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I love DeSantis on-body holsters. They’re well-designed, well-made and perfectly priced. DeSantis is to customer service what Liza Berggren is to bikinis. But I am not entirely pleased to see that they’re introducing the wonderfully-named Hide and Chic Purse and Purse Insert. On one hand, their new carry system is the answer to the “where the F is my gun I really need my gun I know I put it in here somewhere just wait a second wait here it is I got it” problem bedeviling handbag carry. On the other hand, Gucci is chic. DeSantis? Not so much. And then there’s the deal killer, as above. Off-body carry enables thievery, accidental loss and negligent discharges. Don’t do it. There are plenty of alternatives, as faliaphotography’s followers know. [h/t Tdubb]

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  1. Off-body carry is an especially bad idea combined with armed teachers. I’m all for teacher concealed carry for those who want to take on that ultimate role of selfless service to our precious children. Purse carry with children around… um, no.

  2. At least they didn’t make up a story that the gun went off by itself or whatever like many people (including LE) do to try and cover up their own negligence.

  3. Problem is, the female mindset tends to see nothing wrong with carrying a gun in a purse. These people just found out otherwise. A woman’s purse is her fortress. Sadly, it’s not impenetrable.

  4. It only makes a difference where you wear the firearm if you are an airhead and not paying attention to your surroundings nor diligently remaining cognizant that you are carrying a weapon that you are ready, willing and able to use to protect yourself and property. I have carried on my side, under my arm, and on my ankle. I have carried in a belly pack. in a camera case and in my suit pocket. Heck, if I were a women, I know I would have other places to stuff the scene spoiling device. Who is this fellow Farago? I know who he is, but why is he the final arbitrator of what works? Get serious about your personal security. When it is performed in accord with Farago or anyone else, can you go back and make them mop up the mess? Nay. Of course not. Think it through, come up with your BEST firearm(s) locations and take responsibility for the outcome. This is America for pete’s sake, buck up, load up, lock and face the dragon. If you can’t handle it, sell the guns and purchase a big dog, let him make the decisions. There you go… no pressure, no sweat, no challenge, no success, of course… whoopsy. Next thing you know, the present administration will be worthy of yet another 4 year term in your eyes.

    Dr E


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