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And there you have it: the Philadelphia Police Department’s view of its citizens’ right to bear arms.  This via Lt. Fran Healy, special adviser to the police commissioner, responding to a story [at] about nine men arrested for firearms possession. All of whom held valid concealed carry permits. Four of whom are security guards. “Eight of the men said that they were detained by police – two for 18 hours each. Two were hospitalized for diabetic issues while in custody, one of whom was handcuffed to a bed. Charges were filed against three of the men, only to be withdrawn by the District Attorney’s Office.” Lt. Healy “acknowledged that some city cops apparently are unfamiliar with some concealed-carry permits,” but that it’s “better for cops to err on the side of caution.” Here’s their beef . . .

Philly cops don’t like Florida concealed carry permits.

Most of the cases hinge on what local authorities call the “Florida loophole,” under which a Pennsylvania resident can obtain a nonresident permit to carry a concealed weapon through the mail from another state, even without a permit in Pennsylvania.

The “loophole” is unpopular with Philadelphia cops, who say that it allows those denied a permit here or whose permits were revoked to circumvent Philadelphia authorities and obtain it elsewhere.

But proponents say that it’s necessary because Philadelphia has unusually strict criteria for obtaining a concealed-carry permit. Philadelphia, according to police and gun owners, relies heavily on a clause that allows denial of a permit based on “character and reputation” alone.

In other words, Philly wants to keep the power to issue permits for itself. No joke. Commentator 369Robert spills the beans:

In the police academy (1986) we were instructed to ignore permits and confiscate all guns. Taking the person into custody was left to your discretion. It IS a violation of these peoples rights

Where’s the ACLU when you need them? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the four victims above are all African American, no?

And here’s what really ticks me off: the cops have only returned one of the guns. Even the gun-banning Brits know that property rights are the foundation of any civilized society. Shame on the Philly police. Don’t they have better things to do than hassling law-abiding gun owners?

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  1. There has to be a way these people can take legal action against the KGB…er, Philly P.D.
    By the way I'm a Cowboys fan and the Eagles are my MOST hated team in the NFL.

  2. It's just a matter of time before those who enforce the law must decide who they will serve. The Constitution and bill of rights as the highest law of the land, or what their political and command leadership tells them to do. it would appear that they have made their choice. Their choice makes our choices a lot easier. Your either for the people of this country or you are against them.

  3. Like it or not, the IDIOT'S are in control. When the IDIOT'S are in control nothing makes sense. much less common sense. Mick says " The Constitution is the highest law in the Land " not so anymore. The Judiciary is broken, the NON-ELECTED activist Judges are trying to usurp the Constitution just like the usurping Lying African is doing to the United States. Some of the Supreme Judges one in particular "Ginsberg" looks to Europe for legal thought because she has none. Philly is not the last bastion of socialist behavior and control, Kalifornia, Illinois, New York, matter of fact most of the "Eastern Seaboard" are anti gun and Anti Constitution. Though the outlook is gloomy, keep looking for the bright side, NOVEMBER IS COMING.

  4. Back in 1995 when Texas began their CCW program, New Mexico had none. They didn't get one until 2003 and this certainly was a way for NM residents to get a CCW, because Texas issued non resident permits. You had to drive to Texas and take the classes and get all the paperwork signed by Texas officials and instructors, but it was worth it. Especially if you spent a lot of time in Texas which many NM people do, including me. Also when NM finally did get a CCW program, some of the requirements were so ridiculous and so expensive that we just decided to keep our Texas license, which is valid in more states than NM licenses. There is no reason in the world why carry licenses should not be recognized everywhere. Just like ID to buy a gun. If my ID is good where I live, why isn't it good in another state? Brady Bu nch just loves to incarcerate people in their home state.

  5. Confiscating guns and detaining law abiding citizens is just another way for the anti-gun people to harass us. Most of the cops on the beat that I have talked to are all for the peoples right to bear arms. It's the PD leadership that is issuing these ridicules orders. I would like to know what makes them more anti as the climb the ranks. The law abiding citizens need to band together and work to get these anti-gun fanatics out of office. Anyone that will not abide by The Constitution has no business being in a position of power.

  6. I understand your concern unfortunately many law abiding citizens live in states where CCW is prohibited. As such we are unable to obtain permits anywhere else. Even if you have no record, prior LEO work, fire service and are a firarms instructor and can pass any background check,. This is my circumstance. but these non resident permits allow me to carry in neighboring states where my children live.

  7. First of all, I wouldn't set foot in a state where such crap was tolerated. But if circumstances forced me to go to Philly or its rotten environs, I would arm myself just as I would here in Florida. And I would strive to avoid the police while there. But if a confrontation with them was inevitable – I would look upon them as my enemy in the fullest sense, with my life, my rights, and my property all at risk. My overriding criteria would be MY SAFETY TRUMPS ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS.

    • GunRights4US, Ironic how you stated that your safety trumps everything, but when it comes to the Police officers safety, which is the topic of this thread, you obviously believe their safety is not most important. I guess in your twisted world you have the right to protect your safety but other people shouldn’t have that right if they are Police officers. You are a Hypocrite! Even worse, if you consider the police your enemy and would kill them for your right to bear arms then you are an absurdly misguided person who has no place in society!

  8. Without non-res permits, I, as a resident of Vermont, would not be able to carry in many places outside of my state. They need to do away with the permit requirement altogether. Permits should not be required for Civl Rights

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