Trenton Shooting Art All Night Moms Demand Action
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“It has pissed me off quite frankly that we as a country, as a whole, don’t seem to be willing to face this issue head-on, don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. Other countries have. It kills me that people say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing we can do,’ or ‘The gun culture is so pervasive and we have the Second Amendment.’ There are things that can be done. Look at Australia — that is the model. They had this horrible mass shooting and they collectively decided that this is not who we want to be and they we are better than this. And here, nobody wants to do anything — and it’s because of the money. Because of the NRA and their lobbying.

“In my opinion, they are not about the second amendment and gun rights. They are lobbyists for gun manufacturers who are making lots of money selling these weapons and the ammunition. They have bought and sold Congress. It’s maddening to me that not enough people, including our elected officials, won’t stand up and say, ‘No, enough.’ It’s an uphill battle for sure, but we have got to do something. We need an army of people — not with guns —but with voices and their pens and their vote.” – Fran Carroll in Thoughts from a survivor – and gun control advocate – of Art All Night shooting [via]

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  1. I’m pissed off too Franny. I’m pissed at you America hating commie pinkos for all your moronic marxist stupidity and treachery..

    • You need to log into Facebook to comment. I don’t Facebook. Here was the comment I wanted to post but was silenced by my unwillingness to allow big brother into my life.

      It’s an incredibly naive view that removing guns will remove violence. Violence will always be with us, sad and unfortunate but true. There will always be those who use force to achieve their goals. Guns are the easiest way to level the playing field of those who are vulnerable to those who are powerful. Taking away the most effective tool that the weak, frail, and outnumbered members of society have to protect themselves from oppression is not the way protect them, it’s the way to destroy, marginalized, and destroy them.

      • Seriously Omer? You think THIS site isn’t monitored?!? I recall a few years ago someone hijacking identities right here on TTAG. Mine was one of several. Anytime you use the interwebz there is a risk. On to FB…

        • Ignore what I just said. It’s impossible to hijack someone’s identity here.

          Yours truly,
          NSA Agent 112358

      • FCKING Facebook, it’s everywhere, on every pop up add. Its like they beg you to log on to Facebook.My girlfiend does Facebook, my dumbass youngest son used to post vids of himself shooting an AK while tactically moving at our targets.I threw a fit. No more Facebook Dumbass, he’s since quit it. My oldest son politically rants on Facebook. Now he’s worried he’s been targeted.This sight is risky enough but Facebook is an open door to your privacy. I despise it greatly and if I were one to wish evil things happen to people Suckerburg and his minions would get some bad mojo voodoo.

        • I need to delete my dead mom’s facebook. I’m tired of seeing Leftist spam from her newspaper union pals and random friend requests every time I turn her phone on. She had been facebook-stalking all my high school and college friends and got way too absorbed into that damn iphone. I had to get rid of her LinkedIn account too, and those fvckers still send her emails.

        • Don’t delete it, weaponize it. It’s an established account so it’s perfect for sock puppeting and trolling/spying-on the commies.

      • I’d have to thank Frannie for validating my Benefactor membership, and the Life I bought for my son, her diatribe demonstrates the NRA is doing precisely what I send them money to do, perhaps I should send some more.

  2. “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

    Jeff Cooper, writing in “Guns & Ammo” magazine.

    • Baltimore studies 2007 and 2015:
      92 to 94% of murder perps are criminals

      90-92% of murder victims have a criminal record
      Over 80% of murder victims are felons or persons with ten or more arrests (career criminals/super predators)

      The majority of the remaining 10%, including minors, were living in homes with criminals domiciled in them

      I am not saying criminals deserve to die. But this Everytown position is analogous to asserting because of HIV risk among people who are engaged highly promiscuous unprotected sex, everyone else has to be celibate.. People who put themselves into well known risk categories are not a basis for stripping everyone else of basic rights.

      DC used to have a site called “HomcideWAtch” listing and memorializing DC homicide victims. After someone took a look at 320 people on the list and found about 250 were felons, and virtually all the rest criminals, they stopped updating the site.

      The US doesn’t have higher rate of non criminals being homicide victims than the developed country average. We just have a lot of criminals taking each other out.

      this is exactly why where and when US incarceration rates go up murder rates fall. Not only are the huge majority of perps prior criminals, so are the victims. jailing them saves thousands of lives.

  3. Teens should not be out all night looking for trouble, they should be home in bed, getting a good night’s rest. Had there been no guns, it would have been knives or clubs or fists doing the damage.

    The folks who sponsored and organized the event are the ones responsible for the carnage.

    • I thought similar things when I first heard of the incident. At 2am, I’m in bed, at work, or driving to one or the other. I’m never “looking for a good time” at 2am.

    • I’m always hanging and banging till 3am with my peeps (4 yr old ). Hitting on a 40 malt liquor just chilling wantin on the welfare check. 4 real

    • How true, in the late 60’s early 70’s my grouo had gang warfare with a neigboring rival town. It was knives, clubs and chains. LOL first time I got maced by the police was when they busted one of our _”get togethers. “

    • And that they didn’t have a resurgence in crime, or any mass shootings, after the ban.

      I say we follow the Wyoming model. They have never had a mass shooting* and their murder rate hovers around 3/100k per year.

      * They did have the Sand Creek Massacre, but that’s an example of government killing civilians after taking their guns.

    • Australia has subjects (not citizens) and the overlords (not the people) imposed gun control using Port Arthur as a pretext….. too many sheep in Australia for my tastes.

  4. Move to Australia moron, oh and by the way take those f**king gang banger friends you call neighbors with you. I really can not tolerate stupidity.

    • Put simply in Trenton there is not a gun problem. There is, however, a gang problem and a violence problem. Guns are a symptom , not a cause of the problem. The real cause is probably decades of failed Democrat social and economic policies.

    • It’s all part of “The Man’s” plan to keep the brothers & sisters down.

      BLM and Antifa told me so.

  5. That’s it all right Annie. Blame an inanimate object a tool nothing more. Ignore the justice system that keeps releasing the criminal who has no regards for your life or anyone else’s. No regard for laws he is a criminal after all. As for most of these deaths YES it’s kids killing kids gangs fighting gangs. I’m supposed to care about gang bangers that you want to have early releases when convicted. Well I’m not sorry. I don’t have any positive feelings for crooks killing crooks. They in the long run are saving us money by not having to feed house and clothe them.

  6. I’m a survivor of the AAN shooting and I can tell you I am unchanged in my support of our unalienable rights. What someone should tell this woman the ironic part is, is that they want to make laws that criminals don’t follow. they were witness to a shooting that contained multiple laws broken, illegal concealed carry, felon in possession of a firearm, magazine capacity, public intoxication, assault, and on and on and on. CRIMINALS DON’T CARE ABOUT LAWS, WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS. When will these daft people begin to grasp this.

    Who wants to interview me so I can give my opinion????? Ill debate and bury that hogg kid any day and I’m a ‘mass shooting survivor’ so the left cant attack me like mr hogg is not allowed to be attacked… I right? BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

    • I am sure your cnn gun violence town hall invitation is in the mail, some common sense talking points are being emailed to you, and they are busy getting your meeting with Trump and various lawmakers set up. And don’t worry, various NFL team owners will pay for your airfare, your all-expenses-paid bus tour is in the works, and some Grammy award winning producers are setting up a concert and media extravaganza at the national Mall. Go ahead and quit your day job! Oh, what, you said you support gun rights, um….yeah, we will have to contact you back, um, soon!

      • At least I get to enjoy the fact that the fight and shooting started right next to the ‘moms demand action’ table. Wish I could have asked them how jersey’s tough gun laws were working for them that night. You cant fix stupid.

  7. I’m sure those kids were all taught by Eddie Eagle himself and this is all my fault.
    It has nothing to do with broken families, black market drug trade, an “art show” at 3AM, a felon who was not behind bars or anything else. It’s all my fault. Don’t mind me as I flagellate myself down the town center.

  8. It’s not an uphill battle, it’s a cavalry charge on flat ground against the communist POS (D) that sh_t out zones of evil blue satanic pustules on the American landscape.

    Until we do the charge, and trample whatever we don’t saber, we’re stuck with more and more of this anti-gun, anti-Constitutional, PRO-COMMUNISM bullshit.

    F em all.

  9. Yes, ban guns and infringe on the gun rights of civilized human beings, because it is somehow wrong to expect people to teach their children to behave like civilized human beings.

    • Instead of using ankle bracelets there should be electrocuting neck collars. Every felon has to wear one just in case they get a gun and start shooting. If they start shooting they can be electrocuted to stop the act of toxic masculinity.

  10. “Look at Australia — that is the model. They had this horrible mass shooting and they collectively decided that this is not who we want to be and they we are better than this.”

    Australia’s gun grabbing efforts have been in vain as far as stopping massacres. It still has massacres with arson, bombings, and mass casualty vehicle attacks.

    “In my opinion, they are not about the second amendment and gun rights. They are lobbyists for gun manufacturers who are making lots of money selling these weapons and the ammunition.”

    False. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the mouthpiece of gun manufacturers. The N.R.A. makes money mostly from dues and fees.

    “It’s maddening to me that not enough people, including our elected officials, won’t stand up and say, ‘No, enough.’ It’s an uphill battle for sure, but we have got to do something. We need an army of people — not with guns —but with voices and their pens and their vote.”

    Good luck with that. You are going to be staying mad.

    • “…We need an army of people — not with guns —but with voices and their pens and their vote.”

      Good luck with that. Gun rights voters are more active voters and, thanks to all of her anti-gun propaganda, we’re going to come out of the wood-work this cycle and vote…..oh!… AND, unlike her army, ours has guns.

  11. I think Fran would be well served by a tour of the Trenton area, and not just the dressed up area around the Thunder’s stadium. If she can come away from that still thinking that the guns are the real problem, then I suppose no amount of exposure to harsh reality can adjust her ideological blinders.

  12. Maybe if one of the shooters hadn’t been released from prison “for homicide related charges”, early, he wouldn’t have been out on the streets doing “homicide related things”.

    Also, Felons are banned from possessing firearms, so obviously this is Fake News, cuz Gun Control laws are always abided by murderous thugs…..

  13. No, the “gun lobby” isn’t the mouth piece of gun manufacturers. Instead, it is the mouthpiece of the American people and freedom lovers everywhere.

    • The Left can’t understand any organization that is bottom-up. They yearn to be ruled by someone smarter and more moral than themselves.

  14. I say eliminate legislation of laws, dissolve the Law Enforcement Agencies, let the people take care of the problems, good would over come evil eventually. If a criminal knew he/ she would be hunted down by a possi of vigilantes and dealt with accordingly that fear would be a great deterrent. Maybe I’m wrong, but this lawyer plea bargain shit ain’t working

    • Except the people defining crimes can be rather flexible. That’s why anarchy doesn’t work out very well.

      • Even in an anarchist society there will be some governance. Centralized power is usually where “evil” takes hold like a parasitic fungus.

  15. Australia has had multiple mass shootings. Call it nine since 2000.
    The issue is that there is no formal standard for a “mass mass shooting.” When you use the gun grabbers standard (“4 or more hurt”)you get high numbers. A 2006 research paper in Australia to use 5 or more deaths.
    Arguing with some Australian’s I learned how mass shootings counts differ from the US.
    First is the “ 5 deaths” standard. Next, the shooter isn’t counted. Third, it was argued that domestic deaths weren’t counted (This eliminated the Hunt Family Massacure where 5 died) Finally, the “Sidney Seige,” with 3 killed and 1 injured, wasn’t a mass shooting as the death of a hostage by police fire didn’t count. Last, May’s Osmington shooting seems to be one shooting that can’t be ignored.

    • when I was in Australia a couple of years ago a woman stabbed eight kids to death, that is never even mentioned.
      I’m originally from New Hampshire which has similar demographics to Australia and the murder rate in NH is the same as Australia; and the mass murder rate is MUCH higher in Australia the past decade. NH has virtually no gun control

  16. It’s “funny” how the original sources for these left wing nut job anti gun articles never have the comments section open. I think it’s because they know they are in a very small minority. Now if we could just get our politicians to see that these crackpots are an overwhelming under voting minority until then it’s up to me to be a one issue voter, either you are pro 2A or you do not earn my vote.

    • I actually don’t think anti gun people are a minority at this point.

      I think they close down comments because they don’t want people like us going into their playpen to free their captives.

  17. When the laws on the books are enforced, we will see a shift away from mass shootings because the “system” will have already incarcerated the would be shooters. I cannot help but wonder where people like this fall on Free Speech and other civil liberties. I’ll bet you they are eager to limit my free speech while demanding they keep their rights. Socialists have always done this. Then when they come into power, they are the only ones with rights. Everyone else is beaten into submission because they have no means to defend themselves. That is what the Nazis did to German Jews and what Stalin did to the poor in Russia!

  18. If it happened in California, where the NRA endorsed the Mulford act, it definitely would have been their fault. No idea on which of the Jersey gun laws Negotiating Rights Away endorsed, but it could be their fault.

  19. What’s that law of interwebz BS? Something like: “The problem with BS on the interwebz is that refuting BS takes 10x the effort it takes to say it.”

    Once more into the breach…

    — Banning guns doesn’t remove them — already banned criminals waving guns around the other day seems to have demonstrated that. Again. Some more. (Bonus observation: the longer before they’re stopped, the more people die.)

    — Removing guns doesn’t stop violence — how many examples of sticks, stones, knives, trucks, bare hands? Consider “domestic violence” in which generally larger men, using a mere, intrinsic physical advantage abuse someone nearby, simply because they can, simply because the other is smaller n less strong. (If only there were some kind of “equalizer” for situations like these…)

    — “Voices, pens and their vote…” can change laws. Or maybe the stories people tell. Sometimes they go with rallies and marches. “Voices, pens, and their vote…”, and even laws don’t actually change anything in the real world. Rallies mostly leave a lot of trash, otherwise they don’t do much, either.

    In case that wasn’t clear, this latest unnecessary carnage involved banned gang-bangers, with banned guns, in gun-banned locations, protecting their banned businesses, doing a bunch of banned shooting, which ends up killing and maiming a bunch of them, plus a bunch of lawful, thus unarmed folks who had to stand there and take it (or try to outrun bullets; pretty much the same thing.)

    If “voices, pens and … vote(s – ed”) or laws, regulations, and bans stopped this by themselves, it would never have happened.

    — I’m for laws, also “voices, pens and their vote…” that help. Banning guns from people who follow the law, while not impacting people who already don’t follow the law seems backwards. When how many die goes with how long before the BGs are stopped, I’m thinking maybe stop banning 0th responders: allow — as in stop preventing — good people the option to look out for themselves.

    — Thinking it’s guns is just dumb. On their own, guns just sit there. (As do sticks, stones, knives, and, yes, rental trucks capable of jumping a curb or three.) Given there are 10’s of millions of gun owners and 100’s of millions of guns in the US, I’m thinking if they were the problem we’d all be dead already.

    — Ms. Carroll’s beef with 10’s of millions of citizens who, despite owning guns themselves, had less than nothing to do with this gangland firefight, seems misplaced. Indeed, if they and their guns were the problem, we’d all be dead.

    — Ms. Carroll’s beef is with somewhere from 30-80% of her fellow citizens, depending on what question counts, in what context. “Are you for better gun control laws?” Sure, who isn’t? “So, you’re for assault weapons bans, waiting periods, age limits, limits on magazine size and other features, “may issue”, mandatory insurance, large processing fees, microstamping, smart guns, a federal gun registry …” Um, no. In what sense is any of those, “better?”

    — Well, time again for the “gun companies” / NRA Shibboleth. The NRA, a membership organization, serves its members: peaceful, responsible people who have their own interest in their own guns for their own reasons. (Interestingly, gun owners’ membership organizations establish their own collective legal defense resources, offer insurance for same, or provide referrals to same. So, it seems the threat lawful gun owners feel acute enough to protect themselves from is debilitating, nay malicious prosecution — the process *is* the punishment.)

    — People *buy* millions of dollars in gun stuff because they want to. Gun companies wouldn’t exist at all without people who want what they make. No customers, no market, no company, no money. Ms. Carroll’s beef with 10’s of millions of citizens who, despite owning guns themselves, had less than nothing to do with this gangland firefight, seems misplaced.

    — In a world where banning guns leaves bad actors armed, and even “removing” guns leaves violence a fact of life, some people want to be able to protect themselves from bad actors. Maybe we should let them. Not Ms. Carroll, it seems. Ms. Carroll seems to think you’re too dumb & reactive to protect yourself without making things worse; not worth protecting. She’s wee-wee’d up that she was exposed to violence that some people live closer to than she, every day.

    I, myself, am appalled but not surprised that Ms. Carroll, seeing that policies and preferences she prefers got a bunch of people killed, chooses to double-down on exactly those policies. Ill-informed, dumb, or evil? Any combination, it ain’t good.

  20. So, who is this Fran Carroll person? Calling out the affiliations, sponsors, and agenda of quoted sources is what we do in journalism, so people know who they’re hearing. Oh right. Of course not. “Journalism.”

    Surprising no one, buried in that article far from the headlines & lead indexed paragraphs is passing mention that Carroll, there, is affiliated with — again surprising no one —
    Mothers Against Only Some Violence. (“Did so note the source — the affiliation is right there, buried in the middle of a paragraph about something else, in the middle of the article.”)

    Well, Bloomie got his money’s worth on that one: the programmed, exploited victim, front and center near the hight of emotion, with the fingerprints mostly wiped. I do wonder how much more that placement itself cost him. Not much, of course. “Journalism” is bought cheap these days.

  21. “There are things that can be done. Look at Australia — that is the model. They had this horrible mass shooting and they collectively decided that this is not who we want to be and they we are better than this. And here, nobody wants to do anything — and it’s because of the money. Because of the NRA and their lobbying.”

    this is the stupidest fucking reasoning i have ever seen. this idiot and anyone who utters this comparison does not live in reality. They act like the people of Australia ALL GOT TOGETHER and said “take our guns”. its quite the opposite.
    and i really love how they all seem to collectively, selectively forget the Syndey shooting

  22. “In my opinion, they are not about the second amendment and gun rights. They are lobbyists for gun manufacturers who are making lots of money selling these weapons and the ammunition.”

    Well, at least they got that part right.

  23. “Imagine a world free of gun violence, what do you see!?” LONDON, which had more murders than NYC in April. Most using knives and screw drivers! And as pointed out by many, Trenton NJ was directly caused by liberal policy’s of releasing a KNOWN VIOLENT GANG member early!

  24. Yep, today’s folks with mayhem in their hearts.
    Let’s go back to the Dark Ages when all was so peaceful.

  25. While she is at it, the attribution of blame, how about the following. The culpability of the NRA with respect to Japan having attacked U.S. Naval Installations in December, 1941, the onset of World War 1, and among other things, the storms and flooding that now and then hit the New Orleans area.


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