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Figuring the best way to press his civilian disarmament agenda is to go where he’s most comfortable, President Obama took his scary-rifles-are-bad message out on the equivalent of the campaign trail today. Where the skeet shooters live. In reassuringly blue Minnesota, he rehashed what have become standard gun-grabbing talking points like, “weapons of war have no place on the street,” and “our law enforcement officers should never be outgunned.” As if. But he also conceded that “we don’t have to agree on everything to agree that we have to do something,” perhaps an acknowledgment that the Assault Weapons Ban bills that have been introduced in the House and Senate have little to no chance of ever reaching his desk for signature. Look for him to press for more achievable, incremental measures like universal background checks and, possibly, magazine capacity limits.

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  1. Keep up the pressure. exhaust them and their resources over the small things and make it too painfull to go after the big things.

    Keep winning court cases til they have no options left. I want to leave my grandkids a better America than I had.

    • I hope we can. Tough row to hoe, though.

      “Crusade” is the perfect word for it. The Second Amendment is being attacked with a fervor and a ferocity worthy of a religious war.

      The religion: “The Government Just Wants to Help Us. Why Are You Against That?”

  2. Why doesn’t he come back home to Chicago and do one of these events in Englewood, Austin or Great Grand Crossing neighborhoods? Maybe for that one day there would be 0 shootings and 0 homicides. Doubt it would have much affect on the other violent crimes that last year number in the 10s of thousands.

    Illustrating Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity at

  3. WSJ said that a mag limit was likely in today’s paper. Reid said he would hold a vote on Feinstein’s bill. Stop saying these bills have little chance of passing. All that does it make us drop our guard and then they’ll bring it through.

  4. Every poll I take is 5 to 1 against gun control. Jesse Ventura asked the piers audience who was for him(& gun rights) & it was EVERYONE except 1 person. No way piers would have had a ringer audience against gun control. So now the pres is flapping his yap about concensus? /// Fight em on everything, give them nothing, do not be “reasonable”, there is no gold star for working with the POS in the Whitehouse, Randy

    • You’re just looking at the polls you want to look at; the ones that support your view.

      I think we need to see more polls than that, and see them HERE.

      Enough with the lullabies, man. We need the truth.

  5. Weapons of war have no place on the street. Really? That’s not what the Government argued in United States V. Miller

    Attorneys for the United States argued four points:

    3. The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia.

    The SCOTUS ruled on the issue: The Court also looked to historical sources to explain the meaning of “militia” as set down by the authors of the Constitution:

    “… that ordinarily when called for service these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.”

    How can anyone argue that an AR-15 or equivalent is not in “common use at the time”. Heck, if’n the “militia” were to be joined to the military to fight off armed intruders of other nations, there would be a large portion of repair parts available in Government Armories across the nation if the militia had armed themselves with personally owned AR-15s.

  6. Off topic but did I hear true that Obama wants football controll now? That it is too dangerous?

    Edit to Add: American football not soccer or the nuclear suitcase

  7. Wait one gosh darn minute here!!! Is this April fools!!! The Huffington Post called Biden a LIAR!! OMG!
    I am still have twitches in my left eye from this.. 😉

  8. You know when you think about it — it’s rather infuriating that a president (an American one) would go around the country manipulating people into allowing their rights to be outlawed!

  9. Wasn’t this the President who wouldn’t go after our guns?

    We need to continue to oppose these politicians at every step of the way.

    • Quick question on that. Did he ever actually say he would not go after guns or was this just something people said?

      • This was something pretty much every Obama supporter and Democratic operative said starting at least as far back as 2011.

        • A lot of us were saying he wouldn’t be stupid enough to try, since even though his career is at it’s peak, other people in his party would like to get re-elected.

          Oops. So much for that idea.

  10. First we heard that POTUS wouldn’t come after our guns because gun control is the political “third rail.”

    How’s that working out?

    Now we hear that an AWB can’t pass.

    Wake up. Look at the Senate seats that will be up for election 2014 and tell me if there is a single Democrat who would be at risk if her or she voted for an AWB. If Reid lets the bill come up for a vote, it will pass the Senate by at least 10 votes after picking up phoney NRA A-rateds like Bob Casey. An easy win for the gungrabbers.

    The House is the last line of defense, but don’t count on it to save the day. The pro-2A group is razor thin. Democrats will do what Nancy Pelosi tells them to do, and northern Republicans will defect and vote with the Dems. A narrow win for the gungrabbers.

    Meanwhile, at 2A central, the NRA is stretched thin having to defend in Washington and the states. This broad front attack is intentional and is intended to drain NRA resources that were already depleted bythe 2012 campaign. Guess what? It’s working.

    Finally, in the battle of the media, we are getting completely hosed. We are losing big time.

    Things can change, and we can change them. But unless we do, the chances of an AWB passing, based upon what we know now, is a moral certainty.

    • I’m with Ralph. I’ll feel better when these anti gunners are voted out of office, and face the doppelgänger of an honest days work.

    • The big mistake the pro-gun groups can do is stop fighting even if the DiFi bill gets the boot. There needs to be concerted effort via PACs to disassemble the anti-gun polls at the Federal and State Level on a continuous basis.

      • LaPierra comes across as a stubborn fanatic. Compromise is necessary or the 2A is in jeopardy. This is 2013 not 1813 and there has already been some infringement on the 2A. I recommend a State law requiring a gun license to have or own a gun, any gun. Like the requirement for CCW but for anything to do with guns, a gun license. It will prove to the anti gun lobby that the NRA is mostly law abiding citizens.

        • They don’t need to prove anything to us, we shouldn’t need to prove anything to them. That is what’s called an assumption of guilt and, as much as people like to forget it, is against the law.

  11. I prefer the people outgunning the Police In face they should have the SAME firepower to ensure a free society from the Obama Gestapo!

    • The same or better!
      I mean, look at Waco and Ruby Ridge….I think the Feds were armed pretty well.

  12. The political terrorists are working harder than ever to disarm their tax cattle…The dollar collapse must be near.

    BTW-It is truly shocking that your great TTAC website was over-run by mentally retarded brats…It was to be expected. Bertel is so bad at shock-n-awe journalism…it is almost embarrassing.

  13. Seems reasonable to me that we reduce the number of places of opportunity for crazies to go shooting unopposed. You know…”Gun Free Zones.”

    As for being the police being “outgunned” … really? What do you think the Second Amendment was about? Obama may have been a “constitutional scholar” but not the Constitution governing the United States. We are supposed to be on par with our military, as we are members of the citizen militia, per the Second Amendment, recognition in the Constitutions of many states and the writings at the time, including the Federalist papers.

    Seems “reasonable” to me to see what happens in those places that have allowed adults to carry in schools and other places…oh wait, we’ve seen that. It appears to work to prevent or diminish any incident.

    Carrying a gun doesn’t mean you will win. But it does mean you have a shot at winning.

  14. Meanwhile, the US economy had negative growth in the 4th quarter of 2012. Good to know Obama has his priorities straight – pushing to violate our civil rights while letting the economy collapse due to his incompetent policies.

  15. Actually, he fancies himself a “ruler”.. However, he probably doesn’t have twelve inches…

  16. The POTUS out playing Progressive Demagogue, advocating the disarmament of The People, while missing his FIFTH Budget Deadline and failing to act in any effective manner to actually cut runaway Federal spending, create jobs and keep the Dollar from collapsing ought to demonstrate clearly to any American Citizen that he has an agenda ruinous to the Country he’s supposed to be leading. The most incredible fact is that about half the Country is incapable of seeing this farce for what it is. We are in deep, deep sh*t.

  17. This POTUS is the biggest political opportunist to hold the WH in our history and he is already working on 2014. Anything to make the GOP look bad. The NRA (and I am a member) must take the lead and have it’s own ideas that will appease the liberal left. The liberal left that elected Obama. The liberal left that could take back the House in 2014 and that is what Obama wants to give him full control of the Fed.

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