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“Japanese society is often held up as a model of non-violence. There is a segment of society here in the US that is as peaceful and non-violent as the disarmed Japanese. That segment is the licensed concealed carry holders of the United States. I’ll say that again. Civilians who received their license to carry concealed are as peaceful as any segment of society anywhere. That segment of US society is even more law abiding than the police. In addition, armed America actually reduces crime by refusing to be easy victims, yet the rights-restrictors want these peaceful people disarmed.” – Rob Morse in Recent Lies About Gun Control [via]

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  1. “I’ll say that again. Civilians who received their license to carry concealed are as peaceful as any segment of society anywhere”

    That is such a misleading statement. The fact is that in order for you to GET your permission slip, you already NEED to be law abiding. Funny thing is if you don’t include convicted criminals, the US crime rate is very low.

    Now if you are a cop and not law abiding, you probably will not end up being charged unless you are really stupid or do something really egregious. So cops will typically not be as “peaceful” the non-criminal element of society.

    • The point of stating that people with their conceal carry permits are law abiding is to defend what few rights the law abiding have left. It’s to counter the claim that only “paranoid nut jobs” feel the need to walk around strapped. Those who jump through a lot of hoops to follow the law are not the ones society has to fear. That’s what the article is saying, at least, that’s what I got out of it.

      • Should state that concealed carry permit holders and other law abiding gun owners………I refused to ask for a permission slip and am waiting for constitutional carry. I have passed every single background check ever run and while I didn’t get a permission slip which registers you in a state database, am a law abiding citizen.

        • You can already carry in all 50 states without a permit, you just have to have the courage to ignore unconstitutional laws.

        • I don’t disagree about the constitutionality of requiring a permit to practice a guaranteed right. That said, I obtained my permit anyway because I follow the law. A hoplophobe can easily tell that I’m not a threat because I am willing to pay cash out of my own pocket to put myself on LE’s radar and let them run a background check on me.

          As for the unconstitutionality, I also speak up about overturning legislation requiring the permit and making my state Constitutional Carry.

  2. If you factor out the Democrat controlled cities and counties around them the U.S. violent crime would be the lowest just about anywhere. Just do a search for election results vs violent crime to see for yourself. And, once again, libs want to do the worst possible thing to try to solve the problem (take guns from the best segment of society) instead of cracking down on violent criminals. Guess they don’t want to upset their voter base!

  3. Anti-2a commie demonrat d-suckers want gun confiscation because they don’t want their fellow d-rat parasite cowards shot up as they carjack, home invade, mug, etc. As with abortionists, they seek defenseless victims. See true history of cambodia, china, nazi (socialist) germany, russia, Gun control = ahole.

  4. Then they should go live in Japan if they can. As an island nation THEY DO CONTROL THEIR NATIONAL BORDERS. Unlike the USA. They only let in people who contribute positively to Japanese Society. And the national government of Japan spies on Muslims that are already there.

    Now the Libertarians liberals and the left can call the Japanese racist, because they want to control their borders and only allowing in people who go through their strict immigration filter system.

    “Why Japan bans Islam”
    “Many wonder why Islamic terror has not struck Japan.”

    I like Black Pigeon Speaks.

    The island nation of the UK does not control its national borders and everyone can see the results.

    • It seems to be only the white European nations that are under siege from 3rd world immigration. It’s a globalist culture genocide.

      • Water is only a barrier to those who don’t have a boat/can’t swim. If you’re not prepared to sink boats, you don’t have dick for a barrier.

        • You don’t have to sink boats. But you have to “de magnetize” your country. Any new arrival is NOT ALLOWED ANY government assistance. Remove the reason for people going to your country.

          Remove the “free stuff” and 90% of them will not come to your country. But Europe is socialist, “free stuff”, for everyone. That is why they have an immigration problem.

          The ONE AND ONLY WAY they can eliminate their immigration problem is to start having lots heterosexual sex. If they can start getting married and having kids again, they won’t need so many immigrants.

  5. Well yeah…IF all the “peaceful” gun owner’s/CCL holder’s ever decide to raise that middle finger😖😩😡

  6. I hate to point this out, but this is a tautology, and points out the obvious…

    In order to get a concealed carry permit, you have to have a CLEAN RECORD. Therefore, by definition, concealed carriers are the most peaceful citizens. If they weren’t peaceful citizens, they would not be able to get a concealed carry permit.

    This data also ONLY includes states that have to grant permits. Constitutional Carry States couldn’t have this data, since there is no way to know who carries and who doesn’t.

    It is good to know we are a peaceful, law-abiding bunch. But you are doing nothing here but stating the VERY obvious. This is a non-story and a waste of time and space.

    • It’s obvious to us, but apparently not to the average Democrat or to a large swath of the general public. Thus the utility of publicizing it here, so that maybe (just maybe…) someone who needs a dose of the obvious will come across it.

      There are a lot of people out there who are rethinking their assumptions or are looking into America’s gun culture for the first time, and they won’t find this kind of information anywhere in the “mainstream,” where the system seems designed to obscure obvious truths like this one.

      I was one of those information-seekers a few years ago, and information like this was key in my conversion to certified liberty-loving gun nut.

    • Jason, sorry but this DOES need to be said because the gun control lobby does things like promote false claims that “gun owners households are more dangerous” without parsing out the small number of illegal gun owners — in whose households 90% of gun crime is occurring.

      And it is not just gun carriers who are safer to be around and less criminal before they get their license — they are SAFER and less likely to commit criminal acts AFTER

  7. I will turn over my weapons when Hell freezes over!! The reason we have the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights is to keep those in power from taking away all of the rest of our rights!!! I grew up around firearms and neither myself nor anyone I know has ever hurt anyone with those guns!!! I am sick of liberal nut jobs and their rantings about gun control…..looking at most of the terrible gun crimes, it is liberals who end up committing them Law abiding gun owners aren’t the problem…EVERY major city in this country controlled by Democrats is in dire straits….they are the cancer here, NOT those who support our gun rights!! History gave us perfect examples……Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini…the first thing on their agendas was to remove firearms from the citizens! The WORST mass murder in this country was committed on Sept. 11 and NOT A SHOT WAS FIRED to carry it out!!! Gun control advocates can go straight to Hell…I wouldn’t give them air if they were in a jug!!

  8. I have been peaceful for over 61 years in this great country of the USA. I have always been a law abiding citizen. But if you try to disarm me, I will not be that way any longer. Have any of you ever heard of backing someone into a corner? Do you know what happens? You might want to ponder on that a bit.


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