Screw Heinrich Himmler’s Merkel Model 201E (Bockflinte) O/U Shotgun. Teddy Roosevelt’s Colt M1902 Stocked Semi is the, well, you know. The contrast between the long gun offered by James D. Julia and the battered Colt on the block at Rock Island Auctions couldn’t be sharper. Himmler was (is?) the personification of evil. May he rot in Hell. But no matter what you think about his politics, Roosevelt’s life is an inspiration. Few men have done so much during their journey from forceps to stone, much of it with firearms. How fitting that Teddy owned the gun that John Moses Browning begat. The above military model held eight rounds and, wait, where’s the safety? Different times . . .


  1. It’s both an NFA SBR and C&R eligible if it’s in it’s original configuration (and maybe even if it isn’t). We’re all just a bunch of puppies jumping through ATF’s hoops, aren’t we?


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