NY “Assault Weapons Ban” Covers Just About Everything.

If you think shooters in New York State are going to have it rough if  S1422-2013 passes, you haven’t even heard the worst of it. It bans all detachable magazines over 10 rounds (no exceptions, no grandfather clause) and self-loading firearms with detachable magazines and shoulder thingies that go up. But Section 6 of the Empire State’s legislative apocalypse also bans semi-autos with other common features.

One particular evil: barrel shrouds. If your semi has a detachable magazine and a “shroud attached to the barrel, or that partially or completely encircles the barrel, allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned, but excluding a slide that encloses the barrel,” you’re SOL, buddy. I guess the NY state assembly likes hot barrels and singed fingers. From the receiver to the muzzle, that barrel better be bare metal. Because it will save lives. I guess.

Another particular evil: muzzle brakes. Your hunting-model BAR in 7mm Magnum better not have a muzzle brake, because we all know that way too many spree killers use guns just like yours. I guess.

What does this leave available? Just about bupkis, with the exception of a (formerly) NY-made Remington pumps and semi-autos. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but is this a coincidence?

This bill is currently in committee, but it has a reasonably chance of passing the Assembly. The way it is currently written, it will take effect immediately if when Governor Andrew Cuomo signs it. This bill will turn thousands of law-abiding good guys with guns into newly-minted felons, and we’re wondering how many of them are getting ready to move to a more gun-friendly state in the very near future.

As in tomorrow, before the NY State Patrol can come and demand to ‘inspect’ their gun collection. Let’s hope there are enough station wagons and Ryder trucks to get them the hell out of Dodge before this goes into effect.



  1. avatar John says:

    I need to get out of this state

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      The best thing I ever did was leaving New York. Even Massachusetts is better — and that’s not saying much.

      1. avatar Cpt. Howdy says:

        I am in IL and it is like TX compared to NY.

        1. avatar chuckn says:

          Yeah? Well you must not be in Cook County. We already have all these restrictions.

      2. avatar Evan says:

        I tried ditching New York when I was like 8…ended up in Jersey. No clue what my parents were thinking. What’s sad is NY is a comparable heaven. Everyone I know who shoots has to take a feild trip to NY, only 2 ranges in NJ even have accomadations for .30 caliber rifles and one of them requires a 350$ membership first.

      3. avatar Darren says:

        I am not going to wait for MA to catch up. I am leaving MA this year. I will probably take a huge bath on selling my house, but I don’t care. I am sick of waking up every morning wondering if I am going to be legislated into a criminal.

    2. avatar BLAMMO says:

      Last one out get’s stuck paying the pensions of all the state and municipal employees who already left.

    3. avatar ProfBathrobe says:

      Dude, I’d recommend getting the hell out even if this bill doesn’t pass. I predict that if you stick around you’re going to be demonized to the point of unbearability or caught up in the debris when the whole thing crashes down. Come down to Georgia, we’d be happy to have you.

    4. avatar Cabin 9 Outdoors says:

      I’m sure the criminals will ask for a nix check before they enter your house with the ar with 30 mag.

  2. avatar jwm says:

    At least they’ve taken away the lie that they’re only after “assualt rifles”. Now all the hunters and sporting clays types can see either they get involved in fighting these asshats or give them up.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:


      Its an unfortunate lesson to learn but I have to admit Im sick of the hunters who think this isnt their fight

      1. avatar Stormchaser says:

        Absolutely! I know many hunters and most think that this will not effect them. By the time they realize how wrong they are, it will be to late.

        1. avatar JWhite says:

          I bet some of which will figure out the hard way, when they post pictures of themselves, on facebook, after this years hunt, only to get a nice stern knock at the door “Open up! NYPD!”

          Yeah… that muzzle break on your .243WSM or .30-30 Win bolt gun, you can blame that. *eye roll*

        2. avatar IrishVet says:

          Isn’t that the truth.

    2. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      JWM you going to make it to Sacramento on the 19th…?

      1. avatar jwm says:

        No, I had already made a family commitment before I heard of this event on the 19th. Sorry, but if I back out there’s going to be upset grandkids. I just sent another check off to SAF though and California rifle and pistol assoc. is sitting next to the computer waiting for me to stuff the envelope.

  3. avatar Jimbo says:

    I hate our gun laws as much as anyone, but this is a misstatement of the law. If you refer to the definitional section of PL 265, you see that it refers to possession of unlicensed handguns, NFA items, and assault weapons.

    1. avatar BLAMMO says:

      Why can’t I post the definition of a “firearm” from the NYS penal law in a blockquote?!! It’s just text.

    2. avatar aaronvan says:

      I don’t see how that matters…

  4. avatar Moose says:

    If you aren’t a felon, give it time. Before long the govt. will make a law that turns you into one.

    1. avatar Ivy Mike says:

      You committed 3 felonies today.

      Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent
      by Harvey Silverglate

  5. avatar Stormchaser says:

    So glad I don’t live in NY. Feel bad for those who do. Remember when the Gov’t actual did what the people wanted and voted for?

    1. avatar Evan says:

      No. I don’t recall that.

  6. avatar stateisevil says:

    I know some Nazi Yorkers. They’ll lick boots all the way to the camps.

    1. avatar Stormchaser says:

      Sad isn’t it.

    2. avatar pat says:

      Then strip, go into the crowded building (its a unisex shower, dont ya know) and inhale deeply (Zyklon B).
      Stupid, evil libtards.

    3. avatar WLCE says:

      dont trust the state that abstained from voting TWICE in regards to the declaration of independence 😀

  7. avatar Cpt. Howdy says:

    Where are the tar and feathers in NY? This is utter bull and any politician who signs on to this should be tried for treason and nothing less. This isn’t proposed legislation, it is high crimes against the people of New York state and those responsible should be in prison.

  8. avatar Jimbo says:

    This article is embarrassing in its lack of research. It’s as bad as the mass media reporting on “assault weapons.” PL 265 defines firearm as unlicensed handguns, NFA items and assault weapons. Further, Article 400 of the CPL creates exemptions to the majority of handgun restrictions for valid license holders.

  9. avatar MotoJB says:

    If true…CRAZY

  10. avatar OkieRim says:

    dumb, dumb, dumb…..cant imagine the clowns in nyc that vote these clowns in every election cycle

  11. avatar Pascal says:

    Who needs more than 3 guns for hunting…hmm

  12. avatar Paul says:

    I can’t understand how a state that witnessed so many battles during our fight for FREEDOM, is allowing the inmates to run the asylum. Oh wait I get it, they have to much salt in their diet. As a result salt must be outlawed, from ALL places of fine dining. So that a fat, over weight, pig-a$$ COMMIE-CRAT won’t croak from too much salt on his/her AK or AR. “Hey mon, pass dos chitlins, wid a good does of grits fixed in lard, un da hogs jowls mon.”

  13. avatar Mauser says:

    Check Article 265.04 of the NYS Penal law here:

    Here is the way I read it.
    ‘Firearm’ is defined as ANY pistol or revolver, SBS, SBR or ‘assault rifles’. It is worth noting that possession of three or more ‘firearms’ is already criminal possession in the third degree, a class D felony. Possession of 10 or more ‘firearms’ is also already criminal possession in the first degree. The only changes to this section are the addition of possession of ‘assault weapons’ or ‘large capacity ammunition feeding devices’ to criminal possession in the first degree.

    1. avatar Mauser says:

      Forgot to mention the mile-long list of exemptions in Article 265.20. Buried in there is this exemption:
      “Possession of a pistol or revolver by a person to whom a license
      therefor has been issued as provided under section 400.00 or 400.01 of
      this chapter”

      Presumably, pistol permit holders are exempt from the 3 ‘firearm’ and 10 ‘firearm’ limits for their pistols. They just get their privacy thrown out the window by the Journal News.

  14. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    Wow.. Just wow…
    This insanity needs to stop!

  15. avatar Sammy says:

    Shouldn’t legislation like this be settled in a referendum vote on a statewide ballot? These fiat decrees are not how our system is supposed to work, even in NY. I fear this will just gain momentum with phony public opinion polls to back their gun grab. I’ve tried to remain optimistic but with this news out of NY and barrys presser today coupled with the lack push back by but a handful of “officials” I find the situation , as it presently stands, disheartening to say the least. Hysterics have replaced logic. EOs have replaced the voice of the people. I believe I hear the fat lady warming up to sing taps for 2nd and the remainder of our freedoms.

    1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      Elections dang sure have consequences.

      1. avatar pat says:

        Many of the morons who voted for Barry (or not at all) because they believed there was no difference between the prez and Mitt are learning that they were greatly mistaken.
        Consequences INDEED.
        Stupid libtards

  16. avatar RockThisTown says:

    How is it a State can preempt federal law, not to mention passing an ex-post facto laws? This needs to be challenged, in court, the day the Governor signs it into law, preferably in a U.S. Constitution-friendly jurisdiction.

  17. avatar 9x19 says:

    Attention firearms manufactures! Our fight helps you, time to return the favor. I ask that ALL manufactures immediately stop all sales and support to NY (CA & IL) police departments of any item the public can not legally purchase. If these items are so dangerous the police shouldn’t have them in use around the public. They could instantaneously start spraying bullets uncontrollably all over NY.

    1. avatar Ryan says:

      This. If the industry wants to survive and support the 2A they need to stand up to the govts too. Quit leaving it to the consumer. They need to grow some balls and move to states that support their business. I know it would be a serious pain to move production facilities, but I’ve always wondered why some of these companies are in the most restrictive states where the citizens are not likely to benefit from their products.

    2. avatar RKflorida says:

      Now that is an idea! Wish the manufacturers would go along with it.

    3. avatar Michael C says:

      Better yet, all firearms and ammunition manufacturers and dealers need to simply stop ALL sales and service to law enforcement agencies in any state has an ‘assault weapons’ ban. If the police can’t get new guns and ammo and know its because of their states AWB they WILL work to get rid of the bans.

      1. avatar Chris says:

        This is a great idea.

    4. avatar Aaron says:

      Lol last time I checked, they were… I think in one year, NYPD shot themselves and innocent civilians more than they did bad guys.

    5. avatar WLCE says:

      nothing would make me happier than to see the companies in gun unfriendly states gladly pack their bags and move elsewhere.

  18. avatar felix says:

    This is why I left NY and moved to the gun capitol of the country. At least here I can enjoy the freedoms that GOD gave me, the right to defend one self….

    1. avatar Mike says:

      You mean the freedoms the FOUNDING FATHERS gave you. God had nothing to do with it.

  19. avatar Jay Dunn says:

    Could someone like Ralph or Dirk explain why this isn’t an ex post facto law?

    1. avatar Chris Mallory says:

      States ban legally owned property all the time. Most of the time it is in connection with the War on (some) Drugs. A product with a particular chemical formula is legal on one day and illegal to own the next. The courts haven’t seemed to have any issue with that. Sadly, neither have most gun owners.

  20. avatar DJ says:

    The Governor of NY wants to one up the Feds, absolutely no reason to try and rush this through. NY State has benefited in terms of sales tax on all those sales, imagine how much has been sold in the last two to three months and now, too bad your property is illegal. The law abiding will always pay.

    1. avatar LSUTigersFan says:

      That’s the pathetic part. We will collect sales tax on the weapons you buy, and then we will take it away from you.

  21. avatar EagleScout87 says:

    Even if you’re not a resident, now is the time to donate to the state organizations that are fighting this. The more states that fall, the more traction this gains in other states or at the federal level. We need to stand together or we all fall one by one. For the cost of 1 carton of ammo, you can help out fellow 2A supporters and gun owners. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is leading the charge in NY, all these groups need help!


    Or donate:

  22. avatar Casey T says:

    Someone gather up all of the supporters of the bill and put forth treason charges. They have so many bs laws and yet, everyone is ignoring the Constitution outside us firearms people.

  23. avatar daisy says:

    wow what a sad day for ny :/. Glad i don’t live there, you are most welcome to come to texas,only the conservatives that believes in freedom are welcome to texas, the friendly state. No Libtards please. May God bless you all. The people in charge of the congress there looks so evil.

  24. avatar daisy says:

    btw, this was all planned by the journal news to post all those gun owners names and addresses on the map, not just for the criminals, but also so the government can take the next step to confiscate your guns, since they know who has them now. now that they are banning guns in ny, may God bless you all.

  25. avatar drengurinn says:

    i never really cared about guns. i shot 4 of them once, a 45, a glock, a shotgun, and a 30.06… and i shot them for about 30 minutes, with my father, one day, when i was a teenager. i never cared for them. but now i want one.

  26. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    If the text reads that you can’t have a rifle that allows you to put your hand on the barrel without your hand being burned, I think I’ve come up with a good work around on that. All we have to do is have a battery operated 1″x1″ attachment (YOU COULD HANG IT ON THAT RAIL, HOORAY!) that gets warm enough to cause a minor 1st degree burn on your non-firing hand. As long as you get burned (the law doesn’t specify HOW burned you have to get) you’re in compliance with the law. Anyone want to give me some venture capital for my idea?

  27. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    If I lived in NY, I’d be looking for ways to ceed the City & its left wing buroughs to Jersey right about now.

  28. avatar JW says:

    Hey why cry now 62% of you dummys drank the koolaid ! I have you fools giving up your weapons at some state run gun disposal site so you can continue to live your comfortable government controlled life .

  29. avatar louis Ringe says:

    And this makes how many cops felonies ????

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