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After reading TTAG’s post James Yeager: .40’s suck, the Connecticut State Police are trading in their .40 caliber SIG SAUER P229 semi-automatic pistols for .45 caliber P220 SIGs. Just kidding. Although we received official confirmation of the sale from SIG yesterday, news of the switch hit the net back in July. Both the po-po and the gunmaker are [still] Mum on the reason for the caliber switch. SIG’s presser credits the P220’s “ergonomic design, accuracy and proven reliability.” Here’s the deal [via]: “State police are getting the new guns at $554 apiece, as well as 1,200 new holsters at $75 apiece and 1,200 bullet magazine pouches at $24 apiece, according to the contract with Sig Sauer. The company is buying back nearly 1,460 .40-caliber pistols from state police at $364 apiece, offsetting the overall cost.” [h/t Steve(CT)]

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  1. My brother just bought one of these nice looking gun. Only problem is he spent all his money on it. He’s had it almost 2 months now and hasn’t shot it yet lol.

  2. On WTNH the state police spokesperson said it was because their current service pistols are 16yrs old and all the money to fund the purchase was from money they made selling confiscated property so it is costing the state nothing.

    It was also reported that some units already have the new pistols in service.

    I just hope some of those older P229 show up on CDNN or locally at a great price for range plinking.

    • I love police trade-ins! I got my Model 10 I ordered from Bud’s yesterday. Aside from holster wear it’s excellent.

      • My model 10 was also a police trade in, purchased locally years ago. It had holster wear but inside it looked practically new. At any range that would be legit for a handgun, if I can see it I can hit it. What more can you ask for?

        The only thing I did to mine was replace the factory wood grips with neoprene after markets. I do that with any wood gripped revolvers I get.

      • If you can get them from the NYPD they are like new. Not training reduces the amount of rounds fired to almost nothing. Watch out for rust though.

  3. 280,224$ / 1250 guns = $224.18/gun.
    Looks like the Connecticut State Police got a great gun at a rock bottom price. Well done.

    Very well done.

      • The only way that pricing works is if SIG is getting back the P229’s in trade for the P220’s. If that’s the case, then SIG will cover most or all the manufacturing costs of the new guns by selling the trade-ins, making their profit on the cash payment from CT.

  4. “all the money to fund the purchase was from money they made selling confiscated stolen property so it is costing the statepeople nothing.”

  5. The Sig is a nice gun, but for effectiveness, why didn’t they just go with the 4″ seven shot S&W model 686? Seven shots and .357 performance, what’s not to like?

    • How about a 4″ S&W 627pro with eight shots of .357 goodness and even more to like?
      With a gun like that the wondernine revolution would have been put off another ten years. Fantastic nightstand gun (use electronic ear muffs and a lower power .357 load if you wish). Military should go semi no matter what but few cops would be undergunned….and may even benefit by becoming better marksmen (practice with moonclips though).

  6. I love this gun, I was able to get the stainless slide Diamond Plate edition on clearance for just under $600 new (I know it’s blingy, but it’s so well made I didn’t care.)

    Might have to get the .22 kit for target shooting, as .45 ammo = $$$.

  7. Missed that Yeager video post, thanks for posting it.

    Depending on round count, then, maybe the PD is seeing some savings based on wear, or they have significant wear on the fleet of pistols they have. If they were looking at a lot of replacements, now would be a logical time to switch calibers. Or maybe .45 just looks shiny.

    Price per round makes me wonder about money being an object here, though. I think I’m going to stick with .45 is shiny.

    Personally, while I like .45 and .40, the 9mm recoil is significantly less, and from an ease of shooting standpoint, I like it.

  8. The way this usually works is that the firearms are purchased through a distributor, not the manufacturer. The old weapons are taken by the distributor and the agency is given credit for them, which in turn is applied to the total purchase price. Most times if an Officer wants to purchase his old gun it is sold at whatever the trade in value is. When my agency upgraded to Gen 4 Glock 23’s it only cost the department around $130 per gun. Less than the cost of replacing components on worn out guns. Years ago when we went from G19’s to the 23’s I was able to buy my old gun, plus one for my dad and one for my wife, for $220 each 🙂
    Anyway, they trade the old ones in to the distributor and that’s how CDNN, ect. ends up with them. The manufacturer would “factory refurbish” or whatever the hell they call it and sell it for MUCH more. I’ve seen refurbished Sig’s for sale at BassPro and they aren’t much of a deal.

  9. Congrats CT! I’m happy to hear the men who serve and protect will be carrying the p220…I have a compact far the most accurate reliable pistol I’ve ever owned. Worth every dam penny of my tax paying money!


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