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Quebec City Mosque, via


Canadian authorities are holding one under suspicion of carrying out the attack on the Quebec City mosque that Dan wrote about last night: Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27 year old resident of the Quebec City suburb of Cap-Rouge, and apparently of French-Canadian origin according to reports from the CBC and the Toronto Globe and Mail. A second person detained — apparently Mohamed El Khadir — is considered a witness, not a suspect in the attack, according to the BBC.

According to the CBC, the arrest came after security services engaged in a hot pursuit of the suspect’s SUV. He was reportedly armed with a firearm of some kind at the time of arrest.

The attack was allegedly carried out with an AK-47, according to the British Telegraph.

The CBC is reporting that six people are now dead from the attack, the victims ranging in age from 35 to 70. Canadian officials have described this as an act of “terror”, and the investigation is currently being led by Quebec’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team.

A witness gave the following report to CBC about the attackers:

“It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head.”

Another witness told the Globe and Mail that he thought the attacker was “someone who mastered weapons because it was calm,” the man said. “He killed and he killed. It was really horrible.” The unnamed witness was tragically eloquent as he described his own feelings — and harsh reminder that in today’s world, there is no place for “condition white“:

He said he lay on his stomach near the front of the mosque as the man emptied his weapon. Then, he said, the gunman just stopped and left.

“I’m shocked,” he said. “We thought that here, we were in a safe city, a safe country. But unfortunately that’s not the case.”

Facts are still sparse at the moment, and one can still honestly say that it is unclear what the motive may have been, although that won’t stop media speculation. National origin does not equate to membership in a religion, as Somalian-born atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali could tell you, and one could easily imagine an anti-Muslim terrorist shouting “God is great” as a way of taunting his victims. (And yes, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, as Freud once said.)

Canadian P.M. Justin Trudeau and other local politicians initially appeared to be framing this as “a terrorist attack on Muslims,” which regardless of motive, appears to be correct. One local newspaper seemed to be stressing the fact that one of the suspects had a “a Québec name”. Facts and preferred narrative will fight with each other for attention for a while, until we have nothing left but facts and apathy.

Canada had been in the news recently in conjunction with President Donald Trump’s imposition of restrictions on immigration from a number of countries in the Middle-East and Africa to the United States. Prime Minister Trudeau had announced that Canada would welcome refugees from affected countries impacted by Mr. Trump’s executive order.  It will be interesting to see how this attack will impact the conversation on the subject, as well as America’s and Canada’s policies. Mr. Trump’s order did not affect immigration from Morocco; Mr. Trudeau’s policy on refugees from Syria has hitherto been to welcome women, children, and families, but not individual men.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article cited a report from Fox News stating that one of the assailants arrested was of Moroccan origin; this is incorrect. The only suspect being held now is French-Canadian Alexandre Bissonnette.

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  1. Looks like the muzrats can’t keep their sectarian bloodletting to their own countries. It’s like two guys getting into a fight at a bar over something that happened years ago. Simple solution. Throw them and their friends out.

        • Yeah… because when the liberal media is tap dancing this hard, there is clearly nothing to see…

          If this was an actual attack against muslims by non-muslims, the narcissist running Canada would running a four hour speech on every network and you damn well know it.

        • Pwrserge, this is his facebook likes page:

          Now, I don’t know about you, but most people I know who like Marine Le Pen, aren’t Muslims. In fact, they are more likely to spew idiotic garbage like the term “muzrat” than anything. So are you now going to decry white nationalism and try to throw them out of the country? Or are you going to double down and say this had #notthingtodowithbigotry.

        • Again, if that was the case, Trudeau would be shouting about “islamophobia” from the rooftops long before now. There’s something else going on.

        • So now you’re going to deny reality, is that it? Maybe you’re projecting because when you thought this was a Muslim on Muslim attack, you wasted no time in calling them rats or saying that they “got what they deserved”. Last I checked those murdered hadn’t done anything. It’s almost like people are individuals or something, but I think that idea might be too complicated for you.

        • Way to change the subject. These people weren’t Nazis and they didn’t do anything to you or anyone else. I get it, you’re just a bigot that a while ago was going on about Zyklon B or masturbating to the fantasy of hurting people you don’t like. Fortunately for us, that tough guy attitude only exists on the internet because in reality you’re a fat keyboard commando who thinks that having been in somehow makes you not a fat weakling now. It doesn’t, and you’ll still always be an internet tough guy with an anime avatar. Glad to know you’ll cheer on murder because you don’t like someone’s religion.

        • Yeah… Because Islam dindu nuffin… Clearly… almost a millennium and a half of rape, murder, slavery, and all out genocide clearly didn’t happen.

        • So I guess the concept of individuals is actually too complicated for you to understand. Islam isn’t a real entity. It’s an idea, so no, it didn’t do anything. People did those things. These people, who were murdered, by another ideologue didn’t do anything to you or anyone. Does that make sense now, or do I have to break it down for you? If you’re going to keep bitching about past crimes, then please explain to me how these people had anything to do with that. Because no information I have seen has accused them of murder, genocide, or any of those things. You’re bending over backwards to excuse murder of innocents because of you bigotry. I’m wondering if you are simply intellectually dishonest or really fucking stupid.

        • Again… Most modern Nazis haven’t harmed anyone either. You willing to let them start openly recruiting in your town?

          If you, as an individual, decide to follow an ideology responsible for the sort of shit the Nazis or Muslims are responsible for, it is fair to judge you by the actions of the people you voluntarily associate with.

        • Yes, that is what the first amendment protects. Nazis are just as free to speak as are you. The difference is that while you think killing people is the answer, those of us not dropped on our heads as children know that we can win the debate. Not only that, but these people weren’t Nazis, and they never harmed anyone. I wouldn’t be cheering for the death of political opponents either, unlike you, mostly because I’m not a retarded internet tough guy with no sense of decency. It is one thing to attack an idea, and it is another thing to murder people who might hold that idea. You can’t seem to make that distinction. Again, maybe you are just intellectually dishonest, or you are just really stupid.

      • If you hang out around folks from Alberta, you soon learn that many of the Albertans would be quite content to throw out the entire province of Quebec.

        • During my first deployment to Southern Afghanistan we were told that a two-man Canadian sniper team would be coming up our way for a little while. My experience with Canadians were all from the Quebec area. I don’t want to be rude to all the people from that area, but I was really surprised that any of them would be on a two-man SKT. When the two guys got there they were some of the hardest MFs I’d ever met. And of course, from the Western Rockies in BC.

        • You can include Saskatchewan and parts of BC and Manitoba in that general feeling. I can’t help but feel frustrated with Quebec. Their people who I have met seem decent enough.

          It’s not enough that we send them billions in transfer payments- they have to mock us and try to ruin our oil industry while they do it. Then they champion stronger gun laws while at the same time it’s the province where the worst spree killings happened.

          If they’d just take our money and leave us alone it would be much better.

    • I initially thought it was an Islamic terrorist shooter due to early news reports. I’ve since retracted that, publicly, on Facebook. I’m not sure what the motives of the French Canadian (nationalist?) shooter were.

      One things is certain: the gun laws didn’t work as advertised.

      • I call bullshit on that. If the shooter was as you just described him, the race baiters at the CBC would be shouting it from the rooftops and the Trudeau government would be releasing minute by minute updates.

        • Uh….there are plenty of photos of the shooter publicly available and he looks as white as can be.

        • >Accur81- Islam isn’t a skin-color. Obviously none of us have all the info. However, the fact the shooter was white doesn’t mean he wasn’t Muslim.

      • As the article says, we need a couple more days for speculation and political posturing to give way to facts. This whole thing is not quite adding up right now. But if it does turn out to be a Canadian nationalist extremist, there is going to be an international excrement storm from the left. Well, a larger-than-usual excrement storm.

        • Dunno where a storm comes from, the solution is the same either way. They clearly should make mosques gun-free zones, that would fix it, nothing else necessary.

        • Propaganda storm from the press, politicians, and leftist talking heads. But now that I think about it again, it wouldn’t make any difference in what is said, they’ll just have another name in addition to Roof to use when they paint anyone who doesn’t believe in global, collectivist authoritarianism as a violent extremist.

          And yeah, Canada can make AKs extra illegal, and carrying loaded guns in religious centers super special extra illegal. Probably will, too.

    • The Left plasters all gun owners as dangerous. The Left is just lazy. They can’t fix the problem so they want to ban guns. They can’t tell the difference between this owner and that user.
      Then folks show up here and want to paint all Muslims as terrorists. Are all police racists?
      But wait all Muslims deserve to be shot. You have a lot in common with the jihadis. You don’t know Islam is a vile religion, you think it is. Hillary doesn’t know the difference between semi & full auto but she thinks she does.
      Someone is going to paint me as a jihadi sympathizer. That’s lazy. Read and read to know if Islam is a violent religion.
      I know there are millions of Americans born here who are sure Christianity is a violent religion. Convince them otherwise.
      Let’s see and Native Americans were Stone Age so they deserved what they got.
      Wow. Just Wow.

      Some Politicians and Clergy promise quick feel good ideas and laws. Scared people eat it up.

      There’s a big difference between taking care of your personal safety, depending on the Fed agencies to catch terrorists and painting all of the “other group” as dangerous.
      Personally I don’t like scared people voting to reduce magazine size or ban guns when they nothing about them. Add that they have been lied to it gets bad. Let’s see. Blacks, women, Mexicans, jihadis, Isis. Who will they tell us to be scared of next? Really? You’re prepared right?
      Scared people. Learn the facts and don’t be the scared.

  2. Only shooter was French Candian, as Fox is now reporting.

    “Only one of the two men arrested in the minutes after the terror attack at a mosque in Quebec City is a suspect, police revealed Monday, saying the other man they handcuffed was a witness.
    The lone suspect was identified as Alexandre Bissonnette, a student at the nearby Laval University, a law enforcement source told Reuters.
    Police initially named Mohamed el Khadir as a second suspect, The Associated Press reported, before cops apparently backtracked. “

  3. I hate that people died, but when this stuff only happens in the US they blame the government, the people, and the gun laws. Once this starts happening more frequently in other countries maybe the world will finally take the “refugee” issue seriously. We owe NOTHING to these people. Let’s focus on our own people and the safety of our country first.

      • I took his comment to suggest that the “refugee issue” is a double edged sword. Some percentage of them commit attacks of some variety or another and some percentage angry people in the host country consider vengeance.

        Islamists are more than willing to “avenge” what they see as transgressions in the Middle East by “bringing the war to us” so it’s not so far fetched to imagine someone shooting up a mosque while yelling “Pour le Paris!”.

  4. Here we go:

    University student sole suspect in shooting at Quebec mosque: source

    A WHITE university student is the sole suspect in a mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque in which six worshippers were killed.

    Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old French-Canadian man, was arrested alongside Mohamed el Khadir on Sunday night after the shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre.

    Bissonnette was nabbed about 24km from the scene after reportedly calling police to say he was armed but ready to surrender.

    Mohamed el Khadir, believed to be of Moroccan descent, is now considered a witness and not a suspect.

    Anti-gun owner backlash in 3… 2… 1…

      • Probably an SKS with the removable mag kit, or something like that.

        ChiCom SKSs are cheap and plentiful in Canada.

        • Russian SKS are still a bit cheaper than the Chinese ones, but I’m starting to see reports that he used a handgun instead. We’ll have to wait and see, but that won’t be good news for Quebec, because they passed an even stricter law regarding handguns and other restricted arms than the rest of Canada.

        • Anon in CT,

          Quebec gets special privileges when it comes to rules like Loi 9 (the additional restrictions on RPAL holders) and their new gun registry. Maybe a devolution of gun laws to the provincial level would be the best for all of us.

        • Well the guy was charged with restricted weapon offences. If it was an AK he would have been charged with prohibited weapon offences so i seriously doubt it was an AK. I’m guessing it was a CZ858 (RCMP already tried a ban on them, here we go canadian gun owners) or a dolled up SKS, they’re 200 bucks and you can doll one up with pinned 5/20 or 5/30 round mags. Remember, anything with a curved mag is an AK to the media.

          As for the restricted weapons offence, I’m gonna guess that he was carrying a handgun as well that was probably legally bought.

          • Whatever he used ….worked….its sad…the gun marc lepine used in the polytec in mtl was a mini 14 …you would of thought they would have banned that one …nope….just a good thing he had 0 training…probly would have been rejected from the services …hopefully

    • I’m sure he’ll be as “white” as the “asian” gang rapists turned out to be once we see his photo.

    • The race of the shooter does not matter. The white Boston bombers were Muslim. So what if the Quebec mosque shooter is white. Be careful that you don’t assume all Muslims have dark skin. The news media does. That makes them racist. Don’t be a racist.
      The shooting happened inside the mosque, by one of the attendees.

      • True, but this white guy is a racist douche-bag.

        Sometimes a spade is just a spade. Wait, not that. A terrorist is just a person creating terror for political purpose. There, fixed it…?…

        • Rick also from ky
          Please don’t fall into this race trap. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. But just about every terrorist today is in fact a Muslim. Their skin color does not matter. Also the Muslim terrorist are killing more Muslims than any other religious group.

          The Fort Lauderdale airport shooter is a Puerto Rican Muslim convert. The press and Obama administration are covering this fact up. That guy is not crazy. He is a Muslim terrorist who shot up an American airport.

          The terrorist Muslim wants “only pure” Muslims in the world. In this they are just like the Nazi.
          They also wanted “a pure world” utopia.

      • Puzzling, at the very least. I agree with the article, could be a sincere expression of religious fervor. Could be mockery. Might even be a false flag attempt. Who knows at this point.

      • Witnesses say he yelled “aloha snack bar” while he shot people.
        The Obama administration censored the words of the Orlando shooter on the 911 tape.
        It would not surprise me if the liberal Canadian government did some thing similar to cover up the truth.

        • Truth is one crazy little man with a big gun and a chip on his shoulders…crazy does as crazy is….could have been singing follow the yellow brick road ..doesnt matter….

    • WGAS if he was black, white, or green? Was he a radicalized muslim extremist? And if not, did he really shriek “Allah Akbar”, or was that typical hysterical bull? At least they can ask him “why”, chances are he really wants to tell us, since he’s alive. My bet is on “fruitcake”, but I have no evidence. Oh! I guess I do! He went out of his way to shoot inoffensive strangers. Don’t get much more fruitcake than that.

      • Yes, slaughtering those who are peacefully at worship is insane. At least by modern, Western standards.

  5. Focus will now be on how an AK-47 arrived in the hands of the mass murderer. I’m curious if it really was an AK-47 or a semi-auto Kalashnikov look-alike.

    Are semi-auto rifles even legal in Canada?

    • AKs are outright banned in Canada full-auto or semi-auto. That’s what makes me certain that there is a terrorist connection.

      • But if you got $3-$5000 you can buy a semi Valmet. Some of the highest quality AK pattern rifles around. They’re non restricted bc a bunch of native hunters had them when the rules changed and the govt knew better than to fight that battle.

        • Full auto bans? Yes. Yes they do. It takes a lot of work to get a gun that’s completely illegal in the country you’re in. General criminals are just not that industrious. Not when something they can get semi-legally will do their intended job almost as well.

        • I like some of your BS pwrserge, but I don’t agree a “full auto ban” does squat. i.e. its very easy to make some FN PS90s go pewpewpew with just a paperclip. Many other non selective fire weapons out there can be easily modified to rock and roll, or they can just steal the real full auto deal out of police vehicles (google this, it’s very common) The Hughes amendment may just be one of the dumbest flaming piles of crap that we the law abiding in the US have had to contend with.

        • Again… Why bother when you can buy any old $400 stolen Glock Forty off of your fellow ganbangers?

          BTW Moral and effective ore legal are not the same thing.

    • Does somebody actually have this supposed rifle? It’s sounding more and more like it was a pistol.

  6. The women and children refugee policy is better than Europes. I would support a women only policy. I’m still hoping Trump with his eye for beauty sets up a commission of some sort to bring in beautiful Venezuelan women. That would be a win win.

  7. The unnamed witness quoted in the story,
    You’re feeling of safety is a complete illusion
    Tragedy can strike you at anytime for any of 1 million reasons
    You need to take responsibility for your own safety to actually be safe
    There is no reason to give yourself a heart attack by anxiety
    But a few precautions for common emergencies and rare but potentially fatal emergencies will indeed make you safer
    A fire extinguisher, a first aide kit and A self-defense fire arm should take care of 90% of emergencies until Help can arrive

    • In Canada it is illegal to carry a firearm for self defence regardless of your license status. The RCMP can issue authorizations to carry a handgun (ATC) in extenuating circumstances but i think there are less than 1000 at a time, and most are only valid in the bush to protect from animals.

      We don’t have anything like the 2A in our constitution or laws.

      • Ecactly ..prospectinh in the bush surveying yukon bc alberta anywhere large animals can be a hazard ccl…personal defence is a touchy subject here..there are 2 cases before the courts on self defence …i rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6 myself…in my non service life i have never been in a situation where i needed a firearm….doesnt mean i wouldnt or dont carry one…id rather see silencers legal than cc ….

    • 5 rounds for rifles; 10 for semi-auto pistols.

      BUT there are a ton of old mags around from before the change. Plus a lot of riveted mags where the rivet job was less than stellar.

    • 5 is the limit in semi rifle and 10 for pistol, but its legal to use a 10 round AR pistol mag in a rifle or stuff 13 rounds of 9 in a .40 pistol mag. We also use Beowulf.50 ar mags in Ar and get 13-14 rounds 223 legally.

  8. From what is coming out in the news up here (I live in Quebec City, and it is currently about 6PM on Monday Jan. 30th), this appears to be a rare, yet genuine crime of islamophobia, perpetrated by a 100% non-Muslim. So far, neither, nor, nor, nor, etc., have come out and admitted they guessed wrong.

    This web page seems the most correct source of information I’ve found so far:

    When I say “Love Muslims, Hate Islam”, I mean really, we have to love Muslims, not hate them! It’s Islam that is despicable, not human persons who happen to be prisoners of a false religion!

    • Are you serious Stefan ? What if 70 years ago the US government took the attitude of “Love Nazis, hate National Socialism” ?

      Well love them all you want ? but you better be prepared to kill the ones who don’t love you back.

  9. Damn Quebecois. They’re the reason we can’t have nice things… and whatever that translates to in french.

    • When I was in Canada on a regular basis in the early 80’s, there were scads of women in Quebec who were often drop-dead gorgeous. I’m talking of the sort of women who could stop traffic as everyone would turn to watch them on a sidewalk, women who would make Heidi Klum look like nothing special.

      The men were mostly uncivil jerks, seemingly always taking an opportunity to prove that Americans could not speak their version of French. The women of Quebec were as nice and well-mannered as you’d ever hope to meet.

      Their politicians, however, had all the sanity of a mean alley cat drunk on catnip and LSD.

      Still, the northeast US gets a whackin’ large chunk of electrical power from Hydro Quebec, so we have to put up with them.

      • Even downunder it is joked the Quebecois are more French than the French and the French aren’t French enough.

  10. The usual nitwits are blaming Trump and the NRA.

    This makes me nostalgic for the good old days when George Bush got the blame for everything.

    • Starting this past weekend, the leftists started sounding conciliatory towards Bush Jr, and wistfully admiring how he didn’t wind up the leftists into a fetal ball, sobbing their eyes out.

      • This perp is not a Muslim. Of that authorities are now certain.

        We can also be certain that Islamic Jihad will nevertheless retain it’s global status as the unrivaled leader in senseless killings, whether the victims are rival sects of Islam, Jews, Christians, infidels or people who just got in the way.

        • I can go with that. In fact, we have recently had some unpleasant weather, I’m pretty sure islam is to blame for that, as well.

  11. So they’ve arrested one guy. The people at the shooting said “they”. Was there another one?

    • It’s extremely common for witnesses to overestimate the number of people involved in such an attack. Basically, (most) witnesses completely suck when a rapid violent event occurs.

      That said, I have no doubt that there will be a lot of conspiracy theories fueled quickly by the fact that the initial reports were of 2-3 shooters

  12. And Islam reaps what it sows.

    When Islam considers you its enemy, it is best to oblige them.

    The west is waking up.

  13. Oh wow moose-lim apologists…I get that crap from my ex-military DoD son who speaks fluent Arabic. Despite most of the evil in the world coming from Moe-HAMadumbs. A daily diatribe about Trump. You spend time in Egpypt,Kuwait,Jordan and Iraq and somehow nothing bad is their “fault”. Donnie didn’t go far enough. Egypt,Arabia and especially Pakistan should be added to the list. Jimmy Carter and Bury Soetoro did similar and got scant outcry. BTW what white boy yells Allahu snackbar?Sorry you’ll get screwed Canucks…ain’t it funny the buzz was Hillary was gonna’ be “tougher”?

  14. Ya cause we like the 2nd amendment here, but f the 1st. Why turn them the immigants away, why not lynch them as they arrive? I mean they are scary over 60 people died from scary terror last year. While us mericans killed 10k with guns, 20k with pills and 50k with cars. Islamic terror is the fear for people who are terrible at math.

    • What? Do you know what the 1st Amendment is? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with non-citizens wanting to enter the United States.

      Maybe figure out something about what you’re talking about instead of blathering.

    • I wouldn’t be opposed to lining the Great Wall of Trump with jihadis and their accomplices impaled on compressed fiber stakes made out of shredded Korans. It has a certain poetic quality to it. Betcha they would be a lot more hesitant about coming here. It’s a win-win. We get rid of the durka durkas and we keep out illegals using the example.

  15. A lot of you folks (PWRSERGE *cough*) react no better than the anti-gunners….you hear it’s a Muslim and you’re all over here talking shit about how bad they are and they reap what they sow…blah blah blah…don’t even read or bother to correct yourselves.

    Maybe when these things happen we need to practice what we preach when a suburban white kid shoots up a school and say “It’s the perpetrators fault, not legal gun owners”. You blame innocents for the crime of association and you’re an enemy of free people just as bad as every gun grabber.

    A shit person killed innocent people. Done. End of reasonable discussion.

    • I appreciate your defense of a restrained, level-head perspective. Nevertheless, the body count of those killed by “surburban White kids” pales in comparison to those who kill based upon their devotion to a Bronze Age religion.

      The greatest threat deserves the most attention.

      • Not in Murica, we kill WAY more of each other as Christians than anyone else does. This includes 9/11 and all combat since.

        I don’t know why that is, but we’re really good at it. Even though the murder rate is down, its still pretty ridiculous. Though we’re 108th, the crazy thing is all of the Caribbean countries are really bad. So, great weather and gun bans don’t help either.

        • Wow, apparently countries where God / Allah are extremely popular are great places to be murdered. Unfortunately my being an atheist just tends to piss off those who follow Abrahamic religions even more. But I will confess that given the choice of living among devoted Christians or devoted Muslims I will side with Christians without a second thought. Every time.

        • Well, I was just going to propose a law restricting all mass murders to churches and mosques, maybe synagogues. Then those with any sense would just be out of it!

    • Yeah… the difference between me and an anti-gunner is about a platoon’s worth of firepower.

      Oh, and if you expect me to shed a tear over muzrats getting what they so sorely deserve… keep dreaming. The world wold be an infinitely better place if “the muslim world” was a plain of radioactive glass.

      • Unarmed people in a place of worship deserve to get shot? Has pwrserge just been Dylan Roof’s account name all this time?

        • If those “unarmed people” are members of the most barbaric cult on the face of the planet? Dedicated to the destruction of modern civilization and the subjugation and enslavement of everyone who is not a member? Yes.

        • Pretty sure most people at rallies for the German National Socialist Workers Party were “unarmed” as well. Didn’t stop us from turning Dresden into a bonfire.

  16. Im french canadian an ex meneber if the royal canadian regiment out of cfb gagetown and avivid gun owner…first the weapon used was not identified yet …quiet possibly a cz…a non restricted copycat ak..the mags converted to 5 rounds are kinda of a joke …some are simply epoxyed pieces of plastic easily unblocked sometimes by freezing(ya minus 35 here happens) and pushing 5 rounds in and forcing with fingers to “pop” it off…or a screw self tapping set at the end of 5 rnds on the outside of the mag….or a rivet…so as anyone can see if someone is intent on doing evil …which shooting at people ..unarmed …is….dont care if they are christian musslim or whatever….so no laws are sufficiant to prevent this….if not firearm my dodge would work…as we saw in germany….canadians love their firearms…30 million people 10 million
    arms….thats alot per capita….evil is evil…hate is hate….unfortunatly this will not be the last time this happens.

  17. Here’s your preliminary Quebec terrorist profile: White, College educated, Middle Class, hated Muslims, owned a restricted weapon, Alt Right fan of Trump and LePen, authored hateful posts on social media, turned himself in.

    • See?now that scares me more than any Timmie ever did…i see alot of white people around here…loading……there is something wrong with this life…

  18. So just throw it back in the faces of the left. Say it “was a lone wolf” and “you can’t judge a group of people because of the actions of one person” or that he was “triggered”.

  19. This is fake news (as usual, coming from Faux News).
    The only shooter was a white, blue-eyed, Christian extremist right-wing nationalist who was a Donald Trump supporter.
    Even after the police clarified that the white Christian right-wing nationalist was the only shooter, Fox News tweeted out that the suspect was Muslim.
    Fox didn’t delete the lying tweet until the Prime Minister of Canada personally demanded that Fox delete the lie.

    BTW, I’m also a white, blue-eyed Christian, but you know if he were Muslim he’d be called a “Muslim extremist” so I worded it that way so you know how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot and it’s a “Christian extremist.”

    • I think they are all “crazy extremists”…if it wasnt done in the name of religion he would of done it because his cat said to do it….using religion as a reason is only the sign of guilt deflection….all religon is simply a way to try to control the masses…dont trust anything man made …ya like they have it all figured out…not

  20. I wonder if the weapon used, right now listed as an AK-47, fits into many people’s narrative of a mass shooter.

    I thought the press was somewhat confused about the Sig MCX used in the Orlando Nightclub shootings, which may have changed the narrative

    • As of 10 mins ago they still wont release the type used…just morbid curiousity at this point…truth is its very hard to find illegal prohibs here…not falling out of trees…but you go on lespac(kida of like kijiji) and find used czs…mini 14s 30s..sks…kriss vectors….for sale here non restricted…..whatever it was he shouldnt of had it…as of 2018 quebec wants to start a new registry or non restricted….in quebec we are only about 600000 firearm owners…lowest per capita in canada…even if its a federal law not to….quebec is its own littlle world….and it wont prevent this again…all the mass shooting here last 20 years from poly tec in mtl vallery fabricant and the dawson school shooting were all done with legally purchased weapons….i believe registration is one step towarda confiscation…during the last registry there were floods in manatoba and the police broke into evacuated homes and seized guns they knew about thanks to the registry info….

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