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Christopher O’Grady from Idaho sends his “Prepared for Anything” gear.  That’s Omnia Paratus for those who took Latin in school.

He likes his safety rescue tool in CZ-P01 flavor, a compact pistol.  He loads the 9mm Roscoe with hollowpoints (bueno!).  Mr. O’Grady packs his CZ in a Hoftac Industries custom kydex holster.  Frankly, that’s the thing with the more exotic pistols…  people often need to go to custom holster makers to get better quality carry rigs.  Everybody and their dog makes holsters for GLOCKS and S&Ws.  CZ-P01?  Maybe not so much.

Like any prepared guy, he carries a blade (a well-used Benchmade Stryker automatic) and a light (O-light M1T Raider).   Seems like a whole lot of people carry Olights today.

Not sure I want a hard metal wallet, like his HELL-BENT 3.0 ALUMINUM WALLET W/REMOVABLE Titanium MONEY CLIP.  To each his or her own though.

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    • Most holster companies do. It’s a model of cz75, so very common with holster makers. The author should know that.

  1. Really? No medical supplies? Not even a TQ? I’m not saying everyone should have one strapped to them at all times, but if you’re gonna go out and call yourself “prepared for anything” maybe you should spare a thought to what you might do after the gunfight when you’re bleeding out because the bad guy scored a hit on your thigh.

    OR if you’re on a worksite and someone mangles their hand in machinery. Your pistol ain’t gonna help you there. In fact, medical supplies are much more likely to be used.

        • 👍exactly. Who dosen’t swap their laces out for paracord as soon as they buy the boots? is it just me who does that?

        • that conjured up images of glimpses of the kids sliding past the aisle at the groc.

      • Why get wrapped around the axle about specifics when there are other things usually readily at hand that works. A wide strip of t-shirt and decent size stick foraged can be used as a tourniquet. Some boots come with laces strong enough to be used as such. I wouldn’t hesitate to use a boot lace from my Danner Ft Lewis boots or a lace from one of my boots left over from the Army. I carry two lengths of 550 cord on my keys. Not for this reason. One is a key ring my Platoon Sargeant made and gave to me back in 2002 and the other is the wounded warrior alumni keyring.
        While both mean something to me I would use either to save someone’s life especially my own. Hell female hygiene products work great as improvised bandages or to plug puncture wounds.

      • Lol. Let me just unlace my shoes while your artery sprays blood across the room. Imagine unlacing your shoes while the arm you use to unlace them sheets blood everywhere. Good option.

        • I wear cowboy boots with Rattlesnakes wrapped around them, or in them mostly, all kinda snakes are in my boots. You like Southern Comfort? I do.

  2. I have that Olight, great output, but the tail switch is too sensitive and is easily bumped on. Olight should have at recessed the switch more into the flashlight body. It’s a great back up to keep in its own backpack organization pocket but not clipped to on inside a pants pocket.

  3. Needs a spare magazine and I could take or leave the coin but other than that seems solid to me.

  4. Nice pistol.
    Shot a few CZs in my life and they are sweet shooting even if they are unicorns in gunshots.
    Good thing many ranges have them to rent.

    • My LGS has 75b’s all the time, pretty good prices too. Keep an eye out, their around and worth the $. Hard to go wrong with a CZ.

    • to me too. toomey2. comfort is tootsuite but me brudder lijkes it; i don’t argue wit korean war marine vets.

  5. “That’s Omnia Paratus for those who took Latin in school.“

    No. The correct form would be “*in* omnia paratus” (or even “*ad* omnia paratus”). Without the preposition the phrase is non-grammatical.

    Sadly, the world seems to be full of people who try to look educated by using Latin quotes but who couldn’t decline “puella” or conguate “amō” to save their lives.

    • Or worse, spell “conjugate” as “conguate.” Hehehe. desine ineptire et quod vides perisse perditum duce.

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