happened as there is plenty of evidence to show. Defending America had absolutely nothing to do with it.

        • I’ll show you my real side. The guy with the big camera is an anti-gun PRICK. I don’t give two shits about your medals. I care about what kind of citizen you reveal yourself to be.

          And to me, you reveal yourself to be an anti-Second Amendment jerk.

        • scurvy dog your a punk ass. You were in from 91- to 95? HA, what war was going on then? little wuss Persian gulf? why the hell don’t you talk to me after you’ve been to real war you little stateside punk.

        • If you’re going to act like an ass NCA, your veteran status doesn’t give you license to do it. Looks like you’re the one showing your true colors.

  2. While I understand the frustration of encountering anti-gun/anti-rights people (hey, I live in the People’s Republic of MA), and I can support casual & polite open carry demonstrations, I cannot understand why pro-rights people feel that they need to badger people who disagree with their ideas. Call me a skeptic if you must. I think that getting up “in people’s grills” wins far fewer hearts and minds than does polite discourse.

  3. I already know people are going to side with the activists. I’m embarrassed for them if they’re too ignorant to be embarrassed for themselves. It should be perfectly acceptable to carry a rifle slung across your back, but it isn’t.. yet. Regardless, these children make us all look bad.

      • Por favor, WHY? HE was pointing a camera in THEIR faces, and cursing them. They have no right to video the person who’s verbally assaulting THEM?

        Try again.

        • “Por favor, WHY?”

          He backed down, turned his back on them, and walked away. At that point, the whole thing should have been over. But NoOOoo! They gotta go chase after him. At that point, the force vector turned and they were aggressing against the guy who was walking away with his back toward them. That’s the behavior of a bully.

        • It is scary imagining you out there armed not knowing the first thing about ESCELATION! You are the guy on the news who felt slighted and didn’t let it go or pursue alternatives for resolution and caused a minor conflict to degrade into a shooting. Then cry to the courts that you had the RIGHT to defend your self, while ignoring the implicit responsibility that our rights must be backed with. Every single right enumerated in our constitution is built on the assumption that it is needed to allow our nation to thrive and that means those who chose to exercise those rights assume responsibility. That dictating civil duties the way we dictate civil rights is fundamentally impossible dose not make them any less critical.

          In other words grow the F@#$ up.

        • @rich Grise He was never walking away. He was waling from corner to corner to provocatively and aggressively verbally assault other members, Including women. He was watched and filmed until he left for the safety of the group.

    • Actually, ignorant is not knowing that these guys walking around with rifles is perfectly legal where they are.

  4. Yeah, these guys are clowns and literally giving the anti-gun crowd all the ammunition they crave. Not saying the Marine was right, but we do need to maintain the moral high ground and act in a mature, reasonable manner.

    • That disgrace of a Marine foreclosed that option himself. He went there hoping to provoke them into doing something on video which he could then exploit and sell. Turns out, he made an ass of himself, instead, and the demonstrators ended up with a video depicting them in the favorable light. Too bad, so sad.

  5. Want to run an open-carry rally? It’s quite simple. Stay in your area, don’t follow random people around. Hand out literature and INFORM. That’s what you’re really trying to do here. Get people on our side. Crap like this doesn’t help our cause.

    • “Random people”? Who else did this rabid mob follow around? If you have a sound argument then you don’t have to embellish. Please for Heaven’s sake John in Ohio, set these people straight!

  6. Those are the very kind of people who should NOT be carrying guns. They seemed to have lost all common sense. With the trouble we have with the Anti-gunners, we should not be fighting among our selves.

  7. being a idiot is forgivable, attempt to educate them. but being a asshole is less forgivable because there is not much excuse really. though living in CA, surrounded by idiots, I do understand that it brings out the asshole in me. self control or go home.

  8. Yeah following someone around like that is really just asking for trouble. Whatever they said isn’t such a big deal even if they’re being potty mouthed, that’s how demonstrations are on both sides, but to actively follow someone around like that makes them look like predators.

    • 30? 40? 100 demonstrators? It looked like quite a few in one shot. How many followed him? 1 at first said “I’m going to follow this guy”. Then he was joined by 1 more? Everyone is trying make it out like there was a mob going after this guy and that just isn’t true. I understand the overwhelming disagreement with the OC movement by readers of TTAG, but there is a great deal of mendacity by most in describing this event.

      • So your telling me just 1 guy, there was more. But lets just go with it because that’s what you believe. You get into a heated confrontation with a group protesting about whatever. 1 guy starts to follow you after wards and even video tapes your tags on your vehicle. You telling me your not going to feel just a little bit threatened? Oh course not because the way you talk in here you make yourself out to be some kind of billybadass.

        • If you walk up and scream profanities at people, expect to be followed and a picture of your license plate to be taken. It’s literally common sense to take the picture.

          That way if idiot drives by and throws something, or worse, you have the evidence on who it is.

        • No, New Continental Army, if that is your real name, I am telling you that 1+1=2. 2 guys were following him around. Your reading comprehension is as poor as your video analysis.

      • So if I sling a rifle and start following you after we’ve engaged in a verbal donnybrook, what are YOU going to think, there, smart guy?
        What if another of my well-heeled buddies comes along?
        Now you’ve got two guys with whom you’ve just had words — both armed — following you. What’re YOU going to do/think? How are YOU going to interpret the situation.
        And for the record, I’ve open-carry demonstrated — rifle and pistol — on the steps of my State Capitol. I am not some lazy armchair activist. I’ve respectfully engaged “anti” demonstrators while armed without following anyone … seemed to work for me, as I’m not a shortsighted dick who’s prone to following people at the expense of my long-term goals concerning firearms and public opinion

        • They already had their riffles slung so that is not part of the action taken. I see it as the guy wanting to follow him to video him as a response to James first coming up with his very impressive camera. You are going to get in my face with your camera and insult me for exercising my rights, then I am going to pit my camera in your face, but not insult you. I have no problem with that. Why don’t we have James’ footage?

      • The attack on these people is incomprehensible to me. Are they expected to suffer any manner of provocation without as much as a whimper? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? You’ve lost your minds.

        I am suffering from your shame.

        • “Are they expected to suffer any manner of provocation without as much as a whimper? ”

          I guess it depends on your meaning of “provocation.” Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me. Yes, you have a right to stand there and call me dirty names all day. As long as you don’t raise a hand against me, you have committed no crime. If I get all pissy-faced and slap you just for calling me names, then I have committed battery.

          Just because they hurt your widdle feelings is not justification for aggressive action against them.

          • I’d rather channel that explosion of creative life-force energy released by our orgasm up into our own bodies, rejuvenating us, than deny it out of ourselves as yet another screaming poop machine.

            So, even if you were a girl and we boinked, I wouldn’t want to make a baby, thanks.

  9. Both sides were being asses. A “reporter” walks up to a group, any group, he disagrees with and starts dropping bombs fully expecting a hostile reaction, gets what he wants, then tries to walk off whining. Ass.

    A group of open carriers gets confronted by a naysayer dropping bombs looking for a reaction and instead of being smart about it, give him what he wants. Asses.

    The correct response to the “reporter” would’ve been to get video of him cussing and being a prick and just be polite as hell to him.  That woild have set him off even further and only made him look like an ass.
    I’ve been on an open carry walk and every contact we made was cordial and nice. If you’re gonna open carry, suck it up and keep it classy, no matter what. Do that and you will have won.

    • Totally agree, obnoxious behavior is not going to help get Open Carry Law passed in Texas. Act like your momma raised you right, as a gentleman.

      Just the opinion of someone who has lived long enough to not suffer fools gladly. Regardless of the issue, there was a whole lot of foolishness I saw in the video

    • That’s the only way it can work to make open carry appear in a positive light. In reality some form of backlash against the guy who initiated would make sense, but the antis will pick it up and run with it and make them look like “gun bullies.”

  10. We have lost virtually every time some folks do the long arm open carry deal.

    How many of these unnecessary demonstrations do we have to have?

    It does zero to win the hearts and minds of the anti gun crowd. In fact, it provides them with fodder for their PR cannon. It is so harmful to our side I often wonder if it isn’t stooges of the anti gun crowd that set it up.

    Yes, it is in their rights. That isn’t the problem.

    We need to start winning — and not losing — the PR campaign.

    Carrying your AR/AK/SKS into Starbuck, Chilies, etc., isn’t helping.

    That is the real world that we are playing in.

    • Clue – there is nothing NOTHING you or anyone else can do or not do that is going to win the hearts and minds of the anti gun crowd NOTHING. Pity their stupidity and get on with life.

      • And when they finally succeed in removing the right to bear arms, who do we pity… ourselves? These guys won’t stop until all law abiding citizens are disarmed. They have friends and family, who have votes that count just as much as ours. If we don’t win the hearts and minds of enough people, we will lose. The antis don’t know it, but they will lose, too. The American people will lose another legally protected freedom, adding another cobblestone to the road to tyranny.

        If I remember correctly, Mother Jones just posted some “facts” that people with guns are likely to use them in heated arguments. As much as James (the anti) provoked and escalated the argument with his profanity and character attacks, the demonstrators never became violent. The pro-2A guy was a definitely dick for following this asshole outside of the demonstration area, but James didn’t suffer a single gunshot wound. Imagine that! By posting this video, Mother Jones is providing evidence contrary to their ridiculous argument that people will use gun-violence to resolve their arguments.

    • We aren’t going to convince anti’s like this marine. He is not the target audience, he’s probably a John Kerry type former military, joined to further his political career and build his narrative. Dude ran out of his house with a camera to try to catch dirt on his enemies. Hes just out for that sweet sweet Bloomberg cash.

    • Name one loss of rights due to a demonstration gone wrong. And if you can name one, try naming a couple more times since you say “virtually every time”. Give your opinion or give facts, but stop claiming your opinion as facts.

    • You nailed it! Our rights are irrelevant! The idiot with the camera came THIS CLOSE to assaulting the peaceful demonstrators… perhaps he should have beaten them with a baseball bat, and the miserable demonstrators should have fallen on the ground and taken it!

      And you call yourselves “pro-Second Amendment”; you are a disgrace to the Second Amendment.

  11. This is the quickest way to get more people on the anti-gun side. Knock it off you morons.

    • I disagree. Here is why.

      A huge premise of the anti-gun crowd is that people with firearms will always escalate into wild west shootouts. That the moment there is disagreement, guns are going to be drawn and fired.

      When everyone is calm and polite and reasonable, that is nice. But when an idiot comes up and starts cussing at them, it makes salient some issues.

      1. The person doing the cussing isn’t really scared because that person has a firearm, otherwise you wouldn’t be cussing at the person.

      2. That people with firearms can get upset just like everyone else and don’t resort to lethal means.

      I’ve seen pretty much that exact same scenario carried out with demonstrators and counter demonstrators where firearms are not involved.

      As we knock down the anti-gun crowds myths, those myths lose power over the undecided and fence sitters.

      We may think a fence sitters sees this as “Look, angry person with a gun” but when that turns into “Look, angry person with a gun” not any different than other angry people who have just been accosted, we win.

      • Open carry demonstrations, in and of themselves, aren’t ‘moronic’ even if I think they are probably ill-advised. But when you start harassing someone while openly armed and following them around, you are reaching the level of ‘moron’ if your goal is to sway people towards your side.

        Was the guy provocative? Sure. It was bait they fell for hook, line and sinker.

        • “Was the guy provocative? Sure. It was bait they fell for hook, line and sinker.”

          When the idiot started cussing, they should have not engaged, but stood stoic like those stone-faced palace guards. These guys were foolish to let themselves get tricked into playing the game and losing.

        • Exactly, They were being set-up from the beginning. If you’re going to engage in public demonstrations it helps to develop a little more sophistication about just what kinds of opposition you’re going to be dealing with.

      • Wait, didn’t someone much smarter than us recently say something like no sane person would ever confront a man with a rifle on his back? Something smells fishy here…

  12. I’m of the opinion that “open carry activists” are actually paid shills from MAIG or a similar group. I have never seen one of these demonstrations do anything other than turn into a circle jerk in the comment section. Given their behavior, this is the equivalent of waving a bloody shirt, imho.

    Using an emotional appeal to argue against something only works if you use the right emotion. Fear and pity for whoever is the victim or potential victim is the direction fence sitters will be swayed. Directing anger and aggression will do nothing other than galvanize your opponents, recruit witnesses, and promote their cause by the destruction of our own. Standard counter intelligence practice.

    • Jdub, I agree. These OCtards didn’t do themselves or other responsible gun owners any favors, following the guy, but I disagree they were “threatening”. Stupid, to think that somehow capturing more of the “marine” photographers antics would make their behavior ok, but not threatening.

      I am starting to think that TTAG is long overdue for some stupid troll tricks, and MotherJones certainly has the means, motive, and opportunity, given how badly they bungled their last faux bully story, about the wheelchair bound MDA activist who claimed a spitting attack.

      We can all recall one or two trolls here, but the persistent stupid and inflammatory language here by the purported OCtards id just over the top, and the only PR the gun-grabbers have, after the obvious fact abiut the Rodgers being about mental health, means they are desperate to generate some buzz, any buzz.

      I find it suspicious that this over-the-top “marine” and the video are conveniently available to MJ so soon as well.

      Whether I am right or wrong, I hope any “real” OCD OCtards, and yes, I am being deliberately sarcastic here, to get your undided attention , here is what the rest of the responsible gun owners are trying to say: yeah, 1A rights, yadda, yadda, but here is the point: it just doesn’t matter if you are right or not, these punlic displays, by adhoc small groups of youtubers seeking your 15 minutes, is not working. The media is not sympathetic, and you are pathetically open to being pwn’d as I beleive the gamers say, by your own jr members lack of good judgement, or by guerrilla progtard Journolistas, like MJ.

      Cool your jets and stand down, gents. This is not the way to represent yourselves, on street corners, or in forums. And to the faux “marine” fotog, post your id, your dd214, or pack sand.

  13. The purpose of open-carry demonstrations is to show gun owners/carriers as normal, and non-threatening.

    • Can’t believe they followed him, very childish. When he started calling them names, they should of said something like,”Sorry that you see it that way, if you want to have a civil conversation about the subject, that’s what I’m here for.” If starts calling them names again, just say that again. Let him walk away, for Christ’s sake! Leave him alone after that. When you start following him, he’s right, your bullying.

  14. Once again, the people of Open Carry Texas go full retard. This is what happens when a bunch of city slicker, mall ninjas make up the bulk of your membership. I’m a Texan, and there is no way I would support these jackwagons.

  15. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I would like to see legal open carry of handguns in Texas. These guys all obviously do not….

  16. What a prick! And I am talking about James. The OC demonstrators simply put cameras in his face for putting his camera in their faces. James did not go down there to document the demonstration. He went there to harass them and when they turned the table on him, he ran like a little bitch that he is. He told them to go to Hell and their response was “I hope you go to Heaven”. It is clear who was in the wrong here. Try that shit at a pro choice rally and see how they react. The OCrs were very composed given the actions of the ex-marine. That’s right… EX-marine. He is through serving his country.

    I yield to the gentleman from Ohio.

    • Thank you. This blog needs to be re-named THE TRUTH ABOUT HATRED OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

      Pussified fools.

      • Its called taking the high road and being an adult who can let things go. Just because you can follow him and shove a camera in his face does not mean that it is prudent to do so. At the very least it doesn’t help with attracting the fence sitters.

    • At the point where they “turned the table,” if they had merely let the guy go and congratulated each other, then all would have been well. But when they turned and actually started physically moving against him, at that moment they were the aggressors, and they did all of us a disservice. If you and I are having a loud argument, and I lunge at you, I have committed assault.

  17. Ok 1) we weren’t there and we know the media spins things, so take it with a grain of salt. 2) they are dividing and conquering, don’t let them (that was for all those who say these people shouldn’t have guns, yes they should, they may have been jerks but they still have that right) and 3)what former marine calls an AR an “assault rifle”?

    • They have a right to be jerks, but chasing after the guy was, by definition, aggression. “To aggress” literally means to step toward. (I looked it up.) And that’s a No-No, no matter how fanatical you are about the Constitution.

      • To aggress is to approach but to follow is a different matter. James was the aggressor then he was followed. Why does he have the right to berate the demonstrators but they can’t simply follow him to ask him what his beef is?

        • You call what they did “simply following” him? Did you watch the same video I did? They were straight up stalking him.

        • I don’t think I would count this as stalking. I never heard the guy tell them to stop following him on public streets. Stalking is all about unwanted attention. This guy wanted the attention. He practically invited them to follow him by continuing his “conversation” with them on the move. Dick move, yes. Stalking, I don’t think so.

          If you don’t want to be followed, simply announce “don’t follow me” and proceed to walk away, quietly. Berating and beckoning while you walk away is not something someone who does not want to be followed does.

  18. Watching a story on this right now on Fox News. Acting like a doofus doesn’t help. And I DON’T give a rat’s a## if some jerk was a marine. Supposedly he went to war to defend our freedom. I support open carry but if I walked into a fast food joint with a bunch of guys carrying AR’s I’d wonder why. And I’m a gun guy.

    • No, “gun guy” you may be, but you don’t believe in gun rights. End of story.

      • So because he doesn’t understand the need to carry an AR-15 into a restaurant, but said nothing about banning it or making it illegal, he doesn’t support “rights?” I am a staunch libertarian, and I am against the drug war, but by your definition if I see guys shooting heroin and I think to myself that its pretty stupid to do that, somehow I don’t support their right to do so. I am not equating a firearm to heroin, but what I am saying is that even if you don’t agree with someone else’s life choices doesn’t mean you are against their right to make those choices.

  19. Open carry reminds me of the charge of the light brigade.

    Brutal mauling with no discernible gains.

    But carry on, that’s your right.

  20. I don’t get open carry demos in Texas – both gubernatorial candidates are on board with open carry in 2015, so the only way to lose is to put the puck in your own net… Which is exactly what these guys appear to be doing….

    These guys are bigger allies of Watts than Bloomie…

  21. I would say so that these chaps were surely provoking an argument by violati4ng ones comfort zone, I say..

  22. To continue to repeat an action that has hurt your cause every time in the past is beyond stupid. If these guys are not being paid by Bloomberg, they should be. If they are legitimate, they need to rethink their strategy immediately because it is doing more harm than good.

    I agree with JDub earlier post though. This whole thing is almost inconceivable to me and more than a little fishy. Someone needs to do a little investigative work on these individuals. It would be typical liberal strategy to pay these guys to whip up public anti-gun support. It would be genius really and it is certainly working. While I am not sure Shannon is that smart, she has been proven to be that deceitful. Worth looking into.

  23. “Take the high road, people.”

    The high road involves defending civil rights and that includes the right to keep and bear arms. Being a Marine does not entitle him to be given a pass on wanting to infringe rights. Being a Marine does not mean you can’t be a statist. In fact I have met all too many Marines who think the control they have over their Marines is absolute and so should the government’s control be absolute over the people.

    • Absolutely. Taking the side of an abusive anti-gun person is the same as attacking the Second Amendment.
      Shame on you all.

  24. as a one-time anti-gunner, the damage done to the the 2a movement by “activists” like mr. imma follow this guy around is far greater than the damage inflicted upon most gun control advocates.

    gun or sans gun, this video depicts a flagrant act of harassment. sadly, that act is now going to be attributed to the “assault rifle” wielding people of the gun. now try fixing that.

    reminds me of an old proverb: “a fool may throw a stone into a well which a hundred wise men cannot pull out.”

    • I don’t think that proverb made the top 100.
      I have one: A bent sword can only be straightened by bending it further in the opposite direction.

  25. James the jar-head went to an open carry rally armed with his movie camera. He unleashed the awesome power of his foul mouth and provoked a reaction, then he ran away, courageously filming all the while. James is now the darling of Mother Jones’ readership.

    I do not believe we can analyze this non-event and derive a set of rules for the “right way” to publicly express support for our natural, civil rights. A group of American citizens, free men and women, decided to stage an event by openly carrying their personal long arms and no hysteria was generated on location (except for James). Are the Mothers of Hysteria going to react with distortion and slander? Yes they are! There is nothing you can think, do or say in support of the RKBA that will not be met with lies and fabrications.