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  1. Obscure??? Yeah, I’ll agree to that. I consider myself well read on firearms history and developement. My firearms library probably has over 100 books in it. Add to that, the fact that I have been reading gun magazines for over 35 years, and I feel confident that I have a pretty good knowledge of firearms, but I have never seen the bayonet/shoulder stock before today, didn’t even know it existed, so my hat is off to you for showcasing this interesting bit of history.

  2. Was that a touch of Garand Thumb I spotted on his right hand? No shame if it is; it happens to a lot of people.

  3. OK, that’s a high score in the “obscure gun stuff” category. Really nifty. Many broomhandles came with a wooden holster that formed a shoulder stock, but I have never seen or heard of the bayonet stock. Another fun fact about the broomhandles is that the 7.63 mm was issued with a 1000 – meter rear sight. Fairly optimistic, even with the holster/stock attached. I believe the 9mm version had a rear sight calibrated to 500 meters, which is also a bit optimistic.

  4. These bayonet stocks came in from China some years ago, and quickly disappeared into collections. As best we know, they weren’t actually intended for the C96 Mauser or Astra 900 pistols, but were for a modern version of the Broomhandle developed by the Chinese. This is known as a Type 80, made by Norinco, and is selective fire. For more information check this link: or search for Chinese Type 80.

  5. Wow amazing technology, and yeah very obscure.. Pretty cool..
    Oh and did anyone notice he put his finger on the trigger, only for a second but it is there lol ok no more trigger nazi from me.. 🙂
    I am not very well versed on vintage arms, but that one takes the cake so far.

    • You know, it would semi-forgivable if she had been referring to a folding or collapsible stock when she said that, but a barrel shroud?

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