“A 42-year-old Fairfield man was arrested Tuesday night on charges he fired a .22 long rifle toward two men because he was upset about loud rap music and loud mufflers,” fairfield.patch.com reports, chronicling Connecticut “rap rage.” Well, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of that term. Google isn’t exactly abuzz with it—aside from this YouTube defense of red-heads’ spiritual substance. But you can bet we’ll hear more about rap rage real soon. Like . . . now.

Police said Morawski drove by the two men, got into an argument with them and then went to his house. He then returned through woods and fired the .22 long rifle in the direction of the men, who remained in the park and called [the] police, police said.

They ought to know. I wonder how long Elvis would have listened to this before firing off an irate message to/at its creator, if you know what I mean.


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