No Frills, No BS Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Mr. No One Special, a retiree from Missouri, sends in his “No Frills, No BS” submission from Everyday Carry.

By the way, did I mention you can join the EDC community at Everyday Carry?   Not only can you (anonymously or otherwise) submit your own stuff, but you can look over other peoples’ stuff and evaluate them for ideas that will work for you!

Anyway, Mr. Special writes this about his ensemble:

This is my EDC currently. The firearm, holster, and knife can change depending on which way the wind blows but this is what I’ve settled on for quite a while now. Everything pictured should speak for itself.

*I shouldn’t have to say this because if you look it up anyone can tell it’s a new item from the manufacturer but yes the knife is new obviously.

Yes, his stuff looks new or well-taken care of.

He’s a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield carrier, with a spare magazine of hollow-points.  Bonus points for carrying in a (good) Crossbreed Mini-tuck holster.   Like many, I’m appreciating “tuckable” holsters on some occasions.  After all, it’s nice to wear a dress shirt once in a while without a jacket or other cover garment.  Nestled right beside the gun and mags is a SureFire 6PX Pro.  $84 at Amazon. Nice.

The RapDom tactical black tri-fold wallet is a new one.

Great photography too, Mr. Special.







  1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Solid carry. Good man and good luck.

  2. avatar Rick the Bear says:


    FYI, I posted an updated EDC if you’d like to use it.


    1. avatar John Boch says:

      Dan’s not doing these. I am. You’re about 2nd or 3rd in the queue.


    2. avatar strych9 says:

      A PD20. That and the PD22 were two of the best pocket lights Fenix made. Sad they’re both discontinued.

    3. avatar No One Special says:

      Nice EDC!

  3. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:


  4. avatar No One Special says:

    Well taken care of and switched out with other guns, knives, and holsters from time to time. This just happens to be what I’ve been carrying the last 6 months or so. Before this gun, knife and holster I carried a S&W M&P Compact M1.0, Benchmade Contego, and Crossbreed Super Tuck. The knife is a new addition to my selection of knives but so far I’m pretty happy with it. I recently added a Garmin Tactix Charlie smart watch to my EDC as well. I’ve had the watch just shy of a week but has proven itself well worth the coin so far. The spare magazine and flashlight are carried in the inside pockets of the left cargo pocket of either 5.11 Stryke pants or shorts. Saves having to have a specific carrier and bulk around my waist. Carry ammo is Hornady Critical Duty 9mm. Not the best choice for the Shield but it’s what I have currently and it should work in a pinch.

    1. avatar John Boch says:

      THank you for the additional info!

      1. avatar No One Special says:

        No problem was an after thought unfortunately. I just posted one on Everyday Carry entitled EDC Options O’Plenty that will help with the condition of the stuff in the picture. The new submission is just guns, knives and holsters though since everything else stays the same.

    2. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Nice kit. What is the little toilet-flapper-looking thing behind the car key?

      And where do you tote your keys? No way they would fit in my jeans pocket without constant punching the alarm. Ha

      1. avatar No One Special says:

        The toilet flapper thing I think is my key/fob for my Mini Cooper S Clubman. Keys fit in the front pocket of my 5.11 Stryke pants but usually in my right cargo pocket is where they end up. Yes I have accidentally opened the rear door on my Mini sitting in the driveway having my keys in my front pocket. The buttons on the Nissan fob are recessed enough to not be a problem.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          LMAO. Snows what I know about cars. Never thought it was another car key.

          Thought it might be some geo-tracker device so big brother (or mother) could find you.

          The cargo pants make a lot of sense.

          Thanks again for jumping on with comments.

        2. avatar No One Special says:

          No problem! I enjoy seeing other people’s EDC stuff. I’ve been surfing Everyday Carry since I submitted this picture. What other people carry and how gives me ideas for the future. I always check out the EDC posts here on TTAG too.

    3. avatar strych9 says:

      I note that it doesn’t have those silly medieval crosses on the clips.

      Does that holster have the “J Hook” option on it for the clips? I’ve always wondered what they look like (since Crossbreed doesn’t have a “build it and see it” option on their website).

      1. avatar No One Special says:

        Yes sir those are the J-hook option on the holster. I really like how low profile they are and the holster stays put.

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          Cool. Thanks.

    4. avatar Don from CT says:

      Maybe I missed it, but what is the knife?? I like small flippers.

      1. avatar No One Special says:

        Buck 842 Sprint Ops Pro

  5. avatar Hannibal says:

    Only problem is there’s nothing to complain about here. The flashlight adherents can’t whine, the gun snobs can’t be TOO choosy against the piece, the ninja-fighters can see there’s an extra mag, wanna-be knife fighters are satiated… what’s left? No tactical notepad, I guess.

    1. avatar No One Special says:

      My wife carries the pen and paper. If she isn’t with me I use my phone as a digital notepad. High-tech tactical notepad and pen if you will? I have considered picking up a tactical pen but seems a little over the top for my tastes. I like simple and effective. No mall ninja stuff and very low key, nothing too flashy.

    2. avatar B.D. says:

      Mini cooper… Just sayin.

      1. avatar No One Special says:

        Opinions vary

      2. avatar Billy Bob says:

        Clubman. Mini, no.

  6. avatar possum, destroyer of arachnids says:

    6.5 Meat Cleavermoor

  7. avatar William says:

    I know I am probably just overlooking it but what kind of knife is he carring I think it is nice looking I have always carried a buck 110 but ready to step down to one that will fit my pocket opposed to wearing it on my belt

    1. avatar No One Special says:

      Buck knives 842 Sprint Ops Pro flipper

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