A NYC subway platform like this one is where violence occurred last Thursday in Brooklyn Andre Benz/Unsplash Photo
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In follow-up to Jennifer Sensiba’s op-ed yesterday, “New Yorkers Sure Didn’t Get Much Safety For Their Lost 4A Rights,” here’s a little follow-up to the story, and coming from New York City, some may actually find it surprising.

Following a recent incident that unfolded on a New York City subway, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office has announced that it will not press charges against a man who shot another during a confrontation, citing self-defense as the basis for their decision, CNN has reported. The alarming incident, which occurred on a crowded subway train during rush hour, has captured widespread attention, especially due to the disturbing nature of the events captured in videos shared online.

The altercation took place on a northbound A train in Brooklyn around the late afternoon last Thursday, involving two men, aged 32 and 36, as reported by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and viewed in footage examined by CNN. Witnesses aboard the train observed a violent exchange between the two, culminating in a tense moment where the older man produced a firearm. Panic ensued among passengers, with attempts to escape the immediate vicinity of the altercation as the dispute escalated.

The chaos reached a peak when, after the intervention of a bystander and subsequent renewed physical conflict, the younger man managed to disarm his opponent and used the weapon against him, resulting in a critical head injury. Authorities quickly responded to the scene at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station, near downtown Brooklyn, where the shooter was apprehended and the victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

Oren Yaniv, speaking for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, expressed the disturbing nature of the event but highlighted the current evidence pointing towards self-defense, which precludes the filing of criminal charges against the individual who fired the gun. This decision comes amidst ongoing investigations into the precise circumstances surrounding the shooting, as officials work to fully understand the sequence of events that led to the outcome.

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  1. When you have TV pictures of soldiers acting as your police force. That does tend to get the attention, of some people in charge. But not everyone.

    New yorkers need to suffer a lot more. The more pain, the more fear the better. That’s the only way things are going to change for the better.

    Many people forget. The movie “Death Wish” became real back in the late seventies. And they increased the transportation Police officer presents. Down in the subways after 4 known criminals got shot by somebody.

    And they didn’t know who that somebody was for weeks.

      • “Seriously Chris, you need to take a course in…”

        Strange, I don’t have a problem in understand the point Chris is trying to make. It’s far from perfect, but so is mine, for cripe’s sake.

        Not everyone has them a ‘kolledge’ education, dude… 🙂

    • The BG incident was Dec 1984.
      Remember it well, I was going to school in Westchester County and working at an Aerospace/Defense Manufacturer in College Point Queens.

  2. It was a no brainer providing all the pieces fell into place as yours truly stipulated yesterday. Still nyc remains a democRat sewer.

  3. What has changed with this website? If I open and read a story, then click on the back arrow when I’m done to go to the home page, I have to click on it two or three times to get there. It shows that the article has been opened multiple times, when I’ve opened it only once. This started happening in the last couple weeks or so.

    • “…I have to click on it two or three times…”

      Same here on the tablet and smartphone, but not on the laptop or desktop.

      • Happens to me even on the laptop.

        Also, while they momentarily fixed / resumed sending new article and comment notifications, that stopped again. Now I get one mass mailer once or twice a week, and no comment notifications ever.

        • Have contacted TTAG about that for a coupla weeks, now. Only receiving the weekly summary, and notes from Justin.

        • And ads, which I never got before.

          I wouldn’t really mind (everything “free” is paid for by something) if the site was working.

    • i noticed that years ago. always figgered it added to click count… i just reload from bookmarks.

  4. New York City is made up of tyrants, criminals, victims, and people waiting around to be victimized by the first two. On the plus side, it’s better than Haiti.

  5. “… the younger man managed to disarm his opponent and used the weapon against him, resulting in a critical head injury. Authorities quickly responded to the scene … where the shooter was apprehended and the victim was transported to a hospital …”

    While it may be appropriate to use the word “shooter” above, it is not appropriate to use the word “victim” above because there is very good preliminary video evidence that the “victim” is actually the attacker–and an attacker is most certainly NOT a “victim” when he/she sustains serious injuries from a righteous defender’s use of legally justified deadly force in response to an attack.

    • Yeah seems to be flipped, the victim was apprehended and perp was transported. Though this is pretty standard, a self defense shooter is frequently cuffed and treated like a criminal, even charged until they can prove their innocence.

      He would have been in big trouble if he had his own weapons but I guess it’s ok that he took them from the perp.

  6. They declared it self defense because they didn’t want to add another murder and attempted murder to the pile. Better people die and the failed city look better when looked upon.

  7. It’s all gonna be OK from now on. District court judge in ILLINOIS says it’s ok for illeagle immies to excersize THEIR 2A RIGHTS. Hmm an Obamme appointed judge is all in for a free for all! YAY Democracy!

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