A Woman Holds A Gun In Her Hand And Points It At The Camera . Fo
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By Edgar Lee

A man was shot by his girlfriend after he broke into the Niles, Ohio apartment where she and a small child were early Tuesday morning. The woman called 911 around 1:15 a.m. and authorities released a partial transcript of the conversation.

Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Caller: “Uh, yeah, my boyfriend has been shot.”

Dispatcher: “Pardon me?”

Caller: “My boyfriend has been shot.”

Dispatcher: “Who shot him? Are they still there?”

Caller: “It was me.”

When officers arrived, they found a male with a gunshot wound to the chest. The man, identified as Rodney Cole, Jr., 27, of Youngstown, told police that he had been shot at a bar. But officers noticed that the back door of the apartment had been kicked open, there was a shell casing inside the apartment, and Cole had a handgun in his waistband.

Niles Police Captain John Marshall indicated that Cole tried to force his way inside his ex’s apartment. “Early information is pointing to, that subject broke into the apartment and was met by the resident of the apartment and a shot was exchanged.”

The woman, whose identity was not released, was upstairs with a small child when Cole found them and drew a gun. The woman, who also had a gun, shot Cole. He was transported to a local hospital in serious, but stable condition.

Cole has been charged with aggravated burglary. Police say Cole and the woman who lives at the apartment share a child together. “It looks like there is some history of domestic violence or at least cases that may have involved domestic violence here at the police department,” Marshall said.

Cole was booked into the Trumbull County Jail on a domestic violence charge in September 2020. According to Niles Municipal Court records, he pleaded no contest and was found guilty of a reduced charge. The investigation into the most recent incident is continuing.

But remember…as we’re told by all the smartest people, guns make women less safe.


This post originally appeared at Concealed Nation and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. 911 what’s your emergency.
    ” Mah friend fell outta the tree stand, I think hes dade”
    911- ” Well first make sure hes dead.”
    Click Klack
    * Kaboom*
    “Yeah , hes dead alright, now what do I do?”

    This shit happens all the time
    Do you want to hear the story of when a woman defended her child against her husband/boyfriend along with his brother, and them molesting her 12 year old daughter on a weekly basis. And how when she up and shot him, the law put her in incarceration.
    Life sucks…, shes out now and her new boyfriend looks like a 230lb MMA champion . Dont glance at the kids, or offer candy.
    He dont like it.
    That’s success!

    • I knew coke whore that sold her two year old daughter . when I found this out, furious.
      Proclaiming to the group within, I do. ” THIS has to be STOPPED ”
      Death bequeathe’ thee
      I did anyway , and nothing. Law wise, proof proof proof hearsay
      Just later on I got the shit kicked out of me.
      I suppose that little girl , now a woman, is probably down in Mexico fcking donkeys?
      I hate powder ( fcking dope), I hate child molesters.

    • Did the mother catch the boyfriend and brother in the act of molesting her daughter and shooting was the only way to stop them? That would be legal defense. Shooting at some other time, when they weren’t in the act, would be aggravated assault or murder. The legal response was to take the daughter to police to begin the process of getting boyfriend and brother sent to prison. The mother in Niles, Ohio did it right.

      • Dude , they’d take the girl back to their”Man Cave” , the mother would get the living shit kicked out of her just for not knowing when they needed a Beer.You dont know dope head white trash.
        She shot that “slime” dead stone cold in his sleep on their bed.
        You’ve know idea of the courage that took for that woman to do that, and then the “System ” punishes her. With premeditated.

  2. Holy cow !

    This woman might uv shot herself. She might uv shot the small child. She might uv shot the neighbor. She should vu just pushed the bed against the bedroom door, then the chest of drawers, then the nightstand(s), then called 911, then jumped out of the window. Then waited safely two or three blocks away. A woman with a gun jes’ ain’t right; they’s too weak an’ too flighty. They need the protection of a strong, ever-present, ever-watchful gubbmint.

  3. I can rejoice in the fact you are a sad little man. You pollute this comment section. There is something wrong with you. You don’t have to address it. It doesn’t affect me at all. It’s not normal to stalk some guy on the internet. It’s not.

      • “Leave me alone, pervert.”

        Oh, the irony! That is just so *precious*!

        Everyone here laughs at you, and you still stick around? Seriously – What the fuck is your malfunction? 😉

        I’m perfectly happy to keep right on punching you in the metaphorical nose for as long as you like, impotent little fvckwit… 😉

      • Hey now, you stupid little troll…..NAA revolvers are PERFECT for a back up gun….
        Obviously there are other choices, but don’t blame the gun because you’re a sad little POS who thinks he’s cool because he stalks another MAN online…. only a g AY would do such a thing

  4. All teary eyed here. I just love a story with a happy ending. *sniff* Coulda been better, if the perp had died, but I’ll settle for a nice hole in his chest.

  5. Well the perp with a hole in him has a history of stupidity and obviously hasn’t learned damned thing. The wallflower who shot him is just as stupid in a way where her no change of address is almost a guarantee the x would be coming around for a booty call, etc.
    If a couple cannot get along then before the families, neighbors and police get involved just spare the world the drama and move on.

  6. She probably used a 9mm. She should work the wrists and move up to a .357 magnum. The guy wouldn’t be in jail, but the morgue.

      • There was a case in Ohio where a deranged son killed his parents with a samurai sword. He was making his way to the second floor apartment when the cops called by the tenant finally arrived.

        Not a pretty scene.

  7. Next time double or triple tap his ass and wait about 20 minutes before calling 911.

    Just like the police you need to gather yourself together before making any statement and there are plenty of incidents where cops waited before calling EMS for some of the worst offenders.

  8. Two brief excerpts from the post:
    1) when police found Cole “Cole had a handgun in his waistband.”

    2) “The woman, whose identity was not released, was upstairs with a small child when Cole found them and drew a gun.”

    The article implies that after Cole was shot in the chest either he or the woman tucked the handgun Cole had into his waistband. I’m skeptical about that. I suspect that someone, probably the reporter got things mixed up.

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