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Let’s face it: firearms are fetishistic. Do I fondle mine? Clear and safe and yes I do. Do I store them “just so” in my safe? Just so they look perfect. My ammo shelves are so OCD even mild obsessives can’t stop checking them (as if). Besides, it’s like owning your own fleet of rocket ships! For those who prefer to hide their inner child and pretend to be all gown-up, there’s’s $65 chess set. You can pretend to be all grown up with a “Full Set of Solid Brass and Aluminum chess pieces that are fashioned after real calibers of ammunition. 9mm Pawn, 50AE Rook, 454 Casull Knight, 7.62x39mm Bishop, 45-70 Gov. Queen, 30-06 King.” It’s good quality stuff; you won’t get rooked. Unless you do. [h/t Aaron]

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  1. Kudos to Aaron for passing this onto you! These are a great gift for the man who loves chess and guns. Are these gifts legal to ship to NYC?

      • No .50 BMG because it would look ridiculously out of scale. The .45-70 is 2.5″ long and the .30-06 is 3.3″. The .50 BMG is 5.5″, so if you replaced the king, the .50 would be 2x the height of the queen, and if you used it for the queen, it’d be 60% taller than the king. Either way, it would just look silly.

        For scale, look at this picture. The .300 Win Mag shown is the same length as the .30-06, and the .308 Win shown is .2″ longer than the .45-70.

        Really cool set, though… Although I think you’d have to play it on a block of stone, because if you bumped the table it was sitting on, I’m betting it would all come crashing down.

        • Also, the picture on this post doesn’t show it very well, but the top of the “case” on the .45-70 Gov. Queen is cut to resemble a crown, and the top of the .50AE Rook is cut to resemble the battlements on a castle.

    • I sent ’em an email about the Bishop, because I like to poke things.

      Speaking of poking things, I never did get a response to my email to that reporter a couple weeks back. This is my surprised face.

      • For the record:

        I appreciate the sentiment of stating that you chose the 7.62×39 for the Bishop due to the Russian love of chess, but the piece shown on your site for the Bishop is clearly a 5.56×45. Reinforcing details followed.

        Phill @ Chessammo:
        Good catch!
        The photos you see online are ones that we took during a photo-shoot, before we switched over to the 7.62×39. We were using the 223, but as you already hinted at, it was too small and kept tipping over.

        We’ll be doing an update on the site in a couple of months.

        He went on to say that I wasn’t the first to notice, but because I did I won a coupon code for 10% off.

  2. WARNING: Do not attempt to carry this chess set onto any airliner or other mass transportation venue that is screened by the TSA. Do not allow your children to take any portion of this chess set to school for show-and-tell. (Both of you will be arrested.) Do not use this chess set at any public park in NYC, Frisco, Chicago, or any other “progressive” city – you will terrify the twistedknickers crowd.

    Other than that, it looks seriously cool.

  3. Dude, make your own set. Just make sure to drill through the circle thingy at the bottom of the cartridge to get the gunpowder out. Waalaah.

    (add disclaimer here)


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