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Holy Nanny State Batman! Bloomberg’s banned big sodas! Or, to paraphrase George Taylor, they finally really did it. I know The New York City Board of Health’s decision to prohibit delis, restaurants and movie theaters from selling sugary drinks above 16 oz. isn’t particularly “gun.” But the same Nanny State ethic that created this absurd intrusion into personal liberty sustains gun control legislation wherever it rears its ugly head. Equally if lamentably, people tend to push back against the government’s small stupid shit rather than the big issue stuff. A backlash against a soda size ban could well foster a Mad as Hell Get Off My Lawn Gimme My Goddamn Gun spirit that could sweep away New York City’s draconian carry laws. As Joni Mitchell famously sang that sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. The soda size ban could be, in short, an awakening. As such, perversely enough, it is welcome. [h/t Ahron]

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  1. Sure, at the moment it’s 16+oz sodas in NY, but wait until MAID (Mayors Against Illegal Drinks) gets their assault beer ban before Congress. It’ll be Miller Lite from then on.

    • Hey, the danger of assault sodas in high capacity cups can not be overstated! Now that we’ve finally banned those deadly beverages, it’s time to go after the most deadly substance in the world – and it’s COMPLETELY unregulated! – di-hydrogen monoxide. Thousands of children die every year in the US from swallowing di-hydrogen monoxide, yet the government still allows it to be purchased without providing any ID or background check and there are even people who store thousands of gallons of this lethal substance in their backyards and let their children play with it.

      End the senseless death – it’s time for some common sense di-hydrogen monoxide control!

      • I know I’ve seen people with an arsenal of assault sodas, beers, and di-hydrogen monoxide. What has this country come to.

  2. “A backlash against a soda size ban could well foster a Mad as Hell Get Off My Lawn Gimme My Goddamn Gun spirit that could sweep away New York City’s draconian carry laws.”

    Brother, I doubt it.

    Near as I can tell, its a Looong jump from soda to guns for most New Yorkers. Remember, they elected this schmoe. Personal Responsibility? Who needs it (as it pertains to food and drink or self defense) when you can have The Government Do It For You!

    • Personal Responsibility? Who needs it (as it pertains to food and drink or self defense) when you can have The Government Do It For You!

      Isn’t that the official State Motto of NY?

  3. I don’t know if NY’ers will rise up with their house plant trimmers and charge city hall over this issue or just roll their eyes and laugh it off as another political side performance that does not directly confront bigger problems.

  4. 3 years longer life expectancy, unless, you get shot by police.
    this guy is a joke he is the epitome of the evil of big government.

  5. NY is sounding more and more communist everyday: “You cant have this, we are banning that…” NY: you need to get rid of Mr. Bloomberg

  6. NYC subjects deserve this and more for their willingness to hand over their freedoms. No sympathy. You get what you deserve.

    Time for store owners to start ordering 15.99 ounce cups. Or, gasp, people will just buy two 8 oz beverages! Bloomberg, you’ve proven yourself not only to be the most reprehensible form of evil once again, but also mind-achingly stupid.

    Don’t hold your breath for NYC subjects to EVER try and reclaim their rights. The slave mentality is difficult to escape from.

  7. This nanny-state mentality IS a big deal! Just as Obama’s statement in 2008 that we would no longer be able to control our thermostats, or eat what we want when we want,nor drive the kind of car we choose. To paraphrase pastor Niemoller re Bloomberg:” They came for the smokers and I didn’t speak up b/c I wasn’t a smoker, then they came for the:trans-fat&salt&soft drink consumers and I didn’t speak up. When they came for me and my gun, there wasn’t anyone left to speak up.

  8. Smoking bans, trans-fat bans, soda bans and gun bans — ’cause Mayor Blameberg knows what’s good for us and we don’t.

    Would I seem harsh if I say that Mike is a little fascist pr!ck? I would? Well, then, let me further state that I don’t care.

    • It would be entirely accurate.

      Of course, his opponent in past elections has generally been an out-and-out communist (though they vary between Leninist and Stalinist), so the sensible choice was to vote for the fascist. Either way there’s a boot stomping on your neck, but at least with the fascist you’re a little less poor.

  9. They elected him, elected him again, and then he “amended” the term limits and they elected him a third time! I doubt the size of flavor-aid…I mean sodas, will change much.

  10. I HATE HATE HATE people who think they understand statistics. Banning large soda drinks because data shows it will “add” 3 years is a lie. I will not go into details, it will put you to sleep. Bloomberg thinks this way:

    ‘Those who do NOT drink >16oz soda a day live on average 3 years longer than those who DO drink >160z soda a day. Thus, ban soda >16oz will make my sheeple live 3 years longer.’

    That’s a lie, a twisting of truth through the method of stupidity. Those who drink >160z soda per day will still die earlier since they prefer an unhealthy lifestyle. They’ll just buy multiple sodas instead of one, or refill to live unhealthy, or switch to other unhealthy choices that are not yet banned. NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    Either Bloomberg thinks he’s a genius, or he’s testing the waters. If the ban survives, he WILL move on to other lifestyle choices.

  11. The Founders didn’t fight for this? Mayor Bloomy, do tell us what exactly they did fight for? While you’re at it, tell us what they fought with. Oh, but doughnuts are something to celebrate. Holy Climbing Priapus, Gotham City, what are you thinking?

  12. God bless Bloomberg, and all those like him. As long as he is in power then the more light that befalls all those that follow in his foot steps. Ever since the Sullivan Act NY’ers have allowed themselves to be run by those who know best. The East Coast states have become nothing more than breeding grounds for the socio-commie liberal.
    Certain Mid-West states are not much better. Case in point, IL. The people there are deprived of their rights, by marxist-lennist muslim loving libs. But what do the people do about it? Not much as they are thwarted at every turn by those who know best. I’m not saying they don’t try. They do. The fact remains that Sh_t-cago is in charge, and the power of the vote comes from there.
    So long as the Commie-crats continue to practice “…Plantation Politics…” , and the conservatives are willing to role over and remain apologetic, nothing will ever be done. So what does this have to do with firearms and regulations? EVERYTHING!!!
    Unfortunately, preaching to the choir does no good, and trying to convince someone on welfare that recieves a tax free check is wrong, is the same as pulling teeth from a chicken.

  13. The take away here should be – none of things that this guy does means a damn thing.

    1) soda size will not reduce obesity because there is a limit over where this ban can take place – 7-11 and other places not impacted. Nothing stops you from purchasing a 2-liter bottle or 2 or more 16oz sodas

    2) trans-fats ban does not mean a thing because portion size is the real problem.

    3) banning guns has not magically erased people being killed

    It is all make believe and in many ways really all these laws target low income folks because higher income folks are not the ones drinking big gulps, fried foods and being shot at. Which is why the NY media is pro-Bloomberg on all these things. Unless is hurts the high rent district, there is no uproar.

    The question is without the uproar and his continued reach on power, how far will he go next, what does it finally take to piss off people to kick this guy out office.

  14. Now it says the limit on SUGARY drinks is 16oz. Can I still get a 44oz DIET coke? No sugar 🙂

    But seriously, f&%# all this freedom-stomping. J….>.> …. I mean… um… New York has gone too far

  15. What I don’t understand is why they keep this guy in office? It’s terrible to have someone start creating all of this legislation to “protect you”. This is a free country and there are real issues to tackle but he would rather keep you from drinking too much soda than tackle unemployment issues or violence in the city.

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