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“Several people were killed and more injured after gunmen opened fire in a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, police said on Sunday evening. Mohamed Yangui, the mosque’s president, told reporters that five people were killed after gunmen opened fire in the mosque during evening prayers.” Gunmen. Plural. That’s the report from

According to Reuters,

Earlier, a witness told Reuters that up to three gunmen fired on about 40 people inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center. Police put up a security perimeter around the mosque.

Quebec police confirmed the shooting at a Quebec mosque in a tweet, and police on the scene said there had been fatalities.

Three gunmen would mean a coordinated attack. By whom? It’s too early to know much of anything yet, given the way these situations are fluid and frequently mis-reported. More when it becomes available.

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    • Trump has taken the place (temporarily) of the NRA for being who the progressives place all blame upon anytime anything bad happens.

      • Remember when that responsibility fell on the shoulders of Dick Cheney and Halliburton, or Karl Rove and the “Neocons” (whomever they were)? Ahhh….the 2000s……’twas such a simpler time. Were we ever that young?

        Now it’s Donald Trump and the alt-right (whomever they are). Meh. Same song, different verse, out of these America haters.

  1. I love how there’s only one thing underlined in the entire article.

    Even though they yet know nothing the Telegraph has no problem noting the rise if Islamophobia.

    • Islamo-phobia = fear of Islam (Mohamedans). This was obviously Islamocide. The open question is whether it was done by infidels or by some other sect of Islam.

      I regret when some less fanatic Mohamedans may become the victims of such attacks, but it is a beautiful irony that they are now the target of terror attacks such as Islam has foisted upon the infidels for hundreds of years. You reap that which you sow.

      • A phobia of any sort isn’t simply a fear of that thing; it’s an irrational fear of that thing, a condition recognized and diagnosed by mental health professionals. That’s a huge difference in meaning.

        Nevertheless, there is no such thing as “Islamaphobia.” There’s no clinical definition or diagnosis for such a condition. Just like “homophobia”, it’s a made-up political terms meant to sway the debate by hijacking the language. Even the Associated Press dropped these phony phobias from their style manual years ago, which journalists are supposed to follow.

        Use of these pseudo-scientific political buzzwords is as off base, outdated, and incendiary as is use of terms like “assault weapon”, “high capacity magazine”, and “gun show loophole.”

        • Your point that a group of pseudo-scientists such as psychologists and psychiatrists have not listed a particular thing in their official book of things they want to be paid to attempt to deal with does not change the fact that a thing exists.

          However, Islamophobia is a phony description in that fear of Islam is NOT irrational, by any stretch. Fear of each and every Mohamedan, on the other hand, is legitimate in that you cannot reliably tell the jihadis from those who are only pretending to be Muslim so they do not become targets themselves.

      • Yeah and then it will be even more obvious how biased they are after the names come out and alshababi or mohamhead was the shooter(s) names. Of course if the shooters were white we would have known their shoe size by now.

        Just wait for the gun control pitch sighting this as Islamophobia. The Marxists love to double down on stupid. Gun free zone, already more gun laws than we can count, and we still need more! Ever try stopping acres of forest burning by pissing on it? Although violent and destructive, a forest fire is a very natural thing. Much like violence at a mosque… Don’t mind as the elected officials get their zippers ready. How much of THERE can you bring HERE before HERE becomes THERE?

        • It turns out that the shooter was a white male, and the reports of Allahu Akbar were false. He’s a wacko college kid characterized as a racist, anti-immigrant extreme right-winger. More to come, for sure, but that’s the latest.

      • It’s already started. I heard these exact words on the radio this morning:

        “All this ban will do is cause our home grown terrorists to step up the frequency of their attacks.”

        So, keep letting people in from countries with known ties to terrorism in order to keep the locals calm….

        • These people are deranged. We were forced to endure 8 years of appeasement and apology, and it only made things worse.

    • Until recently with the rise in domestic thefts, most crime guns in Canada (The vast majority handguns) DID flow north from the United States.

      Anything commerically manufactured and newer than 1995 which is not in the registry is a smuggled gun. Pre-95’s could have been holdouts that were not registered, or smuggled in.

  2. Bad news: People are dead and legal, peaceable gun owners up there are going to pay for the madman’s actions with their rights (or is it privileges there?)

    Good news: We don’t have to listen to Barry lecture us about how this sort of thing doesn’t happen in other countries (even though it clearly does)

    • Yeah, it’s privileges- the privilege of not being arrested and sent to prison for longer than murderers and abusers and litterers because the government says it’s okay for five years before you renew said privilege.

      But looking at the suspect’s names, maybe they’ll just ban half our guns this time around.

    • The Wall is a stupid idea, and always was. Use land mines and drones. Those actually work with a nation so wide as ours. We just don’t have enough people on the ground to patrol it actively.

      I’m totally serious here. We don’t even have use lethal means here. We just need something that contains and tracks people trying for monitor the border, and the best option there is with technology not man power.

  3. It would certainly not be the first green-on-green “incident” the planet has seen.

    It would be the first one I’ve heard of in Canada, though. However, given how much the Shia and Sunni seem to hate each other, it literally only would have been a matter of time until the local populations became dense enough.

  4. If this was a green on green shooting, President Trump will be so vindicated. Not that the media will give him any credit, but the Americans that are paying attention will notice.

    The cognitive dissonance in the left will be incredible as they explain it away.

  5. My son works is a chef at trendy restaurant in Quebec.

    Even though he is miles away from mosque amazing how much you worry

  6. What we should be doing right now is screen grabbing all of the ridiculous anti-christian tweets the coked up hollywood morons are feverishly crapping out into the world, before they realize they were wrong and delete them. I know it’s kind of FdUp to think of it like this, but look how devestating the immigration thing has been, with all of the journalists slobbering on themselves to crucify Trump for what turned out to be the EXACT same thing Obama did just a few years earlier. That sort of carpet bombing of these idiots is exactly how we won this election and we need to keep those planes in the air.

    • Retracted. That person was a witness. The shooter called 911 17 minutes after the attack and gave himself up. White French Canadian kid.

    • I’d rather go down swinging than running away because my Government decided I didn’t get the choice. Dangerous freedom all day.

    • I want the option to fight back. whether I win or not is beside the point. In a civilised nation citizens can chose to be armed or not.

  7. Just read the linked article. No mention of if the mosque was Sunni or Shia (but most journalists wouldn’t be aware of the difference) but Morocco has Sunni Islam as the official religion and Shia tend to be concentrated from Lebanon through to Iran.

    • Regardless, of McVeigh’s religion, religion didn’t have anything to do with the attack. With Muslims it always does, 100% of the time. (Well maybe 99%, the other 1% is money motivated.)

      There have been about zero attacks in the name of ‘Christ’, or defending ‘Christianity’ in the face of Muslim aggression in the last year. There have been tens of thousands done explicitly in the name of Mohamed and Islam.

    • Says whom? “Roof, who reportedly sat in a Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for almost an hour and argued with congregants about Scripture before pulling out his gun, was himself a member of a Lutheran church in Columbia, the church’s pastor confirmed Friday.”

      I assume you are deciding he’s not Christian because you don’t want him associated with your faith or it disrupts the argument above?

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone; the ‘no true scotsman’ fallacy is often used by Muslims as well.

    • Did he do it in the name of ‘Christ’? Did he do it because ‘Jesus’ directly commands it in the Bible? Does the ‘good book’ require killing them to be more ‘Christlike’? Did he screams, “The power of ‘Christ’ compels me!” while killing those people? No?

      Then what he believes is irrelevant. Muslims OTOH are commanded to kill, commanded to convert the world or subjugate and murder, they are directed to not stop until the book of the horny-warlord-childmolester is the way of the world..

      The rest is strawman at most generous.

    • It’s stupidly like this is why the repressive left always fails. They think that individual examples can at all apply to the whole of this situation.

      Of COURSE there’s examples of actual white supremacists and racial terrorists out there committing crimes. Very bad crimes too. But they’re not exactly organized as a socio-politial movements backed by international governments to support white nationalism. Unlike a certain ‘religion of peace’ that has a very serious history of doing this exact style of attack.

      And you know I’m not even say this wasn’t as it appears in the media. But trying to ignore the literal thousands of Islamist based attacks like that happen every year is just the height of bias.

  8. If it is muslim gang on muslim gang attack, the US Socialist dominated “news” media will drop it like a hot horse shoe. Otherwise, it’ll be business as usual, white folks are evil and should be disarmed. The guerilla attacks against The Constitution and a non-socialist government will continue by the news media. This past election has shown at least half, and more, voters would have preferred a continued socialist dictatorship. President Trump is just a bump in the road to The Socialist-Communist Party hierarchy.

    • Yeah… Because the British subjugation and rape of Ireland for literally centuries had nothing to do with the troubles… Clearly.

      The point is that you don’t see 20th or 21st century terrorists shouting “Deus Vult”… You do, however, hear quite a bit about a certain Hawaiian eatery.

      • No, that wasn’t uncommon_sense’s point. He clearly said he could not cite “a single attack…where Christians orchestrated a mass attack”, and yet there were hundreds of terrorist attacks committed by Christians in the last century.
        Try and keep up.

      • Clearly the implication was of attacks MOTIVATED BY CHRISTIANITY. Please stop stuffing straw men. It’s sad, really.

      • If you are delusional then all “implications” are clear. The voices say so.
        To suggest that either the IRA or the LRA have no religious motivation or support is asinine.

      • “To suggest that either the IRA or the LRA have no religious motivation or support is asinine.”

        The IRA’s religion was Marx-Leninism.

    • I’ve heard of the IRA, a bunch of murderous leftist gangsters who would just as easily kill an Irish Catholic woman as a Protestant British soldier.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland were blowing each other up on a daily basis.

      Eventually the killing stopped, partly because the leaders in both Catholic and Protestant churches were shouting, “STOP IT! This is not what Jesus commands.”

      We Christians have had our moments. They were just that. Moments in time when a few among us forgot what we were all about. It hardly compares to fourteen hundred years of continuous carnage in the name of Allah.

      • Sure. As long as “moments” sometimes last 100 years, and “a few” is thousands of people, and as long as you are only talking about the west and Europe, because people calling themselves Christians are still committing mass rape and murder in Africa.
        Is the Muslim religion used as the impetus for and justification for violence? Absolutely. Are there parts of the Koran that directly support such violence? Clearly. But don’t delude yourself into thinking that the exact same thing hasn’t gone on for over a thousand years for people calling themselves Christians. That’s not a pass for terrorist Islamists, but a recognition that maybe we can learn how to stop it better if we pay attention to the reality of history, and that we certainly will learn nothing by white-washing our past as well as what still goes on in other countries.

      • Ah… That’s adorable… There’s a key difference between Islam and Christianity. There has not been a period in Islamic history where Islam was not trying to invade and conquer their non-muslim neighbors and convert them to Islam at sword point. The same cannot be said for Christianity.

    • The IRA wasn’t motivated by any brand or stripe of Christianity. They were a left-wing group, financed in part by the Russians:

      Sinn Fein was a split-off group from the Workers’ Party of Ireland, a straight-up Marxist-Lenninst party.

      Holding out the IRA as some religious group is being wholly ignorant of the history of the USSR’s “Marxist franchise” plan for domestic insurrections all over the world, including the US (where we got clowns like Bill Ayers and his stripe).

      • The IRA was full of people calling themselves Catholic Christians and used religious justifications and religious iconography in their recruiting and parades. To say otherwise is to be both willfully ignorant of history as well as just too stupid to use Google.

      • They called themselves Catholics. It made a nice tie-in to the historical basis of “The Troubles,” dating back to before WWI. But the violence in the 1970’s had little to nothing to do with secular issues. Indeed, the name “IRA” was stolen from the original IRA in the WWI days – but it had little to nothing in common with the “Old IRA” other than the name.

        The IRA of the 70’s took money and guns from the KGB, their membership was a bunch of splitters from the Marxists who didn’t want to use violence.

        Just because someone calls themselves “X” doesn’t mean that it’s true. After all, George W. Bush called himself a ‘conservative’, and if you look at his spending record, he looks like the second coming of LBJ. People can call themselves anything they want. Doesn’t make it true. The KGB front outfits loved to distract from the fact they were KGB proxies. Bill Ayers and his merry band of spoiled, upper-middle-class Jewish kids claimed they were anti-war, but what their internally stated aims were “to kill the rich people,” and “kill our parents.” The Red Army Faction in Germany claimed to be anti-fascist, but they were just another bunch like Ayers – out to kill rich people. They, like the IRA, were all proxies for KGB and client state intel organizations.

        For all you kids out there, you might want to actually study up on the Cold War. There was a lot more to it than your typical public school teachers want to tell you. There were times it wasn’t so “cold,” and lots of issues we now deal with in terrorism (eg, the cell structure of terror groups) are the result of KGB efforts to foment domestic terror groups in the west from the 60’s onwards. The KGB (or their proxies) are the answer to “Why didn’t gun control work in Ireland in the 70’s?” – because Ireland had rather severe gun control in those days, and what with it being an island nation, where were all these swank military arms coming from? The Irish police had confiscated all rifles and handguns over .22 caliber in their “Temporary Custody Order.” They didn’t call it confiscation at the time – they said that they’d be held for only a month, then they claimed that you had to renew your license, then they said “We’re not renewing licenses for anything over .22 caliber” – making the “temporary” order a confiscation. Yet the IRA never seemed to have trouble obtaining guns… and most of the press claimed that the guns were coming from civilian possession somewhere, including notions of guns being sent to Ireland by sympathetic American Catholics.

        There was a much simpler explanation – the KGB was bringing them in.

  9. It is reported that these men are students at Laval University. Also police suspcted they had explosives. I think this is starting to really point to a Muslim attack, along with the “Allahu Akhbar” and lack of info from press. I could be wrong, but we shall see.

    • Now here’s an interesting twist: Mohamed Khadir is now been classified as a witness, Alexandre Bissonnette is now considered the lone suspect. Which, I suppose, goes to prove the maxim about mass shootings: multiple shooters are almost always reported initially, but it’s rarely true.

  10. Notice how only pictures of the “White” jihadist are published. We should be hearing about the “mental illness”” of these two, here in a few hours.

  11. To my detractors about my comment that I cannot cite a single example in the last 100 years where Christians have orchestrated an attack such as this …

    Implied in my comment, as echoed in some of the replies, is that Christians have not attacked in the name of God in furtherance of (non-existent) Christian doctrine to kill unbelievers and apostates.

    As for the attacks in Northern Ireland, Christian faith did NOT inspire those attacks. Rather, the attacks were a result of hundreds of years of alleged political oppression and injustice. The fact that one side was Catholic and the other side Protestant was a characteristic of the parties involved, not the driving force of their actions.

    As for D. Roof, the available evidence clearly shows that his motivation was hatred and/or “payback” to a certain demographic which had nothing to do with any alleged Biblical mandate to eradicate apostates or unbelievers.

    Regarding T. McVeigh, I am also not aware of any evidence that his motivation was furtherance of a non-existent Christian mandate to eradicate apostates or unbelievers.

    • So what you meant to say was that you do, in fact, know of instances where Christians committed such mass attacks. Exactly the opposite of what you actually said. Got it.

      • Wow dude… You went native… Right now you’re defending Islam like a proper jihadi.

        Let me simple something up for you…

        A Christian committing terrorism does not make it “christian terrorism”, for that to be true, Christianity would need to be the MOTIVE for the act.

        In the past hundred years there is not a single case of Christian terrorism on the books.

        Anarchist terrorism? Sure.
        Communist terrorism? Sure.
        Racist terrorism? Yup.

        Christian terrorism? Not so much.

      • The point? How many people did Jesus the Christ murder because they refused to be converted to Christianity? How many people did the apostles murder because they refused to be converted to Christianity?

        How many people did the Christ or the apostles kill because they committed adultery? Or were killed because they were homosexual, or converted to another religion? How many towns, and caravans were raided, and the women and children kept as slaves by the Christ and the Apostles?

        How many Christian sects did the Apostles commit mass murder against because they were practicing the “wrong” form of Christianity, or they converted to another religion?
        Where as this is the one of three times when a Muslim is commanded by Muhammad when it is not just allowed but an order from Allah that a fellow Muslim must kill another Muslim.

        This is the foundation of Islam, as exemplified by the actions and the teachings of Muhammad.

        These mass murderers of Islam were simply following the example of the “last prophet of Allah”, ie, Muhammad, as a mass murdering religious psychopath, as the “perfect man of Allah”(god).

        So sure, people have misused the teaching of the Christ to commit murder in his name, but it is Islam that makes being a mass murderer a “holy” act.

      • Both pwrserge and ThomasR, a christian committing terrorism makes that person a christian terrorist. It does not make it christian terrorism, nor did I ever say thay it did. Reading comprehension is a real thing.

      • How would you define a Christian?

        There are people who are members of a Christian church, who have read parts of the Bible, who may even call themselves Christian. A few of these people have spent their lives doing exactly the opposite of what our Holy Scriptures command. I say they aren’t Christians.

        What say you, Mr. Taylor? Are they Christians even though they don’t act like it?

      • Curtis in IL, yup, if they say that Jesus Christ is the perfect son of the almighty God and if they claim to be a Christian, I’m going with that yes, they are a Christian. Just like if someone says that there is only one God and Allah is his prophet, I don’t care if they spend their days in a drunken stupor, or if they spend their lives fighting radical Islam, I’m calling them Muslims.

  12. If your not islamaphobic your the crazy one.Canada wants them send them there. Stone age people don’t jive with a civilized society.Send the UN there too.

  13. This is getting a little wierd now. Bissonette has benn connected to Le Pen, and now police have rescinded the names of the two men.

  14. Muslims kill other Muslims as if they were members of rival gangs. Crips and Bloods can sometimes get along, but not Sunni and Shia Muslims. Go figure.

    • Whereas all of that is completely true, is has nothing to do with this instance. Only muslims involved were the victims.

      • The perp’s “whiteness” does not rule out Muslim sympathies. The ethnic Chechens are a phenotype that screams “Caucasian” and their willingness to commit atrocities in the name of Islam is a matter of historical record. They are f**king ruthless.

        Also I would assume that the overwhelming majority of the muslims in the former Yugoslavia were ethnic Slavs and not descended from groups from traditional Muslim populations.

        Billy Graham and Martin Luther King are both Christians. Races are inherited, religions are not.

    • Why is the perp’s “whiteness” being mentioned as if it were a contributing factor ? Was Aaron Alexis of the the 2013 Washington Navy Yard shooting any less guilty because he was black ?

      Btw, the “White kid” is being associated with right wing politics and Trump but does that cancel out the racial / religious minorities that voted for Trump ( including notably Indian Muslim Asra Namani who teaches at Georgetown University )

      Being “White” means nothing to Islam. The current head of the Chechen Republic is Ramzan Kadyrov and he looks like Opie Taylor with a beard.


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