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“On Tuesday night, as police and soldiers took up positions in the parking lots of virtually every strip mall and big box store around it, the forecourt of the brightly lit gas station [in Ferguson, Missouri] was busy with customers,” reports. “One, a 6-foot-8-inches man named Derrick Jordan — ‘Stretch,’ as friends call him — whisked an AR-15 assault rifle out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance . . .

Jordan, 37, was one of four black Ferguson residents who spent Tuesday night planted in front of the store, pistols tucked into their waistbands, waiting to ward off looters or catch shoplifters.

Black? BLACK? Black men defended a gas station from looters WITH GUNS? An AR-15? The same gun Adam Lanza used to kill those kids in Newtown? But wait! That’s not the half of it! Turns out . . .

Jordan and the others guarding the gas station are all black. The station’s owner is white.

OK, that’s it. I call racism.The fact that the armed men defending Doug Merello’s Conoco station were black employees and supporters, the fact that the station is owned by a white man, has nothing to do with anything.

The riots in Ferguson were not “race riots.” They were simple, stark examples of affirmative shopping and wanton destruction by hundreds of people with no moral compass. Mob violence. No more. No less. The armed men standing against the mob were . . . armed men standing against the mob. Their color is irrelevant.

Highlighting the race of the gas station’s defenders is racist – and the media knows it. Black Ferguson Residents Arm Themselves and Descend Upon White-Owned Business — The Reason Why Is Front-Page Worthy headline promises. And then doesn’t deliver any reason why they published the story (edited out?).

We all know what’s going on here. The media’s using this story to show a lack of racism in the midst of what they sold as a racially-motivated riot. That makes it all better, somehow. A ray of hope and all that. Yes, well, again, the Ferguson riots weren’t about race. And again, playing the race card in its reportage is racist.

At times, Jordan and his friends were joined on Tuesday night by other men from the neighborhood, also armed. None of the men was getting paid to be there. They said they felt they owed it to Merello, who has employed many of them over the years and treats them with respect.

“He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot,” said a 29-year-old who identified himself as R.J. He said he, like the other volunteers, had lived a short distance away from the store for most of his life.

He carried a Taurus 9mm pistol in his sweatpants and drew it out to show another customer, an older man at a pump who was brandishing a MAC-10 machine pistol.

Missouri allows the open carrying of firearms. State lawmakers recently passed a law overriding any local ordinance that banned the open carry of firearms by people who have concealed-weapons permits.

R.J. said on Monday they chased away several groups of teenagers rampaging through the area.

But they have also had a close brush with soldiers from the Missouri National Guard, who mistook them for looters, he said. The guardsmen, rifles raised, had handcuffed one man before Merello came outside the store to explain that the residents were trying to help, not hurt.

Because they were black! The National Guardsmen are racist! OK, I’ve had my fun. Other than saying full-auto machine pistol? I don’t think so. The real story here: armed Americans did what the police and National Guard couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do: protect life and property from lawless marauders, by force of arms.

It’s one of the reasons Americans fight to defend and extend their natural and civil right to keep and bear arms. And will continue to do so as long as they live in a functional Constitutional republic. Regardless of their race, color or creed.

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  1. It is racist to put so much emphasis on the color of their skin. Why does it matter to mainstream media that not all black people are either looting or claiming entitlement over slavery? Maybe they automatically assume that anyone not like them isn’t right?
    Makes one think, doesn’t it.

    • PS
      These brave men deserve much more than one blurred picture!
      Brave is the word. Just think of the harrassment and ridicule they will face from the “thugs”.
      Dear GOD, hold them in the palm of your hand, and protect them from the ravages of the savages/devil!!

  2. RF your snark is entertaining to POTG.
    I wonder how many of the uninitiated, or sef-triggering progtards will rise to the bait?

  3. As many of my black friends have said:
    “Just as there is a difference between whites and crackers/honkies there is a difference between black and niggers.”

    I’ve experienced both and I have many black friends, not a single one is a nigger. Just as I have many white friends and not a single one is a cracker/honkie. It is really low-life trash versus those who try to make this world a better place by not destroying your neighborhood.

    • Well, carry what you got when it’s time to carry what you got- if it’s a Taurus, it’s a Taurus.
      (I have found that Tauruses that work, work, but not all of them work.)

      • Ralph, ROHC, A81, JR, G, you all got it wrong. No one was Oc carrying any firearm. According to the news, they were “Brandishing.” Who you gonna believe, the news or your lying eyes?

        • it was really difficult to yank the spear that fell off of the roof from that hapless toe- rest owners sucking chest wound. it was jammed in there. by accident. fortunately the timing was off on his .357’s cylinder alignment. something to do with the toilets flushing the other direction down there.

      • Tell ya what.

        Let’s stand 100 yards apart, you with your spear and me with my Taurus .357 Mag. On “go” we’ll see how it works out.

        Ya game? 😉

        • I’ll give you my Taurus 357, with the mis-timed cylinder that only fires maybe half the time, and I’ll use my Cold Steel Samburu spear. I get a proper run up and a good toss, I can throw from one goal post to the next.

  4. The evidence is now abundant that these riots and “protests” are not racial in motivation, they’re ginned up by the left wing commies and socialist/anarchist groups. Gateway Pundit has the photos and eyewitness accounts of commies running “protests” around the country. And some of the “protests” are contemptible in and of themselves – surrounding small kids on playgrounds during holiday activities and intimidating them? Right.

    From my perspective, the only good communist is a dead communist. Commies have a pile of bodies to their credit at least three times as high/wide/deep as the Nazis, and as a result, commies are more deserving of being disemboweled and having their entrails covered in diesel fuel and burned than any other political group on the planet.

  5. I’m going to go ahead and disagree with you, there, RF. The Ferguson riots *are* all about race. But I also disagree with the verbiage of the original news article: that AR-15 is a defense rifle – in this case defense of business and self – and not an “assault rifle.”

    Maybe I’m just being a contrarian since I haven’t had my morning coffee, and also have a substantial headache.

    • I like this term “defense rifle”. This is how we should refer to the AR from now on. It’s much more marketable than “sporting rifle”.

      Many can argue the lack of utility in “sporting”, but few can argue the lack of utility in “defense”.


  6. I’ve shared this story with friends via social media, but it’s no surprise that the mainstream media is burying the story and refusing to publicize it more.

    Frankly, the idea that responsible BLACK MEN with *OMG* GUNS *OMG* would willing choose to defend a local business owned by a WHITE GUY? It’s just too much for some people to handle. Their brains probably would shutdown and then explode, Scanners-style.

    • So sad, because this is what many of us were hoping to see. Especially after the first night of nonsense.

      Black, white, who cares? I was so hoping to see the business owners and employees out defending their businesses. Things could have gone much differently.

    • Frankly, the idea that responsible BLACK MEN with *OMG* GUNS *OMG* would willing choose to defend a local business owned by a WHITE GUY? It’s just too much for some people to handle
      I can hear the cries of “Oreo” already.

  7. I was sitting in a restaurant OCing in Albuquerque a day after the Ferguson protests. (Maybe a hundred people marching up and down central with no rioting or looting) talking with a black armed security guy about guns and some of the things we wanted to do in life. . just two guys living the American dream, which is all about living your dreams.

    It too bad that those that were rioting and looting couldn’t have been more like this guy with his sense of optimism and hope for the future with his desire to defend against chaos, death and destruction.

  8. Nah this was a made up story.
    Big black men and AR15s??
    We all know an AR15 isn’t good for anything a civilian might need one for.
    No one has any uses them. They aren’t good for anything but mass murder. Isnt that why they were made to begin with?

  9. The Narrative promoted by the race hustlers, faux Libertarians, OWS and the anarchist rests on the sending the little Pakistani clerk who got throttled by Micheal Brown down the memory hole. He is the forgotten man off this entire incident. Micheal Brown is in the process of becoming a hero just like another brawling street thug who got himself killed. They even wrote a famous song about him.

  10. Does anyone remember Miriam Carey? She was the woman who was gunned down in the Capital with her 13 month daughter in the back seat. Her death at the hands of secret service agents and capital police lasted about two news cycles. By all accounts she was a normal, hard working mother who had every thing to live for. She is still sorely missed by her friends, family and work mates. There are still many unanswered questions concerning what happened on that day. So where is the outrage. By contrast a thug, that is what I said, who shortly before he was shot robbed a convenience store and roughed up a clerk gets killed and the protests go on for months. His hometown burns, there are demonstrations all over the country, idiots chain the entrances to a mall, highways are blocked and on and on. Really? How does it happen that Miriam Careys life is worth about two news cycles and Browns is about burning down the country? I have read that people have said that Brown had no reason to go after Wilson and it was not like him. Well, there is that robbery thing. Also much has been made that Wilson did not know Brown had robbed that store. Well, Brown did not know that Wilson didn’t know. Might be a reason for Brown to attack Wilson thinking he was going down for the robbery. If folks have to burn down a town do it for Miriam Carey. Brown isn’t worth the trouble.

    • The difference is that the self defense angle has always been plausible with Brown. The media needs a case of plausible self defense in order to allege racist murder. That is how they create the controversy, and disagreement between sides. They need some folks to scream racism while others point out that the evidence does not indicate a murder.

      If they tried to do this with the woman in D.C. or the NYC stairwell shooting they would get near unanimous agreement from everyone that it was at least fishy or even an obviously bad shoot. No good for stirring shit.

      • “The media needs a case of plausible self defense in order to allege racist murder. That is how they create the controversy, and disagreement between sides.”

        And any outrage will do if the so called ‘victim’ can be painted innocent with misleading child-like images and mournful accounts of a ‘virtuous’ life.

        The motivation: viewership and ad revenue. Providing a public service is at most a by-line to the old adage: ‘follow the money’. If the media, usually sympathetic to the fall guy cause in any case, can whip up enough frenzy, eyeballs will be glued to the screen flaunting the mostest, loudest outrageous reporting, truth be damned.

  11. u are wrong robert these riots have alot to do with race but the looting is more violence from savage people with no morals

  12. This shouldn’t be news. Wow protecting your friend and employer. And NOT being paid. Despite this it IS a race riot. I was in the middle of a few in high school(Kankakee Illinois). And to MY credit I didn’t participate at all.
    Sometimes lowlifes just need an excuse and opportunity to be lowlifes…

  13. “None of the men was getting paid to be there.”
    Dat grammar doe. How is this person allowed to write for a major publication? Furthermore, the blaze’s bullshit click baiting headlines forced me stop reading their site.

  14. Armed black guys defending a neighborhood store owned by a white guy just doesn’t fit the narrative. The 20-something producers writing the news copy just can’t handle the dissonance and, besides, if they go off in the weeds with a story like this while everyone else is showing Rev. Al and The Parents, ratings are sure to suffer.

    At every turn Ferguson has been exploited and let down by its cops, by local politicians, by the state government, and by the US government. There were national guardsmen on hand. Why didn’t they deploy in front of the small business that got burned and looted? Three or four armed neighbors successfully protected the Conoco station. What if the local police and national guard had placed armed men in front of the stores? For that matter, why didn’t the mayor and councilmen quietly organize armed neighborhood people and ask them to protect the stores? Instead, there was apparently a collective decision to just let it all burn. It was the life’s blood of Ferguson, the small businesses that served the neighborhoods that got burned and looted. Many of those won’t come back. I sure as hell wouldn’t. The saddest story was of the little Tex-Mex restaurant that tried to stay open in defiance of the rioting. Burned and looted like all the rest.

    • Quietly, Hell! Why didn’t the mayor get on TV and announce the Governor wouodn’t answer his phone, the Guard wasn’t coming, I’m calling on my friends and neighbors to stand up, load your gun, and go protect your neighborhood.

  15. Heartwarming story but sloppy fact checking:

    ‘“Stretch” whisked an AR-15 assault rifle out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance.’ This doesn’t fit even the usual misinformative incorrect nomenclature for that pattern of rifle.

    ‘…an older man at a pump was brandishing a MAC-10 machine pistol.’ It’s very, very unlikely someone in that situation possessed an actual NFA-controlled firearm. It was far more likely a semi-auto variant.

    • Not with this President and Administration or with the race baiter leadership. This is divide and conquer. You polarize and break the voting blocks into little groups which are ineffective. But he who can collect the most of the little groups gets to be King, err, President with no accountability to anyone.

  16. credibility. these neighborhood chaps were given respect by their peers who went searching for easier pickings. i can’t make assumptions about their lifestyles outside of this situation, but here they were honorable in action.
    the temporarily present national guard would have been tested had it exposed itself to outrage. and almost certainly needed to resort to that which was to be avoided at most costs.

  17. AMEN! These BLACK MEN need to be put on a pedestal, for their shining selfless acts! When all around them riot, and think it strange(that’s something biblical)that you don’t join in.. These BLACK MEN, are what the Black Pepole are really about. We work. We go to school/college. We build decent lives, in spite of where we live. We struggle to attain status. But most of all, we try to be the example for the younger ones to follow. Sad part is, that with all the time we are spent doing, we are not the visable face that the media portrays. We need to have these BLACK MEN out where the whole world to see! Show what and who we really are!
    But watch, very few newspaper, no tv news. Tv news will only show the ugly, violent and steryotipical………

  18. Well, well, well, yet another story ‘cunserrrrvatuv’ media outlets (like Fox News Channel/Fox Business Network, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al) somehow ‘overlooked’, funny how that happened given the enormous amount of coverage. I was wondering if business owners who stood armed guard earlier had been told by politicos/LE to cease & desist as I’d seen/heard no news about them doing so this time, good to know that some did & had some outside help. Looks like that when the subjects are blatant govtl failure/refusal to fulfill their oft stated (& per numerous court decisions entirely fictional) function of protecting the public from criminal aggression & the public’s subsequent DIY response to official turpitude, both Left & Right agree that there are some things the hoi polloi MUST NOT know & SHOULD NOT do.

    One more of the non-barking dogs whose numbers increase as time goes by, God help us all when the day they find their collective voice arrives.


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