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C’mon. No way. No way would former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg fly to the Jewish homeland and proudly trumpet his support for Israel’s “right to defend itself.” Because that would be so obviously hypocritical that even Bloomberg’s pro-gun control pimps in the mainstream media would see it. It’s OK for the Jewish State to defend itself by force of arms (TTAG hearts Tavor) but not Americans who wish to defend themselves against criminal predation or government tyranny? The jefe of Everytown for Gun Safety, the paterfamilias of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, believes in the right to [armed] self-defense – but only for governments. And yet people take him seriously. Seriously? Seriously. [h/t DS]

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    • This was on the Communist News Network earlier today, and it was hilarious, the liberals were frothing at the mouth and it was amazing to see them bash one of their own like that. CNN quickly deleted the article I see, I wanted to repost it here so ya’ll could take a look. But they didn’t want their dear leader to seem hypocritical.

    • Israel actually has very strict gun laws, mostly because Tel Aviv doesn’t trust its own people (Jews and Christians, Muslims, Druze alike) with the means of opposing the state:

      Israel has a parliamentary democracy, good religious freedoms, relatively little corruption, independent judiciary, and a fairly free press. Internationally, this is a pretty good score. For anyone, Israel is a nicer place to live in than, say, Syria. But this is a country whose political culture is founded on early 20th Century corporatist-nationalist ideas, not Anglo-American pluralist democracy and religious equality. Like Israel’s sort-of ally Turkey, first class citizenship is reserved for the religious majority: a convert to Judaism gets expedited citizenship, while Christians and Muslims whose families have lived in the land for centuries can lose their right of residency after six months out of the country. Consider majority Christian America and Canada. Mr Bloomberg is a Jew, and a mayor of the largest U.S. City, while the mayor of my city (Calgary) is a Muslim. You would not have a Christian mayor of Tel Aviv or Ankara.

      Thanks to proportional voting, Israel has a grossly dysfunctional Knesset hijacked by far right wackjob parties like Shas, a savagely vindictive state security apparatus that employs torture and collective punishment, a ham-fisted military that takes a sledgehammer approach to fighting terrorism (witness today’s shelling of a UN school full of children), and successive governments that really bite the hand (U.S.) that feeds them:

      Bloomberg’s position is not hypocritical–in his view, it is the Israeli STATE that has the right to defense, not Israeli citizens. And, notwithstanding Mr Bloomberg, it is not the mythical ‘Jewish Lobby’ that is responsible for U.S. and increasingly Canadian pro-Israel policy. Rather, it is the powerful Evangelical Christian lobby, flush with cash and votes, and clinging to Hal Lindsey style Biblical millenarianism that pushes this agenda.

      • The Evangelical Christians have not had much power in years, and if they had the “power” and “votes” it hasn’t shown up during any recent election.

        Oh and Newsweek is a pathetic rag. They probable think we don’t spy on Israel as well. I mean that German spying thing only happened with them right? No way we actually do that to any other of our allies and vice versa?

    • As I am living with a bunch of Danes right now I am forced to agree. I think it has more to do with the cabbage stew at lunch though.

  1. No hypocrisy here. It falls perfectly in line with his beliefs. Big guns and lots of them for the .gov, and none for us. About right. On that note, if I wasn’t trying to buy a house, I’d be tempted to make a monetary donation to Israel right now. In the form of a Tavor, of course.

  2. I honestly think bloomberg is simply an evil man. He is too smart not to see his hypocrisy. I think he is a would be tyrant who has a desire to control the masses and impose his will on others.

    • They just use what Iran, Egypt, or other middle eastern nations give/sell them, so pretty much Russian weaponry, or any of its numerous international derivatives.

        • Do tell. So you support hamas and hezbollah? I think you are not in complete possession of the situational facts regarding Gaza. I won’t waste my time trying to get you to understand Israel is being harassed on a daily basis with missiles, insurgents, and protagonists that would under no circumstances be tolerated by any other country. And if you want to talk about the “occupied territories” they were lost as a result of sneak attacks by cowardly Islam o-Nazies.

        • In addition to actual pro-2A national-office Democrats, I have also long been searching for someone who can give me some information about this “Palestinian State” that the Israelis supposedly illegally occupied. Like, what was the capital city of this Palestinian state? What type of government did it have? What was the monetary unit? National language? So far I haven’t found anybody who can tell me.

        • It is possible to not like either group, yet still occasionally sympathize with either of them at one point or another, to varying miniscule degrees. I know this is just simply too hard to understand. It seems to be either black/white with people.

        • 1+ to what Jeff said. The world is gray and i can’t support someone oppressing someone else, it would be hypocritical.

        • You got that backwards. Who is doing the oppressing? Who is walling people in and isolating territories from the rest of the world?

        • tdiinva, that “you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists” thinking is pretty ridiculous, and rarely leads anywhere productive. Isn’t it just a teeny bit possible that neither side of the Israel/Palestine conflict is the side of the angels? That both sides are being led by bad actors who personally benefit by prolonging the violence? Personally, the only people I have sympathy for in the whole mess are the uninvolved civilians who are routinely killed by both sides.

        • When you give the Nazi salute you are a Nazi. If you don’t think that Hamas and similar groups that ape the Nazis don’t have the same plans as the Nazis you are either a fool or a sympathizer. Given that that Lolinski is parroting back Hamas-Nazi propaganda I go with sympathizer.

          And under the Law of Armed Conflict the responsibility for collateral damage rests upon the side that uses human shields not on the side that doesn’t You ignorance of who is responsible for civilian deaths shoes that you have little understand of the conflict and undoubtely sympathize Hamas.

        • Yeah, fuck those civilians for being in their houses. Solid thinking there champ.

          Responsibility lies with those who pull the trigger. Just like in an SD/HD scenario you are responsible for killing someone when you pull the trigger. Never liked the term “collateral damage”, just another way to dehumanize whoever was caught in the battlefield so that soldiers and politicians can sleep more easily.

        • Well, still waiting. Guess no one here can answer the questions. BTW Lolinski the only thing keeping the vast majority of Gazans alive is Israel. The few Gazans who are employed work in Israel, they have never managed to create any native industry other than terrorism, despite sitting on what could be some of the best resort property in the world.

        • @tdiinva

          Yeah, fvck those civilians for being in their houses. Solid thinking there champ.

          Responsibility lies with those who pull the trigger. Just like in an SD/HD scenario you are responsible for killing someone when you pull the trigger. Never liked the term “collateral damage”, just another way to dehumanize whoever was caught in the battlefield so that soldiers and politicians can sleep more easily.

          @Another Robert
          Capital of Palestine is Jerusalem, currently occupied. Also, how are the people killing and oppressing you keeping you alive? Currency is EGP, JOD and ILS.

      • Didn’t you read the next sentence of my post, Lolinski? Without employment in Israeli companies and handouts from Israel, the Gazans would starve to death, that’s how Israel is keeping them alive. They have no domestic economy in Gaza–none. What state other than Israel was Jerusalem ever the capital of? Name it. You set out what I gather are abbreviations for three different contemporary currencies. You fail on that question too. Face it, your so-called Palestinians are nothing but the descendants of rebels and criminal kicked out of the Kingdom of Jordan multiple decades ago and left to wander in what was essentially a no-man’s land until the Israelis formed a nation in it.

        • I thought it was obvious. When you isolate someone from the world then it is really hard to export (read: impossible) things. When it is impossible to export then you really don’t even produce. That and the bombings, persecution, shootings, chemical attacks and etc. make it a bit hard too.

          Not all countries have a national currency. Zimbabwe, Lichtenstein, Nauru and a bunch of countries in Europe don’t have a national currency. In the Caribbean the East Caribbean Dollar is used by many countries (shared currency).

  3. @michael I can agree with that. They’re shooting whatever they can get their hands on. Old, new, REALLY OLD, if it hurts it works.

  4. I can’t decide what I find more hypocritical. His pretending to be a Republican, his pretending to be a Jew or his pretending to be for self defense.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I very well may be on this), but aren’t most Israeli citizens armed? It was my understanding that there really isn’t an “unarmed civilian” concept over there. But again, I could be wrong.

    • They have some strange restrictions just like us (although not the same… I think they have ammo limits) but so many israelis join the military to fight terrorism that they tend to be extremely well armed.

      • I thought military service was required for both men and women? Or does it not have to be specifically military?

        • It is but both men and women are only required to serve two years I believe.

        • 2 years sounds like what I read. I remember being shocked when I heard that, but that was why I wasn’t shocked later when I heard how many Israeli citizens have guns. It would be weird for everybody to do military service but then not be armed after, particularly given how much threat they are constantly under from Palestinians.

    • The short version, links for more info below, yes private ownership of guns is allowed. Guns have to be registered and licensed and there is an application process that would not be out of place in California or New England (safety tests, good cause etc). Current figures have approximately 100K+ registered owners and 400K+ registered firearms. Minimum age for ownership is 27 unless you served in the military in which case it is 21. (Some ultra orthodox Jews and Israeli Arabs are exempt from military service so conscription is not universal, just close). Open carry and concealed carry are legal with the right permits. There is no 2A equivalent in Israel.

    • you see many non-uniform military armed in Israel because a lot of them are always essentially on-call. otherwise, Israel has most of the retarded progressive gun control laws that one would expect.

  6. Yeah… You can defend yourself if he agrees with you. Otherwise, TRUST the GOVERNMENT to PROTECT YOU! Sigh…

    • and yet… we’ve already been officially told that the “govt”/law enforcement isn’t responsible for protecting us. I guess we’re just supposed to lay down and cry and die. Awesome. /sarcasm.

  7. On top of that he said that one isolated incident shouldn’t cause a broad knee jerk response. The terrorists win in that case he says.

    He was talking about one rocket near the airport leads to a flight ban. Same argument could be said of one isolated shooting incident leading to wholesale firearms restrictions. Guess his brain doesn’t connect the dots too well.

  8. Anyone who has a large enough ego to believe his place in heaven is already set and they are waiting to greet him with gold beneath his feet is also the same kind of person who cannot see the hypocrisy in that statement.

    Bloomberg lives in his own reality distortion field.

  9. After arriving in Israel Bloomberg had harsh words for the FAA.

    “We’ve got to stand up and do what’s right. You can’t just get cowed when someone says something and go to the side of ultimate caution. That’s how terrorists win,” he said.

    Wow. Hypocritize much?

  10. Some people will do anything to maintain relevancy. Gun and soda bans are fizzling. The NY courts ruled stop and frisk…surprise…was not cool. Maybe he’s hoping to martyr himself in the kingdom of heaven. Right now his mark is being one of many former mayors of Gotham city.

  11. Apparently he called the US ban on flights to Tel Aviv an overreaction.
    Funny. A guy who loves to ban things finds a ban on something to be an overreaction……

  12. I suspect Bloomie is trying to rehabilitate his reputation, somehow. MAIG flopped and is going down the drain faster everyday, MDA’s sockpuppetry is obvious to all but the most deluded progtard PTA mommies and Fakebook ninnies, and Everytown is following the same path.

    I expect that at some point its showing up in his business dealings- my guess is Wall Street is quietly tuning him and Bloomberg News out, or worse, as the progtard fascist gun-grabbers are seen to have more in common with the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

    Here is one supporter of Israel we can believe in:

    h/t Katie Pavlich

  13. Now would be a great time to drop a few nukes over there, getting rid of a bunch of middle-easterners including the jews, and bloomberg, We’d be doing everyone a favor.

    • You want to nuke…Israel? I think that’s one of the steps in ushering forth a Biblical apocalypse. And if you kill all the Israelis, where are we going to find Israeli supermodels?
      Or, you’re just a raving anti-Semitic troll.

    • The songwriter’s larger point is good, but does he actually think we can grow enough corn to fuel our vehicles, and still have enough arable land for food? We can be energy independent (and no I don’t mean the usual liberal bullsh*t solutions) but that’s not how it will happen; we need more frac’ing and nuclear power. (Also I wouldn’t mind buying from Canada.)

      • ethanol is already busted. Yes, we need more energy independence within the US-
        more fracking and nuke power, done safely, would do it. We are on the way there, if Obama would get out of the way, on Keystone, so we can make money with the Canadians, instead of subsidizing the Chinese. But then I expect thats the point for Obama, and the environitwits.

  14. hammer home and point out the hypocrisy. leave out the ad hominem attacks. We are better than that and will win if we continue to show we are not only right but better men and women. WE are not the cause, and THEY are not the solution.

  15. HYPOCRISY of a megalomaniac. Little Napoleon doesn’t know CR@P about right left or wrong. If they have a right then every human born has the same right to defend their existence and their honestly gained lands.

  16. So little hitler supports Israel? So do I. And I found myself agreeing with Al Sharpton after a 350 pound black man was choked to death by several cops( for NOTHING). Yikes! It must be the end of the world-sadly no sarc.

  17. Can you imagine what would happen if Mexico started building settlements in Texas because “we used to live here hundreds of years ago”. Now imagine that Mexico had a way better military and more money than Texas, and that the rest of the world backed them up because Mexico would sell them cheap Texan natural resources and because the Mexican settlements put an ally within striking distance of the rest of the USA. Can you imagine what Texans would do? How hard they’d fight. How the rest of the USA would feel about Mexico and its allies?

    • a/ Except that Mexico isn’t described in the BIBLE as the settlers and LAND BUYERS in Texas, over ONE THOUSAND YEARS before the most evil, theocratic murdering scum came out of the desert.

      b/ And Mexico is not God’s Gift to Texas / mankind the way Israel, giving us the Ten Commandments, the 6 day week, concept of justice that were foundations OF OUR CONSTITUTION, all of which comes from Israel.

      c/ Mexico never offered to SHARE the land the way Israel has repeatedly, only to have those offers either refused or grabbed up and the land used to SLAUGHTER INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

      d/ Only a JACKASS makes the comparison you did, when Hamas has been self governing for years, gets their electric and water supplied by Israel, their children treated in the best Israeli hospitals, then celebrates after they kidnap, RAPE AND MURDER three teens, one of them an America, then fire THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS at Israeli schools, towns, CIVILIAN AIRPORTS AND NUCLEAR FACILITIES.

      Only the need to stay calm and go to bed keeps me from exploding through the www and strangling useful idiots like you and that scumbag Lars.

      Feel free to ESAD, or have a work accident.

      • You are a quite a fine example of a hateful violent religious person. Thanks for demonstrating the real problem in the middle east.

      • Interesting argument only problem is

        1) The Bible Is a Fictional made up story to keep people in check.
        2)There is no God
        3)Did i mention there is no God

    • Let’s have a sanity check here, OK?
      1) We’re talking about Gaza and Hamas, not the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority (Former PLO). Israel isn’t encroaching on Gaza with settlements.

      2) Let’s live in the present, not continue to avenge the wrongs (alleged or not) of the past. Douchebaggery (on both sides) has been going on there for a long time.

      Israel exists and the Jewish and other Israeli’s have been living there for longer than I’ve been alive. They’re not going anywhere. The Palestinian Arabs are there and have been for a long time. They’re not going anywhere. Some (HAMAS, right-wing Israelis) on both sides are playing for the whole ball of wax. It needs to STOP! The Palestinians (Hamas, PA, anyone else) need to sign a peace treaty with Israel, recognize their right to exist and move on and become a prosperous people. The Israelis need to come up with some sort of compromise on the settlements in the West Bank that will keep Israel secure and give the Palestinians land to prosper on. As far as the Jerusalem question, split it, declare it an international city, declare parts of it non-aligned? I don’t know. They can figure this out.

    • Aha! Maybe you can tell me–which state’s sovereignty did Israel violate with their West Bank settlements? Capitol? Monetary unit? h ad BTW, Israel did “give” the “Palestinians” some land to prosper on. It’s called Gaza, it includes Mediterranean beachfront property that could be developed into vacation resorts, and otherwise has pretty much the same climate as Israel.

    • Can you imagine if Mexico exiled a bunch of criminals and revolutionaries and they set up in some sparsely populated desert in the Valley and started raining rockets down on Brownsville and Laredo, claiming that the US was “occupying” their “state”? How long do you think the US would put up with that?

  18. @ Lars, Only morons, commies or nazi aholes think Israel getting nuked is a good idea.

    I am an old man, but now would be a really good time to butt stroke you in the teeth and use your mouth for a latrine.

    Since you hate Jews so much, why don’t you tell us when you are giving up your computer and your phone, since both have their OS and chip set co-designed in Israel.

    Be sure to also swear off the made-in-Israel cancer drugs for the disease you so richly deserve to die a slow death from.

  19. Not really surprising.

    Bloomberg is a authoritarian prick that supports other authoritarian pricks that oppress other people. His support of a apartheid state is unsurprising since NYC is basically apartheid in their treatment of minorities (i.e. stop and frisk).

    I dont like Israel. Sure, they are a good alternative to arab theocracy and general lunacy, although that is a pretty low bar to jump over.

    • Why don’t you google images on “Hamas giving the Nazi Salute?” If the Jews kill some Nazi lovers I am good with that.

      • Jews=/=Israel

        Not all jews support Israels actions, true patriotism is not standing by your leaders or their actions but standing by your country (paraphrased, original quote is form Theodore Roosevelt).

      • anti-semetic palestanians? possible. No doubt about that.

        What does that make Gaza by that same standard? a concentration camp perahps. Apartheid state? more likely.

  20. Bloomberg reminds me of Stalin.
    How do you know that a politician is lying? Their lips move.
    Can anyone tell me what this Gaza war is actually about? I really don’t know what they’re fighting for. I remember something about it in a Gabriel Allon novel, but I can’t remember.

  21. For those who say it could never happen again, look at Germany and France right now… It’s why I cling to my guns and my religion… The day is coming again, just like it did in WW2, the Cossacks and the pogroms, the blood libels, the inquisition, the expulsions… A new day, a new excuse to hate and attack Jews, but this one is legitimate, I’m sure you haters say. So did they back then.

  22. This is exactly why I don’t like Bloomy. He changes his position about as much as the weather changes, to whatever position suits him at the time. This is also why I do not like most politicians, as most of them do the exact same thing. They say “Yea I’m for that”, and then turn right around, and say “No I’m not for that.”, as if no one heard or will catch them in the previous lie. Newsflash, the media is all over everything a politician says anymore, and they will catch you.


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