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Memphis Airport TSA agent and new friend (courtesy

“Transportation Security Administration agents found a loaded gun in a passenger’s carry-on bag at Memphis International Airport over the weekend,” reports, breathlessly enough. “The TSA said agents working at a security checkpoint found a loaded .40-caliber Smith and Wesson on Sunday morning. Agents alerted airport police, who took possession of the carry-on bag and cited the passenger on local charges. So far this year, 11 firearms have been found by TSA agents at the Memphis airport’s security checkpoints. Eighteen firearms were found at Memphis’ airport in 2013. TSA agents have found 19 firearms at Nashville International Airport this year. Last year, 47 firearms were found at checkpoints at Nashville’s airport. At McGee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, six firearms have been found this year. Eight firearms were found at Knoxville’s airport in 2013.” Thank GOD the TSA’s blue-shirted goons stopped all those terrorists! Oh wait . . .

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    • I don’t know. It took me a while to master the taxonomy of organisms with kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. And that was with the benefit of “King Phillip comes over for good supper.”

      I’m not really even sure of the proper sequence of gun, cache, stash, hoard, store, stockpile, arsenal, and enough-to-equip-a-small-army. Plus I’d need a new mnemonic…. It’s a whole thing.

      • It’s easy.

        Single gun or bullet: cache, stash, hoard, store, stockpile, arsenal.
        More than one: OMG!!!!!!!

  1. I have no sympathy for these people. Flying is not a right, they have rules, obey them. Who “forgets” they have a gun on them? I ALWAYS know I have my gun on me, so I know to take my gun off and fly with it the correct way. People who carry firearms need to be responsible.

    • Using my ESP, I think the point of the post is that the TSA is suing numbers to justify jobs. I agree that mental ability seems to be limited in the individuals bringing loaded guns into an airport. However, I don’t think that is the reason for the post.

      I have a Su8nday School classmate that works as an airline pilot. His constant reminder is that once the cockpit door is locked, the 9-11 scenario is over. Bombs, still a threat. But taking over the controls of the plane to be used as a weapon or hostage is over. The cockpit door is secured from the inside. TSA has to justiy the workforce or face serious reductions. Those jerks took my mouthwash and toothpaste a I was flying back from Fort Irwin last month. Great job. I feel so much safer. You aborted my attempt at making a toothpaste bomb.

      Yes, the idiots should not have brought loaded guns into the airport. But that does not justify the security theatre of TSA.

  2. Memphis is a sh*t hole. Who could blame anyone for carrying anywhere in Memphis OR West Memphis, for that matter.

    For a real fun treat, drive through the city of Memphis at about 3 A.M. on a Saturday or Sunday morning in a car with out of state plates. Then report back to me. Lol

    I stop on Beale Street for a nice dinner, a few cold drinks, then get the hell outta Dodge ASAP.

    • Just thought I’d throw this in,
      Do you know the safest time to drive through L.A.?

      7:00 A.M. Sunday morning!
      The Jews are out on the golf course, the blacks are still in jail, and the Mexicans haven’t got their cars started yet!

    • I can’t agree with you more on that one. I spent seven years driving a truck in and out of Memphis. Before then I was OTR or long haul trucker. While OTR I never actually had a problem. Even in LA or Chicago. Never had a problem there, but I had multiple ‘incidents’ dealing with people in Memphis. On of them almost ending in a shooting.

  3. People….. please learn how to transport your f***ing guns!!! It’s not like they’re lipstick, eyeliner, or your keys… you can’t just throw them in your bag and take them wherever the f__k you please!
    And if you don’t realize you have a gun: you probably shouldn’t have a gun to begin with! Geesh!

    Some people are just too ditzy to be allowed to own guns.

      • Yes we should, assuming the owner of the property we’re on (in this case the airplane) does not object.

        However, under the current system, it is a potential criminal offense to take a firearm to the TSA checkpoint, and the machines they scan with are almost TSA drone idiot proof. Therefore any rational person would leave the gun at home, or check it at the counter, in compliance with federal laws. So either these people are openly rebelling against the system, and risking their liberty in a pointless exercise, or they’re completely unaware that they have guns in their bags.

        I believe what the parent post (and many others) is saying is that people that obtuse do not have the necessary respect for the potential danger of firearms. A firearm should be under the direct control of an aware, responsible person, or securely locked up. These were neither.

        • Any rational person would execute these thugs, and the bureaucrats and (s)elected officials, who set this whole damn thing in motion.

          Osama was right when, after 9/11, he said, “Freedom is dead in America.” We did it to ourselves, too.

          Time to correct that problem, and the genie never goes back in the bottle easily. Government won’t ever give up power willingly…

        • any person whose solution for bureaucracy is “LET’S MURDER THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE” is, of course, not actually a rational person.

        • And I believe the parent post is advocating disarming these people. That they shouldn’t have had the right in the first place. I disagree. Its not his call, its not some police chiefs call, and it shouldn’t be the governments.

          The only thing that would happen in a sane world is a brief conversation about the merits of the chosen firearm, and a reminder that the firearm is worthless if you aren’t carrying it on you.

        • I have lost a lot of confidence about the reliability of those machines, and I never had any in the operators. I have had a metal hip for around 8 years, and the machines often miss it. Not the majority of times, but often enough to worry me after the zillions of $$ we’ve spent on them. And when the machine does catch it, the operator often starts yelling like a fool about emptying my pockets, removing my belt, etc, refusing to listen to me telling him I have a metal hip.

    • Car keys..
      Ugh. I have a small magnesium/flint fire starter on all of my key rings. Note to self, take it off before going through security. Along with the p-38 can opener.

    • I think you are correct….but there is no constitutional right to lipstick, eyeliner, keys, etc….there is for keeping and bearing arms. Somehow people have been conditioned to believe that the opposite is the case. As long as the people go along with this line of reasoning, it will only get worse.

        • Yeah, well you know what: the retarded, mentally challenged, the senile, toddlers, and criminally inclined should not own guns – only an idiot would think the 2nd Amendment means absolutely everyone should have a gun!…….
          …….. Now run along, you need to get back to giving senile elderly in wheelchairs revolvers to play with!

  4. First, it’s ridiculous that it’s against the law to carry on a plane unless you’re one of the state’s “only ones”-king’s men. Second, how do these people not know they have a gun and that the slave trainers look for them at the Nazi checkpoints. Third, I wonder how many hundreds go undetected each year in this security theater game Amerikans have to play to exercise their right to travel.

  5. About 28 years ago I passed through a Mexicana Airlines check point on the way to Costa Rica. The one who I got stuck with was a real “bitch”. She made me unpack everything, including my shaving bag, and then she wanted me to take apart my electric razor to make sure I hadn’t packed a few ounces of C4 in it, I guess. Then she fondled my extra shorts checking the waistbands. The whole time she had this shit eating scowl on her face, like I had f**k Mexico printed on my forehead, or something. I sure was glad to get through there,
    The flight was great though, Had three breakfasts! Every time the plane took off, they would roll out the food cart, once in Kalifornia, Mexico, and Guatemala.

  6. You guys are retards to think that guns should be allowed on planes. That experiment would last about a week. You think it’s front page news whenever there is “typical” shooting…imagine that times 1000x dealing with an aircraft.

    • I’m not clear on your point. Are you saying the media frenzy would be even greater, despite a typical spree shooting body count, or are you suggesting someone could crash a commercial aircraft by way of small arms fire from within the cabin and that the body count would be a plane load of people?

    • What happened to “shall not be infringed”? Even equivocators understand this to be true at the federal level. Last I checked, TSA is a federal agency. Even a retard knows that.

      • TSA is a federal agency but you are not boarding a federally owned aircraft. You are flying on private property. I doubt very much that even if the feds allowed you to have gun in your possession that the individual airlines would. But that is not the issue. There is a proper way to bring your firearm on your flight. if you follow the regs than you don’t get stopped. And I agree with everyone who understands that you should know where you firearm is at all times and if you don’t you aren’t a responsible gun owner.

        • The federal nature of the TSA should disqualify it from intervening. If the airlines want to enact their own prohibitions, let them create their own agents for enforcement.

        • Airlines are engaged in interstate commerce which gives the Federal government the authority to provide security if they choose to. All airports are owned by some level of government and that gives the governing authority the right to enforce laws. Do you think the NYPD or CPD would be any more willing to allow you to bring a gun into the airport? Do you think that the airlines don’t support this policy? They don’t want some nitwit with a Glock to have an ND onboard the plane or in the waiting area resulting in a big lawsuit.

        • In that case, the only thing the TSA should be doing is facilitating gun owners in practicing their right to keep and bear arms. Problem solved. That whole “uphold the Constitution” thing and all. I do not see any part of the commerce clause that allows it to circumvent the Bill of Rights.

        • tdiinva says: “All airports are owned by some level of government and that gives the governing authority the right to enforce laws.”

          Incorrect. There are plenty of privately owned airports / grass strips. When commercial activity takes place there, that’s when the Feds get involved.

          I’m excepting the initial permitting, etc.

        • TD keeps flip-flopping between federal, private, and interstate commerce overriding the Bill of Rights to find some combo of BS that might squeak by, to no avail.
          When you have no real point, stack it deep.

    • Karl Kani, are you saying (again) that every day will be the gunfight at the OK corral, that blood will run in the streets, and all the other BS we were told for 15 years every time another state took up Shall Issue laws, even though it never happened, was proven to be a lie over and over? What makes you think it would be a problem? Anybody who instigates criminal action would have a lot of witnesses and no chance of escape, not real enticing. More likely, the aircraft would eventually be safer, just like our streets.

  7. I fly every week & I carry every day wherever I’m not prohibited, so I check my gun in checked luggage to every destination I can (can’t when destination might be NY or NJ or similar. I don’t forget to pack my daily heart meds & I don’t forget I’m armed. And no, i don’t want guns on the plane Or snakes! But, felony? Not w/o attendant circumstances. TSA is mostly security theatre, which is why I’m a TSA Pre-check – the FBI has my fingerprints on file as they do for my Utah CCL. Sux to be a free citizen in post 9/11 world.

  8. 1,813 guns found at airport check points last year.

    And how many MILLIONS of people went through those same check points. And how many THOUSANDS (plural) terrorists went through those check points, and across the Mexican border, who have no interest in hijacking planes anymore, but who will gladly set bombs in your local grade school? Hmmmm?????

    • “All you got to do, is arm all your passengers” lol 🙂 …. I’m starting to think that’s how some geniuses think……. OK, I’m up for it – but they might not get them all back at the end of the trip 😉 “I’m sorry, Stewardess, I dropped mine in the toilet.”


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