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[h/t Instapundit]

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  1. The spiral ends when ALL Americans are armed.
    An armed society is a polite society.
    Still true.

    • I think an armed society is a respectful one more so than a polite one.

      Criminals can be very polite while they commit their crimes.

  2. You missed his other two:

    Horrendous details from this Colorado cinema shooting. America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time.

    Lunatics like this will always try and get guns. It should be 100,000 times harder than it is for them to do so. That’s my point. #Colorado

    He’s a recent import from the UK, and he’d just love to bring their “sensible gun restrictions” over here.

  3. Hopefully never…when the “dangerous spiral” of armed conflict stops, that means the thugs with guns have subjugated the defenseless.

    I love how he even states “to defend themselves” then pleads for it to stop. What a sorry sub-human piece of trash, he basically comes out and says he doesn’t want people defending themselves. I hope an armed thug tests that resolve of his someday.

    Send this prick back to the UK where he belongs amongst his fellow subjects. Taking our guns didn’t work 200 years ago, mate, don’t poke the snake a second time.

  4. This is why nobody watches this clown’s show…or CNN in general.

    There is never publicity for all the legal carriers and gun owners who prevent and foil crime every single day, but we’ll hear about this non-stop for the next two weeks as the backdrop for rancorous cries from DC dbags for a laundry list of shiny new gun laws.

  5. Something is rotten in Colorado. Something about the timing of this tragedy is a bit odd. Obviously “high power assault or hunting ” weapons were used if what I heard about wall penetration if true. This happening within a week of the ATT treaty being signed is more than convenient . A Manchurian shooter is not so tin foil an idea when you consider that 1 that this is as anit personal defense administration as we have ever had-2 these are some of the folks who tried the fraudulent Fast and Furious debacle so as to sway national and world attitudes towards gun banning. I would like to see a toxicology report on the shooter looking for psychotropic drugs especial in high dosages. I’m not saying this is so, but they will stop at nothing. Their regard for human life and honesty was displayed during F&F and currently with the Holder stonewall. And they sign the ATT next week. How many congressmen will stick their finger in the wind and possibly change their decision on whether to ratify it or not depending upon “which will get me more votes come November”, or a sudden “transition of opinion”? These are desperate people facing possible ouster in 3 months. Meanwhile the MSM is trying their damn-est to tie the shooter to the Tea Party. I smell a political pile of BS. Or at the very least “Not letting a crisis to go to waste”.

  6. If guns didn’t exist, he’d have stabbed everyone, or blown them up. Or poisoned. Or run down a crowd with his car. Why do I get the feeling my scary black rifle is about to get taken away because a sociopath 2,000 miles away did something no amount of legislation could stop?

  7. I am sure he would feel different watching (helplessly) as his wife gets gang raped or maybe he would be polite as the bloke if he needed some water or a glass of wine.

    • +1

      In the Army we always said “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, something went horribly wrong in the planning phase”. Sociopath with body armor, AK, shot gun, tear gas? Yeah, time to tool up.

  8. I’m usually not prone to violence, but every time I see Piers Morgan’s stupid face with that stupid pucker expression I want to bloody my fists on his noggin.

  9. So people buying guns to protect themselves is the reason nut jobs shoot people? I thought it was because the people they’re shooting at were unarmed?

    Oh Piers, go back to England where nobody gets murdered by anything. Oh wait….

  10. The “dangerous spiral” stops when an OFWG, or other armed citizen, pulls out his legally-carried handgun and shoots the perp(s) – you know, like the OFWG in the Ocala, Fla. internet cafe who stopped the two punks that were trying to hold up the patrons. Or like the woman in the church in Colorado a few years ago shot and stopped the “active shooter” who was about to go into her church and kill people. THAT is when the “spiral” stops, you lib Limey twit.

    Since the shooter in Aurora was a med school student (whose mother admitted he was a nut job), any bets on whether he turns out to be a supporter of Obama? You will know that is the case if the media drops this shooting quickly – like it did when the truth about Loughner came out.

    And have you noticed the ZERO coverage of the fact that the recent Bulgarian suicide bomber was identified by the Bulgarian government as a previous Gitmo detaineee? Released by the Obama administration?

  11. Yeah, because Britain is a island paradise where the people are friendly and so caring for one another that violence is only something they read about in their non-biased and center leaning newspapers. They know that violence only happens in a distant, dark and dangerous world called America, which they gave Independence to because we simply just asked them nicely enough for it, of course. It wasn’t till after they left that we felt an emptiness inside from not having the affections and love of the British monarchy that we decided to start taking up arms and killing each other. We do it out of loathsome rage, and we should look to our wiser brethren in Britain as an example as to how a government should treat its citizens.

  12. If his logic is correct, why is it such a miserable failure in England?
    Piers, stop arguing based on emotion and start using logic. You’re such a failure!

  13. I am very saddened by what happend in Colorado. As a gun owner living in the horrible state of New Jersey I’m also conserned, we can’t carry guns at all. Even stopping to take a piss on the way to or from the range is not so legal. Speaking from experience (I’ve had thugs point guns at me) not allowing law abiding citizens to carry is bad. On another note gun homicides are higher in the UK then they are in Switzarland and just about every Swiss male has a rifle. 

  14. As an Englishman living in Michigan and the proud owner of an AR-15, CZ P-01 and a Savage .308 rifle, I wish Piers would shut up and go home! There are enough problems to sort out in Europe without sticking his nose in anyone’s business over here. 99.9999999999% (a guess!) of gun owners have no intention of committing a crime so shouldn’t be penalized for the actions of one crackpot.

    I love this country, and one of the reasons for that is the relative freedom and notion of personal responsibility & accountability.

  15. I wonder if Mr. Morgan is aware of the reason that sociopaths avoid starting their shooting sprees inside police stations.

  16. I will buy more guns Mr. morgan. I will also get my permit to carry. Up to this point I haven’t gotten one because A.) I have not been able to afford it, and B.) I live in a very safe area. But after seeing what can happen in a “low crime area” I will never be found defenseless in public, or at home ever again.

  17. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims of the terrible event.
    That is where my mind is, healing and prayer. If you want to debate politics and gun control have some tact and keep in mind people died, and love ones were lost.
    This is not directed at TTAG by any means this is to the folks in the media and politics who found it was their right time to jump on board with this issue.
    As far as I am concerned he Mr. Morgan is out of line, and has nothing to say to me.

  18. What no comment from this talking head about the violence in popular media or video games? No outcry against the entertainment industry? Shame on him.

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