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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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By Phil Reboli

Last week, a painfully unthoughtful op-ed was published in The Truth About Guns (TTAG), stirring up controversy within the gun community. Its author, Ms. Jennifer Sensiba, joined in the cacophony of hysterical commentary on Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene with her piece: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is Hurting the Gun Rights Movement.

Ms. Sensiba declared Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene unfit to be part of the guns rights movement. Instead, she recommended a coalition of mismatched ideologies led by single-issue congressmen who don’t draw attention or criticism from major news outlets.

Let’s be clear: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is not handicapping the gun rights movement, as Sensiba claims, and a loose cluster of unoffensive, single-issue advocates is unrealistic.

There were demands that Sensiba be fired from TTAG or that she or the website offer an apology for the op-ed.

Ms. Sensiba missed important nuances in her op-ed, but censoring her undermines productive conversation. The responses to her op-ed were so overwhelmingly negative that it caused readers to publicly declare a consensus on Congresswoman Taylor Greene…just not the one Ms. Sensiba wanted. From time to time, the “gods of bad ideas” need an offering so that the community coalesces around certain tenets.

The type of person Ms. Sensiba thinks is the ideal champion is neither real nor effective. Ms. Sensiba writes that, “Instead of having someone represent us who plays things smart, focuses on what’s important, and makes sure things get done, we have a modern-day female Don Quixote tilting at the LGBT windmill.” (emphasis added)

According to Ms. Sensiba, Congresswoman Taylor Greene’s behavior has made her a lightning rod. The resulting negative press attention has made her toxic.

Ms. Sensiba seems to implying that the proper Second Amendment advocate focuses exclusively on gun issues in Congress and non-gun issues in a manner that is acceptable to the corporate press.

This Congressman does not – and cannot – exist.

Members of Congress must make important decisions on dozens of pieces of legislation every week, hundreds every year. Congresswoman Taylor Greene would commit political malpractice if she was a single-issue Representative. Her constituents sent her to Washington to be a full-spectrum Representative. In other words, she can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Using this logic, Congresswoman Taylor-Greene would be unable to participate in other national discussions. Is the Congresswoman allowed to participate in conversions about war and peace, healthcare, or government spending if her opinions and approach offend opinion makers in the media?

She would not. This is why no one should change their approach to appease people that want you to fail anyway.

Ms. Sensiba mistakes a difference of opinion on tactics for bad strategy. In fact, Congresswoman Taylor Green recently employed her knowledge of parliamentary procedure as a tactic to force the hand of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Congresswoman Taylor Green and her colleagues forced Democrats to either publicly support a radical piece of Democrat-sponsored legislation, or reschedule the vote; essentially, kick the can down the road. Pelosi pulled the bill from the floor and she chose to reschedule.

Congresswoman Taylor Greene wasn’t “tilting at windmills.” She was deliberate in her planning, thoughtful in her approach, and overall strategic in her mission to call attention to bad legislation.

Finally, Ms. Sensiba asks the gun community to think more broadly and support a loose coalition of single-issue gun rights organizations from different political ideologies. This would only tear apart the movement. Maj Toure’s Black Guns Matter is for liberty, free minds, and markets. The Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), if they are true to their name, is diametrically opposed to these tenets.

This proposed coalition also exposes a blind spot in Sensiba’s thinking. She dislikes Congresswoman Taylor Greene’s tactics and doesn’t want her to represent the gun rights movement. Yet she wants the gun community to empower socialists. Among their priorities is protecting ANTIFA as they burn and loot American cities.

The near universal opposition to her views has confirmed what the gun community wants. We want bold, clear speaking from people who have the courage to fight back against the entrenched powers that want control over our lives. Including, but certainly NOT limited to: our gun rights!

This is our path forward.


Phil Reboli is the senior policy advisor for Gun Owners of America and host of the Minute Man Moment.

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  1. That’s what, three articles now that start out with the premise of that other article was terrible because it said crazy lady was crazy or that gay people had rights too?

    I can read Op-Eds from random idiots in the comment section – you don’t need to dilute all the paid-shill content just for this. Stick to your whatever-it-is-that-certainly-isn’t-guns that you focus on.

    • Lighten up, Francis… 🙂

  2. Why are we still writing about Jennifer Nonsensiba? When you have gum on your shoe, you just scrape it off and move on.

    • I find it more than a bit interesting just how wound-up that article got some folks. Well, that and the anti-Semites today flipping out and feeling the need to educate us on ‘the jooooooos’…

      • Geoff, I’m so glad you write that how I say it in my head. Those fucking people…
        Crazy Person: Joooooooooooooooooooooooossssseeeee!

        😂 Idiots. Hope you’re having a great day.

        • I’m no trained writer.

          The way I try to lay it down is to imagine someone is standing in front of me, and I’m having a conversation with them.

          I have an interned buddy in the UK who after he spoke to me for the first time – You write exactly as you talk!”

    • I don’t think it was gum…………..need some sand and an iron grate…..with a good breeze……

  3. Sure. So what if she’s clinically insane and thinks the California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers, amirite?🤠

    • So what if she’s clinically insane and thinks the California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers, amirite

      And, you are prepared to present YOUR evidence proving she’s “clinically” insane AND Jewish space lasers do NOT exist, when?

      • You do not understand how logic works, he did not make a claim so he doesn’t need to provide any proof.

        MTG made the claim that Jewish space lasers started forest fires in California, the burden of proof is upon her.

        In common parlance, she should ‘put up or shut up’

        Of course, when push came to shove in the House, she said she was wrong and had been “allowed to believe” bad information, lacking the courage of her convictions she folded like a used Kleenex.

        MGT has about as much integrity as Ted Cruz.

        • “So what if she’s clinically insane and thinks the California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers, amirite”

          “So what” NOT “what if” Making a statement that “MTG” NOT (MGT) is clinically insane AND thinks the California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers IS making a statement of fact inferring that there is no such thing as “Jewish space lasers” without factual evidence that Jewish space lasers do NOT exist and did not, in fact, start the California wildfires… Matter of fact (red wolf) should also be required to produce any documents he/she/it has to back up that “clinically insane” assertion as well… Now STFU AND GFY…

        • I’ve never said there were no such things as Jewish space lasers.

          I’m saying that MTG has not presented any evidence of their existence, even though she has made public statements claiming they do exist.

          She brought up the subject, she made the claim, the burden of proof is upon her.

          Honestly, you do have a problem understanding logic.

        • I’ve never said there were no such things as Jewish space lasers.

          Okay, last time… First, please point out WHERE I said YOU made that statement (unless you are ALSO posting as red wolf)… You are confused and have failed to present anything that even resembles logic therefore it follows that ANY logical person would (logically) find it difficult to find any logic in YOUR illogical statement… In other words TRY to keep up, this ridiculous exchange started with YOUR assertion that one “red wolf” did not need to provide evidence to prove the “clinically insane” AND Jewish laser statement… Maybe you need to visit your Woodford Reserve stash again this morning…. Now STFU and GFY, I’m really tired of trying to explain this stuff so your big brain can understand…

    • No worse than gun-grabbers thinking the island of Guam will tip over if there are too many people on it …

      • At least the Democrat knew Guam is an American territory, populated with American citizens.

        • Cope harder shill boy, your politicians are retards that make ours look like Nobel Laureates. You don’t care how dumb yours are as long as they believe the right things, so guess what – we’re adopting your standards.

      • Really, we’ve got people running the show that think an Island will capsize. God Help Us.
        Admiral Whoever had a hard time keeping a straight face on that one.

  4. the 2nd A doesn’t need supporters of Qanon and other delusions.
    better speakers for our rights are available.

    • The time for talk has long since past. The Tyranny that is denying and attempting to destroy Our 2A rights fear not words. Regardless of who speaks them. They Fear the very Right they wish to revoke and those who would Stand and Fight to Protect and Preserve it. Those who continue to believe that the Evil that resides in Tyranny can be negotiated with or away are just as Great a threat to Our Rights as those who wish to destroy them. Even when the so called Elected Protectors of Our Rights had control of the HOR, Senate and Presidency they did nothing to deregulate the suppression of those Rights. Wise Up…Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Yeah… no. Those “better speakers” like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney have been selling us down the river for years. I’ll take MTG any day of the week and twice on Sunday compared to mealy -mouthed Republocrats like Dan Crenshaw.

  5. Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene will face an attempt by Democrats to remove her from the House of Representatives on Friday, when California Rep. Jimmy Gomez from eastern Los Angeles plans to introduce a measure to expel her for social media posts.
    Gomez claims Taylor Greene ”previously supported social media posts calling for political violence against the speaker of the House, members of Congress, and former President Barack Obama.”
    Gomez would require at least 72 Republicans to vote for expulsion if every Democrat voted for the measure since it requires a two-third vote to remove a member of Congress.

    • Never forget.
      That the black congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney (D) from GA, was always supported by the white left. And she was supported by the white Jewish Left. Including the support she got from the jewish democrats in congress.

      This black jew hater was never forced out of her seat. And she supported gun control.

      • Quick note: McKinney, whom previous to this I had also held out as the Hank Johnson of her time (wasn’t he installed in her place?) certainly began as a far left whackjob, but, she redpilled so hard over 9/11 that the DC Uniparty (absolutely Democrats as well) closed-ranks to shut her up and eject her from office.

        Which, since then, she’s often acted politically hand-in-hand with Conservative stalwart Robert Laurence Barr Jr (see Clinton Impeachment), over key rights issues typically thought-of as being ‘Right-Wing’, – and possibly also over their both having been forced from office at the same time, one from the Right, one from the Left, in 2002 by the great swamp machine.

        McKinney absolutely began as you said, but then became more of a right-leaning loose cannon .. that goes off, from time to time, sticking its thumb in the Globalists’ eye.

  6. Is there even a remote likelihood that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green could persuade even a single person who is not currently a second amendment supporter to become a second amendment supporter? I think not.

    Sure, one can count on her to vote “No” on those issues that are important to many people who frequent this site, but she’s not going to convert anyone to the cause. Indeed, her public persona is rather off-putting, given the Jewish space lasers and all the rest of her public statements.

    • The woman is barking mad. Having her as an advocate is as helpful as “half naked man with horns on his hat”. I’d much prefer she went around with a “Bloomberg for President” button.

    • If she’s capable of working with other legislators against the Democrats’ insanity, that’s all we really need. Space lasers are just a fun bonus.

  7. MGT is silly and ignorant sometimes
    just like DJT
    but they both got guts
    and guts is enough
    either one is 10 times better than 90 percent of washington dc

  8. Newsflash to all gay people.
    There is nothing stopping you from walking into a gun store. And buying any gun you want. There are Some people are trying to create an issue, where one does not exist.
    But if you have been voting for gun grabbing democrats??? Then yes, you will have a problem buying a gun in CA, WA, OR, NJ, etc, etc.

    The question is are gay gun owners willing to vote for white christian republicans who have sex in the missionary position, with the lights turned out??? And who support civil rights.

    Ronald Reagan who fits the disciption above, got the support of the Log Cabin Republicans in 1980. And they were the first white people I saw, who supported gun rights for black people. They also said it was better if blacks were not on welfare. And have a father and mother to raise their children. Instead of the welfare industrial complex doing it.

    The marching Log Cabin republicans had rocks and glass bottles thrown at them during gay pride parades. So I know there are many racist and intolerant gay people out there. And some of them have guns.

    • And for those that don’t know it. The Hughes Amendment Banning machine guns after 1986, was a “poison pill”. That the Democrats were trying to use to kill a law that would eventually ban National gun registration in the United States.
      Because the Democrats have always wanted a national gun registration list.

      I’m glad President Reagan signed that law. Even though the machine gun ban was attached to it.
      And that is politics in the United States. You don’t have to like it. But that is how it’s done. As it has been since the founding of this country and before.

  9. Just read an article that says Pelosi won’t pursue the resolution to kick Greene out of the House. Needs 2/3s vote and the Dems don’t have it.

    • If this isn’t your flavor of “fringe garbage,” perhaps you’d be more comfortable reading Mother Jones or the Daily Kos.


  11. Jim from LI said: “The woman is barking mad.”

    Marjorie Taylor Green is a woman who has guts AND a conservative mindset.

    EVERYTHING else is simply a distraction by idiots chickens whose only forte is cackling about things that have totally no bearing on anything, and also because they themselves would never, ever, stand up and be counted because they live in slobbering fear.

    We need crazy just to at least stay even with the vile and disgusting groups who claim moral superiority while killing children and selling their body parts for cash.

    I’ll finish this by quoting my favorite person” “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…”

    Marjorie is the brave one…..

    PS. What is a joooooo?


  12. Qanon’s Q is Ezra Cohen Watnick. He is a Jew.

    Just the fact that people are talking about it shows how the mainstream Jew run media has lost control if the narrative. A gun blog, which is usually a conservative/libertarian safe space- has a comment section arguing the Jewish question.

    If the Holocaust really happened- why would they have to make laws banning talking about it? Soap and lampshades were a total hoax? Yad Vashem agrees?

    Hmmmmmm. Maybe the interests of Jews and Gentiles don’t align?

    • “If the Holocaust really happened- why would they have to make laws banning talking about it?”

      The Holocaust happened, there are many witnesses and physical as well as photographic evidence, not to mention extensive documentation by the Nazi bureaucracy.

      What laws are there against talking about the holocaust?

      • You can go to jail, in european countries, for saying the holocaust did not happen. They don’t have a 1st amendment there.

    • There aren’t any laws against talking about it. There are laws against denying it, but not in the US. Of course, in true retard fashion, you conveniently forget that those laws also ban denial of other genocides like the Armenian genocide and the Rape of Nanking.

      As for supposed Jewish media, do you have DNA evidence that they’re Jewish, orr did you believe that Elizabeth Warren was Native American purely based on her word?

  13. I don’t think women should have careers outside of the home. This is bad for her kids.

    I’m not even trolling. I’m a dad and my wife joust quit her job. It’s the RIGHT thing to do!

    There’s a great book on this called “The Dual Income Trap” by Elizabeth “pocohontas” Warren. You all should read it. It’s accidentally far right socially conservative.

    • fyi to anyone
      Someone WILL BE staying home with a newborn baby. In fact they will stay home with that kid for at least the first three or four years of the childs life.

      Now if you want to do the “MR Mom” thing??? Then more power to you. But some one is staying home with that young new humanbeing in the world. (conservative)


      Perhaps you are one of those who believes the government should take over and raise children???? (Libertarian Liberal or Leftist)

      In the 21st century the thing called “the internet” is availble to stay at home mothers. And many have gotten an education and started a small business at home.

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