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Former President Barack Obama demonstrates that, for the hoplophobic left, advocating for ever-more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms is a fact-free endeavor.

Our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon at any time without much regulation.

They can buy it over the internet. They can buy machine guns. And for me, having to speak to parents who have lost a child, just two days or a day after it had happened, and not being able to assure them that that would change, that we would fix this….

I couldn’t bring their children back, but I couldn’t even promise them that we would change the laws so that this wouldn’t happen to somebody else’s children.

– President Barack Obama in Barack Obama says U.S. gun laws ‘don’t make sense’ and that it’s too easy to ‘buy machine guns online’ as he reveals Sandy Hook massacre was the ‘hardest day’ of his life


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  1. The problem with America is it’s too easy to bullshit your way into the White House.

    • It is when you have 90% of the press functioning as extensions of your campaign, up to and including telling a bold-faced lie on live TV when you are pinned in debates.

      • Yes, I wasn’t excluding the present POTUS in that comment. I do think the businessman bullshitter is less pernicious than the communist bullshitter though.

    • I think we should all agree with this moron. Then point out that if 22,000 gun control laws have no more effect than the war on drugs has had, we should toss both into the crapper together, and trust our souls to the beneficence of Lord Darwin.

      • Darwin is dead, he ain’t lord of squat.

        With a basic grounding in science, the intellectually honest can easily see that his theory is crap.

      • “I think we should all agree with this moron. Then point out that if 22,000 gun control laws have no more effect than the war on drugs has had, we should toss both into the crapper together, and trust our souls to the beneficence of Lord Darwin.”

        How many times do we have to go over this. Of course State laws are ineffective because States with lax laws funnel tens of thousands of illegal guns into States that have strict laws. Only a Federal Law would curtail this. Go to any bar in any strict state and see how fast you can buy a gun under the table or a free wheeling gun show that with a wink and nod you can often buy guns out of car trunks right in a parking lot. It happens ever day. And remember Bernhard Goetz the “sub-way vigilante” who lived in New York, he had no trouble getting a gun by going to another State with lax gun laws.

        • Funny how the states with “lax” gun laws don’t have the problems that states with strict gun laws do…

        • Vlad, do you live on the same planet as the rest of us? There is no pipeline. There is no gun show loophole. Or, any of that other bullshit you guys spouse. Don’t believe me? Go to a gun show. See how many guns you can buy from the trunk of a car.

        • Brazil has really strict gun control laws throughout the whole country, and criminals there have no problem getting guns. They have a much higher homicide rate than we do, and they have a thriving underground gun manufacturing industry. periodically features some of the interesting black market locally-created guns that are routinely confiscated.

          1. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.
          2. Civilian gun ownership has no correlation with crime rate.

        • And when you finally get your precious “Federal” gun laws – you will complain that it’s too easy to get guns from other countries.

          Or do you honestly believe that no enterprising young men will run illegal guns into the US from our southern border or the coasts?

          This is the entire problem with the left – their policies are failures – and they use those failures to advocate for more failed policy – never once thinking that their policies might not actually work no matter the scale.

        • As usual you start off with your smart assed condescending tone and then present YOUR facts leaving out just enough pertinent information to give your bullshit a false sense of validity.. The fact is that Goetz could have purchased a firearm just about anywhere in the country prior to 1998 when the NCIS which was mandated by the Brady Bill was finally implemented by the FBI… The only thing that kept Goetz from purchasing a gun in New York was the questionable “Sullivan Act” of 1911 which required permits on a “MAY issue” basis for HANDGUN ownership, No State other than New York has a similar system for handgun permits .. As far as Federal law, what would you suggest? How about the one Obama and Holder used to straw purchase and funnel hundreds if not thousands of guns illegally into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.. I was also curious about that 20,000 plus gun laws thing and seems that those numbers are questionable (much like YOUR facts) it seems the number was first used by Liberals in the 60’s as a “talking point” and has been repeated continuously for the last 5 decades. Reality is no one knows how many “gun laws” there are ranging from local, to county, to state and Feds. Sounds more screwed up than even the IRS… Gee I wonder how you will respond.

        • Precisely, Vlad, you continue to restate the obvious. Gun control does not work, and never will. We already have all the federal laws we need (and then some), a prohibited person can go to prison for 5 years for simply holding a firearm. See? All taken care of. Even if you are not a prohibited person, it is generally illegal to shoot people, at least in most states. You seem to think you know some secret, which would do something magical about violent assholes with a simple law. Why not let us in on your genius plan?

          Oh, and if your reference to “illegal guns” was not a misprint, maybe you should reread the second amendment, because there is no such thing.

        • “Vlad, do you live on the same planet as the rest of us? There is no pipeline. There is no gun show loophole. Or, any of that other bullshit you guys spouse. Don’t believe me? Go to a gun show. See how many guns you can buy from the trunk of a car.”

          Sorry Gladsten but I live in a Lax State and yes you can buy guns out of a car trunk. But usually that is not necessary because inside the show you need no paperwork either. And this is from first hand experience dating from my first gun show in 1962. And if you want to we can bet any amount of money you wish. Just come to my State sometime and we can put it all on film, especially the part when you lose and have to pay me. I guarantee you that I can walk into the show and buy a gun without any paperwork and sometimes without even showing my drivers license although you are supposed to. Technically most shows will ask you to leave permanently if you are caught buying them out of the trunk but its not illegal according to the law in most places and yes I have seen it happen. And in order not to get banned by shows that prohibit trunk sales as a matter of policy the sly buying dogs just drive down the street a block and then open up the trunk and complete the sale and its all legal in most places. I have personally seen this happen as well and again it was not and still is not illegal in most places. I have also seen gun sales take place in parking lots outside of gun stores as well as in parking lots outside of banks. Here is a first hand example. I saw and overheard this. There was a guy trying to sell his guns in a gun store. The store offered him half of what they were worth. Another man simply said screw this gun store follow me down to my bank and I will get you the cash. Both men then left to complete the sale. By the way I saw this guy later at a gun show selling what he had recently bought because he still bought them low enough to re-sell them the next day and still make money, his net profit was $450 bucks in only 24 hours on just 3 guns. Welcome to the land of unlimited, unregistered, unvetted gun sales where money talks and bullshit walks.

          Now try and tell me I do not live in the real world and you are not the one that is living in a fantasy world. I have got 57 years experience in the wheeling and dealing world of gun sales. I was probably buying guns when you were still unborn. Your only making a fool of yourself with your posts. There were several old foxes sitting here with me reading your posts and they all had a smile on their face. They said ” this guy must have just graduated from high school”, so much the better it means more profit for us. And by the way these guys do not break the law because its perfectly legal.

        • God, this getting tiresome! If you like trolling so much, buy a freakin boat.

        • Then explain why states with more permissive gun laws, that are adjacent to states with stricter gun laws, have lower murder rates.

          Massachusetts has far stricter gun laws than New Hampshire and Maine, yet a higher murder rate.
          Maryland has much stricter gun laws than Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, yet it has a much higher murder rate.
          Illinois has stricter gun laws than Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Indiana, yet has a much higher murder rate.
          Washington and Oregon have stricter gun laws than Idaho, yet both have a higher murder rate.

          US States Map – Murder Rates 2017 (Image):

          Data Source (FBI-UCR):

        • So what you’re proposing is Universal Background Checks (i.e. all firearms transfer are required to have background check). In 2013 and 2014, Colorado and Washington (state) implemented Universal Background Checks, respectively. The UBC laws in neither state has decreased any crime rate.

          The Results:
          In Colorado, all violent crime rates have risen since the implementation of the UBC law, including murder.

          Colorado Violent Crime Rates 2000-2017 (graph):

          In Washington, except robbery, all violent crime rates have risen since the implementation of the UBC law, including murder. In the case of the robbery rate, it started to decline after 2009, and it did not decline any quicker after the UBC law was implemented. That means the law had no effect on robberies.

          Washington Violent Crime Rates 2000-2017 (graph):

          To further discredit your theory about imported guns, according to, both states are net exporters of crime guns. Put simply, the majority of crime guns are not from out of state.

          Trace The Guns:

          Crime Rate Data Sources (FBI-Uniform Crime Report):

        • vlad. first off you’re lying. You’ve never been to a gun show. You’re the same guy that used to claim we had hundreds and thousands of school shootings every day.

          Had you actually been alive in 1962 you would have known that just about every state in America allowed folks to buy guns with little to no paperwork. We still had mail order guns then.

          The 1968 Civil Rights Violation law changed all that. But since you haven’t lived through any of that and never touched a real gun in your life you haven’t a clue. And it shows.

        • You know every time one of you libs tries to talk public policy, it invariably comes out as some variation of;

          “If we could only be allowed to control EVERYTHING, we’d be able to control EVERYTHING and make things better! It’s the only way we’ll ever be able to control EVERYTHING so it’s our only option! It’s the only way things can be better!”

          1) You can’t control everything; it’s a mental illness to think you or any government can, largely because…
          2) We (normal people lacking this mental illness) don’t want you controlling everything in our lives, because…
          3) Every time you people get even some measure real authority, you immediately use it to destroy everything you possibly can, and demand still more power because “it’s the only way to make things better”

        • Vlad…how about heroin…highly illegal in ALL 50 states…but still pretty easily obtained if you really want it…no ID needed…no background checks…no waiting periods…
          If people want something…they will find ways to get it…legally or not.
          Please deal in reality.

        • To Slow Max
          “The only thing that kept Goetz from purchasing a gun in New York was the questionable “Sullivan Act” of 1911 which required permits on a “MAY issue” basis for HANDGUN ownership,”

          That was precisely my point. Goetz flouted New Yorks laws because there was not a Federal Law that would have stopped him from getting a gun in another State if the laws had been the same as New York. And so it goes on today as well. Anybody in New York today that gets denied a gun purchase can get a gun in or from another state with lax laws. This is not rocket science any 6th grader could comprehend this. And by the way if you knew anything at all about what happened Goetz was denied even the purchase of a hand gun not just a permit to carry one. That is why he went to Florida and had to buy one in Florida. Research before you make a fool of yourself. If he could have bought a handgun in New York he would have and carried it anyway without a permit.

        • Duhhhh that was partially my point but which I’m sure most people could figure out, the rest was that he could have gone to New Jersey, Ct, Md, Pa or any other state and bought it, because only NY had that stupid “May issue” permit JUST to PURCHASE a handgun, but thanks for pointing out your dimwitted inability to understand intent. What’s up? Such a short response, did your mommy limit your computer time tonight?

        • “Then explain why states with more permissive gun laws, that are adjacent to states with stricter gun laws, have lower murder rates.”

          Your own link proves you wrong. Illinois with tough gun laws naturally has a higher incidence in crime because areas like Chicago that have high population densities , and massive unemployment and more crime while States with low population densities therefore have much less unemployed people naturally have less crime and less strict gun laws. And lets not forget that those states with lax laws are funneling in guns to states like Chicago Illinois which tends to make a mockery of strict gun laws that otherwise would have worked to a much greater degree. Everything I previously posted about gun running only proves my point and totally destroys your theories.

        • To Storm.
          “To further discredit your theory about imported guns, according to, both states are net exporters of crime guns. Put simply, the majority of crime guns are not from out of state.”

          Its obvious you do not understand the stats you are referring to. First off the examples you picked and chose were low density , low unemployment, low crime states and you admitted that they were exporters of guns to other states. That is exactly what I have been speaking about. Low gun control states exporting guns to high crime states and cities. Its you who have proved yourself wrong on this one.

        • To slow Max
          “Duhhhh that was partially my point but which I’m sure most people could figure out, the rest was that he could have gone to New Jersey, Ct, Md, Pa or any other state and bought it, because only NY had that stupid “May issue” permit JUST to PURCHASE a handgun, but thanks for pointing out your dimwitted inability to understand intent. What’s up? Such a short response, did your mommy limit your computer time tonight?”

          I see the word Duhhh is part of your mental process. Your rant proved the opposite of what you were trying to prove i.e. that without uniform Federal laws State laws are meaningless now what part of this do you not understand.

        • You dont have any clue about what you’re talking about. At least read the law regarding out of state gun and gun show purchases.

        • It’s not a supply side problem it’s a demand side problem. Properly incarcerate Chicago’s shitty people and leave the fine folks of Indiana alone.

        • “Funny how the states with “lax” gun laws don’t have the problems that states with strict gun laws do…”

          This would be a logical expectation. In keeping the cart behind the horse it is a matter of demographics and population. If one out of every one-hundred people is a violent criminal then the greater the population, the greater number of violent criminals per.
          When people are victimized they are more likely to support anti-gun legislation.
          More violent criminals = more violent crime = more victims. And more victims equate to more gun laws. The laws are always in response to something.

      • I agree that gun laws haven’t affected mass shootings. Because its not the gun, it’s the moron holding the gun. Same with drugs. Drugs can be lifesavers, but if the recipient misuses them, there’s a problem. It is never the item, it’s the user the alleged human that cause the problems.

      • We should try a law…..How about God’s “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Ooops, tried that, didn’t work.
        How about man’s Murder 1; Murder 2; Manslaughter. There that will do it. Ooops, those didn’t work.
        Let’s try 22,000+ laws against the Second Amendment. There, that will surely do it. Ooops, didn’t.
        Well, maybe just one more law from Ole Creepy, Sleepy, Fire Two Blasts In The Air, Crazy Joe.
        Ooops, that ain’t gonna do it either.
        A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun. He only controls the good guys….which is his true agenda.
        “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
        You cannot control the act itself
        by passing laws about the means employed.”
        The late Col Jeff Cooper, 1958
        Handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy
        For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly. “Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.”

        • Vlad, You are either ignorant or a useful fool and troll.

          Go to a gun show and learn the truth about the left wing lies about guns.

    • Find yourself a good Firearms Lawyer first! They can help you navigate the “Legaleze” written to help you obtain one ☝️

    • IF BY SOME CHANCE YOU DO FIND A “MACHINE GUN” on the internet, what do you think will show up first, the gestapo or the gun?? the N.S.A. and the F.B.I. and a half-dozen other spook “INTELLEGENCE” agencys that monitor the every-word you send over the internet, they watch ALL firearms transfer,sales rental or other ways of moving weapons in this country. the chances are that it is the cops that are trolling for stupid with the for sale “machine-gun”.. GOOD LUCK..

    • If you can equate legal semi-autos that look like machineguns with actual machine guns like Obama and the other libturds do, then it’s not at all hard to buy one online… taking delivery of it is a bit more of a trick, as that will require having your legal semi-auto (that looks like a machinegun) shipped to your local FFL who will require you fill out and sign Form 4473 and pass a NICS background check or whatever your state may allow as an equal substitute…

      Were it as “easy” to buy an actual machinegun, it would still be infringement! #RepealNFA

      • Well they did equate the Mooch to be a woman. When we all know that Mike was the first husband, not the first lady…

    • Well, I hate to point it out, but clearly there’s an issue with glock conversion kits. Just Sayin

    • He just got paid $600,000 to speak AND charged $3,200 or $2,600 for photo ops, I don’t remember which amount, but either way there were people paying it.

      • “He just got paid $600,000 to speak AND charged $3,200 or $2,600 for photo ops, I don’t remember which amount, but either way there were people paying it.”

        It is a form of money laundering. $600,00 for a speech, seriously? For a speech that can be watched on the internet for free?

    • There are several posts on my property which are not as dumb as he is, but even then, this sounds suspicious. Do we really believe he is *that* stupid, or is he still lying?

      • That turds lips were moving, hence he was lying. Never had an honest word out of his mouth in his life.

  2. He’s the former president of the US. I dare him to try and buy a machine gun in the US. Keep a journal and show us just how easy it is.

  3. If you’re going to quote someone, you might want to actually quote the words they said, not things they did not.

    Oh, wait, it’s Zimmerman, that explains the lack of good faith.

    • I clicked the link and the quote is accurate. It isn’t word for word, and perhaps not in the order he said it, but in terms of substance, this is indeed what Shitboy said.

      And it isn’t very remarkable, either. A lot of liberals believe this bullshit. I personally know otherwise educated and informed people who have said similar things. These are standard, doctrinaire beliefs in the Church of Leftist Assholes.

      • That is a symptom of the lib derangement syndrome. Such are easily lead into slavery by their evil leaders. They are blind to the obvious truths of life, are not well read on history and live their lives tied to [anti]social media.

    • Don’t forget “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” and the checks in the mail.

    • We cannot honestly say that.

      James Buchanan was the single worst POTUS we’ve had. His actions and policies led directly to the Civil War, which cost the lives of about 750,000 people, as new estimates show.

      In the fullness of history, Barack Obama will certainly rank in the “worst 10” presidents in history, as will George W. Bush, Woodrow Wilson, and a few others. But James Buchanan will always top the list for his feckless stupidity that brought on the Civil War.

        • No matter your opinion on the war in Iraq he did usher in an age of big state with massive amounts of monitoring of US Citizens.

        • Bush was no ‘conservative.’ A man who pushed to increase the entitlement problem (Medicare Part D), and then threw three-quarters of a trillion dollars at the banking industry “to save capitalism” deserves a spot on the list of worst presidents. Bush was many things, but he was never a ‘conservative.’

          That’s before we get to his feckless stupidity in dealing with Mexico and our border issue.

        • There could be differing opinions on the banking bailout, but $860 billion on “shovel ready” infrastructure which only accomplished the enrichment of Yomama’s cronies is a level of both corruption and stupidity far beyond any president during my 70+ years

        • I don’t need a MSM to tell me that our presidents ran straight downhill from Reagan through GWB43.
          I watched it all happen.

          Come on, can anybody seriously argue with the notion that stroke of the pen gun ban GHWB was worse than Reagan, that Clinton did more harm in 8 years than Bush was able to do in four, that “Patriot Act” GWB successfully pushed some statist legislation that LBJ would have never dreamed possible, or that Obama managed to be worse than GWB?

      • It was the traitor Lincoln that started the civil war and used slavery as a false reason for it to keep Europe from helping the South.

        • Uh… the war started before he took office and the British did help the south. Why do you think they called the rebels’ rifles ‘Enfields’?

      • Jimmy Carter would be a close 2nd. His mistakes still haunt us today in so many ways. And he’s still alive.

        • Jimmy Carter will always hold a place in the list of worst US presidents for disproving the economic “law” that you cannot have rising unemployment and inflation at the same time.

          That was quite some trick, but Jimmy made it look easy.

        • I contend that if Hillary had been elected, by *now* (never mind by the end of her disaster) she would have put this discussion to rest, possibly by instigating another civil war.

        • Carter’s mistakes were just that, mistakes.
          He was incompetent, but he was the last president who I am not at all suspicious of his motives.

      • Not many will understand why Wilson was probably the worst president, in same category as FDR, and that’s why we’re losing.

        • True. Americans are really quite ignorant of our own history.

          Wilson is, for me, the second worst POTUS in US history. His presidency should have served as a warning to succeeding generations to never elect people with Ivy League degrees. Wilson was an academic of the worst sort (he entered Princeton as a student and ended up as president of the university), and a cautionary tale of what a bunch of useless, lying, despotic totalitarians academics can be at their core.

        • Both of them can share that seat for all I care. The real story is that somehow this country survived both of them.

      • I don’t think slavery was going to end without war. And I think the Confederacy was itching for a fight. But it does make for an interesting thought experiment – what would have happened if war was averted. The two countries may have normalized relations, but I think the abolitionist sentiment in the Union and Europe would have increased over time. I don’t think the Confederacy would have caved to economic pressure before the 20th century and then you’ve got a situation where there’s two Americas potentially on different sides of the Great War. Certainly there would have been a widespread sentiment in the north that their grandfathers should have taken care of the rebellion in 1861 and perhaps it was time to right that wrong. Had the carnage waited until ~1914-1918 I think the toll would have been much higher. Interesting possibilities. A little naive to think that the war was likely avoidable though, IMHO.

        • “I don’t think slavery was going to end without war.”

          We can never know. Two things that were not tried (likely because the so-called North feared losing): constitutional amendment; appeal to the SC (have read that the Chief Justice told Lincoln the Chief could not guarantee an outcome).

          Similarly, today we face mere legislation attempting to overturn a provision of the constitution. Anti-gun people are in great fear they cannot muster a repeal/modification of 2A, and are trying to do through simple legislation that which they cannot do via the amendment process. In our case, the SC has sorta taken on the legislative end run around the constitution, yet the lower courts and the states (little “s” intentional) simply ignore the SC and carry on as if nothing happened.

        • Every other Western nation abolished slavery without a war. We could have done it, too. I recommend The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas Di Lorenzo for the facts about Lincoln. Lincoln is the reason that presidents think they can do whatever they want.

        • “Lincoln is the reason that presidents think they can do whatever they want.”

          Lincoln was obsessed (as were others) with the notion of preserving the union, simply for the sake of union. I haven’t read everything written by all the founders regarding the longevity, importance or insistence that the union survive a peaceful dissolution, but the idea that the union must be preserved regardless of the quality, equity, fidelity to the founding principles doesn’t seem to have been a serious topic.

          If there was no founding principle at risk, then why the insistence that the union persist? Was it the fear that as a separate nation, the Confederacy would use international trade to grow replacement resources held by “the North”? Was it fear that a strong Confederacy would seek to integrate the US by force? What really was the reason to preserve a union constantly engaged in relatively overt political civil war?

        • ‘Every other Western nation abolished slavery without a war.’

          Although Belgium continued the practice into the 20th century. And there’s a lot of differences between European colonial slavery and American slavery. The biggest was that slavery was practiced in the Caribbean colonies for the production of sugar as opposed to cotton. When the British blockaded Napoleon he responded by creating the beat sugar industry which didn’t rely on imports as beets grew just fine in Europe. By the middle of the 19th century beets were rapidly replacing cane sugar and the need for slaves was evaporating. On the other hand a commercially successful cotton picker didn’t come around until after WWII.

          So it’s entirely plausible that if the Civil War had been averted slavery and the split would have still existed in 1914. However I’m not entirely sure which side the north and south would have lined up on. We sided with Britain and France more out of economic necessity than ideological grounds, although the German atrocities in Belgium didn’t help their cause. The simple fact was that we wanted to sell to the combatants and selling to Germany wasn’t an option due to the British blockade. And when the British commandeered a merchant ship they seized their cargo and cut them a check for the full market value. The Germans didn’t have that option without a superior floating armada. The only way for them to keep American material out of the hands of the enemy was to sink the ship without warning. By 1917 the decision was made easy for us.

          Britain was the primary importer of American cotton, so it’s quite possible they would have continued a cozy relationship with them, meanwhile much of the northern Union was (is) comprised of German immigrants and their descendants. Both sides in Europe would have coveted both the cotton and the northern industrial production, and without the preservation of the union the Confederacy would have made quite an effort to create their own industries. Either way, if the two Americas hadn’t resolved their differences it’s likely that opposing alliances would have led to American involvement in the European war being conducted on American soil, not European. Without American industrial production, and the infusion of fresh American troops, it’s likely that the Germans would have won the First World War. While this would likely have been disastrous at the time, it would have prevented the rise of Hitler, or perhaps an alternate dictator would arise from the defeated France or Britain. Now I’m really going down the rabbit hole…

        • Lol slavery was just a little part of why the civil war happened and only rich demoncraps had slaves there were move slave owners in the north then south general lee never owned a slave and the war was more about the federal government trying to control the southern states on many issues just not slavery and if that was the cas lincoln would of freed them before the war started not a yr and half later when he used it to get more support cause the north was useing read a history book more and not one in a government library

        • The war started before Lincoln was president.

          Also, care to share with us what those other issues were?

      • Had the south not attacked Fort Sumpter, there would have been no civil war. Buchanan, like all presidents had limited power and it is Congress that makes the big decisions.

        Frankly, the Nation is going to be split up anyway in the next decade or so.

        • “Had the south not attacked Fort Sumpter, there would have been no civil war. ”

          Militarily, the attack was folly. Politically it was premature. Logistically it was a disaster.

          But taking the position that the US Constitution was not a suicide pact where States permanently surrendered their sovereignty to join or disengage from a compact that no longer served, the seceding States formed a new compact, and a new national identity. Thus, the island hosting Ft. Sumter belonged to the Confederacy, South Carolina specifically. Federal forces at Ft. Sumter represented an unauthorized foreign military outpost. The new nation had the right to forcefully eject the foreign power. But a “right” is no good if you can’t enforce it. Thus the attack on Ft. Sumter (a truly rash move by P.T.G. Beauregard).

          Considering Ft. Sumter presented no threat of invasion of Charleston, there was actually no immediate military need to attack the fort. At some point after establishing the Confederate States, forces at Ft. Sumter may have tried to prevent ships sailing into Charleston harbor. Such action would have rightly been considered a blockade, an act of war. At that point, reduction of the fort would have been properly justified. Alternatively, being completely isolated, the commander at Ft. Sumter may have simply defiantly sustained the fort, impotent thought it may have been (actually, Ft. Sumter could have easily been starved into submission or destruction).

          In short, Ft. Sumter was not the linchpin to civil war. We cannot state as a certainty that no other act on the part of the US or the Confederacy would have precipitated the war. We do know “the North” was divided on both slavery and union. Beauregard obliterated any other future.

        • There was a war raging in Kansas and Missouri well prior to Fort Sumter., with organized “militias” attacking civilians and engaging in wholesale slaughter. See, e.g., Bleeding Kansas.

        • Yeah, “Brother” John Brown killed 5 pro slavers in Kansas in 1856, and was captured in 1859 trying to raid the federal armory at Harpers Ferry Va. the plan was to arm slaves and start a revolt… John Browns actions are considered to be instrumental in the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 which in turn led to secession and the formation of the CSA ultimately leading to the Civil War….

  4. Ok… let’s make a little harder to buy machine guns over the internet, maybe ask a few questions…1 will you be needing ammo, 2 would you like a suppressor with your machine gun

  5. Since leaving the White House, Mr. Obama continues to show that how he was protected in the extreme by the White House Press Corpse – covering up his gaffes and display of ignorance about large policy issues.

    Now that he’s speaking outside the office of the presidency and he’s covered by the ‘normal’ press, we’re starting to see, in story after story, just how ignorant this man is.

  6. So this is part of the attempt to equate any semi-auto with a full-auto gun … Semi-auto = fully semi auto = machine gun. Check.

  7. “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” -Some Dipshit who hadn’t read the facts first.

    Obama had never been accused of an overabundance of integrity, this latest statement is nothing new.

  8. The man is either purposely lying or a total Effing Moron and a Marxist,smartest man in the world only in the warped mind of himself and fellow travelers.

  9. To be fair, the Chinese appear to have sold several thousand devices into the US that provide full auto capabilities to Glock handguns. The ATF appears to be running around madly trying to find them all, and pick them up, since any part or mechanism that turns a semiautomatic firearm into a fully automatic machine gun is classed as a machine gun itself, and if manufactured in the last 30 or so years is pretty much illegal, per se.

    Except for the giggle factor, I don’t really see the utility of a full auto capability for a Glock handgun. I know that I would want to stand way back and behind most people trying to shoot such a weapon. Maybe in the next county.

    • They make everything from arm braces to shoulder stocks to 16″ barrels for Glocks.

      I bet you could make something more functional than a MP5 from a Glock, that ‘giggle switch’, and some common mail order parts.

  10. Yea right, Hello, Yes, I would like to buy one of those M2 .50 cal machine guns. Sure, just need your credit card number and shipping address. Once again, Obama not knowing WTF he is talking about.

    On the lighter side, I see where Grant County, (Washington State) Sheriff announced he has directed his deputies not to enforce WA I-1639, which is unconstitutional. Good for him.

  11. I’ve bought a few machine guns online.

    This is generally how it went.

    1. Locate online ad for Machine Gun.
    2. Contact Seller and Negotiate Payment and Terms.
    3. Make payment or sometimes partial payment to seller.
    4. Submit all required legal documents to the BATFE
    5. Wait.
    6. Wait.
    7. Wait – maybe make additional or final payments depending on negotiated terms. Payments generally total minimum $5000, and personally for me over $25000.
    8. Wait again.
    9. Wait some more.
    10. After 6 months to 1 year. BATFE approval paperwork comes through. Woohoo.
    11. Pick up and play with the new toy with the happy switch. Make sure to have lots of ammo it goes quick.

    Somehow I’m guessing this is neither how Barack thinks it happens or is trying to portray it as happening.

    • He is purposely trying to conflate machine guns with semi autos,ie fully semi automatics as if such a thing actually existed.

      • “He is purposely trying to conflate machine guns with semi autos…”

        Too much credit. He declared that it is easier to get a gun online than a library card. No conflation needed. Lies are coin of the realm for these people.

    • By “approval paperwork,” you mean papers ATF keeps on file forever containing:
      1. Your full name
      2. Address
      3. Phone number
      4. Gun details including manufacturer, model, caliber, serial number
      5. Your FFL/SOT’s license information
      6. Copy of your trust (if you used one)
      7. Fingerprints (yours and all your “responsible persons” if you used a trust)
      8. Photograph (yours and all your “responsible persons” if you used a trust)
      9. Proof you notified the Chief Law Enforcement Officer wherever you live
      10. Don’t forget the $200 tax
      11. Am I forgetting something? Probably.

      Oh, and before you could take possession of your “internet machine gun” you (and your “responsible persons”) had to pass a background check by the FBI (criminal history, misdemeanor domestics, restraining orders, no-fly list, etc.).

      • Actually all of that was in step 4.

        4. Submit all required legal documents to the BATFE

        The approval paperwork from the BATFE is literally a Stamp, kind of like the type we all used to use for sending mail placed on the top of the original form submitted in step 4. Plus a signature of the BATFE agent approving said transfer.

        And yes there is a $200 fee for the stamp and depending on Individual, Trust, or Corporate filing may be pictures, fingerprints, Corporate charter docs, etc. included in the documents originally sent to the BATFE.

  12. He’s right you know. I ordered my Ma Deuce on Amazon the other day and got 2 day free shipping. Not bad for a 30 lb gun that’s clearly an oversized crate. I like the special tracer ammo deal that went along with it.

  13. “I couldn’t even promise them that we would change the laws”

    That’s cause as President your job was to execute laws, not change them. That’s what you did when you were a Senator. It seems that point never ended up getting through to you, even now you’re still ignorant of basic government functioning.

    He’s right though, it’s super easy to buy a machine gun online. All you need to do is go to and literally go to the Machine Gun section. From there if you want a buy one of the evil black rifles capable of full or burst fire you just need a cool $15,000 (but maybe even $25,000, depending, oh and make sure it’s transferable of course, we all know if it was made after 1986 that it isn’t). Just drop your cash and boom! That’s it! Shipped right to your door. That is, as long as you’re an FFL. Of course if you aren’t then you need to fill out your appropriate forms and mail them, along with a $200 fee to the ATF and then wait several months for their approval before you can actually take your machine gun home with you. It truly that easy, and if you ever want to take it out of state you just need to notify the ATF when and where you’re taking for it and wait for their approval on that as well.

    I mean I jump through more hoops to buy a book, y’know. I got to go to Amazon and hit Buy Now and then I have it in a day or two, shipped anywhere in the lower 48 to my door.

    Such a sad state of affairs this country is in.

    • “That’s what you did when you were a Senator…”

      I mean… he didn’t…. but that was what he was supposed to be doing.

  14. If its so easy to buy a machine gun Mr Obslama. Can you show or tell me how to do it please.
    Still a POS of a man. I hope the next to get investigated is you buddy. Right after your FBI and DOJ cohorts.

    • It is certainly looking like BO was weaponizing the FBI, CIA, NSA and other Fed organizations against the citizenry as early as 2012, maybe earlier. I think he is in Barr’s sights. There is no way he didn’t know what his seconds were up to, all of them. The day he goes down will be a bright day for the cause of freedom.

  15. If he is talking from personal experience, then yes, machine guns are easy to get.
    Step 1:Become cartel member
    Step 2: Simply wait until Obama and Holder send you one
    Step 3: Use it to kill innocent mexicans and American border patrol agents
    See how easy that is? If you are a scumbag, other scumbags, even those in government leadership positions will send you machine guns and .50 Cals at a fast and furious rate.

  16. Recently I attended a lunch gathering with my wife and a number of liberals and a few who are not. All are also genuine friends, including two university faculty. This is the first I attended although my wife, who is somewhat more reserved, has complained that they sometimes become liberal sniping sessions.

    The first topic out of the gate was how easy it is to buy a military grade assault weapon at Walmart based on similar disinformation, probably from NPR. I quietly, but authoritatively set the record straight including what really constitutes a military grade assault weapon, how hard it really is to buy one manufactured before 1986, the voluntary constraints to personal liberty one must endure to own one, and that Walmart quit selling sporting class AR-15s some time ago (2015 I learned later).

    After that, everything smoothed out and we all had a really nice lunch punctuated by discussions of family, planned summer vacations, and other similar topics. My wife was very appreciative.

    • The left media mis-informs. It’s up to us to help set the record straight with liberal friends/acquaintances. Face-to-face conversation seems to be the most effective.

  17. Mr. obama made it easy for police departments to tool up with full auto surplus, MRAPs, and other combat gear so the no knock raids go especially violent.

  18. You complain about him not sticking to facts, but your post is dishonest itself. The headline makes it sound like he said you can easily buy machine guns online. He didn’t say that as you clearly demonstrate in the quote. He said you can buy guns without much regulation AND “They can buy it over the internet.” AND”They can buy machine guns.” NOT “They can easily buy machine guns over the internet.” The “buy machine guns online” part is even in quotes in the link even though that is not a quote.

    Please stick to “the truth about guns” rather than distorting information to fit your agenda. Many of us that support the 2nd Amendment get sick and tired of seeing both the Left and the Right continually spinning information and distorting statistics for their purposes. The truth is more interesting and more important.

    • Bullshit. You seriously think those statements are completely disconnected from each other?

      BTW, I have some nice oceanfront property for sale that you might be interested in. It’s in Montana.

      • You know these same people would try to defend him if he was on Facebook murdering a Republican in the oval office!?

  19. I cannot get myself aggravated today with utter bullshit.

    On a completely different subject – Anyone know anything about Idaho Falls Id? I may be done with Fl and there’s an opportunity there. I’ve travelled all over for a long time but never made it to Idaho. All I know is it looks nice.

    • Idaho Falls – pretty heavily LDS country. Outside the city/suburbs, it’s a farming area, of course, but the economy of Idaho Falls in particular is enhanced by the national lab (aka “The Site”) for nukes.

      It’s a pretty area, a bit flat, with mountains to the north and east. Like much of the Great Basin, it’s pretty dry year-round.

      Idaho has a state income tax, unlike Florida.

  20. The problem is, the politicians and the media would sell us to the highest bidder even if it meant slavery and death.

    Long past time for torches, pitchforks and auto rifles.

    Obongo should be hung……….as a start

  21. Did Obama ever explain what he meant when he told the Russians “After my election….
    I can’t recall ever hearing an explanation.

  22. Obummer needs to go away and shut his pie hole , forever , he split the country on race relations & now he’s trying to stir up 💩 on the gun scene,,, worst president this country has EVER had …

  23. What gets me the most is that you or i would hey shouted down or at least at simply for correcting the misconceptions about machine guns and online gun purchases.

    We’re evil for even wanting the discussion to be conducted honestly.

  24. “You know what your problem is?”
    “No, what is my problem?”
    “You always have to tell the truth.”

    The final dialogue between then-Senator Barack Obama and his pastor Reverend Wright, as told in 2016: Obama’s America.

  25. He’s technically correct. There are websites that sell NFA gear. Of course there’s also illegal sales over the “dark web” as well.

    It’s a misleading statement because he tries to make it sound legal due to a lack of regulation, which is dishonest, but technically the way he says it it’s true.

    You can also buy large amounts of narcotics, children, sex slaves, prostitutes etc.

    Just because you can buy it online doesn’t mean it’s easy and/or legal.

    • The Obama way:
      Conflate semi autos with full autos.
      Conflate legal sales with illegal sales.
      Lament the lack of policy solutions.

      Know that the mainstream press will never call out your slight of hands.

      Obama has lived above media criticism for much of his life. To some extent, he is a product of that environment. Like the boy who was never spanked, he has learned what he can get away with and how he can use it to his advantage. This gentle handling has protected the members of the press from criticism and has inflated their egos. It has also helped his character to deteriorate. He was as flawed as any of us, yet faces fewer corrective mechanism.

      • That is not my fault! I have been doing my level best! Here – – Obama was, is, and always will be a lying piece of dog shit!

        See? And don’t even get me started about his “wife”.

  26. At no point does he say you can buy a machine gun online. Those are clearly two separate points. It pisses me off more then anything when the side I’m on misrepresents the facts.
    Get your shit together POTG. You can make your point without stretching the truth like this..

    • The way it was stated was rather ambiguous and a less discerning individual could read into that statement according to their own beliefs. If someone WANTED to hear “buy machine guns online without checks” they could easily have walked away convinced that is what they heard… As an alleged master orator and scholar Obama could probably make himself more clearly understood, He did say the dumb ass at Sandy Hook used a fully automatic assault rifle… And the headline WAS misleading bullshit, you don’t have to misquote or make shit up to get peoples attention when it comes to Obama…

      • Obama said what he did exactly the way he wanted to say it. Technically, unlike a book – gun shopping comparison, this time it’s not a lie, since it was two separate statements. But every casual listener will understand it the way of the headline. Which was what Obama intended. He, just like all other gun grabbers, wants to convince the low information voters that there is no regulation of firearms on the books. And that “something must be done, for the children”. There ought to be a law!!!

  27. Obama knows that you can’t buy machine guns online. He knows exactly what he’s saying. Nobody is going to challenge him on it and 95% of the juice-lip moron public will look at each other and nod in agreement and say “that’s right” He’s purposely saying machine gun to continue to confuse the term semi-automatic and machine gun / fully automatic. You wouldn’t think people are still ignorant about it and the mainstream media is all too eager to allow that ignorance to continue.

    Don’t think for a second is accidental or a slip of the tongue because it’s not, it’s plain old slick politician knowledge and technique. Dianne Feinstein does the exact same thing. God I despise that bi–.

    • Allow that ignorance to continue? On the contrary – they actively work to increase the ignorance and confusion. Have you not seen any TV discussion about semi automatic rifles with videos of full auto rifles shooting over it? It is there to work on people’s sub-conscious level: If it looks like a machine gun it must be one.

      I for one think that 2A forbids any and all gun control, including the 1934 GCA. What Obama says should be true.

  28. So, he’s still not content to let people just assume he’s a stupid individual; just has to run his mouth and reinforce the idea! You had two chances to destroy the country, Barry! Take your money and go away.

  29. Somebody needs to teach this lying son of a bitch a lesson!! Let him try to buy a gun online without a background check. And machine guns would the Sam Hill would try to seel multi-thousand dollar item online? If Sandy Hook was the hardest day of his life he had it easy. Just ask George Bush. Or Rudy Giuliani. If the left can call Donald Trump a Russian surely I can call this clown an SOB. Whats’ that line,” and don’t call me Shirley.”

  30. “as he reveals Sandy Hook massacre was the ‘hardest day’ of his life”
    Funny, I thought the hardest day in his life was that one time when he actually told the truth when he said he would “fundamentally change the United States of America” since every other word he’s ever uttered has been a flat out lie… Anyway about those machine guns did he happen to mention a website I’d like to grab a couple for the weekend but damned if Google or Bing can direct me to the site. I wonder if he would share the secrets if I asked him nicely? Excuse me, Mr. President Obama sir, where can I get those “EASY” online guns? Hardly seems fair that all this is going on yet every time I purchase a firearm online I have to ship it to my FFL then go fill out the paperwork, pay for and then wait for the approval of a background check, so what the Hell? I didn’t vote for you, I wasn’t very happy with your constant attempts at destroying the Country and was just not that impressed with your so called intellect including your basic lack of knowledge of the Constitution, however sharing your knowledge of where and how to get those “easy to acquire” firearms and machine guns would maybe raise my opinion of you by a couple of points…. Or is this just more of your LYING bullshit…..

  31. You don’t kill a spider buy cutting off its legs. You kill it but crushing it’s exoskeleton. The logical solution is to close down the internet.

  32. If Obama was speaking of high capacity semi-auto rifles (but erroneously classing them as machine guns) in many states you can indeed buy them in your own state of residence over the internet legally without any paperwork or background checks with a face to face meeting and some people send them by a carrier even when the carrier prohibits this by claiming they are not weapons but some other consumer item. It happens every day.

    May gun web sites have the “buy and sell” section where no records are kept like commercial auction sites must do so any crook or nut case can locate someone quickly with a weapon to sell and get it face to face and often by common carrier when the seller lies as to what is in the box.

    Gun shows are another great place for criminals and nut cases to get weapons without a back ground check. If you got the cash the buyer does not give a damn who you are or what you intend on doing with the weapon if his State of residence does not require you go through a back ground check and many do not. Its insanity on an scale not seen or tolerated in the civilized industrial countries of the world.

    Also illegal out of state sales go on all the time in a variety of ways. Some states do not require any i.d. to buy guns at a gun show and those that require a quick check to prove that both parties are residents by flashing their drivers licence are not always followed. Other people use a friend who resides in the state to buy the gun for them because they know the seller is not going to keep records of the transaction. Once the sale is made by flashing any “in State” license the buyer grabs the cash and the sale is complete and he will forget who and what the buyer even looked like. Again its heaven on earth for crooks and nut cases and prohibited persons convicted of violence to get a gun and fast to kill someone with.

    Other people buy up second hand weapons and then run them to big cities and sell them to a local fence who knows the area and then re-sells them to the local drug Ganges and nut cases .and prohibited persons who have lost there rights to own firearms. This is a great way for ex-husbands that have been convicted for domestic violence and prohibited from owning a weapon to still buy a gun to kill their ex-wives with.

    I think emotional subjects like this are mentioned on T Tag and then deliberately distorted to get numerous responses from “the glazed eyed faithful” who are not educated enough to recognize what propaganda really is. After all propaganda worked beautifully for Trump to hook the” glazed eyed faithful” and the world lived happily ever after.

    Lets face the truth if Obama did think machine guns could be sold on line without paper work he was wrong on that but he was still was right in over 99 per cent of what he was trying to convey to the public and that is that anyone can buy a deadly weapon in the U.S. without paperwork even if they just got out of prison or the insane asylum.

    Yes the U.S. is the greatest place to live in on earth if you are a nut case or a small time criminal or big time crook in the government but not an honest citizen trying to survive economically while ducking a hail of gunfire on the freeway when going to work every day from a nut case sniper or road rage maniac. God forbid a gun buyer would need a firearms card and mental health check before buying a gun because as Jehtro Bodine would say in the local vernacular “its un-merican you all”.

    The good news is that when you die from lack of health care or affordable medication you will not have to worry about your children grieving at your grave site because your children will have already been buried long before you because of a school shooting and mass murder.

    Fade out now with the National Anthem being played with solemn faced glazed eyed Republicans offering thoughts and prayers, exclaiming your kids got slaughtered to protect unlimited Second Amendment Rights and its the evil Democrats who were the ones who passed laws against building your own Atomic Bomb or making your own poison gas or owning an 88 mm anti-tank gun with auxiliary flame thrower as its another violation of unlimited 2A Rights and “un-merican” you all. Don’t laugh because the “mindless glazed eyed faithful” believe every word of propaganda the Republicans vomit out until they are on the end of incoming fire.

    • Okay Vlad (aka TROLL MAN) I am finally at a loss for words, that bullshit rant was wrong from the second line on, you have truly outdone yourself, you are undoubtedly either a part of the leadership of the Democratic Socialists Party, the American Communist Party, ANTIFA, the Ca/Ill/NY/NJ/Ma/Or or Wa. legislatures or a DEM representative or senator… No one (unless they are being paid) could possibly spew so much misinformed ignorance without being bound by a blood oath to some Satanic organization.. I find myself suddenly feeling sorry for you, if you honestly believe every word you just put down in this “essay” then your mind is one of the scariest places at least in the Galaxy and it must really SUCK to be you… Brother Saul Alinsky would be proud if only you could get past paragraph two in his rules for radicals… Glazed over is still preferable to totally blind like you.

      • “you have truly outdone yourself, you are undoubtedly either a part of the leadership of the Democratic Socialists Party, the American Communist Party, ANTIFA, the Ca/Ill/NY/NJ/Ma/Or or Wa. legislatures or a DEM representative or senator…”

        Why thank you Slow Max that’s the nicest thing you have ever said to me. I wish all of it were true as it would be the greatest of patriotic honors to have achieved the highest office in all of those great patriotic American Socialist organizations. Real Patriots would all agree with me on that one. Remember Slow Max it was the American Communist Party and sister organizations that gave all Americans such programs as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and aid to education just to name a few of the big ones. Nothing can make us American Far Left Socialists prouder than when we help the proletariat and when we work hard to destroy Capitalvania once and for all. We were told about “creeping socialism” in 1962 but we never thought it would creep in so slow. But then again we as teenagers did not realize how dim witted the Jehtro Bodine’s in the U.S. were compared to the more advanced people in Europe. At any rate our prior triumphs in Socialism are now as American as apple pie (Social Security has been with us since the 1930’s). Wish us luck in 2020 because in your colloquial vernacular “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Feel the Bern in 2020 and Comrades unite. Actually I prefer to spell it “Komrade” its more Socialistic.

        The great memories of the Russians raising the flag of victory over the Far Right Reichstag will be reborn here in the U.S. as “the Bern” raises the flag of victory over the Far Right Republican Jack Booted greed monger Storm Troopers. Sorry to disappoint you but your beloved Vladimir Putin can’t save Herr Drumpf and his barbed wire refugee concentration camps for children this time around. Wow does not Politics really make for strange bedfellows. Russian Putin helping goose stepping Herr Drumpf in the 2016 elections. History would never have believed it possible years ago. I hate to say it but Putin was a traitor to his ideals but hey he won because he destroyed U.S. Democracy or what little of it we had. No matter it was a joke of a democracy anyway. We will get real democracy when “the Bern takes over”. You know a government that gets elected by the majority of the people and not the Capitalvanian oligarchy.

        By the way the Red Army did not beat the Capitalvanian White Army with just propaganda. Socialists buy guns too and lots of them. Just joking to stir up your natural far right paranoia. Australian Socialists proved you do not need violence to pass gun control and make it permanent but I think they went way too far. That unfortunately is what happens when a country has too many people like you that keep gambling in an all or nothing political fight as the Far Right lose every time. The disgusted and panicked majority of the people (who do not own guns and do not understand why anyone would) demand it of their government. History has proven it. Look at all the avalanche of gun control laws passed in just the last few years at the State levels. All have stuck like super glue with of course the blessings of the power mad courts including conservative judges. The Far Right gambled with no compromise and lost every time. Not that they should have not won some of the time because they always were not wrong but when you do not compromise you lose it all.

        When Khrushchev was misinterpreted by a Moron interpreter his statement of “We will bury you” it proved historically accurate as he meant Socialism would become the dominate form of Politics and so it has come to be in all of the Industrialized Countries of the world. Comrade Khrushchev was proved right by History and its time America caught up with the rest of the civilized world. No Nation that adopted Socialized controls and programs on medicine and health care and education ever , ever went back to health care for blind greed and murderous profit because 125 years of history has proven it.

        People in Socialistic Countries do not go bankrupt and also die from lack of health care or die like dogs in the street because they could not afford life saving drugs as the grieving U.S. mothers of sons and daughters that dropped over dead because they could not afford insulin that now has risen to 10 times the cost with no justification. Isn’t Capitalvania wonderful for the Republican Prostitutes of the Drug and Insurance companies. Just hope your not next if you need life saving drugs some day because when your credit card gets maxed out you will not have to ever worry about paying it off because you will be deader than a door nail after you have taken your last vile of insulin or other life saving drugs. Gun control then becomes Non sequitur.

    • VLAD, yet another long-winded testimonial that gun control does not work, and never will, besides being totally unenforced and unenforceable. I assume, then, that you are on board for repealing all gun control laws?

    • “the glazed eyed faithful” who are not educated enough to recognize what propaganda really is.
      I have no problem recognizing “propaganda” it starts just below Vlad whatever and ends with the final punctuation mark in your imbecilic rants.. Bless your little heart and that one functional cell in your brain..

      • to Slow Max.

        “the glazed eyed faithful” who are not educated enough to recognize what propaganda really is.
        I have no problem recognizing “propaganda” it starts just below Vlad whatever and ends with the final punctuation mark in your imbecilic rants.. Bless your little heart and that one functional cell in your brain..”

        You have consistently failed to answer my question. How long would it take a criminal or a lunatic to find a gun in the U.S. and buy one without paper work? You can hurl all the uneducated back woods insults you want but you cannot avoid the truth. The answer to my question which you always refuse to answer is “less than 48 hours”.

        • And more useless gun laws would remedy that, how? If I so wanted, I could probably buy a gram of meth in two hours, what’s the point here?

    • The “easy way to buy a gun” you describe is the way the things should be. It’s not anybody elses business if I want to buy a consumer product, but seller’s and mine. Especially not government’s.

      Eric Holder said that people need to be brainwashed to get on board with gun control. Looks like he was successful in that endeavor.

      And since you argument with mass murders, tell us all about the background checks we need to undergo to rent a truck. You know, like the one that was used to kill 80 people in gun control heaven of France. Or a can of gasoline, which was used to kill 87 in Happyland club.

  33. Here we have the biggest communist,terrorist and supporter of the biggest state of terror IRAN giving them 150 billion and former Potus in another country talking trash about America and America’s freedom and telling lies to the low information person who believes everything on twatter and fail book.

    Telling people outright treasonous lies makes him the worst President ever!

    • The $150 Billion Dollars belonged to Iran! When the Shah of Iran fled the Country in 1979 he also withdrew Billions out of the Iranian Treasury. The $150 Billion return was the balance of the Billions that Ronald Reagan gave Iran from Iran-Contra in order to release the US Embassy’s American Hostages…

      • AH! So, ransom paid to save the lives of kidnapped diplomats is now legitimately referred to as “Iran’s money”? You have a strange mind.

  34. Just where the F**K can you buy a machine gun in this country online. I am so sick of the leftist crackpots pushing their disarmament agenda so they can ultimately run this county as a socialist/dictatorship having complete control of the collective. If a constitutional republic is so distasteful to them then they are free to vacate this country and leave it the patriots that love it.

  35. He is worse than a terrorist! His lies and rhetoric will cause lots of people to die!

    All these anti-gun states and countries are putting themselves and their people at risk to total destruction and take over by hostel forces!

    Europe has fallen… they will need lots of guns very soon for the jihad that is in the planning just like in the USA.

  36. Is Barry willing to share the website that he uses? I’m looking for a HK MP5A2 on the down low. Perhaps he has a recommendation. 8>)

  37. I still can’t see how this moron became prez?

    he had no experience
    running a biz
    or a city
    or a county
    or a state
    right to US senator and voted on nothing
    then did not even finish one term and right…straight line into the white house?

    sounds way too much like a plant or agent to me!

    • Plain as the nose on your face! The great liberal social experiment. He had the three qualifications they all wanted, looked good in a suit, bullshit artist, and most important, had at least one black parent!

      • That would be a stand up philosopher.

        Yes, the US guns laws are confusing and helps screw with the honest folks.

  38. Barrack was absolutely correct. Guns are machines and can be bought online. Therefore machine guns can be bought on line.

  39. First of all, it’s illegal, and almost impossible these days as, unless you were grandfathered before 1986 to own a FA rifle.
    He knows NOT WHAT HE,SPEAKS!! Propaganda by more America hating dems!
    Get a clue ,

  40. Yeah, huge problem, all those homicides involving legal machineguns. Hey, how many of those were there last year?


    How about in the last 30 years?

  41. People believe this BS because their GOD Obamma said it.
    NO ONE can buy a “machine gun” online. You cant buy an automatic weapon without a special license and an extensive background check.

    • “NO ONE can buy a “machine gun” online.”

      Actually, it all depends on what “is” is. Or, in this case, what “buy” is.

      Can you pay for a gun online? Yes
      Can you have it delivered to your house? Yes
      Can you just go pick it up at the seller’s location? Yes
      Can you avoid using an FFL? Yes
      Can you avoid registering the gun? Yes

      Well then, you can buy a gun online. Even a machine gun.

      You conceive of the term “buy” to mean legitimately/leaglly purchase and possess. I just used the term “buy” to mean legal and illegal transactions. Which of us is correct? Who determines what “is” is?

      • Your answers are wrong for machine guns.

        Can you pay for a gun online? Yes
        Can you have it delivered to your house? Yes No
        Can you just go pick it up at the seller’s location? Yes, but only if it’s in the same state and it’s an FFL.
        Can you avoid using an FFL? Yes No
        Can you avoid registering the gun? Yes No

        • Indiana has no registration requirements . Some states do . Now if you look at 4473’s, that could be considered a defacto state/fed registration .

        • Dont waste your bandwidth! Just another troll with the usual obfuscation and bullshit rhetoric.

        • Understanding is required before speaking, Grasshopper.

          If you do not have the ability to grasp how words are misused to gain a result, you will be always subjected to the winds of chaos.

          Obama is correct in his construct. Pointing out that by another construct he is wrong matters not to the supportive audience Obama addresses. We end up talking past one another, both correct in their construct.

          If any of the actions I described can be physically accomplished, the commentary is proper and accurate. Can all of the actions be completed legally? Entirely different, and in Obama’s context, important to understand.

          BTW, posing alternate, or even opposing, ideas is not being a Troll, unless you live your life in the idea that anyone who differs with you is trash.

        • No, actually trying to point out that no matter the word count or the convoluted reasoning, The Chosen One was and is a self righteous demi god wanna be. Still depending on a certain percentage of the country that refuse to doubt him. Cant dazzle em with brilliance, dazzle em with bullshit! It’s an old one , but still very relevant!

        • “No, actually trying to point out that no matter the word count or the convoluted reasoning, The Chosen One was and is a self righteous demi god wanna be. Still depending on a certain percentage of the country that refuse to doubt him. Cant dazzle em with brilliance, dazzle em with bullshit! It’s an old one , but still very relevant!”


          What Barry said was correct, but not complete. This allows the anti-gun to claim they are not lying/mistaken about gun laws, or the need for more. The details don’t matter, just the headline.

        • “Can you have it delivered to your house? Yes No”
          Yes you can; you are thinking inside the law.

          “Can you just go pick it up at the seller’s location? Yes , but only if it’s in the same state.”
          Nope; you are thinking inside the law.

          “Can you avoid using an FFL? Yes No”
          Thinking inside the law again.

          Can you avoid registering the gun? Yes No
          Thinking inside the law again.

          My point was/is that the meaning of a phrase is dependent on the intent of the speaker, and the reasoning of the receiver. In this case, the issue is not restricted to legal transactions, but to any transaction….including illegal actions. Thus Obama is entirely correct (though imprecisely correct), with the intent to persuade that all gun transactions involving the internet are illegal.

  42. I’ve heard this speach he gave in Brazil a couple times on talk radio shows . I believe the people in the audience are applauding the ” anyone can buy a gun ” part, anyone else have that opinion ?

  43. To buy a firearm is still ridiculously easy, just look look at the DROS application.
    First of all you are automatically “approved” by virtue of the 2nd amendment.
    The DOJ isjust looking for something that would dis-qualify you and they only have 10 days to do it. In those 10 days, at least 2 or more will be weekend days depending on when the application was filed so this leaves only 8 days or fewer. Many applications get pushed through unchecked simply because time had expired. Only some of the information you give can be verified without subpoena and at first review falsifications can go completely unnoticed. Once the sale is completed, the DROS gets buried away. As long as you keep your nose clean it will never come up.

  44. No one ever calls the liberal shitheads out….. tell them to put their money where ther mouth is. If it’s do easy, then go buy one on line!


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