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The big question during the Obama family’s spring break to Cuba: will the President of the United States chide Cuba for its human rights violations? I know what you’re thinking: Mr. Obama should have addressed the issue before his trip, demanding some sort of concessions before blessing the Castro regime with this PR coup. Like demanding the return of a New Jersey cop killer. Or not arresting 180 “dissidents” ahead of the President’s visit. I digress. Well, not really. ‘Cause with all this talk of the lack of freedom of speech and religion in Cuba no one has mentioned gun rights. Of course, if Cubans had gun rights, it wouldn’t be a tyranny. Which is why they don’t have them. Right?

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    • Phantom,

      Why would you assume that they are discussing human rights?

      (Of course you imply that in your question as well.)

      • Uncommon sense – I was responding to the first sentence in Mr. Farago’s article. My point being that our current President disregards the majority of the people and rules with total power. In this case I overstated the situation. I believe the military and an armed population keep him in some degree of check. Certainly the legislative and judicial branches do not.

      • Maybe that’s why a bunch of dissidents were rounded up mere hours before Obama’s visit. I’d be willing to take a bet that the Castro boys give Obama a secret tour of a facility for the dissidents and offer him an chance to slap the dissident around. I know he wants to. He envies all the tyrants of the world.

  1. “Rules for Radicals” public book signing, by two great former students, in Havana for one day only, get your free signed copy today!

  2. Of course they do. Neither of those entities in the title believe that gun rights are rights. Duh. You have the right to free speech but not right to defense of your free speech because because violence against oppressive regimes is wrong, even though that’s how this regime came into power and said oppressive regime is violent itself.

    • Its almost like the revolutionaries in Cuba read Mao’s book about political power coming out of the barrel of a gun….. I guess they are the only ones with the guns.

  3. I can count on one hand the things Obama has done during his administration that I support. One is the Iran deal, the other is opening relations with Cuba and setting us on the road to end the stupid embargo.

    We’ve had the embargo for what, over 50 years? Fat lot of good it has done. You end the embargo and in ten years communism will be a punchline in Cuba.

    Now, of course Obama is anti-gun. He doesn’t think gun rights are civil rights. He’s wrong and Cubans’ right of self-defense should be part of the speech. But as far as the propriety of opening relations, it’s past due. And by the way Republican Senator Jeff Flake (Arizona, conservative mormon – NRA A Rating) gets it and is on the trip.

  4. Well, The US is officially now communist, so I’m not surprised Cuba arrested a bunch of protesters, threw them on a bus to sweep them under the rug (out of sight – out of mind), the US ignored the action and approved of the result, and the visit is underway. Cuba and the US will soon be the best of friends. Our governments become more alike every day.

  5. Well one guy is pointing out what a POS Bury Soetoro is -TED CRUZ. Methinks the Soetoro clan just wanted a vacation in Cuba on the public dime…black live don’t matter(south of Miami).

  6. “Of course, if Cubans had gun rights, it wouldn’t be a tyranny.”

    I don’t think it’s quite that simple. Gun rights alone won’t keep tyranny at bay. You also need a population that will push back (including using those gun rights if necessary as a last resort) against government overreach wherever and whenever it rears up.

    America, as a whole, has the most well-protected gun rights in the world, but that hasn’t stopped our slow slide toward government oppression, because the majority of Americans are either apathetic to the loss of their liberty, or choose to give it up willingly.

  7. >demanding the return of a New Jersey cop killer

    Maybe when the US arrests and extradites Luis Posada Carriles.


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