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OK, who blabbed? We weren’t supposed to let the gun muggles know that there’s a – *gulp* – black man who likes guns, actually owns a few (legally!) and works with the NRA. Can you imagine the narrative-shattering blowback if that kind of thing gets out? Oh well. Too late. The investigative sleuths at somehow managed to dig him up and it’s out there now. That scoop’s right up there with the unmasking of Deep Throat. “At 29, he’s not old. Nor is he fat — he’s slender and stylishly dressed with sneakers made by Prada. He’s also not white.” Not…white? Quelle horreur! All they left out was #traitortohisrace . . .

That’s not really fair. The unwieldy-monikered Molly Hennesy-Fiske actually does a pretty straight-down-the-middle job of profiling everyone’s favorite cross-cultural urban outreach spokesman for firearms and the Second Amendment for the Times’s now terrified, latte-spitting Santa Monica readership.

Sure, she mentions that he’s come in for abuse from a lot of the usual suspects on the anti-rights left.

Now some in the black community have denounced Noir for what they say is selling out to the white pro-gun establishment, with critiques posted on and the Black Entertainment Television website.

But Hennesy-Fiske didn’t even ask anyone at the NAACP or the Violence Policy Center for a “balancing” comment. What are the odds?

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  1. Don’t know how to link it but you should check out a segment shown on WBBJ, the Jackson Tn, ABC affilliate, last night(7/24/2013)on the increase in Tn carry permits. The segment was pro gun and primarily featured people of color speaking favorably on self defense. Maybe someone smarter than me can get up and running for the rest of the world to see.

  2. Just shows how out of touch much of the media chooses to be.Many of us black folk own firearms, for a multitude of reasons and enjoy them thoroughly.

    I feel ashamed for anyone who thinks he’s a sell out and then plays into the professional victimhood that is anti-gun. Slavery wasn’t ended by people talking nicely. One of the scariest thing to racist whites, even during the 1900’s, were a blackmen with a firearm. Probably only tied with Polio and angry husbands coming home early. Why cause it’s easier to drag someone behind a truck when they can’t shoot at you.

    BET is disgusting. They always promoted racism against non blacks. Worse some blacks have it in their mind that if you are a certain shade or darker you MUST act this way else you’re a sellout, uncle tom, or “not black enough”. I guess racist outside the black community don’t understand, you don’t have to belittle us, cause we’ve got plenty of people within to do it for you.

        • It sounds frustrating. Almost like you’re prohibited from displaying any diversity from a very few designated groups consideed worthy of mainstream “black culture”.

          I’ve surfed a few subcultures in my time, from young entrepreneurs, to punks, artists, and even the shameful world of hipsters, yet when black guys or gals from these groups meet someone who conforms to the BET norm, they always recieve this look that says “you are no longer fit to be black”.

          Is fratracism a word?

    • Thirded. And it has been a great experience this last few months watching most of my black friends and co-workers joining the ranks of the armed.

      I might’ve helped, a little. 🙂

      • Good on you. The more people we have, regardless of color, who are pro self reliance, the better. That imo at least, is what being a gun owner means. It’s one step, probably the most important one after learning how to use logic to cut through political bs, to freedom.

    • even during the 1900′s, were a blackmen with a firearm.

      Which, as we all know by now, is why Reagan and the Republicans started California down the gun control path it is currently on in 1968.

      But don’t call them racist.

      • Thanks for highlighting my typo :P.

        The first gun control laws started in the 1850’s. One to the natives, then later they tried to ban concealed weapons.

        Not all republicans are our friends. Reagan also helped pass that no fully auto after 1986 junk. He also supported the 1994 AWB. He flip flopped in various aspects of support.

        My take is, if someone does something racist, call them on it, but don’t go off labeling everyone so.

        I wonder how much the American Indian Movement had to play in that too. In either situation it’s appalling that people tolerate such infringements.

        • Heh.

          I also didn’t realize that the same point was made in the article– I can’t open it on my phone– until someone mentioned it downthread.

    • When I was in HS the smart black kids were often insulted by their peers and accused of “acting white.”

      Racism and ignorance go hand in hand.

      • It wasn’t so much “the smart black kids” who were accused of acting white, as it was the black kids who were evincing much interest in things of the mind. This was particularly true if you were black and male. My response was always, “So?”

        • I distinctly remember being repeatedly discouraged because I and a few others were pandering to the “white mans game”. That the working world wasn’t for us. That we were sellouts. That we’d never amount to anything cause the whiteman would hold us down so why even try. Is very tragic. Both the depression expressed and the amount of turmoil that people have gone through over the decades that breaks a spirit. Still no excuse though, as many have pulled past and succeeded.

    • @Science fratracism is now, if you wish to make it so. Just have to encourage people to put it into common use.

      I knew a guy in grade school who received nonstop ire from fellow students cause he liked Starwars, classical music and like to read. Even though he was the color of a milky way bar, he was “not black enough”. Partly too why we have wiggers. People who are said to “act black”. Short of dying or bleaching skin or heavy makeup someone can’t act the color of another.

      People outside the black community may not know this, but at least where I grew up there was a hierarchy of blackness. And depending on the decade is how high up the totem you were, cause the color scale inverted. once the black and proud era started. Red/high yellow people were sometimes disliked by darker colored folk, and vice versa. People like myself and my oldman were considered to be abominations by both a number of blacks and whites cause we didn’t meet a preconceived skin tone. I’ve met creole people who are much darker than me, but if you tell them they aren’t white they’d do their damnedest to kill you. I’m not sure how it is now since I live in a predominately Mexican area(completely different state from where I was born), but I don’t doubt it still exists in some form somewhere.

        • Thanks too. Sadly I hear a similar caste system is in effect with some Mexicans. Spanish used to regulate the rights of someone was by the ratio of Spanish/Mexican blood in their veins.

      • It’s called being “color-struck,” and I understand that in Brazil, a country in which much mixing of gene pools from the various “races” has occurred, and it is reported that skin color is less of an issue than it tends to be here in the U. S. of A., it is nonetheless true that lighter skins tend to be looked upon with more favor than darker skins. Certainly, as Mistereveready points out, that is still true in the Afram community in this country. I make the additional observation, as does Mistereveready, that ever since the rise of the Black Power meme back in the 60’s, lighter-skinned Aframs have had to take a lot of flack from the darker-skinned ones, for not being authentically “black.”And you can find yourself in real trouble, whatever your skin tone, if you, as an Afram, express opinions that differ from those of the Benjamin Jealouses, Jesse Jacksons, and Al Sharptons of the world. Don’t be saying, for example, that Travon Martin was a thug-in-training who, under the circumstances, pretty much got what he deserved.

    • Slavery was ended by people talking nicely in every Western nation but ours. I highly recommend “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo because the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression didn’t have to happen.

      • Not quite. The slavery of those oppressed by the Nazi’s wasn’t by talking nicely.

        The civil war was for many reasons, slavery being part of it. Mostly because the 2 sides of the debate couldn’t reconcile. Lincoln was quoted as saying along the lines that if he could keep the Union, w/o emancipating the slaves he would.

        Slave rebellions also played a part in Britain relinquishing the slave trade too.

        • I was speaking specifically about black slavery in the Western nations. Which other Western country had a civil war regarding this subject? England did it by compensated emancipation rather quietly. See William Wilberforce. And as far as the “Union” goes that was a figure of speech that Lincoln created or stole from someone else. Lincoln was a tyrant. Might makes right and all that. I still recommend “The Real Lincoln.” Have a great read.

    • Way to “Represent”!

      Sry, couldn’t resist…

      Being a non-racist Southern boy, who indiscriminately uses the N-word very, very seldomly, regardless of skin pigmentation, to describe one who chooses the worthless motif in lifes adventures.

      Colon Noir proves the sterotypical advancement of those types of peoples, who have most to profit by the proliferation of said stereotypes, are completey and utterly hog-washing the truth.

  3. If you’re not democrat you can’t really be a minority. God forbid we live in a society that promotes individual character not based upon skin color. Here is a self-made man and because he likes guns hes an Uncle Tom. What should he be anti-gun, living on the government doll from the Obama stash? That’s the only way to properly be a well behaves minority. The hypocrisy is amazing and I for one am glad Mr. Noir isn’t backing down.

    • Flip it around and you’ll see the problem, and the need folks have to marginalize people like Mr. Noir.

      What is the NRA’s power? (What is the secret of steel?) It’s no secret, we brag about it. It’s not $, it’s votes.

      This is also true for the NAACP (or for labor unions, or the AARP). Really, it’s true for any really successful lobbying organization. So it’s not someone who isn’t a Democrat isn’t a minority, he’s just not a minority who is useful TO the Democrats, and the organizations that exist symbiotically with them.

  4. Looks like Mr. Noir has finally made the big time, pissing off every liberal anti-gun segment in existence. He should be damn proud.

  5. And someone at TTAG please do a site scan of some sort. Since you have added FB and Twitter, trojans keep popping up while navigating your pages. Don’t understand the addition of those but if not fixed going to have to find somewhere else to get my firearms related fix because of bugs damaging my computer.

    • i’ve been having a problem with attacks while on this site but the articles and comments are so awsome i risk it

    • Get adblock. I have it for firefox. The only problem I had now is on my Transformer Prime tablet. It will randomly take me a to a porn app download site. It only does it on my tablet on TTAG. That is until I installed a block on chrome to stop it.

  6. I couldn’t make it past the first sentence where the author described the Glock 17 as “sleek”. Definition of “sleek” is: “trim and graceful; finely contoured; streamlined”.

    • I made it up until they had to go to an UCLA professor to tell the writer that yea it’s true-white racist back in the day didn’t want blacks to own guns. Gee golly who’d of thunk it?

  7. Seems like the people who push racist stereotypes harder than anyone else is the very media so committed to “exposing” racism.

  8. As a biracial man raised in an African American household,I applaud Mr. Noir for his brave support of the RKBA.The Black Community has such a strong victim hood mentality that nearly every facet of urban black life is virulently anti-gun.The black churches are anti gun and anti self defense,the black “leaders” like Sharpton are obviously anti self defense ,and Democrat politicians overseeing ethnic constituents are anti because they’re either crooked and in bed with the MAIG gang,or are a byproduct of only seeing guns as tools of crime and genuinely wanting to make a difference in a completely wrong headed manner.Add in the sad fact that most black entertainers are owned by anti-gun Media conglomerates,and you have a “District Nine” alternate reality type environment for most black folk who grow up thinking guns are abject evil.

    Thus,all those factors have spawned a virulent anti-gun culture within the black world which Shall Not Be Questioned.That’s why ,to this day,my family doesn’t know I’m an NRA member.When they discovered I had a CCW permit it was like those movies of people in the 1950s coming out as gay.Lots of cross looks at the dinner table,and my uncle pulled me aside to “talk some sense into me” because firearms are “a tool of the White Man to oppress black people”. I had to fight to keep a straight face.”Only criminals and cops-most of whom assault minorities -carry guns.Are you a criminal son?”.

    I envy you guys and gals who grew up being taught the value and greatness of gun ownership buy your parents and families.Us folk of color have a long road ahead of us to establish a pro-2A culture in our communities.

    • I’m multiracial, but for legal reasons I gotta check non latino and black boxes on my 4473.

      The black churches and society seem to suffer from the same as some of the white anti-gunners. They seem to think that if people don’t have guns, the violence will be less lethal, or stop dramatically. They will defer the blame on literally everything and everyone else.

      It isn’t so much a pro 2A community as a stop sitting on the pity pot and blaming others society. Stop being a damn basket of crabs, by insisting if I can’t make it, neither can you.And I can’t make it cause I don’t have the will to succeed. If you want someone to stop beating and belittling you, stand up and fight. Not gripe about it then bend over so the boot kicking you can land on more meat. Plenty of black men died to end slavery. Itching at the chance to pick up a weapon and fight. Even at reduced pay, even under tougher than normal requirements. Even with the stipulation that a black man could not be an officer, they fought.

      I will say I had a different upbringing than you though. Nearly everyone in my family had a gun. Both on white and black sides. My grandmother emptied a revolver scaring off a burglar when my oldman was just a lad. My father insisted I learn firearms.

      • I am Black (actually, mutt even you looked several generations back) and my church is pro-gun (Pastor received death threats) and my family is warming up to the idea, esp after my wife went to get her CCW and my young kids get to go to the range and help clean my firearms. . . . just keep at it. I preach the knowledge behind firearm bans as racist, esp growing up in Detroit and learning about Dr. Ossian Sweet and Clarence Darrow’s spirited defense of him.

        • I disdain religion but at least the church can be used to spread the message of self empowerment (ie gun ownership).But that’s the beauty of the 1st amendment, pray if you want, or don’t. Your choice not the states.

          Honestly, it is amazing more people don’t see gun control as a method of people control. How did the slave masters keep their livestock in line? Whips, guns, swords. More telling is WHO had those items and who didn’t. What is the first thing a person rebelling grabs? Is it a handkerchief? A bowl of Cheerios? Or perhaps the first and or the best weapon they can? Is foolish that people see a gun as a tool of oppression, yet it’s the very same tool that is used to liberate. The 4th of July should also be national gun owner day.

          Btw that is a very interesting article you linked. But a gun grabber would have rather him be a victim, or dismiss it by saying no such thing could happen today therefore we don’t need a gun.

  9. The reason she didn’t ask the NAACP for “balance” is because this isn’t a balance issue. Mr. Colion Noir has his opinions. He doesn’t need approval or sanction from the NAACP just because he’s black. Even the LA Times must realize this.

  10. White pro-gun establishment. Only certain people have certain rights. So why are non-white people so against their rights? Or are they just against white people having those rights?

    Rights are for everybody folks! Get with the now.

  11. im glad to see this brother finally getting recognition. dude is smart all the way around, and it good that non white 2a folks finally have a public face.

  12. I don’t understand all the furor. Despite growing up in a predominately white area of the country, I’ve managed to look around me and through the power of observation come to the understanding that people are people, and everyone has the right to defend themselves and their families. I don’t get why Mr. Noir’s race is even an issue or topic for discussion. At what point do we as a nation start being thinking people that no longer put credence into skin color or socioeconomic status and start paying attention to the character and statements made by people in our judgements of them? I, for one, am certainly not shocked, outraged, or concerned that Mr. Noir is pro-gun, and I certainly wish more people used a little more common sense, most of all the media.

    • Fear mongers need to use his race to create drama. Plus a young black man with firearms who isn’t a police officer (aka sellout) or a criminal (victim of the man) messes up the motto of it’s the fault of someone else. Can’t blame the gun if black people are using them responsibly. Can’t pander to the stereotype that only criminals and police have guns. Both who have shown to not always be kind to the black people.

      Sense? When do anti-gunners make sense when talking about firearms? We have corrupt police preying upon citizens. Criminals prey upon citizens. Governments in general do too. So the only logical thing to do is? you guessed it, disarm ourselves. Anti-gunners are the kind of people who would deny a miner a shovel to dig their way out of a cave in, cause that’s why we have rescue teams. They deny people the right to have a paddle when they are placed up sh*t creek.

  13. people said the same thing about Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice, and quite a few other people. Selling out!

    Sharpton and Jackson are just self aggrandizing has-beens.

    Obama was a big dissapointment. Turned out to be more like Nixon than Clinton. I hope that going forward people look past skin color to actual policies, and what works.

  14. I’d also like to add that Mr. Noir is an icon to the reasonable, sensible gun rights movement and he’s one of my hero spokespersons.

  15. I follow Mr. Noir on his YouTube channel and the NRA website.

    This guy (Aaargo Jay) also gives firearm reviews and recently did a review on the 5.56 Tavor:

    I subscribe to 14 folks on you tube, and some will meet up or invite others, including instructors, which makes the videos pretty cool and informative.

    IMHO, one of the main functions of liberal-controlled MSM is divide, and race is the easiest to do, class and religion (in the USA) are next in line.

    • Christian Trinity = Father / Son / Holy Ghost

      American Trinity = In God we trust / E Pluribus Unum / Liberty (On all coins)

      Leftist Trinity = Race / Gender / Class

      Listen to Prager to understand the stupidity of that Leftist mindset

  16. woman’s opinion here: He is gorgeous. And smart. And funny. Some lucky lady (of any color) ought to have her sights on him 🙂

  17. I like Colion but I have come to the opinion that it is time to drop the whole ‘Black Gun Owner Meme’. Mr Noir is also a recently Bar certified attorney besides being a firearms enthusiast. I’m more interested in his future professional accomplishments than his skin pigment

    • You might have a point, there. But I guess we play the hand we’re dealt. Anti-gunners, supported by the (D)s, love to paint the NRA as a whites-only club. (The NRA hasn’t done a lot to help this, and I’m never impressed reading the board member profiles in AR.) So yeah, MCN is more than just a gun guy, but if liberals can crow about the “historic” Obama presidency, I don’t mind letting the brothers and sisters represent for a while.

      (Speaking of brothers, check out

    • We can’t drop the person of color gun owner meme because the grabbers insist on pushing the lie that gun owners are only OFWGs. This is just another lie we have to counter or it becomes the “truth” like there’ll be wild west shootouts if anybody but cops are allowed to carry. We must also push the women owning guns meme or they own another lie that becomes “truth”.

  18. Yea, Colion is cool, but there are plenty of gun-respecting African-Americans with some pretty cool vids on youtube. They helped me with some of my buying choices.

      • Exactly. The “OMG” headlines are usually about someone (usually the mainstream media) getting excited about something that most people consider a nonissue, or “discovering” something that has been patently obvious to most anyone who’s been paying attention.

  19. How come Mr. Noir is not considered one of our “Black Leaders”? He has been elected as many times as Sharpton and Jackson!
    Well he is one of mine! I am declaring Colion Noir a Black Leader!

    There are many Black folks out here who legally own firearms and are law abiding citizens. I applaud TTAG and it’s readership for providing us…..and anyone else…… a safe heaven to speak out. Stay safe, stay strong everyone.

  20. My boss is black and LOVES guns, he is known to open carry and sling an AR at some open carry events.also possibly soon to be a Michigan militia member with yours truly.

  21. Colion Noir.
    Bare frank logic.
    Love this guy and his videos.

    Of course, as usual, you’ll never hear his logic on the national news. It makes too much sense, exposes the gun takers’ rhetoric for what it is, and conflicts with the brazen liberal progressive media message.

  22. The guy always strikes a nerve. That is a real talent. And he always has the most credibility when he’s wearing a Yankees cap.

    • I caught that too. He’s just “some guy wearing a Yankee’s hat”. Never mind he is insightful, knowledgeable, and can always spin the topic to be useful to the everyday man. That’s really why they despise Mr. Colion Noir, because he can attract, educate, and entertain everyday people. He’s not pandering to OFWGs that spend tens-of-thousands of dollars on gun stuff every year like their fantasy dictates.

  23. From the link: “Fear is the greatest weapon used against the defenseless. It is one that makes a group of people believe in interests that are contrary to their very own preservation.”

    More like fear creates the choice to either rise above it or be controlled and consumed by it. Handling your own self-defense needs (through martial arts, bladed or blunt weapons, alarms and barricades, less-than-lethal weapons, and/or firearms) is choosing to rise above your fears by having a response. Doing nothing but cowering and hoping the police can save you allows your fear to control you. Those on the left don’t seem to see it that way, maybe it’s their victim mentality, to them is seems fear may only control and cannot spur someone on to better themselves and take personal responsibility. Oh wait, the concept of personal responsibility does not exist for them (the most outspoken of the left and most in the anti-gun crowd).

    • Reminds me of the story of the little old lady that was stopped for speeding by a state police officer.
      Police Officer: “Howdy Ma’am, may I see your driver’s license?
      Little Old Lady: “Sure, Sonny, nice day, isn’t it?”
      Police Officer: “Thank you, Ma’am. Ma’am, I couldn’t help noticing that you have a shotgun and 2 pistols on the seat beside you. Are they loaded?
      Little Old Lady: “Yes, Officer. They sure are.”
      Police Officer: “Well, Ma’am! What are you afraid of?”
      Little Old Lady: “Officer, I ain’t afraid of nothin’!”
      An armed society is a polite society!

  24. “the white pro-gun establishment”

    How ironic that the media characterizes it that way, when the entire gun control movement in this country started as a way to prevent freed blacks from owning guns in the post-Civil War south. I continue to be amazed by the black, Jewish, Hispanic, and other minority group leaders who shill for the civilian disarmament elitists. I am not amazed that these “leaders” do this – I am amazed that they are accepted as leaders by their communities.

  25. See, I need to start my own gun youtube channel and be the Asian gun guy and work for the NRA. That’ll put things into perspective as well.

    Seriously “The pro white establishment”? Did they learn nothing from Dr. King

    • What was taught by Dr. King has been co-opted, diluted and repackaged by self promoting, anti constitutional, anti self reliance, dependency activists like Jackson, Sharpton, etc. who are determined to preserve and grow a self identifying needy constituency for their own narcissistic benefit and power base.

      Many Democrat politicians participate in this club. They can easily be identified by their divisive rhetoric.

  26. Um…I own SEVERAL guns legally, and carry legally. I don’t understand why the liberal media hates those of us that are black Americans, African Americans, black or whatever they want to call us this year. Keep up the good work man! I have enjoyed your videos for the past year and would love to get you on our radio show some day.

    • You have to excuse their conditioning, their word for “black man with a gun” is “criminal”. They obviously don’t know anything else. It seems they want to rid guns from the black community to save the black community from the police, otherwise known as “the man”. Yeah, and we’re the racist ones stuck in the past…

  27. ima arab American born and raised in Chicago moved to Florida got my concealed firearm license oh yeah and im Muslim alot of people on the Internet call me a terrorist and I dont deserve to own a firearm to protect my self because of my culture and religion and its funny becaus3 alot of people are buying these guns illegally while I abide every law and everyrhing legal I actually support the second amendment more than anything I believe every individual should have the right to protect themselves no matter what color or religion

    • Simply because of your background and because of the politics of suspicion that is prominent during these times, you have AT LEAST as much reason to be armed for self defense purposes as anyone else.

      But be cautious, my friend, because “during these times” that could be a double edged sword.

      • I will protect my self and my family no matter what even strangers who are on the verge of getting robbed or murdered I dont want to see no one get hurt especially right in front of me im citizen just like everyone here like everyone says the media makes every single person from religion to non religion look bad because its our government that wants us to believe everything they have portrayed for us and its rediculous but there is nothing we can do about it

    • I’d love to hear them accept.

      ‘Course you know how it would go if they did “debate”; it’d be talk over and personal attacks by Sharpton and Jackson during the entire event with Colion trying to get a word in edge wise and stay on topic, no doubt with a few biting zingers while doing so.

    • Dirk,
      That debate will not happen. We Blacks are not supposed to disagree on political issues in public. :-).
      Therefore, no sponsorship.

      • Maybe you should change that. As with everything worth doing, you’ll be ostracized, belittled, made to sound irrelevant. But with persistence, attitudes will change even if a few start listening & start talking among themselves.

        Make yourselves heard. That’s what Al and Jesse are doing. Use their tactics against them.

  28. The media is especially crazy, because let’s be honest here: law abiding minorities that live in inner cities need concealed carry more than those of us who live in the suburbs. The gun laws really are racist, but not in the way the media thinks they are.

  29. Saw a fellow renting an apartment in my complex that was a dead ringer for Mr. CN. I don’t think it was him, but it’s nice to imagine it.

  30. I know plenty of Black guys who own and like guns.

    What’s thin on the ground are Black guys who like neo-Confederate, far-Right, White Fright types. Let’s be honest, really honest for once without reflexively screeching “You libtard liars are the real racists!” That sort is highly over-represented among gun rights activists, SYG fetishists, tacticool fashionistas and the rest of the public face of gun ownership.

  31. This guy has some great shooting and informative videos on You-Tube,and some are even politically incorrect.I hope he keeps up his commentary.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  32. I haven’t read all the comments here, yet. But, the title of the article is chronologically backwards.

    “NRA’s black commentator becomes Web sensation”

    It should read:

    Web sensation becomes NRA commentator (oh… he happens to be a black dude)

    • You’re absolutely right, but for the idiots at the LA Times, the most important part of any of that is the black part, so they have to put it front and center.


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