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Media Matters has its knickers in a twist about an on-air graphic during a Fox Business segment on the Christmas gun-buying rush [above]. “Dear Santa: Bring Guns,” it reads. Thinking about it, maybe the chyron operator wasn’t asking St. Nick for a ballistic bounty. Maybe he was warning Santa about a possible terrorist attack. Nah. It was a straight up plea for firearms for Christmas from a bored TV line worker. In the spirit of the season, I hope the graphics guy or gal found a firearm under the Xmas tree; hopefully something that won’t put their eye out. Call me churlish, but I reckon Media Matters‘ Brendan Karet’s got a lump of coal.

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  1. I love how they always say we “claim” the president will attack us with EOs. He said it himself that he would. It’s one of the few things I take his word for, actually. MM also portrayed the “IRS targeting” and “sisters of the poor” stories to be frivelous conspiracy theories, until court rulings rebuked the conspirators. The notion of constitutional overreach means nothing to people who disregard the bill of rights altogether.

  2. That chyron operator is obviously deluded. He should be asking Santa for peace on Earth, goodwill toward men, and lots of ammo.

  3. Such a graphic’s impact really depends on your worldview and how you regard yourself.

    If you consider yourself weak, afraid and helpless, permanently at the mercy of a merciless world, then you view that graphic through the prism of your own vulnerability. Bring guns? Are you serious? Why not pray for the plague? Guns are the embodiment of evil, doncha know?!

    On the other hand, if you consider yourself responsible, independent, dedicated to defending yourself, your family, your property, against violent attack, and steeled for that unwelcome potentiality, then you view that graphic as but a lighthearted nod to both your resolve and your solemn obligation.


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