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Jeff kindly sent me a link to the handgun page at There’s something missing from their list: the selection criteria. On what basis (other than potential advertising) does the expensive, strangely-chambered, questionably lethal, snout-safetied FN Five-seveN qualify as a top ten handgun, never mind the number one slot? Glock 17 at number seven? Putting the Glock mid-list is like denying Adriana Lima the top slot of the smokin’ hot Brazilian babes list. So have a look at the site’s odd list. And then give us a list of your top ten handguns, according to the devilishly simple qualification “World’s Best.”

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  1. 1. Browning Hi-Power
    2. S&W Model 629
    3. Kimber Crimson Carry II
    4. S&W Model 10 Snubby
    5. Springfield Armory XDM
    6. S&W Model 500
    7. Sig Sauer P226
    8. S&W M&P
    9. Magnum Research Desert Eagle
    10. Colt Python
    Yes, I own a Hi-Power. No, I don’t own S&W stock…

  2. Hmmm, challenging question. It depends on what you are doing. So my list will be based on some arbitrary elements such as whether or not I think the gun is awesome.

    1. STI Perfect 10 (6in, 10mm 1911 for hunting/tactical use)
    2. Other STIs
    3. Glock (any, they’re basically the same thing)
    4. Sig 226 (and its derivatives)
    5. Chiappa Rhino
    6. S&W MP series
    7. HK P30 series
    8. MK 23 (mainly on the list because of its cool factor)
    9. Berretta 92
    10. Browning Hi-Power

  3. Wow. Worst…list….ever. Granted it’s a matter of opinion, but I find it hard to beleive he actually shot all those guns extensively enough to dub them the top ten handguns. Who actually has a PRC Norinco service pistol lying around? Anywho, here’s my list:

    1. 1911 .45ACP (call me a fanboy if you must, but this is the pistol I am most experienced with, besides we all know that Browning (and Clapton) is god).
    2. Springfield XD
    3. CZ-75
    4. Glock
    5. Smith and Wesson Model 10
    6. Beretta 92
    7. DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (I’d rank it higher, but it’s tough to find reloads)
    8. H&K USP
    9. S&W M&P
    10. Pfeifer Zeliska 28mm Revolver (does biggest=best?)

  4. I think Patrick’s list makes way more sense than that site’s. Whether you worship at the altar of JMB or not, I would have thought at least one of his creations would have made it. Also, no revolvers and no .22s? That list was like “The Top 10 9mms, except for the couple that shoot some other cartridge.”

    My favorite-the PTR-91 PDW in .308. Go big or go home.

  5. “The term handgun usually means a gun meant to be operated by one hand and having a chamber which is integral to the barrel as opposed to the other type of handgun, the revolver, which has a revolving cylinder.”

    What? Who are these people?

    Top 10 in no particular order. Criteria: excellence of design and historical and technological importance.

    Colt SA Army
    Glock 17
    Sauer 38H
    Smith and Wesson Model 1 1857
    Colt M1911A1
    Colt Official Police
    Walther PP/PPK
    Ruger Standard
    Smith and Wesson M10

  6. 1. 1911 MEUSOC
    2. Browning HP
    3. HK USP
    4. HK P30 (love my 40 cal version.)
    5. CZ 75
    6. S&W 4506
    7. S&W Model 3
    8. Walther P38
    9. Webley No.4
    10. Luger

  7. I’m with Magoo on this one – I went to Merriam-Webster first: “a firearm (as a revolver or pistol) designed to be held and fired with one hand”. Maybe Glock gave Top10List the definition…

    • I think it refers to the “ability” to be operated (aka fired) with one hand (unlike a rifle which typically requires two). From my childhood, “pistol” always mean semi-auto, and revolvers meant a gun with a cylinder.

  8. This will get the brain cells moving this morning! Let me think….. OK, here it goes. This list is independent of caliber, so my selection is based on what I enjoy shooting the most, a little bit on the “coolness” factor, and general worthiness to be on such a list (i.e. Glock).

    1. The King – 1911 (5″ only)… why? b/c it’s a 1911 that’s why! Regardless of what some say about it, the 1911 has been around for century for a reason. Not even a hot-roded Model T has the swagger of a stainless 5″ 1911.
    2. S&W M586/686 (pre-lock, no MIM, 4″ carry, 6″ hunting) – the 686 is an all-around great gun for beginner CCW’ers to advanced hunters of thin-skinned game.
    3. Glock 17 – as much as I hate shooting Glocks (grip angle and weird frame ergonomics), even I will admit that they certainly have changed the shooting world as we know it.
    4. Browning Hi-Power – awesome gun that doesn’t get much attention these days. It is unfortunate that JMB didn’t get to see it come to fruition.
    5. XD/XDM – I’m glad Springfield saw the potential for the HS2000. It has Glock reliability and 1911-ish ergonomics (albeit thicker in the grip). I have 3 of them and the new XDm 3.8 Compact in .40S&W is my new carry gun.
    6. Colt Python – amazing gun to shoot, unfortunately the market for these is hyped-up and parts are hard to come by. I still wouldn’t trade my worked-over S&W’s for one, but a hard-chrome Python is probably the best looking revolver ever made.
    7. SIG P-series – multiple options on caliber and is essentially the yardstick to which other DA/SA guns are compared to.
    8. HK USP – while I don’t own one, I still want one. They’re a SIG on top, and a Glock on bottom… hard to beat in the DA/SA world, although I still prefer the heft of a all-metal SIG.
    9. S&W Model 29 – Harry Callahan’s weapon of choice had to make the list. The M29 is excellent for hunting large game in N.A. While not as stout as it’s Ruger counterpart, the trigger and action on a Ruger feels like the shifter of a 70’s Pinto compared to the trigger of a M29!
    10. S&W J-frame (2″, pre-lock) – the surge is woman’s CCW is partially due to the ease of use and light weight of the J-frame revolvers. While not always (or usually) the best option for carry, they at least offer SOME option to carry for those who are uncomfortable or unable to carry or shoot larger pistols. I think Mas said that 80% of the time that a pistol is drawn results in a no-fire, so that means 8 out of 10 times accuracy doesn’t mean a thing! Even still, with a small amount practice and proper grip, anyone can group nicely with a J-frame.

    Other notable mentions that didn’t make my list… Beretta 92, CZ-75, S&W M10, S&W M28 Highway Patrolman, Thompson Contender (.223 chambered), Colt SAA, Walther PPK, IMI Desert Eagle, S&W X-frame .460S&W.

  9. 1. S&W M&P
    2. CZ-75
    3. Colt SA Army
    4. S&W Model 29
    5. Glock (All)
    6. Sig Sauer P226
    7. Ruger Mk II
    8. Browning Hi-Power
    9. Chiappa Rhino
    10. 1911

  10. Crazy list. Top 2 guns have the worst triggers out of the box of any pistol (not revolver) that I’ve ever fired. I have a Beretta 92, when I don’t practice with it regularly, I have to spend 50 rounds get comfortable with the trigger again.

    I also belief that not having a browning design in the top 10 is like leaving Eric Clapton off a list of guitar players.

    Top 10 guns for what?

    Nice to see that some of the responders put the CZ 75 on the list. I don’t shoot anything else that well, though Sig 226/239 and variants come close.

    What about Ruger? Top gun seller by volume–gotta be for a reason. GP 100 is a heck of a gun.

    • I chose the Ruger Standard because it put Sturm & Ruger on the map, and to this day it remains one sweet shooting pistol. The Mk II is a fine choice, too.

      Lists like these are always arbitrary… I could do this list over and over and it might come out differently every time. I was going to include the Browning Hi-Power for 11 and see if anyone called me on it.

  11. 1.) Colt Paterson Revolver (The Original)
    2.) Colt Single Action Army
    3.) Smith & Wesson Military & Police Revolver / Model 10
    4.) M1911A1
    5.) Hi-Power
    6.) Nagant M1895
    7.) Luger P08
    8.) Glock 17/19 (The 17 is the original, but everybody buys the 19.)
    9.) Beretta 92FS
    10.) Ruger Single Six

    Honorable mentions include the 1858 Remington, the 1851 Naval Revolver, the Ruger New Model Blackhawk, the Ruger Standard, the Makarov, the CZ-75, the Colt Python, and the Smith & Wesson Third Gen Autos.

    • Oh, I should have mentioned my criteria was historical significance, whether it was for technological, military, or economic reasons.

  12. 1) Glock 19
    2) Colt Python
    3) Mark 23
    4) Hi Power
    5) 1911
    6) Sig p210
    7) Colt SAA,

    8) SW pre27/27
    9) Sig p226
    10) SW 500 series (though one hand is a stretch)

  13. My list is based on coolness factor alone:

    1. 1911
    2. Colt Python
    3. Luger
    4. Mauser C96
    5. S&W M&P
    6. Glock 18
    7. Webley of some sort
    8. M1917 Revolver
    9. Desert Eagle
    10. Gyrojet

  14. Based solely on what I’ve shot:

    1. 1911 Custom
    2. S&W 625
    3. S&W 627
    4. H&K USP 45
    5. Sig P226
    6. CZ-75B
    7. Walther P99
    8. Steyr M9-A1
    9. Beretta 92FS
    10. Glock 19

  15. I have a very bad habit of buying my favorite guns, so it’s not such a good idea to list them because you said not to talk about your guns. (just like in fight club LOL)

  16. If you GAVE me a FN Five-seveN, I’d turn around and trade it in for ANY of the guns these readers have listed on their top-10 lists. Five-seveN? It’s a gimmick gun with a completely useless caliber. Kimber 1911 UltraCarry for me, please. In 46. Wait. They don’t make that yet. 45 then.

    • LOL, for what the Five-seveN goes for, you could probably get about 20 Nagants on a bulk discount. That’s New York Reloads enough for ten people.

  17. What the hell, here I go:

    1) Colt 1911A1
    2) Beretta M-9/92F( replaced a legend)
    3) Walther P-38 ( original wonder 9?)
    4) Luger
    5) Glock 17
    6) Walther PPK
    7) Smith and Wesson Revolver(s)
    8) Colt Navy
    9) Mauser C-96
    10) HK USP Series

  18. To your criteria, I would add:
    4. Combat Usage
    The Nagant made my top ten best list because it fought in the Russo Japanese War, WWI, the Russian Revolution of 1917, the ensuing Russian Civil War, WWII, and then thanks to Soviet military aid programs, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It’s still used in Russia by some security guards and police officers. This is as much, if not more actual fighting than the 1911 has seen. It’s impossible not to consider that weapon as having influenced history when it’s fought in so many conflicts.

  19. I gotta go with Top Ten on their first choice, ’cause it is mine too.
    1) FN FiveseveN – my current carry weapon, 30+1 and 2 20 round mags for backup. It shoots fast and accurately. Minimal recoil so I can blow through 31 rounds in the time it takes to shoot half a mag from my .40 (all while keeping the rounds on an 8″ paper plate at 7 yards). I must admit I first got it because the Brady’s said it was Eevil! but on my first trip to the range I decided as soon as I’d reliability tested it, the 5.7 would become my new carry weapon.
    2) Para-Ordnance P-14 .45, 20+1 and 2 14 round mags for backup (yes, I like extended mags). The carry weapon before my 5.7, retired because I love my FN and also because I buggered up my back at work and it is frikkin heavy.
    3) EAA Witness .40 (ported) in the Wonder finish. 20+1 and 1 14 round backup (before I’d modified my shoulder holster to carry 2 spare mags). I wanted the rust resistant finish because I carry in a shoulder holster and I’d had problems with corrosion on my B’Eagle.
    4) Magnum Research Baby Eagle 9mm, 16+1 and 1 16 round backup. This was my first carry piece and I loved it. But after reading about a would-be carjacker getting shot twice in the chest with a 9 and living I figured I wanted something bigger. Besides, my pemis is shrinking so I needed a bigger gun.
    5) S&W WWI issue .45 revolver. Was my grandfather’s weapon in the trenches which he brought home with him. Lovely, lovely gun, sweet to shoot and smooth as silk.
    6) Desert Eagle .44 Magnum: The .50 is a little too much for my (slightly arthritic) wrist, so it kept going into slide lock because I was limp wristing it, but the .44 was a joy to shoot. I haven’t owned one yet, but since the friend who does own it is expecting his first child I have high hopes for getting my hands on it at least temporarily.
    7) Ruger Mk. II .22, another one that was just fun to shoot.
    8) Tec-9 the classic EBP.
    9) Mauser Vest Pocket pistol in .32ACP. Great little mouse gun, easy to conceal, a bit of a snap to it when shooting, but still a fun gun.
    10) Hi-Point .45 – This pistol is on my list because the only one of them I’ve ever had couldn’t go through more than 2 mags without a malfunction. So I shot this one a lot until I became proficient at clearing various malfunctions.

  20. 1. Glock 17
    2.Ruger Sp101 3″
    3. Ruger Mark II/III
    4. CZ 75
    5. Kel-Tec P3AT
    6. Ruger LCR
    7. S&W Model 19 4″
    8. Ruger SR9c
    9. Glock 19
    10. Le Mat

  21. I Love Them All Equally…
    1847 Colt Walker
    FN FNP 45 Tactical
    H&K P30
    GLOCK 17/19
    1911 Oh Yes
    S&W Magna 29 Classic
    Desert Eagle .50AE
    Sig P226
    Springfield Xd/XDM
    FN Five Seven

  22. Here’s a list I’ve composed looking at other lists and recognizing the same makes/models showing up time after time.
    1. Browning Hi Power GP or P35
    2. CZ 75B, SPo1, PO7
    3. H&K USP, Mark 23,
    4. Beretta 92/M9
    5. SIG P series, P220, P226, etc.
    6. Glock family G17, G22, etc.
    7. Springfield Armory 1911 TRP, 1911 PRO, 1911A1 modified MEUSOC, XD/XDM
    8. Walther P99, P38
    9. Jericho 9mm, Baby Eagle 9mm
    10. FN FNP, five seveN
    11. Ruger P95
    12. Makarov PM
    13. QSZ 92
    14. S&W M&P

    Covers some established greats in really no particular order.

  23. I will add an opinion as well as my list.
    1.Beretta 92 If I could have only one pistol it would be the 92 series it points like no other great capacity and parts are everywhere.
    2. Ruger MkII. You can shoot one out but it takes over 280,000 rounds to do it. Along the way you might learn how to shoot a hand gun.
    3.Kimber stainless 10mm. Sorry no “old, fat and slow”. If you carry “old slab sides” get a cartridge for it that will at least stop a Deer.
    4.Smith&Wesson 29 Classic If you shoot enough 44s you will appreciate this trigger for what it is, as it one of the best ever made.
    5. TC Contender. If you are a hand gun hunter this is the best hand gun ever made. The G2’s might be stronger but they will never have the trigger of the first.
    6.Glock 17 – 19
    7.S&W 586
    8, 9, 10 Pick any 3 reliable, accurate hand guns . There have been many.. none stand out over the top 7.

  24. I’ll assume there’s no real criteria and it’s simply a list of ten sidearms you like the most for whatever reason:
    1. Sig Sauer P229 .357 Sig (SRT/action work/CTC)
    2. Browning P-35 Mk III
    3. FNH FiveseveN (I admit that I’m not sure where to put this. I only carry premium 2350+ fps ammo)
    4. Kahr P380 (out in super hot WX or dressed in things which make concealing a service sized handgun difficult)
    5. Glock 27 (Storm Lake extended dual ported .357Sig bbl)
    6. Smith and Wesson Model 13 .357Mag 3″ bbl (from this point the order can be interchanged depending on mood or environment)
    7. Dan Wesson .44Mag (three barrels, four digit serial number)
    8. Ruger Security Six .357 Mag 4″ barrel
    9. Ruger 22/45 S/S bull barrel .22 lr
    10. 1911 .38 Super (with .38Super and 9x19mm bbls including extended – for my trying to achieve Warp 10 loads before my nose becomes a brass sliver cactus bush…again)

  25. My list doesn’t consist of any small carry guns but the sheild and PPS might have made this list.

    1) Walther PPQ
    2) H&K P30
    3) Sig P220 dark elite
    4) CZ SP-01
    5) Walther P99
    6) EAA Wittness Match
    7) M&P full size
    8) Beretta 92FS
    9) S&W 686
    10) S&W 6906

  26. Hhmmmm…..These are the best handguns in my opinion….9mm cal. for defense carry

    1. CZ 75B-pros=excellent performance, accuracy ,weight, balance and recoil. Built like a tank.
    cons=very selective in terms of bullet length and design to function reliably.
    2. CZ 75 SPO1 SHADOW-pros=excellent performance,accuracy,SIGHTS FIBER OPTIC, light SA/DA trigger,
    cons=heavy weight for carry.
    3. CZ 85 combat
    4. Glock 17 gen 4-I love the optional 33rounds magazine and parts availability.
    5. Smith and wesson MNP-pros-Excellent out of the box trigger and accuracy. Hopefully it will be tough as the glock 17 or will be tougher in the durability test.
    6. HK P30/30L
    7. Sig sauer P226
    8. Beretta 92FS
    9. STI EDGE and up higher end sti models
    10. HK VP9
    Other honorable mention=CZ 75 tactical sports, CZ p09, HK USP, Springfield XD, walther PPQ M2

  27. Not in any particular order, these are most of what I like…..Sorry but I dont like plastic guns, have shot them and just didnt like them, more than 10 though…..

    Colt 1911
    Yugo M57
    Kahr MK
    Ruger Alaskan
    Sig Sauer P516
    Ruger Super BlackHawk
    BFR .454
    Sig Sauer P229
    S&W Talo PC 629
    Walther P5
    Ruger MKII AWC Amphibian
    Remington R1 1911 AAC Ti-RANT
    LAR Grizzly Win Mag
    Coonan Arms 1911


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