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 Beretta factory in Connecticut (courtesy

“On average, 196 people are shot in this country each day and survive while 86 die from gunfire, 51 in suicides, all made easier by the easy accessibility of weapons.” Surprise! The New York Times editorial board thinks America’s pressed the easy button for guns. And thank God for that. The easier it is for law-abiding Americans to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms the safer we are from criminals and government tyranny. By the same token, the more difficult it is to buy, keep and/or carry a firearm, the more perilous our safety and liberty. But you know that. You also know that the people who make guns are the good guys. This is not, however, a view shared by The New York Times . . .

Connecticut has tightened some gun laws, prompting threats from gun makers to move from the state. Their departure would hardly be regrettable, considering the callous statements of gun makers uncovered in court records in various states and reported recently in The Times. “That’s not for us to enforce the law,” one executive said, indifferent to the lethal risks from sales of multiple weapons to “straw buyers” who peddle them in the black market.

So it’s good riddance to bad rubbish as far as the Times in concerned, despite the legality of firearms manufacturing, the jobs the industry creates and the revenue it provides for the slave state socialism the Gray Lady promotes at every turn. Not to mention the aforementioned societal advantages of their products.

How stupid are these people? They’re so stupid even when they’re smart they’re as dumb as a box of rocks. To wit:

The public still does not know where or how the mother of the Newtown shooter purchased the weapons used by her son. That question should have been addressed by now, but a final state police report on the massacre has been postponed until at least September. Connecticut officials have been increasingly intent on preventing full disclosure of all facts in the case. Official obfuscation plays into the hands of the gun lobby’s Congressional lackeys, who continue to oppose new laws despite solid popular support for tighter controls on gun sales.

A-freaking-mazing. In the same breath that the “newspaper of record” [correctly] calls for the Newtown police to release the police report on the Sandy Hook spree killing they conclude that the gun lobby’s “lackeys” are all about the official cover-up.

In fact, the cops are stonewalling because the report will reveal the chain of incompetence that led to and/or failed to stop Adam Lanza’s killing spree. Information that will no doubt undermine the media meme that the Sandy Hook massacre proves the need for gun control. When exactly the opposite is true.

As for the firearms manufacturers’ exodus to southern and western free states, the Times is actually the cause of gun rights. The faster the economy of the northern slave states collapses the more quickly it can be rebuilt according to the principles upon which they were founded. At least in theory.

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  1. Kind of off the main topic but does anyone know how North Carolina is trending? Free or slave. Moving there next spring to be closer to family as my sons both left Texas and there’s no family here anymore. We are thinking about the Charlotte or Asheville areas. Any advice would be welcome.

    • They are currently voting on a variety of pro gun legislation…Free State. Wish I was there instead of the Peoples Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

      • Also recently decrimmed small amounts of weed. Looking freer than VA. Asheville is starting to look purty good!

    • I know some folks in NC and keep up with such things. Unfortunately all the liberal imports into the triangle area has made NC almost as bad as the slave states they fled. They are are still reasonably free but trending downward.

      • I have to disagree with NC trending downward. We have not passed any restrictive new gun legislation, even in the wake of Sandy Hook. We do have some silly laws concerning where one can legally cc a weapon but we are fighting to change those, just as we successfully fought for castle doctrine a few years ago. Despite all of the liberals in the triangle area, NC is a shall issue state and is fairly gun friendly, especially western NC. If anything we are trending toward loosening restrictions.

    • Trending free: Republican legislature and Governor for the first time in over a century has been chipping away at the Democrat imposed restrictions.

      We have “shall issue” CHP (handguns only) but still have a Jim Crow “may issue” Pistol Purchase Permit required for any ownership transfer. Get your CHP as soon as possible and that will be used in place of the PPP and NICS check. No registration except in Durham and that is being tackled by the legislature this term. Also on the table this year is restaurant carry in establishments that serve alcohol and removing the blanket restriction on places which charge admission.

      Edit: The PPP looks to remain on the books for this legislative term. Perhaps next session.

      • If you need a PPP, then sorry, Virginia is still “freer.” Once we got rid of the “one handgun a month” law, there are no restrictions or hurdles on gun purchases except the background checks (yes, we do one in addition to the Feds, and it’s a joke).

        That may change, depending on what happens in November, but right now, the DC-suburb government teat-whelps are not swaying Virginia from 400 years of tradition.

      • I am actually ok with the PPP system. A PPP or seeing a CHL is great way to know I am not about to sell a firearm to a felon when doing a face to face sale. As for open carry, NC is open carry but we do have a “going armed to the terror of the public” law. I have personally never noticed anyone open carrying except for an off duty deputy one time.

        • As a background check option for private sales, the PPP would be fine if it were “shall issue” rather than “may issue” at the discretion of the Sheriff.

        • “Going Armed to the Terror of the Public” in NC is a common law and is not enforceable on legally carried firearms, including open carry.

          NC Supreme Court cases of State v. Kerner and State v. Huntley established that INTENT to terrorize must be proven by the prosecutor in GATTTOTP cases. If you are legally open carrying and not waving your firearm around threatening to shoot someone, this charge is almost always dismissed. Its primary use is for uninformed LEOs to hassle open carriers when they get a call. Even then, I’m given to understand it’s use is extremely rare.

          I’m not an attorney, but as an NC gun owner and open carrier, I’ve done a shitload of homework on GATTTOTP. It’s nothing to worry about; nevertheless, I’m glad my phone has a voice recorder in the event of a LEO encounter.

          More info here:

    • The Asheville area is where I was born and raised. If you like apples and the outdoors, it’s heaven there. The city itself also has developed an artsy crowd, but as far as I can tell–and it’s been a while since I went back–they’re relaxed about it.

      Regarding the gun laws, I’m not up to date. Arkansas is scoring an A- in my book these days. Understand that only Utah and the like get a full A.

    • If you like mountains, tons of national forest area to hunt/hike/shoot, good food & beer, Asheville is the way to go. It’s a bit hippie-dippie, but the people are of a to-each-his-own mindset and aren’t ones to step on civil liberties.

      Charlotte has a lot going for it, but you’ll run into the same problems you would in any big city. Better than the northeast but not the most gun-friendly.

      If you’re interested in the Carolinas, also check out the Greenville, SC area.

      • Current resident of Asheville. Seems to be a good place for gunnies, although the public parking structures downtown are GFZs, which is lame. *shrugs* More than a few FFLs in the area. Somewhat limited on ranges. One indoor range/FFL (25yrd) in town, a 100yd Fish and Game range about 45 mins into the boonies, a couple other indoor FFL ranges within an hour’s drive, and the Asheville Pistol and Rifle Club has a separate 200yrd range within city limits. Been meaning to join the club, just haven’t gotten around to it.

        Definite neo-hippy culture, but definite Southern rural as well. Funny combo, hippies and rednecks in the LGS. My CHP class had a vegetarian option for lunch. Welcome to the mountains.

        • Thanks very much for all the great comments. By the way, if you live in Asheville visit my cousin’s garden store, Jesse Israel and Sons Garden Center. They are in the Farmer’s Market off Brevard Rd. My cousin Gail and her husband Lonnie own the place.thanks again guys ya’ll have given me a lot to think about.

    • From a taxes point of view, stay away from North Carolina. They will bleed you dry! If you’re wanting to be closer to Charlotte, move to Rock Hill, South Carolina instead. Nicer town, nicer people, lower taxes, free state. If you want to be closer to Asheville, then try Greenville SC. I’ve never been there, but from a taxes and guns point of view, better than North Carolina.

  2. They aren’t ignorant. They know. They choose to lie.

    It’s because they know better than us. Don’t confuse the issue with facts.

  3. “On average, 196 people are shot in this country each day and survive while 86 die from gunfire…” Y’know for a product that is “designed for killing” they’re not very good at it. Not like a guillotine, that kills every time. Like it was designed to.

  4. yes – the 2nd amendment does not say what it doe, much like the 1st does not apply to the interwebz, computers, blogs, and the like. . . . . as soon as the press is curtailed properly with the hate mongering they allow in the name of freedom, get back to me.

  5. In a nation of approx. 312,893,251 people we lose 35 a day to violence committed by people that happen to use guns? And of these 35. at least 21 can be estimated to be drug-dealing related. Outside the most gang-infested urban neighborhoods, the number of murders-using-a-gun is rounding error on the number of medical negligence deaths, and doesn’t even touch the tally of those who die each day due to faulty basement stairs or lack of non-slip bathroom surfaces, which lack causes agonizing slow deaths for many of the elderly. There is no legitimate purpose in civilian life for faulty stairs or dangerously slippery bathroom floor and tub surfaces. The anti-firearms agenda obviously isn’t about cost-effective efforts to preserve human life. It’s about permanent control of a population that does not use its guns for murder, but rather for defense. Everyday. “You can’t even run your own life, I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine.” Memo to NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, et al: Fix your own gang problems. And your stairs, tubs, and bathroom floors.

    • Ropingdown, I disagree with you regularly (but not always), but this is one of the best things I’ve read this week.


      It is time the “Big Cities” of the U.S. woke up & realize they are the cause of our gun violence statistics for being the way they are.

    • Very well said, particularly in regards to falls. In fact, all accidental falls kill around 25,000 people a year in the country; almost three times the number that are murdered using guns.

    • “And of these 35. at least 21 can be estimated to be drug-dealing related.”

      So it’s settled, end the War on Drugs and legalize drugs and we can have a 60% reduction in murders almost overnight.

    • I reserve the right to keep my slippery assault bathtub! Just come and take it, I’ll use some high capacity green soap to make it extra slippery for you tubgrabbers!

    • From Ralph’s Link above:

      This is awesome! Who here will shed a tear if they close their doors?

      —Advertising revenue in the company’s News Media Group (the newspapers) was down more than 18% in the fourth quarter.

      —Operating income for the company at large is down close to 50%—disproving the idea that the company throws off plenty of cash, just not enough.

      —And in maybe the most sickeningly portentous stat of all, the company’s internet advertising revenues decreased 3.5% in the fourth quarter. That’s the one area that’s supposed be going, you know, up.

      Just as bad as expected, if not worse.

      • Unsustainable business model, but also important to their demise is irrelevance.
        NYT and other legacy media brands are going over the cliff, and frankly I love watching it.

        • What could be better than a whole bunch of schadenfreude? A newspaper written for people who can’t read is doomed to failure.

          I have no use for the NYT. I don’t believe in reading enemy propaganda and I don’t have a bird.

  6. Secrets, delays and non-disclosure is what governments do. Apparently all the recent scandals has not impressed the Times. Apparently they do not understand the manufactures do not make the laws and just sell a product and that any product can be abused from iPhone to guns

  7. I thought we already knew where she bought the guns. The store went out of business/ got shut down byt the ATF because one of the employees stole a bunch of rifles.

    • Yes, they know where she bought her guns. The NYT is just trying to play up emotions because they like to disregard facts or because this is an opinion piece, they feel that facts are not required.

      The store was not shutdown but lost their FFL unrelated to the Lanza case and because of multiple violations over several years.

  8. This is typical reporting from a newspaper that will not publish stories on their front page about the most serious encroachments on liberties from any president in the entire history of the US. The NYT is a propaganda machine for the dem’wit party pure and simple.

  9. The NEW YORK SLIMES will go broke in the next few years, and that will be one less gun grabbing rag trying to screw us. Then we need the boston glob (I know it’s really spelled globe, but they are a worthless glob) to go away, and then the fools in THE COMMIEWHORES (the former commonwealth/welfare state) OF MA will leave us alone.

  10. It’s a sad state off affairs now but there was a time when this state was the center of the American Firearms industry. Colt, Winchester, Stag, PTR, Savage, Marlin, Mossberg and Ruger got their start here. Marlin was bought and moved out of the state years ago. Savage is now in Canada. Mossberg is starting to make parts in Mexico and have them assembled in Texas. Colt went into a steep decline in the 80’s and looks to leave the state soon along with PTR. Ruger left this state 10 years ago and has been hugely successful ever since. This time next year, we’ll be lucky if Stag and Winchester(which is far smaller than it used to be) are still here.

    • Only Savage rimfires are made in Canada not centerfires.

      Mossberg imports barrel blanks from Mexico, not actual parts.

      In the end, it is still about making good, reliable and reasonably affordable products.

      • Not to the owners of these companies, they’ve decided to move to places with cheaper cost of labor and friendlier governments. For Ruger it has meant an increase in quality, for Marlin it’s meant a decline. Either way, companies are fleeing my state.

        And the Maverick 88 is made of mostly Mexican parts so it wouldn’t surprise me if more Mossberg guns were being made with Mexican parts.

    • What was once CT’s Gun Valley will end up being an economic Death Valley, which is exactly what the state deserves.

    • Savage was never located in CT. It was originally in Utica, NY, then moved to Chicopee Falls, MA (where Stevens division was already located) then to current location of Westfield, MA.

      • I’m not so sure about that. I’ve seen US-marked Enfield rifles that Savage made during WWII with Connecticut markings.

  11. This is the same news paper that wants women to be politely cooperative with rapists.

  12. “The faster the economy of the northern slave states collapses the more quickly it can be rebuilt according to the principles upon which they were founded.”

    The south shall rise again!

  13. Would you please stop using phrases like FOAD? Vulgarity adds nothing to the conversation. I wouldn’t bring it up if I weren’t such a fan of this web site. I forward your columns often as they add credence to protect gun ownership rights. The articles that contain such phrases as FOAD, however, I don’t dare share.

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