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  1. I don’t know about about his arms, but when the real guns come out he’ll need his legs or an undertaker.

    For everyone else, there’s concealed carry.

  2. So why’s he doing what looks like a one-handed reach for his concealed weapon. All someone with a gun needs to remember here is that distance is your friend. Think Indiana Jones against the guy with a sword, only the guy forgot his sword.

  3. The genius of firearms is that even little old ladies can protect themselves and don’t need to restrict themselves to the vagaries of biology.

  4. So here are the messages he is sending to a mugger: He does not carry a gun, so you can attack him without worrying about being shot. He is a stupid liberal who thinks T-shirt anti-gun sayings are cool, so you don’t have to worry about him actually fighting back effectively. He might be somewhat physically fit, so be sure to attack him from behind with a club or bat to eliminate any possibility of trouble.

    Oh yeah, you might want to get his keys and home address from his wallet, so you can go to his house later that week to steal his electronics gear. Home invasion robbery will be a lot safer at this twit’s house.


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