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Call me a Safety Sally, but whenever I hear the words “perfectly safe” in connection with guns I immediately think of Ralphie and “you’ll put your eye out with that thing.” The fact that the above video cuts out before the end of the report is proof enough that Mr. Murphy and his Law can show up anywhere, anytime. Done right, Simunitions training is the best possible preparation for the adrenalin rush of armed self-defense. An idea that’s causes amazed anti-munitions merriment Weird News at People shooting each other without consequence? Gun nuts alert! Unless it’s people shooting each other with lethal ammo, in which case it’s just proof that no one should have a gun for any reason ever. Go figure. UPDATE: the HuffPo and the original infotainment provider pulled the snarky video above after the owner of  Combat City complained that the news orgs conflated Airsoft (available for kids) and Simunitions training (adults only). Make the jump for the full retraction.

Combat City Confusion: Despite Media Reports, Florida Shooting Facility Doesn’t Let People Shoot At Each Other (UPDATE)

Media confusion ran rampant regarding Combat City, a shooting facility in central Florida, thanks to numerous reports that incorrectly indicated that the business allows customers to shoot each other with their own guns.

Numerous outlets, including the The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Florida Sun-Sentinel, WKMG-TV, WMAR-TV and NBC Sports, reported that the business modifies a customer’s own guns to shoot rubber bullets and then allows customers to shoot each other a la paintball.

Combat City owner Dave Kaplan clarified to The Huffington Post that the company has two completely different services: One a paintball-like game using AirSoft guns,and the other Simunition training, a program that teaches customers to use their own guns in simulated situations.

The inaccuracies started when a report combined the two programs into one and other media picked it up, including The Huffington Post.

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  1. Do FonF training (with Simunition) anytime….anywhere, at any expense. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. Or not….real world training without the real world funerals.

  2. OMG! The MSM goes nuts over something they don’t comprehend, OMG! Oh, wait… nothing to see here.

  3. Are you telling me that the mass media got a story WRONG??!!??!!. Oh my goodness, this is awful, it’s terrible, it’s horrible, we must protect the children! Oh wait… I forgot…. this is an everyday occurance…… never mind.

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