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Quick, hide the wimmin and chilrun! There’s anarchy on the streets of Rochester, New York and nothing’s more emblematic of the chaos and mayhem than the ad Elena O’Connor spied on the side of a city bus. An ad for Jackson Guns and Ammo. The horrified motorist told, “We live in a community that has struggled with a high crime rate, it’s going down now but it’s still high.  We live in a community that’s suffered economically. That creates crime problems and it does not seem at all appropriate for a bus to be running an ad telling people explicitly where they can purchase weapons.” ‘Cause as everyone knows, gun stores are veritable hives of criminal activity. Must be sweeps week in western New York. Looks like one local TV station trying to gin up a little “controversy” by following up on a complaint call from a lone crank viewer. And people wonder why local broadcast news is dying.


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  1. Holy sh!t. Teh skies is falling ‘cus advertising! Come on, New York. Time to switch to the big-boy pants.

  2. omg, omg. somebodies engaging in lawfull business, paying taxes and putting money into the community. that can’t be allowed on obama’s watch.

  3. “it does not seem at all appropriate for a bus to be running an ad telling people explicitly where they can purchase weapons”

    Elana seems to ‘feel’ that people may not consider how they can find a gun store without a bus ad and she seems to ‘assume’ that only violent sorts will be buying guns? She lives in reality, doesn’t she? (sarcasm off)

    It either says something good that the city bus service (and local government) is not biased to featuring a gun store ad on a bus or they are desperate for revenue that they will feature the ad.

    The thinking and values of the modern American nanny-police socialist/fascist state is a failure. Time to get back to a system that actually works. That includes repealing the nineteen amendment.

    • “That includes repealing the nineteen amendment.”
      Now you’re just trolling. I know you fancy yourself a MRA, and I’ll agree that the pendulum has swung too far in favor of the opposite sex. But let’s try to steady that pendulum in the middle, rather than back to the other brand of oppression.

      • While a portion of female voters do indeed vote with their heads, personal experience leads me to suspect the percentage is somewhere in the single digits. Perhaps high single digits in certain areas.

        The majority of women who vote do so based largely on how they feel about a candidate. Not their qualifications, not their policies as is often the case– plain ‘ol dead reckoning.

        Not saying we should necessarily repeal the 19th– I don’t think it’s politically possible at this point, or even necessarily a good idea. But we’re definitely reaping what we’ve sown in that regard.

        The country and our culture is weaker and less effective than it was a generation ago, and the primary reason is nanny-statism.

        • “The country and our culture is weaker and less effective than it was a generation ago, and the primary reason is nanny-statism.”
          Whole-hearted agreement from me on that.

        • Mr Lion,

          “do indeed vote with their heads, personal experience leads me to suspect the percentage is somewhere in the single digits”
          — agree.

          Well said. The nanni and pulice state, the excess extreme new laws that oppress liberty, huge controlling government, hiring and promotion based on gendar, the taxes and borrowing/debt, walfare progs, gun control supporters, etc have all arisen with the new wave of thinking that gets less support from men than women. I’m spelling intentionality wrong so the filtar doesn’t heejack this coommet. I’d don’t see the noonteenth changging either.

      • Not trolling. I’m defending truth, justice, and the American way.

        It’s funny in a sad way that in every happiness study since the ’50s or maybe ’60s modern women are increasingly unhappier and unfulfilled than ever with their lives and are now more than ever suffering emotional disorders. Men are now the opposite. We are actually happier and more fulfilled than ever despite the misandry hatrd of males and discrimination against us. I don’t think women were as oppressed as the feminizd propaaganda machine would have us believe.

        It’s kind of a joke among MRAAs that in the long run femminizm will benefit men more than women. Men are just now starting to self-actualise and to happily recognize we can be more than the rigid roles of provider and protector. Now we can be free at last! We are now starting to taste our liberty from government, society, and women that need our sacrifices more than we need them. Hooray!

        • a joke among MRAAs…

          What is “MRAA?”

          Marine Retailers Association of the Americas?
          Middle Road Athletic Association?
          Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association?
          Montana Red Angus Association?

        • the “MRAA” as you deem them is a mixed bag. Yes there were some problems, now addressed, and in some cases forced the pendulum the reversed direction.

          Some of these women are male-haters out to make us worse than slaves, Others are just out to make sure women get treated right. I can understand the get treated right crowd, the male-haters… well let’s say I hope they never progress their personal agenda.

          Remember guys, the ladies tend to be more emotional than logical. An actual difference that some would rather us not remember. The ladies can be persuaded what’s good and bad based solely on emotions, then again some of us guys can be too, just as there are some women who can think logically.

          This lady obviously is one of those emotional thinkers who doesn’t have the whole truth.

    • “The thinking and values of the modern American nanny-police socialist/fascist state is a failure.”


      Unfortunately, like any good societal failure in history, it won’t go away until it causes a total meltdown.

      • Examination of nanny-state supporters crosses genders. Usually these are all emotion thinking people or people who are blinded to the truth due to a horrendous event. Despite the name, it doesn’t mean it’s all the doings of a woman. A man can be just as easily responsible for the folly of playing the overprotective parent we never had regardless of our age.

        The worst thing is this overprotectiveness allows for far more menacing motives to be realized against us all under that same “protection”

    • The Nineteenth Amendment is arguably the biggest legislative mistake in the America’s history. If you research the subject thoroughly (and impartially), you’ll find that the National Debt (which had been basically flat for over 100 years) began to rise in the the first generation after women got the vote. In more recent times, the “gender gap” has driven spending on social welfare to unprecedented (and unsustainable) levels.

      It’s not that all men are geniuses and all women idiots. It’s more like 55% of men realize that something is not “paid for” just because you “charge it”, while 55% of women seem to think they have money to spend as long as they have blanks checks in their checkbook. And that’s all it takes, because there are more women than men, women tend to outlive men and the 65+ age group votes in higher percentages than any other group.

      Women are more risk-averse than men. That makes them less likely to do stupid things like drag race cars on city streets. But it also makes them more likely to buy into the idea of the government providing them with “security”. As the divorce rate ticked up, that included making the government into a surrogate husband who would provide for their babies. Ron Paul has famously said, “When you subsidize something, you get more of it.” For decades, government has subsidized single mothers – and we now have a majority of minorities born to single mothers and nearly 50% of whites in the same status. Many women now view men as little more than sperm donors and ATMs… with predictable consequences. We have become a Nation of pussies as young men are taught not to “rock the boat” by their female parents, while the leadership and risk-taking normally taught by fathers is absent.

      Unfortunately for women, this is not sustainable. The $16 trillion in debt facing this Country as a result of their “spend now, pay… never” approach is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Most analysts now say that the UNFUNDED mandates for the foreseeable future exceed $1 trillion per year. Even if one assumes that the government does nothing but pay the interest on the debt, shutting down every other government function: The military, all welfare programs, every government agency, the House, Senate and the White House, taxes only bring in about $2.3 trillion a year. If interest rates went as high as 14% (the prime rate hit 21.5% in December, 1980, so this isn’t out of the realm of possibilities), 100% of tax revenues would go to covering the payment on the debt – and that wouldn’t include reducing the debt… which means every government dime would go to paying interest on the debt, forever (or until the government repudiates the debt).

      So in one sense, the problem is self-correcting. Without leadership like Ron Paul, America WILL go bankrupt. At some point, our creditors will recognize that loaning us money is just throwing good money after bad – that they will never get their investment back. When that happens, the party is over. The dollar will crash in value and the price of everything (valued in dollars) will soar. Imagine $30 per gallon gas. $35 per gallon milk. A loaf of bread for a mere $20. This (and far worse) has already happened in other countries, but as has been said, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. America hasn’t learned.

      In “As Good as it Gets” the Jack Nicholson character is asked how he “writes women so well?” His response is, “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.” For every person who accepts deficit spending, male or female, the lack of reason and accountability is a prime reason they should not vote.

      It just so happens that in this context, there are more female idiots than male idiots.

  4. How to start your day off right!!!
    1. Start your computer and open a new folder!’
    2. Name the folder “Barack Obama”.
    3. Delete “Barack Obama”.
    4. Windows will ask if you want to get rid of “Barack Obama”??? Click YES!!!!!
    5. Sit back and relax, feel better??
    Good now Relax and tomorrow we will do Nancy Pelosi and Michael Bloomberg!!!!

  5. Elena, hun… I hate to tell you this, but a gun shop is probably the last place a criminal is going to obtain weapons.

  6. my wife says that is because women are inherently communist by nature. work as a group to nurture and nanny the children and the household. works great in the family, not so great in national elections.

    • Good observation. The nanny-mommy mentality does not work outside the home and actually becomes dysfunctional or counter-productive after the kids hit a certain age. A friend of mine once said that communism probably works fine for a group of about 30 hard-working self-reliant people.

  7. Hey, there’s an ad on the bus! It was not so many years ago, and may still be the case, that San Francisco banned ads featuring guns on buses and bus shelters–even if the guns in question were in movie ads. Compared to that, I can tolerate a single complainer.

  8. I hope “The horrified motorist” wasn’t talking on her phone while she was a drivin…..that’s 2 ton rollin missle that can do far more damage than any one gun….

  9. I love how dumb antis are! In this lady’s hysteria to disseminate her horror, she puts this on the internet and gets it on tv? So now the shop owner gets free internet posts for buying a bus ad!!! Thanks for your concern, ma’am!

    I wonder if he’d ship stuff to Atlanta. I kinda want to buy something just to spite this woman and everyone who watched her interview going, “mmm hmm.”

    • Or own a firearm?
      Or practice their religion?
      Or recieve a fair trial?
      Or post on the Internet?
      Be careful what you wish for.


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