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Police work can prove dangerous.  Especially when an adversary has nothing to lose.  Just such a scenario happened in Stockbridge, GA where a convicted felon barricaded himself in a home after killing his pregnant girlfriend.  At some point in the multi-hour standoff with police, the killer executed the woman’s 16-year-old son.

Police arrived to check out the scene and discovered an unresponsive in the garage.  When they forced entry, all hell broke loose.  Here is the bodycam footage.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more details…

The man accused of shooting two police officers and killing his girlfriend, her teenage son and then himself fired hundreds of rounds at officers, Henry County police Chief Mark Amerman said Friday morning.

But Anthony Bailey shouldn’t have had a gun at all. He’s a convicted felon and served nearly two years in prison for an aggravated assault conviction in the 90s, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Bailey allegedly killed Sandra White, who was pregnant, inside her Stockbridge home Thursday morning. Then, he shot two officers who arrived at the home.

Officers Taylor Webb was shot in the chest and hip and Keegan Merritt was shot in the hand, Amerman said. Each had been on the force for seven years and both remained Friday at Grady Memorial Hospital. Both should survive their injuries.

Friday afternoon, Henry police released body camera footage from the first officers arriving at the scene. White’s sister called 911 after seeing the pregnant woman on the ground in the garage, according to police.

Officers saw blood on the driveway and the woman bleeding and unresponsive and forced their way into the home, video showed. Immediately, the two officers were shot.

The killer, a convict who served prison time, later killed himself in the standoff.

We wish a speedy recovery to the wounded officers.

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    • Patrol cops don’t carry flashbangs on their person. They could have waited and tried to make a more tactical entry but when you see a victim bleeding out inside sometimes you just have to go with what you’ve got.

      • yea, that’s a tough one. Still, the breach and clear should have been tighter with no hesitation and the breacher is NEVER the first entry.

        I can only assume, so I won’t pretend to know for sure, but I gather from the video that their training either failed them, or they failed their training and became complacent. Sad to see.

  1. Even though flashbangs may be an option, not all departments have them. Secondly deadly in my opinion was necessary. Since the felon had killed two persons. The results not text book, but it is now over. My deepest regards to the officers and a hope for a speedy recovery. My deepest condolences to the woman’s family.

      • I agree. They should have been more cautious in this situation. At the very least, if they were breaching, less hesitant and a MUCH tighter breach, even if it’s only two men. This perp should have never been allowed to get a shot to the lawn, because number two breacher should have been a split second behind and number 3,4,15 however many they had, the exact same. Sad to see this happen, but complacency and negligence are the result of what we see her.

        • Oh look, it wasn’t the Muslim who is lying, it was a good Christian mom who is now under arrest for making a false report.

          “A West Virginia mother whose story about foiling a brazen kidnapping attempt unraveled under questioning has been criminally charged and jailed.
          Barboursville Police Detective Greg Lucas tells The Associated Press on Friday that Santana Renee Adams has been charged with falsely reporting an emergency incident, a misdemeanor.”

        • 49er , aren’t you the troll who was on here a couple of months ago trying to tell us that Hillary wasn’t responsible for compromising classified material because she didn’t know it was classified or that it wasn’t a crime because there wasn’t intent. Go away. You’re no better than she is and probably worse. Troll.

    • He’s not necessarily a coward just based upon the single fact. If you’re going to ambush like that, it’s one of the ways to do it successfully.

  2. Note to self – don’t stand in front of a window, when you have a barricaded gunman inside the house. Looks like the first officer shot was hit outside the home, through the glass, to me.

    • Sorry… No Prayers for the creature that murdered his pregnant girlfriend and her son… I would imagine he is feeling the heat now…

    • I was looking at his support arm, wondering who Jennifer is, and expecting him to fire, not get hit. Crazy stuff.

      Of course, this is all because of GA’s lax gun laws.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened to me too. I was thinking *yawn* he’s gonna fire at some target I can’t see… wonder what his tats are… then he gets hit and I’m surprised and shit. As if it was some sort of surprise considering this was basically a montage of cops getting shot.

    • I am stunned that the killer in the home was able to hit that police officer’s hand. It looked like the tree was fairly far away from the home. The police officer wasn’t presenting hardly any target area. And it did not look like the killer could see out of the house to even see that tree.

      • In retrospect I kinda figured he shot *at* the officer and just got lucky with the hit.

  3. I guess this ex-convict passed his “background check” right after he voted in the last election? Right?

  4. I thought felons weren’t supposed to have guns! I’m sure some more new laws will remedy that.

    • Yeah…. That’s what the “PROFESSIONAL DUMBASSES” will say… They can have their “gun laws”….. Doesn’t mean I’ll obey those same UNCONSTITUTIONAL “laws”….

  5. Did the third officer narrowly avoid getting hit through the window? Looked to be a shot fly through it from the puff of debris

    Probably not the smartest move to post in front of the window, but I’m not gonna armchair quarterback the situation either.

  6. Yeah exactly…. I’m sure he was a “model” citizen….
    I’m NOT second guessing these cops and their actions but if it were me, I’d be A WHOLE LOT MORE CAUTIOUS when responding to that type of call…… Or ANY call for that matter…
    Hell, I’m a lowly HVAC tech, but I’m packing 90% of the time FIXING AIR CONDITIONERS LOL

    • Yea, and if you were one of those overly cautious cops, you’d be overly criticized by so many on this site. Most here have no idea what it’s like to be in such a situation. Nothing like the military, however even those are being persecuted for simply doing their job.

  7. There is always a better way things could be done. Corners that could have been better cleared before going in. Cover (not concealment) that could have been had. Some of those things could be improved by training and videos like this are important for that. But when you’re kicking down a door because there’s at least one victim down and you are trying to save her life, not everything will be perfect.

    Note that they didn’t know what they were facing when going in, only that there was a female bleeding out. Maybe they suspected an armed intruder, but how long do you wait? You get more options (weapons, armor, officers) as you wait but the options of the people inside dwindle to zero. Barricaded suspect in a domestic violence scenario is about as bad as it gets.

    • Well said, Hannibal. These guys did good. Sure they could have formed a perimeter, called for backup, SWAT, K9’s, robots . . . and waited outside covering their asses. But they put it all on the line to try to save someone in the Right Now and willingly paid a high price to try to save someone. I’ve often criticized the police, saying that when the Really Bad Thing happens we’re pretty much on our own because the police aren’t coming. These guys did come. They did their best. And they deserve our thanks and respect. They are the kind of guys we want on our side.

      • You’re right… Mostly…
        I think that’s what eventually ended up happening anyway…. After getting shot the F up, they then ended up falling back, forming the perimeter and calling swat…
        I would’ve rather avoided the “getting shot” part….. But hey, who am I to judge these cops…I can’t really…

  8. The only thing I can say is I wish cops would’ve shot that dude instead of what actually happened. Hope those guys survive, and aren’t permanently disfigured (said one was shot in the hand) from this.

  9. Well, that’s the way it happens. Brevard County rightly blamed, in my opinion, for not going in. Some criticize these guys for going in to soon. The only clear tactical error I saw was the guy standing in front of the window. Low crawled under a couple of windows. For those who believe we should abolish L.E. and have us police ourselves; this is what you will have to leave your home/job to respond to. With guys you’ve never met. Unless you train together on your own time and at your own expense. But, wait, “Training? We don’t need no stinking training!” As for the guy in front of the window, bet he never does that again.

  10. Is it normal to charge headlong into a building like that after kicking the door? I didnt hear a cavalry horn

  11. Sloppy, woman bleeding out in the garage. You and another are first on scene. So yeah, you go in. Or no, Brevard County tactics. Please, make up our minds.

  12. I think the cop in front of the window did so because he thought the other had a slice through the front door and thought he had the front room covered. would have been a bad presumption. he should have stayed away from the window either way.

    yes, they didn’t have any time for SWAT/backup/etc and felt the need to force entry immediately. if they’re going to do it, a better option would have been to stack in front of the door and all storm the front room. after #1 fell that would have been the end of it. instead they have a man down, in an inaccessible area, at the mercy of the shooter. better to stay together and deal with it.

  13. So much easier in some aspects to be military. Lob in a grenade or two and then go in blazing.

  14. Yeah, you really can’t second guess them from the arm chair, but after those first two shots, the lead officer should have called everyone back, regrouped for a quick planned access points of entry, then proceeded from there and/or tried phoning into the suspect. Who knows what they knew or didn’t going in? There are some damn good negotiators.
    Boyfriend was probably told to get out or thought the pregnancy wasn’t his, etc. He thought he had nothing to lose after the carnage and laid in wait.
    It looked like everyone was doing their own thing.
    That wouldn’t have taken long and most likely would have caused the suspect to panic and end his life like he obviously planned to do anyway. Yes, I too was flipping out at the officer standing in front of the window, he was very lucky. The suspect must have moved or had his eye on someone else at the moment. We don’t have much info to go on.
    A few of you mentioned about the officer with the tatts. If he would have got prone on the ground behind the tree, as opposed to standing and leaning out, he could have had better cover, still used his radio and had his weapon pointed up stream.
    My only thought was “were they able to save the baby?” Who knows how far a long mama was or dead? I’ve heard of emergency successful C section’s to save the unborn before by medics and ER’s.
    Sad sad situation for all parties..

  15. SWAT not available? Must have been busy……out kicking in a door on a family that wouldn’t get their kids vaccinated or serving a warrant for an parking ticket.

    • Maybe SWAT was out confiscating guns from law abiding citizens under the unconstitutional red flag laws instead of being available to support fellow law enforcement officers that were facing an actual bad guy.

  16. These cops knew he was armed, they knew he was ready for them, but they went through the Funnel of Death anyway because victims were bleeding. That’s what I call courage. My hat is off to them.

    • I’m not sure if I would believe ANYTHING the CLINTON COMMUNIST NETWORK said about any crimes ….
      I’m sure they spin it where the murderer was really a great guy but DA GUNZ MADE HIM DO DAT LOL

  17. Yeah, I hear ya on CNN. My phone automatically push’s news of all types, so when I looked at it this morning it was the first thing that came up, so just wanted to share a little more information.
    There’s obviously more to the puzzle.
    However, she/Mama was due in just a couple weeks.
    That totally blows… : (

    • It’ll be easy to take my wrong when i say this… If that child was the murderers child, then it’s probably a good thing that bloodline has been erased….. Sorry…. Sad but true in my opinion.

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