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That’s the thing about the stuff we carry everyday:  It changes over time.

Our own Nurse Rick sends this “Updated EDC” to Everyday Carry.  And we bring it to you.

At 63, Rick’s been around the block once or twice and knows what he wants.  Well, until he sees something that might serve him better.  He writes this:

My SA knife and flashlight probably get the most use. Depending on my attire, I sometimes “scale down” to a SIG P938. It’s a bit more low-key.

Like tureen O’Hara says in “The Quiet Man”: I like to have my things about me.

He carries a Kimber Ultra TLE II.  Shooting .45 Automatic Cartridge Pistol rounds.  Ever the Boy Scout (note the wallet, and the Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife), he’s got all of his bases covered.  There’s the gun (sans holster and belt in the photo), the spare magazine, the Fenix PD20 light, and the Benchmade Mini-Barrage (folder?).

And he’s got a whole bevy of tools on his keychain.





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  1. I don’t know what holster, belt and spare mag carrier he’s using, but I’d walk out the front door any day with that rig.

      • Saw you’re a nurse in NH. Do hospitals in NH have restrictive carry policies like those in many states do? Do you have a “scrubs carry” setup?

        • Cloudbuster: I’m now retired. Any hospital or hospital-like building I have been in here in the Live Free or Die state (and in MA) has the amazingly effective “no weapons” signs. I don’t really care.

          When I was in MA, I pocket carried a Ruger LC9 (and then LC9s), so it was in my locker. (Shhh!) After a doc was murdered in one of the Boston hospitals, it seemed like my locker was too far away. I found a small pouch that would hold a NAA Mini revolver and it fit in my scrubs pocket. I would have preferred a J frame in an ankle holster, but it’s so easy for the pant leg to shift and being caught would result in my being fired. Same with a belly band. There was no practical place to change in private, so no-go there. I used to have a fanny pack with my accessories, but for unknown reasons, I didn’t consider going back to one. (Too late now.) I had previously used one out in the world for a J frame as it was too bulky for pocket carry. That flat 9mm solved that problem.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Some of these EDCs seem ridiculous but this one’s reasonable to me.

  2. I mis-typed “Maureen”. Oops.

    Yes, the Mini-Barrage is an assisted opening folder.

    I use a Kydex OWB holster with a 1 3/4″ SpecOps belt. I have a Kydex IWB for the P938.

    And, if anyone knows what that belt hook for my keys is, please let me know. I have no idea where I got it. I believe that it’s aluminum and it has a bottle opener hook. Thanks.

  3. So, this what Bears have with them when away from their Lairs…

  4. Nice. That’s a busy key ring.

    That one key thingy looks like a push dagger.

    Wouldn’t want that near my hoo-hoos.

  5. I usually don’t give 1911’s a second glance but that is a damn fine looking gun,
    Maybe I’ve been missing out all these years?

  6. Yes, Bitter, you have. Besides a 1911 being a handsome pistol, when mastered, it is still the finest combat handgun there is. If these plastic pistols are still going after 108 years I’ll be surprised. Well, not really. I’ll be dead. However, I bet my yet to be born grandchildren will be shooting mine.

      • Thank you Gadsden,
        being a southpaw I’ve always dismissed them but I also realize that’s easily overcome with a kit or an ambi safety, perhaps my next purchase will make John Browning proud.

  7. Handcuff key on “Nurses” key ring? If you actually need it, the rest of your EDC failed or your on the wrong side of the Blue Line. Lol.

  8. Will, while working I had two Safariland keepers on my duty belt with hidden handcuff keys. Still have one on my key ring after retiring. Better to have it and not need it. Only time I didn’t have one was working undercover. Dead giveaway you’re L.E.O.

    • Thanks for the Reply. I’m long Retired X2 (Mil/LE), I carry one also “just cause”. Lol

  9. Nice load out. The key ring is a bit busy. I too, have a cuff key on my secondary key ring. My truck fob only has a small push dagger. Was a time when I had to carry many keys, now just 3. PO key, house key, and cuff key on my ring that stays in the truck. My hinged cuffs reside in the truck also. Just me, being me. No great reason, just ’cause.

  10. I love 1911’s, but I’ve always been a little worried about anything smaller than Commander size. I know on the internet every gun shoots 10,000 rounds without a problem, but there have been issues with smaller 1911’s. Did you do any upgrades or tuning to ensure reliability or the gun is just plain reliable?

    • Warren Pease: No, no modifications done. I had switched out the stocks for wood (’cause they looked sharp) until I took Ayoob’s MAG-40 class. After day 1, I found out that the wood was too sharp, and switched back to the rubber.

      It doesn’t like hollow points, so I use Hornady with the plastic plug. That works well. Also, I got some extra Chip McCormick mags and they feed RN just fine, but the Hornadys feed better from Kimber brand mags. A puzzler.

      To be honest, I only got the Kimber because it had a going-out-of-business price. I was previously a Colt 1911 guy. Kimber’s recoil spring is a challenge to handle for strip down, but I guess that that is the price for no bushing. 8>)

      • Thanks for the answer. I’m very much a Colt guy too. I’m very comfortable with the 1911 platform and I love .45 ACP, but full sized, they’re somewhat heavy to tote around. A much smaller version seems appealing.

        • Warren Pease: the Ultra II has an aluminum frame, which helps.

          Oh, I like your screen name.

  11. Scrubs carry is a problem.
    I have decided on off body carry in my computer bag.
    No one in the o.r. would go thru my bag.
    I always keep it near me

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