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[Comments disabled, of course.] “A pro-President Barack Obama advocacy group launched its first ad campaign Friday as it tries to convince Congressional Republicans to support broader gun background checks, one of the White House’s major gun control priorities,” reports. “The ads from Organizing for Action, an independent group being run by some former Obama campaign officials, is part of a day-long effort on the guns issue. The group is sponsoring 100 events in 80 Congressional districts to generate support for the major gun control proposals being pushed by the White House. The events range from press conferences to candlelight vigils to petition drives for members of Congress.”

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  1. hhmm wadda ya think, will the break the 75 or so people that showed up in MN for the million moms against gun control??
    I am guessing no.. If they offer free stuff maybe, but that is kinda like bribery..

  2. He’s right. What we need is action. Enough is enough. The time is now. And then life will be blissful. Obama can’t build a communist utopia alone, so please demand a plan. Or something.

    • “Communist” “utopia”. There, fixed it for you. The “communism” is just a facade for the criminal bankster thug crew. How can I tell? If the criminal bankster thug crew endorses it, IT AIN’T COMMUNISM. It’s just despotism dressed up in khakis and work shirts.

      • Hate to tell you William; that’s what communism has always been in every country it’s been tryed, including this one, the privileged few as dictators, dressed up in a pretty package ie “communism”, dictating to the many how they were going to be controlled, at the end of a gun.

    • You know what makes this even better? They are using left over Campaign donations to fund the damn “action”. You heard that right, if you donated to Obama during the Election cycle, your money is paying for this AND they are using the list of supporters from the campaign to spam with this trifling’ ass propaganda.

      • Frankly, if anyone who had voted for Barry and the boyz last election and decided to CONTINUE to vote democrat (thereby not having learning their lesson), you really should no longer be a part of this forum……as your a stinking, libtard moron.

  3. Where is the NRA with the “I used a gun to defend myself” ads? Do they need some new blood over there or what?

    • The NRA is rolling in their money and Wayne is probably whiping his @&& with the $25 I spent for an easy pay life membership.

    • Are you saying enough down votes makes it go away? Why wasn’t I informed of this? Might need a new mouse.

      • The voting can be disabled as well, although I see it isn’t in this case. Even 50/50 (204 vs 204) right now though…

  4. Isn’t great Obama has solved all the important things like the 16+ trillion dollar deficit, our crappy economy, unemployment now down to 4%, and brought us world peace? Now he can spend his time on other things like using our tax dollars to continue his campaign of lies and deceit so he can further erode the rights we have left.

    Is this d-bag ever going to act like a president or does he plan on continuing to campaign for the next 4 years?

  5. Isn’t gas inching to 4 plus for a gallon I am sure that takes a bigger toll on the lives of many Americans

  6. Of all people, you would think that a Jew would understand the need for a population to be armed. Sad how quickly history is forgotten.

  7. I am pretty sick of hearing him. He is just a puppet that protect minnesota marches to every senate and congress hearing on gun civil rights. He tells the same story over and over.

  8. The argument presented here ONLY attempts to sway using emotion. Last I checked, solid arguments required Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. If you don’t have all three, the argument falls apart fairly easily.

    Also, what’s the deal with comments being upheld for uploaded approval? Trying to restrict my first amendment rights now, is he?

    Molon labe.

    • There is no argument presented here–just an evocative anecdote. I was waiting for him to lay out the plan that will prevent people from committing murder in the future, but the only plan he offered was “action.”

      • The campaign is in fact actively asking people to submit these anecdotes–real people harmed by guns. Hits you right here, don’t it. That’s the plan.

      • “the only plan he offered was “action.””

        Phase 1 – Collect underpants
        Phase 2 – ?
        Phase 3 – Profit

  9. It would be nice to know how, in fact, this gentleman’s father died, other than gunshot. What were the circumstances and would ANY of the new disarmament proposals have any impact at all?
    If I were in a situation like this, and I can’t understand why these people don’t feel the same way unless they are just useful idoits or have a hidden political agenda, I woul rather spend my time and energy doing something that would actually solve the problem rather than just feel-good window dressing.

  10. Oh hey, we’re giving the NRA a ton of money and what are we getting out of it PR-wise?

    We need a constant barrage of ads and appeals to emotion to drown these scumbags out.

  11. In 2011, in New York City, 685,724 people were stopped, 84 percent of whom were Black and Latino residents — although they comprise only about 23 percent and 29 percent of New York City’s total population respectively. 2011 is the highest year on record for stops. The number of stops represent an over 600 percent since Mayor Bloomberg came into office. In 2011, 88 percent of all stops did not result in an arrest or a summons being given. Contraband was found in only 2 percent of all stops. The NYPD claims their stop and frisk policy keeps weapons off the street – but weapons were recovered in only one percent of all stops. These numbers clearly contradict that claim.

    Moreover, the practice contributes to continued mistrust, doubt and fear of police officers in communities of color that are already scarred by systemic racial profiling and major incidents of police brutality.

    “NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Practice: Unfair and Unjust”
    (emphasis in original)

    To be a Leftists you have to believe that:

    * When Bloomberg profiles monorities, it’s bad.

    * When Bloomberg profiles gun owners, it’s good.

  12. [Comments disabled, of course.]

    OBEY!!! These people can’t stand criticism, mostly because their arguments can’t stand the light of day.

  13. OK, great. You’ve managed to pander to the emotions of the masses, and repeat over and over again, “demand a plan to end gun violence.”

    Explain to me how a mag-cap ban, AWB, firearm registration (which is illegal under FOPA), or gun-free zones would save lives or “end gun violence.”

    That’s right, it wouldn’t.

    • You’re supposed to get a lump in your throat and be too ashamed to even ask that question, lest you be perceived as disrespectful of innocent victims.

      On the bright side, all the proposed Washington State gun-control measures just died in the Senate.

  14. Oregon introduced new bill to limit law abiding civilians to one fire arm, three “large capacity magazines and warrantless house searches!!! Along with the usual ban of 10 round magazines and one feature, of course.. They are tricking us Oregonian gun owners by proposing HB3006 which outlaws all federal firearm laws that conflict with the second amendment but they introduce this state bill to attack us instead!! This is the most invasive bill introduced in the country!!! Please spread the word!

  15. I posted a comment. It will, of course, not be approved, because it doesn’t go along with their shallow world view. Cracks me up how these pro-gun control groups videos ALWAYS have comments either disabled, or pending approval. A TRUE liberal (as in the classic sense, like libertarianism, not a modern liberal, which is essentially a code word for socialist) would WELCOME debate and do everything they could to promote the free flow of ideas.

    Obama’s government (and this went for GW Bush as well, I don’t like either party but right now the dems are worse, and are MUCH worse on 2nd am. issues)…is not liberal or conservative. They are authoritarian. And I simply cannot stand authoritarian politicians, no matter what party they represent.

    This gun control stuff they are pushing is total propaganda. I hate to use the cliche of “this is like the USSR”…but it is. They are running a propaganda & disinformation campaign. It’s pathetic. Instead of saying “the kulaks are making you poor and keeping you down!” it’s “the AR-15 owners are making your children unsafe!” . . . . . .

  16. Two questions:

    1 – Would Obama’s proposals have prevented his father’s death?
    2 – What would have happened if your father was armed that day?

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