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“I think people get hung up with this notion there’s a silver bullet, for lack of a better phrase, that there’s this one thing that’s going to stop every crime, but it’s not. It is that combination, or the layering of these things that will make it more difficult for, you know, the one person that is, you know, deranged and, you know, does not have any respect for human life to get their hands on the guns. We need to slow down the pipeline. Clog it up, slow it down. Make it more difficult for people who don’t mean well for our communities to get their hands on guns. So for people to say, if you expand the background checks, that’s not going to make a difference, it only impacts people who legally own guns. If we can make it more difficult to get these guns on the street, we can slow down the ability and reduce the ability for people who, you know, that are acquiring these illegal guns to get them and create safer communities.” – Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Hardball [via]

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  1. I’m more articulate than this clown. And anyone who knows me here knows that’s an insult

        • Regardless of party I would like to hear a real plan and not one that takes away from honest people just trying to protect themselves.

    • Well you know this is what happens when Bevis and Butthead are allowed to you know have conjugial visitation rights. And well like you know being a wanna be valley girl, you know left me strangling on my own idiocy, you know. So sayth Stephinie Rawlings Mayor of Balt-moe

  2. When taking advice from the mayor of Baltimore, I suggest the following:
    Listen very carefully to everything she says, then do exactly the opposite.

    • Ha, you know, we drove through her city and you know you could see the effects her office has on the place…. Hahahahaha
      Apocaliptic comes to mind. Whatever her plan… the opposite is the right way to go!

  3. You know, about that freedom of speech thing, if we could, you know, maybe make it harder for people to say whatever they wanted. You know, like a comprehension test or maybe a background check … you know, it would create safer communities by making it harder for bad people to spread their dumb ideas.

    • Sadly that’s already the case. Government gets to dictate what someone broadcasts on TV/Radio and what is said in those broadcast. And part of that is to “create” a safer community by not having people hear things they dont’t want to. Is very silly. People on power trips.

  4. Right, because the ban on drugs is slowing that pipeline down in Baltimore. In jail too – no cellphones or drugs there.

    “Hardball” has become softball for democrats who agree with Matthews.

  5. So glad I live on the proper side of the Mason-Dixon Line. It is already comical / sad to go into a LGS and see the guys behind the counter explaining to Marylanders how to transfer different firearms.

    • Transfer? You mean from their gun safe to their car, or their car to their briefcase? Transfer, you mean, like that?

  6. Well they turned Maryland and Baltimore from almost no crime(a safe nice place) , into a hell hole of high crime, high tax, no jobs,and liberal P.C. everything and bad , very bad public schools,,, She needs to get a real job, and may she also burn in hell.. I left MD. because of the likes of her… they don’t know what end of a gun the bullet comes out ,, I have tried to talk to these brick heads… it’s a mob run town too.

  7. Because making it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns is going to prevent criminals from stealing or backdoor dealing theirs.

    Yeah. That aint happening.

  8. And it would be so hard, you know, for people to, you know, obtain illegal guns, you know, when people with criminal history, you know, get guns illegally, you know, because, you know, they skip back ground checks. Mostly by stealing firearms or buying stolen firearms. A LGS near me had 23 pistols stolen this past fall, mostly glock, I know those guys didn’t do a background check! You Know!

  9. Nothing beats for pure entertainment value a black democratic woman trying to sound intelligent.

    ‘Tefanie, sista-gul, you so crazy!!!

  10. A little more than 100 years ago, I can easily point how how well keeping one populace unarmed worked out so well for ’em. Just sayin’.

  11. Funny thing, I have yet to see a politician to come up with an idea how to get the guns away from those who have obtained them illegally.

    • Oh! So just because we can’t get the bad guys’ guns, you want to go and let good folks have even more guns?

    • Or to prevent people from obtaining them illegally. Literally every gun control law is about stopping people who aren’t criminals from legally obtaining a gun.

  12. She was rolled into office because the previous mayor is a crook, as we see already that this mayor is a crook as well.

    She has been on Tax-payer funded shopping sprees and while also on the tax-payer dime in LA, attended the wedding of the top lobbyist in Baltimore and paid for gifts using tax-payer money.

    The city is filing suit regarding Libor and she admitted she had no idea what Libor is.

    She is a crook, whatever she says is a joke and should be disregarded. Like the previous mayor, it is only time before she is indicted too.

    • Perhaps the lawsuit will refresh her memory. The problem with Maryland politicians like her is that Spiro Agnew set such a high standard.

  13. I’ve always been in favor of public executions once the criminal is proven guilty beyond the reasonable doubt, on public TV at noon. One bullet to the back of the head. All on camera for other would-be criminals to see. It’ll give them something to think about.

    • I make this point all the time to everyone around me. We used to hang people on the spot, in public, upon conviction of murder, (gun involved or not) specifically as a deterrent to other would-be killers. The slow repeal of the death penalty in this country has done us no favors. America gets softer every day.

      • All those executions, and still there was crime….Even though studied numerous times, there is no evidence that the existence of a death penalty dissuades would-be criminals. Criminals for some reason assume they will not be caught, otherwise the risk/benefit analysis makes no sense. Execution stops the convict, but no others. For example, Saudi Arabia has public execution by beheading, yet crime continues. China puts a bullet in the back of your head shortly after conviction, and impose the death penalty for the usual criminal acts plus public corruption as well, yet it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    • And where are all these bullets gonna come from, DHS? Then what’s left for them, railroad spikes?

      If the crooks’ trade is politics, we need to hang them from highway overpasses, to the commuters have something to look at – preferably the crows stealing the crooks’ eyeballs!

    • It wouldn’t work. If the motivation and rewards are high and the alternative to crime seems bleak, families are dysfunctional-to-nonexistent, and the socioeconomic system perpetuates all of the above — which pretty much describes most urban areas with gang problems — the same crime will keep on going.

      It’s just as effective as gun control. Back when that kind of punishment was standard, they didn’t have any problem with lack of criminals. Draconian punishment might deter a few people on the fringes, but the truly criminal-minded or the truly desperate will just keep taking the risk.

      • Not sure about the statistics behind your opinions, but the following is without a doubt:

        Draconian punishments might not reduce the first-offender rate, but they will definitely reduce the recidivism rate. Robbers can’t rob again when they’re still in prison, and murderers can’t kill again when they’ve been executed.

        • Seems that it was once said, it is not the severity but the certainty that deters crime. It does no good if one person gets probated, one gets six months, and one gets life for the same offense.

  14. With all respect Madam Mayor… no thanks.

    Current state of Baltimore doesn’t lend much weight to the effectiveness of your ideas.

  15. Well they have completely succeeded in slowing down purchases. The wait time for a regulated firearm is hovering around 70 days right now. Come October 1st you’ll need to be fingerprinted, licensed, and take a safety course. As of right now I do t think they even have a curriculum for the course let alone enough instructors or facilities. It’s very likely that after October we will look back at 70 day wait times with fondness.

    • But the good news for criminals is that 70 waiting period an done future restrictions to ownership, still does not apply.

  16. That is the longest, difficult to follow, and most roundabout way of saying that someone wants to ban all guns that I have ever read……..

    • That’s what I was thinking. She wants to, you know, make legal gun ownership such a, you know, burden, that nobody wants to have a, you know, gun.

  17. And thus we see the fundamental issue facing Baltiomore’s prosperity: Idiot Politicians. With mayors like this serving our nations largest cities, the is no hope folks. None. The major cities will consume our resources and treasury at an ever expanding rate until they implode, like Detroit, where the governor in Michigan had to relieve the incompetent and corrupt morons there in an effort to stop the slide.

    It’s not about guns, they are just one issue in a wider campaign of stupidity. It’s about the cycle of ignorance in cities like Baltimore that cannot be broken. They’ve bred a culture of dependence on government assistance and learned to keep voting in more politicians who guarantee the cycle perpetuates itself. Banning guns only serves to keep that cycle going. Because these types of idiots only see gun owners as one step above a criminal. In fact a gun owner is simply a criminal, waiting to be born. The truly believe that if you ban guns, you’ll reduced crime. For that, there is no cure. And thus, I present to you dear audience, the City of Baltimore.

  18. I thought the pic was one of the Kardashians, then I started reading and was like, you know Im right!

    Is this woman really the mayor of a major city!?

    • It wouldn’t matter if she was the mayor of a small city, unless she was drunk and 24 hours without sleep this quote alone proves incompetence.

    • Is Baltimore a major city. It’s big, but if it dissapeared today how long before we missed it?

  19. What else would you expect from a city like Baltimore? People vote for whomever they feel will give them the most and this kind of cream rises to the top. They got exactly what they paid for. Do they still call it Bodymore, Murderland down there?

  20. Hoplophobia runs deep in Baltimore. How far is Chief of Police James Johnson’s nose up her butt? Remember his testimony in the Senate hearings? He said “From November 2011 to November 2012, an estimated 6.6 million firearm transactions occurred without a background check. Up to 40 percent of firearm transactions occur through private individuals rather than licensed gun dealers. Allowing 40 percent of those acquiring guns to bypass background checks is like allowing 40 percent of airline passengers to board a plane without going through airport security.” I barfed a little in my mouth when he testified.

    • Hmm.. Allowing people to board an airline without going through airport security. You know, like we used to be able to do without any issues “back in the day,” the same “back in the day” before the 1968 GCA, where it didn’t seem to be much of a problem to allow people to mail-order firearms.

      Something changed about the country and its people since then, and the problem isn’t that we don’t have enough regulations, safety, and other BS

  21. That stuttering fool is a mayor? Hey, lady, if you’re going to say something stupid, you should at least try to sound smart.

  22. “… and hey, if we dissuade a few law abiding people from buying guns because they don’t want to go through the hassles we’ve set up, we’ll that’s good, too.”

  23. “for human life
    get their hands on
    slow down the pipeline
    Clog it up
    if you expand

    Freud would have a fun session with her.

  24. We need to, you know, making voting as difficult as possible because, you know, the more people that vote, you know, the more people who vote wrong, you know, because people who vote wrongly, you know, can have, you know, bad consequences for the rest of, you know, us.

  25. I’m slightly miffed about the gratuitous race-related comments. Baltimore’s tradition of bad government goes way back, and includes Thomas D’Alasandro Jr. & his son, Nancy Pelosi’s brother…..neither of whom was black. It’s about the unions, the graft, the closed factories, the faulty education system to which no right-thinking D’Alasandro sends their children.

    • Of course, it’s also about the gangs, drugs, cultural entropy, fatherless homes, and the other elements. However, the decline of Baltimore began under white mayors with a white dem-voting blue-collar majority. “Lest we forget.”

      • Republicans are also responsible. They have not put up serious candidates. A significant number of democrats run unopposed. There IS a center right in maryland, just as there is in NJ, but republicans have yet to compete for it in places where it counts. There ARE pro-gun rights minorities in maryland, and Baltimore, but they need to be persuaded, not ignored.

  26. Law-abiding gun owners provide a “pipeline” to criminals just like women provide sex to rapists.

    Can’t remember who, but someone used that analogy in one of MikeB302000’s recent trolls at TTAG. Seems appropriate here.

  27. Whats up with her face? It looks like she removed the old one and drew a new one in it’s place.

  28. Her argument completely ignores the many Defensive Gun Uses (between 300,000 and 2.5 million – pick the study you most believe). Making it harder for law-abiding people to buy, own, and carry guns reduces their chances of stopping a crime. And that does NOT make our societies safer.

    She is the perfect example of a lib-tard. She knows very little about the issue, but has a very strong (and wrong) opinion about it. Obviously elected in a place where a (D) after your name guarantees that you will win the election.

  29. 1. She is, you know, a Baltimoron.
    2. I’m calling for an immediate ban on collagen within city limits. Is that a mouth or, you know, an anus on her face?

  30. From her perspective, the position makes absolute sense. She wants nobody to have firearms except for government officials. If she can disarm anyone, she’ll do it.

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