Obscure Object of Desire: GC54 Pistol

I never understood “less than lethal” rounds. If I’m pulling a gun, I’m doing so because I face a lethal threat. If the threat is “less than lethal,” I’m going to be less than hanging around. If I have to stay and play, the last thing I need is another, non-ballistic weapons system. OK, yes, pepper spray. A Taser? No thanks. I don’t mind collecting them, like the way cool-looking Taser shotguns with those bewinged shock cartridges.  Truth be told, I have a weakness for strange-looking weapons. Today’s number one American purveyor of odd ducks: Chiappa. The Rhino rocks, especially the 6″ barrel version (review coming), which could well be the best Steampunk gun ever invented. Until then, this: the GC54 Pistol. Why? Because lethal or not, I can’t get enough WTFIT (WTF IS THAT?) down at the range.


  1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    That is one ugly ass gun! What happens when the badguy beats you silly after you shoot him with this foolish thing. You’ll most likely get sued for bruising the fool, so just use a real gun and do it the right way.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    It looks like the worst of French engineering with the wurst of German style. Note to self: instead of this souped-up very gun, get an iron pipe and beat the BG soundly about the head and neck.

  3. avatar Joe says:

    Even though it supposed to be less than lethal, it’s probably still illegal in California.

  4. avatar Paul R says:

    “Less then lethal”? Not me; when I deploy an s/d gun it’s because a lethal threat has presented. LTL against L; I don’t think so.

  5. I wonder how this would work with Aguila’s minishells?

  6. When I was stationed in Thailand I worked on a project with the Bangkok police department. One of the most common guns in Thailand is the “Thai Buffalo,” a single-shot 12-ga. pistol. They’re legal, but they’re popular with criminals. The police officer I worked with showed me a whole room full of confiscated ones, and gave me one as a souvenir. He also showed me the scars on his hand from test-firing one that blew up. I decided I’d never fire the one he gave me. Once I got back to the States I had it de-milled so it would be a souvenir and no longer a working gun. Even if it were legal I’d be afraid to shoot it.

  7. avatar guy says:

    To everybody above it is a blunt trauma weapon they are super popular in Europe because of gun laws. there designed to work with propierty ammo. i have not seen them in the us because usually there bore is too big to import because here they are still legally treated firearms not so where there popular

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