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What better way for the President to follow up the weeping and the whoppers of Tuesday’s same-old-same-old anti-gun agitprop pep rally than ensconcing himself in the friendly confines of CNN in front of an invitation-only audience for a stage-managed “Guns in America” town hall format “conversation” on guns? As CNN quotes White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest, “The goal of the town hall meeting is for the President to engage with both people who support his position on gun safety, but also to have a conversation with those who don’t agree with some of the President’s positions on these issues.” Uh huh. In any case, glass of Aberlour at hand, we’ll be live blogging this little confab for your dining and dancing pleasure (refresh often for updates), so grab an adult beverage of your own…you’re probably going to need one . . .


Contrary to all you pathetically cynical, Reynold Wrap hat-wearing conspiracy theorists out there (like, ahem, me), CNN insists that this thing has long been in the works for a while. Anderson Cooper informs us that the network originally approached the Prez’s minions about doing one of these shortly after the San Bernardino terrorist attack. You know, the one that occurred in the state with the nation’s toughest gun laws? The state that — until recently when the gun-grabbing community decided to come out of the confiscatory closet — represents “common-sense” gun law nirvana? Yeah, that one.

And in case you thought that tonight’s little soiree wasn’t enough to take the attention off the administration’s manifold domestic and foreign policy failures (ObamaCare tanking, the Norks nuking, the Persians thumbing their nose and BHO’s “agreement,” ISIS being contained) the President just published a New York Times op-ed in which he acknowledges that “common-sense gun reform won’t happen during this Congress. It won’t happen during my presidency.”

He goes on to say,

Even as I continue to take every action possible as president, I will also take every action I can as a citizen. I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform.

Hope he has enough Kleenex for all the tears from swing state Dem candidates when they get that crushing news.

But wait…this is a live blog. So again, keep refreshing for updates.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley intones that the President is the nation’s grief counselor for gun violence, and that the gun industry will be “seminal” for his legacy. He notes the Obama Presidential Library will be built in downtown Chicago. No word whether attendees will be issued bullet-resistant vests.

And here we go. You know this is a big night because Anderson Cooper has donned hipster glasses to look ultra-serious.

Anderson notes that the NRA has told CNN that despite being invited, they won’t be there and to FOAD.

The President admits he’s never owned a gun (go on!), but has done some “skeet shooting at Camp David. Did he just say he did some pig hunting in Hawaii?

BHO notes that “I’ve been very good for gun manufacturers.” If the industry had any sense of humor at all, they’d present him with an award at this year’s SHOT show. He must be single-handedly responsible for at least 1/3 of the guns sold in the last 7 years.

BHO: part of why guns is such a difficult issue…people occupy differing realities. There are law abiding gun owners and people in cities where it’s cheaper to get a gun than buy a book.

“I repect the 2A. I respect the RKBA.” Need more scotch.

2/3rds of the 30,000 lost annually to “gun violence” are suicides.  No mention that suicides are totally independent of method. Has the President heard of Japan?

Cooper: only 1% of criminals buy at gun shows. BHO: folks will go to a gun show and purchase a whole bunch of guns, drive to Father Pfleger’s neighborhood and start selling. Evidence or it NEVER HAPPENED.

“We want to put everybody on notice that if you’re making a profit and repeatedly selling guns, you’re a dealer.” Cooper counters that that standard isn’t specific enough. Obama says it’s up to Congress to define that. Good luck with that in the mean time, now that he’s instructed the ATF to crack down on sellers of as few as ONE GUN.

“Historically, the NRA was in favor of background checks. … What changed isn’t that my proposals are particularly radical…we put out a proposal that’s respectful of the 2A, and it’s presented that we’re trying to take away everyone’s guns!”

BHO says he’s invited the NRA “repeatedly” to the White House. Imagine not wanting to go after being vilified on a regular basis by this administration and its minions. For years.

Time for false equivalencies: comparing guns to seat belts, air bags and aspirin caps. BHO wants to make guns as safe. Apparently.

The reason gun sales spike every time there’s a mass shooting…the NRA has convinced many of its members that someone is going to grab their guns. Maybe he’s missed what’s happened in Connecticut, Maryland, California, etc.

Taya Kyle agrees with Obama’s “message of hope.” Laws don’t protect people. None of the people killed would have been saved by a background check, she says. They don’t have the moral code “we have.” There are people lying on these forms already and we’re not prosecuting them. We’re at an all-time low for murder rate. That’s a big deal. She argues that gun sales go up not because she thinks someone will take her gun, but because she wants to be able to defend herself with any gun she wants.

BHO’s response: we don’t celebrate the low murder rates enough. Concedes most cities safer than 10-20 yrs. ago. Naturally says it’s not because there are more guns out there. His head might explode if he conceded THAT.

Responsible gun owners can have a gun to protect themselves, but we need to make it harder for 13-year-olds to get guns on the streets. No explanation – whatsoever – how he proposes to do that.

Next target – gun trusts. Sawed off shotguns? Automatic weapons? Silencer? Without background checks?!? Oh, the humanity!

Kimberly Corbin, rape survivor. Being able to buy a firearm is a basic responsibility for her family. Wants to know why her administration can’t see that. Answer: there’s nothing he’s proposed that will make buying a gun harder. Then questions whether having a gun in the home will protect her. She has to be “pretty well trained.” Which, naturally, it totally false. “We can debate that, round or flat.” Huh?

Wants to be sure that if her rapist is released, he can’t rape someone else. No comment as to why his administration is releasing more and more dangerous criminals, making that very problem worse.

Time for a mom from Chiraq who’s lost a daughter, asking how to stop interstate drug trafficking. BHO, thinks of Malia and Sasha (you know, the kids who have 24-hour armed security?) His answer: more ATFers for 24-hour background checks. Another non sequitur.

“If something’s harder to get and a little more expensive to get, then fewer people get ’em!” The administration’s gun strategy in a nutshell.

Obama claims the “in the business” standard the ATF will be applying will be made on a case-by-case basis. Nothing’s more discriminating and nuanced than an executive branch regulatory agency.

Sheriff stands up and notes that aspirin and cars aren’t in the Constitution. Asks the President what he would have done to stop mass shootings, where ZERO guns were purchased illegally. BHO: crime will always be with us. Just because we can’t solve all crimes, doesn’t mean we should try to solve any. Another non-answer. They didn’t know Adam Lanza would be a criminal, but he accessed an “arsenal.” Wants to make it “less lethal” when something like that happens. Translation: semi-auto bans and mag capacity limits.

Drinking game: guzzle every time he mentions Chicago. Drink!

BHO pines for the good old days when neighbors watched what was going on and said something when kids acted up. It takes a village, apparently. Or it did.

Commercial break. Are we having fun yet? Anyone feel like driving knitting needles into their ears? Drink!

What are the odds he’ll be asked about Fast & Furious? Sorry…kooky talk, I know.

And we’re back with a clip of the President bawling during is Tuesday gun control pep rally. You know…to show how passionate he is about all this.

“The goal here is just to make progress.” “It also makes you really humble.” Sorry, just spit scotch all over my MacBook Air. Did he refer to himself as humble?

Gun-grabbing mau-mau-er extraordinaire is in the HOUSE! It’s all the fault of the gun lobby and no one cared because their racist. His solution: we need to title guns like cars. How much fun would it be to take your M&P to the DMV to register it and get it titled?

BHO acknowledges that would be a prelude to confiscation and there’s not enough national consensus for that (which he no doubt regrets intensely) and implies that kind of talk is the province of tin foil hat types…the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Daily News and lots of others to the contrary.

The president can’t believe gun owners wouldn’t want the option of a smart gun. He somehow fails to mention that the deep blue state of New Jersey is the reason that’s not available. Instead – he blames the NRA for blocking smart guns. Says the .gov will work with manufacturers to remedy that…because no one picks economic winners better than big government.

Head of Firearms Retailers Assn. asks about 200 new ATF inspectors “on the auditing and record keeping side. Why not more agents to deal with dirty dealers and enforce the tens of thousands of guns already on the list?” BHO: “we’re not writing a new law.” No, he’s doing it by executive fiat. Instead of answering the question, he’s back to redefining what a gun dealer is, and whines about the politicization of the issue. Cooper points out that Obama said the issue should be politicized. Pot…kettle…black.

Babbling about forensics and “tracing shells.” Or something. Has he been drinking, too?

Time for Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords! Can they get through three sentences without another appeal for cash for Americans for Responsible Solutions? No mention of Chicago, but drink anyway!

Obama “It’s fair characterize Americans’ worry that government will grab guns is a conspiracy.” He’ll only be there another year he says! Is that a promise?

Wait, because he’s from Chicago and they hunt in southern Illinois, Obama’s down with hunters! I can see Russia from my house!

“The way we break the deadlock on this issue is when the NRA doesn’t have a stranglehold on this debate.” Gee, I wonder why the NRA declined CNN’s invitation?

Man from Chicago (DRINK!) whose brother was shot to death, asks BHO’s advice for those surrounded by poverty and gun violence. Obama waxes about his own youth, when he wasn’t at risk of getting shot. Says all kids should grow up that way, which won’t really help those on the south side of Chiraq (DRINK!). Time to expand the lesson to suicides…which really has nothing to do with the kid’s question. Not that it matters, the President has a larger point to make and helping an inner city kid really is secondary.

His point: we need inner city jobs and opportunity. Translation: we need more big government programs. Which will apparently mean happier, more dependent people who don’t want to kill themselves? Wait. My glass is empty.

Final words: “We can do better than we’re doing right now if we come together.” So stop worrying about government wanting to make guns more expensive, less effective and harder to get…and get on board. God bless America!

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  1. Meh, $5 says the gun community representatives are Fudds and hand-picked lunatics, designed to make gun owners look crazy. I’d be surprised if we saw a gay gun owner, or one that is anything other than an OFWG.

    • I just woke up too the nonsense and was actually surprised… My county Sheriff was on Tv (Paul B), hes the pro gun one who called O to task on how he himself has acknowledged that his proposals wouldnt have done a thing to stop anything. I still think the audience was hand picked but at least their are a few pro gun plants.

      • That was great, kudos to the Sheriff.

        I also think that Anderson Cooper actually DID a decent job at giving the President some really difficult questions.

  2. I am sure this will have all the balanced internal controversy and conversation that a Soviet or Nazi Show Trial would possess.

    • Why would she? Bloomie pays for her bodyguards, and before that she was safely ensconced in gated-community-land. And if she did–so what? She would just say that that shows that she really isn’t out to grab everyone’s guns. I wouldn’t be surprised if she in fact falsely claimed to be a “gun owner”. I actually don’t give a tinker’s damn if Shannon has an arsenal. One more “guns for me but not for thee” hypocrite doesn’t make any difference.

  3. Well, I’m sure he’s come bury Cesar, not to praise him.

    This sort of BS is why I think the organized press needs a bit more “reasonable regulation”.

    • Kind of difficult to deny, don’t you think? Now I’d like to hear why he thinks Americans agree with his goals. Like, 8% of the country has bought a new gun in the last 2 months? He’s being hit over the head with a club, is he noticing?

    • Well Obama is technically correct by that statement with all the import bans he implemented under his reign. Those bans help domestic manufacturers with less competition from overseas!!

  4. Damn. I am in the middle of a 2-week timeout, alcoholically speaking. However, I still think I am his huckleberry, I am strong in favor of common sense gun reform, which was what he demands. To begin, repeal all current gun control laws. Then, offer a $1000/year refundable tax credit for purchase of a firearm, ammunition, and training and licensing to carry. Let’s say for 5 years, to begin. In less than two years, I claim, mass shootings will be history, not even an attempt in the past 6 months. If I am incorrect, I will stand up and request that those actions be reversed.

    Note, please, the other side of this argument NEVER pretends to have any clue about concrete results of their proposed actions, one would think if common sense were involved it would be a simple task to make a prediction and back it up with a promise to work for repeal of an action which has not resulted in expected benefits.

  5. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a glass of Aberlour! My only hope is that there was at least two fingers worth left in it by the time the president started!

    • I think her obvious frustration with the administration will actually be helpful. Not to mention that Obama struggled with his answer FAR more than she struggled with her question.

    • I’m actually surprised as to how it’s turning out.

      It’s not neutral, but it’s far less biased as I suspected it was gonna be…

      Who’d thunk it?

  6. This is hilarious. He just totally dodged the question, and then said high ownership / less crime rate drop, highly restricted / lower crime. Care to explain Chiraq?

  7. Ask Barry Soetoro why they want to make firearm manufacturers liable for shootings, but they won’t make alcohol or auto manufacturers responsible for drunk drivers. . . .

  8. Of course Anderson Cooper would be hosting it. The buyer of Sean Penn’s gun collection, torched, melted down, and turned into some ugly “art” piece.

    • I wonder if he has replaced his collection yet? The reason he sold it has ditched him, so there is nothing holding him back.

  9. Ask Barry why he thinks his kids are more important than our own and desire protection? If guns or so bad, ask him to get rid of his secret service protection or how come he won’t push for national reciprocity for guns like he did for gay marriage?

        • I can smuggle a new gun into the house. . . . I cannot do the same with a safe without the spousal unit seeing it. Granted, we can afford a new one – not the issue. No, a new gun means the spousal unit will be entitled to go buy something new as well . . . it is a literal arms race.

    • One less than what would be filed, In Texas, purchaser has a CHL, purchaser fills out form, signs/dates but FFL has the option of not calling it in, they just file it. How sweet is that? Paid for my new Ruger 22lr LCR and back home with another Ruger LCR. That now completes my little “family” of Ruger LCRs

  10. Sigh. Really, one should feel sorry for him.

    That was the first media event of his ex-presidency. It seems somehow fitting that “gun control” is the issue where the shoe finally drops. This right here lays out the spectacular irrelevancy that will be his lot:

    Even as I continue to take every action possible as president(*), I will also take every action I can as a citizen. I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform.

    Nobody’s gonna care, beyond that one vote, not even in his party.

    It’s gonna be miserable, and it’s just getting started. I should feel sorry for him. But I just can’t. I am a terrible person.

    (*) This right here is the whole problem. “Take every action possible as president…” – not even close, and never was. He left out “to me.” I do believe he has taken every action possible *to him* as president; every action *he* was able to conceive, willing to consider, and able to attempt. Others might have done better, being willing to conceive, consider, and attempt additional ways of acting on this and other matters. It’s just not in him, and the only way he seems able to operate is no longer available once he’s an ex-president.

    • Don’t feel bad. In an alternate universe where the democrats retained control of congress past 2012, he led the nation in a very bloody attempt at gun confiscation with cost the lives of millions of Americans.

  11. Duck, dodge, weave. Still hasn’t answered a single question. Just keeps harping on about background checks, and registration.

  12. Pretty sure I heard BHO say if you buy a gun and undergo a background check, you are registered. Anyone else catch that?

  13. glad he just mentioned the breakdown of the family. . . . in the inner city. but now he is ok with infringing on the 2A rights of those in the inner city so don’t worry White Suburban families. . . . . yeah, typical Democrat. Enslave the blacks.

  14. i think Anderson Cooper is making sure he won’t get any more one on one interviews. . . . he is asking questions Barry doesn’t want and keeps calling on pro-gunners. . . .

  15. So gun owners are in the audience. They went through background checks. Background checks are awesome, prevent gun violence, yet nobody was allowed to carry there this evening. Background checks are a tool for generating a paper-trail…nothing more.

  16. It’s only CNN where all the nervous Nelly’s are anyways, a teleprompter in chief moment tailor made for the empty suit

  17. Title guns like cars? Won’t he please explain *WHY*? What can he even CLAIM that would accomplish? It really does seem to me that it’s impossible to be that stupid, there has to be something else going on. Is he on drugs?

  18. So when does the RNC, the NRA, or both, ask CNN for an equal amount of “in kind” contribution of airtime, in return for dropping their lawsuits and criminal charges against the DNC, CNN, and both the Obama and Clinton campaign operations for violating campaign laws?

    Somebody outside the Justice Department has gotta have standing to file. If ruled “no standing” – the most likely outcome – make that the issue: no standing in the face of a hijacked politicized over-subscribed Justice Department denies access to redress, equal protection, and probably more. Keep it in play till past the election. Keeps the Justice Dept on the ropes a bit, dirties up anything they do to stonewall for Team Hillary(*), and highlights the issue of discretionary executive power — all winners in the election.

    Get this in play and somebody can quote that Abbie Hoffman (Am I remembering right?) line about equal access to the media.

    On a personal note, it’s weird. I’ve been (re)watching Battlestar Galactica lately. “This has all happened before.” Seriously the NRA in particular should be accessing tactics, actions, media and messaging from the civil rights era, casting “guns” as the civil rights issue it is.

    I remember when Republicans were supposed to be the crony-statists. I guess it really depends on who’s in the big chair at the moment. So much for principle.

    (*) Given her positions on gun control, and the management of administrative government she’s a non-starter for anyone with a position short of immediate universal confiscation. So, not partisan. Position-based.

    • the NRA needs to push the message that gun laws were designed to stop blacks from protecting themselves. Black history month is coming up. this would be a great commercial run. . . . pain the democrats as racists.

      • Read the NY times article from today (or yesterday), according to the writer, initial gun restrictions were racist to prevent blacks from owning guns, current Republican drive to LIMIT gun restrictions are racist because black youths are killing each other with guns in inner cities… DERP! So now it’s racist to prevent laws that would limit blacks from owning guns.

        Reality really is what you want to see, not what is actually there apparently.

  19. Thanks for watching guys. I don’t have any health insurance right now, and I can’t afford to deal with exploded head syndrome. I decided to clean the Del-Ton AR Jeannine got me for Christmas instead. The rifle seems to be pretty tight for a lower end model.

  20. A lot has been said about why the NRA declined to become involved in this. I just read elsewhere that CNN retained “complete editorial control” over the event so they could determine who to call and what questions would be put forward:

    “The NRA called the show a “public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House.” A CNN spokeswoman said the network approached the White House with the idea for the forum after the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., last month and maintained complete editorial control.”

    Of course the NRA declined that. It’s like being told you’re invited to go ask the lion what’s for dinner.

  21. I lived in southern IL almost 20 years most of it before he was prez.. Never saw the dude. Fairly sure most of the Southern IL people would be willing to say that he didn’t give a damn about them like every other Chicago politician.

  22. BO just said he’s voting for Hillary….sort of…..que the bloody shirt. Wait, did the kid work Police brutality into the discussion??

  23. A comprehensive Blablablabla. The NRA really blew this opportunity. Better get me some of them anti-storm trooper jacked boots. They aren’t going to do this any better then anything else the Gubermint has it dirty little fingers in. As far back as Clinton who didn’t even know a BJ was sex Bozo just wants to be able to say HE passed something to do with GUNS. The crying SS story has changed me. BS

    • Not so sure, Rikoshay. I think better forum would be to invite Obama to NRA’s Cam & Co, with guests Dana, Kurt, etc. Like Obama would accept such an invitation.

      This is bottled boilerplate propaganda with little debate.

  24. Great blow by blow commentary.

    Have a glass of water before you go to bed. Hangovers are caused by dehydration and that will take care of one headache.

    • Well, it’s a couple days past, and I’ve finally gotten around to watching this zoo. I dunno if everyone had too much whiskey by that time, but nobody saw a necessity to point out that Osama told us flat out that the ATF was part of the FBI, and they were involved with hunting down criminals and drug dealers. The fool-in-chief doesn’t even know the ATF works for treasury, is supposed to be collecting taxes, not pursuing drug dealers, or whatever.

  25. I cannot believe CNN is letting hugh hewitt talk and point out that barry didn’t answer any questions and has advocated confiscation and has pushed illegal EO’s. . . .


  26. Obama lost big time tonight, he looked and sounded like he was going through the motions. Every question he was asked he dodged and non-answered. That’s not leadership, that’s ignorance and apathy.

  27. Now this could only happen to a guy like me
    And only happen in a town like this
    So may I say to each of you most gratefully
    As I throw each one of you a kiss

    This is my kind of town, Chicago is
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    Read more: Frank Sinatra – My Kind Of Town Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  28. The bottom line isn’t that guns are “easy” to get, it’s that the US apparently has so many criminals.

  29. Wow Obama spent the whole thing deflecting and avoiding answering questions.

    they’re going to have to work hard to spin this positive for him. I’m sure they will, but, hard.

    Thanks for watching this so we didn’t have to.

  30. If the NRA has stopped smart guns from being accepted….why aren’t there any smart guns overseas? Is the NRA so powerful they can globally stifle innovation?

  31. hugh hewitt just b!tch slapped Sunny Hostin about constitutional law. . . . Barry advocates a standard that is “we know it when we see it” . . and Hugh pointed out Barry put all gun owners in legal jeopardy. Boom.

  32. OK-I spent all of 2 minutes perusing the Bury Soetoro show. Thanks for the action updates. I guess Bury couldn’t conjure up a good cry tonite…

  33. With a condescending sneer on his face Mark Kelly said that “Not to worry there are to many guns in America to ever confiscate them”. I wish I would have been there as I would have yelled right out at the top of my voice, did you every hear what they did in Australia when they confiscated millions of guns and this year a terrorist still managed to get a gun and murder people.

    • Maybe the reason that so many people are buying guns is that they understand how much more difficult it would be to confiscate them all.

  34. I must say Obama did a masterful job of talking a lot but saying nothing of substance. That’s the definition of a good politician.

  35. I almost didn’t watch. I was impressed that they had people stand up and disagree with him. My friend mentioned they could have had the Town Hall closer to Richmond where he would have had a more balanced blend of Virginians. But hey, he saved gas.
    It seems to me it wasn’t a slam dunk for him or as a prelim for Hillary.
    The after show analysis is on his a$$.
    You have to be a dupe to see a connection between actual safety and his plans. I will go on record saying I don’t think he’s done a thing.

    Please post links where Hillary said, “If I had the votes we would have taken their guns away.” Similar quotes from Feinstein and Bloomberg, too.

  36. I didn’t feel like watching it so I cleaned my PTR-91 and mounted my Hensoldt Model One scope that just arrived in the mail today. It’s looking really good now. Hopefully I can finish off the classic look with a steel lower and wooden pistol grip in a month or so. They keep saying they want a national conversation, well, that is my part of the conversation.

    Thanks TTAG for the cliff notes version!

  37. @Dan Zimmerman, Robert Farago, etc:
    I just watched the CNN town hall and saw Mark Kelly say that he and and Gabby Giffords both own guns. Maybe someone could ask for their thoughts on Obama’s executive order taking 2nd Amendment rights from people who can’t handle their own finances, and whether Gabby Giffords can handle her own finances.

  38. Kudos to Andersen Cooper for asking some tough questions. I was surprised there. However, Obama showed extreme ignorance in the following ways:

    —said the NRA is funded by gun manufacturers

    —called the NRA an “interest group” (as if it is not representative of Americans)

    —mocked the idea of confiscation, showing he has no idea of how confiscation can occur or that it has occurred in this country

    —said Congress cut CDC’s funding for gun violence research, showing no understanding of why that occurred (CDC caught red-handed being biased)

    —pushed for “smart gun” technology, questioning why would people be against it, showing no understanding of the numerous reasons why

    —criticized gun manufacturers for not doing research into it, ignoring that companies to not want to spend money researching a product that nobody wants and that there are gun controllers hell-bent on making said “smart guns” mandatory

    —claimed Manchin-Toomey was “common sense” (it wasn’t)

    —claimed silencers are “very dangerous” along with sawed-off shotguns (showed no understanding of what silencers actually do)

    —in his op-ed, he said gun manufacturers should push for microstamping, said that gun manufacturers have special immunity because of their influence on Congress, claimed guns lack even most basic safety features, and I mentioned CDC funding being blocked. Thus shows extreme ignorance about microstamping, that guns do have safety features (trigger locks and safeties), that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act was passed to stop frivolous lawsuits from a concerted effort to try and drive gun manufacturers out of business, and no idea of why CDC funding cut

  39. I try to avoid drinking to relax, and imbibe only when relaxed. Considering the deceit, half-truths, and outright lies I heard from the worst president in our history at his announcement of his legislation as XOs, I choose to avoid the stress, and enjoy some Heinekens instead.


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