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The folks at firearms have a copy of California Senator Leland Yee’s Bills SB 47 (new ‘Assault Weapons’ ban) and SB 108 (mandatory safe storage). Click here. Not good. “It appears that Sen. Yee’s SB 47 will create a new category of California Assault Weapons that effectively reaches all semi-automatic centerfire rifles and shotguns which do not have “an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.” Owners of existing ‘bullet button’ and similarly ‘maglocked’ firearms would be required to register with the California Department of Justice by July 1, 2014, including submission of the owner’s thumbprint. This, obviously, has severe implications for California gun owners and dealers.” Ya think? There is some good news, though . . .

The Legislature finds a significant purpose in exempting from the definition of ‘assault weapons’ pistols that are designated expressly for use in Olympic Target Shooting Events.


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      • That’s not at all how it reads. Read it again. A semi-auto pistol that does not have a fixed magazine must also not have the following features which are then listed and include things like forward handles, threaded barrels etc. all stuff that was already illegal.
        Pistols with a magazine that inserts in to the handle and accept 10 rds or fewer are legal, same as before.
        The competition pistols are allowed despite that they may accept magazines and have an additional feature.

        it’s been a long day and I am tired, but someone else please sanity check this for me, I could be wrong.

        • I agree. Semiauto pistols are ok unless they are equipped like an AR pistol with a forward grip or barrel shroud or a threaded barrel. A slide is not a shroud. Still limited to 10 rounds capacity for all pistols, and (presumably) the safe pistol roster.

  1. Does California know who has mag locked firearms? If not, tell them to go blow snow. It maybe that Californians won’t be able to go to the range with their guns, but it would only be temporary considering that revolt will soon follow.

    • CA doesn’t know – no registry for long guns until 2014.

      There is a long gun registry beginning in 2014 – not sure if it is for new sales only.

    • There will be no revolt, because CA scary-rifle owners are simply not densely populated enough to reach critical mass. Perhaps if we all gathered in Humboldt County or something.

  2. So, NY, Ill, Cali, Mass, Ct, and who else has gone bat shit crazy? I know a few goof balls in Colorado, NM, Wash, and others but those might not get voted in…

    • This isn’t new. That fscker has been introducing bills like this every session his entire time in the state Senate. I would not mourn if he suffered a tragic household accident, such as accidentally consuming a pound of ant bait with a Drano chaser. (Yes, I am aware that saying that makes me look like a bad person. In this case I’m willing to accept the karmic debt.)

  3. I know what the next gun sales surge will be. I predict that if it even looks like those bills might pass Olympic target shooting pistols will start flying off the shelves and the lucky Californians that have carry permits will be carrying them.

  4. Yee is a full on f**king idiot. This state is a challenge to call home. I love it but some of the elected officials I can do without.

  5. With a super-majority in this state how do we have any hope of fighting this? I cannot afford to leave the state.

    • We fight it the same way we did Yee’s last bill. We organize and bombard our elected officials with phone calls, emails, etc, and let them know that we will do everything we can to vote them out of office as soon as we can if they support this kind of legislation. We’ve beaten him before. We can do it again. Just start spreading the word and making some noise.

      • I already wrote the assembly and senator peoples.
        I will be calling tomorrow.
        And you are right, but I literally have no faith in this state to truly represent its people and I think it will fail in the next 5 years. Perhaps the lower 4 counties will get their secession wish then right?

      • Remember, 2014 will be an election year. But this time all Republicans need to vote; no one stay home because the republican isn’t the “perfect” candidate you want. There will never be another Reagan in our lifetime.

    • Start to seek out and support Dems, who support the 2nd and your rights. If we continue to focus on only Republicans we are lost.

    • Name something that was stopped because of a lack of “super-majority”? It’s as if people are saying that just to say it. The progressive party of victim disarmament Democrats have been passing anti-gun laws on a yearly basis without it. The current roadblocks stem from the fact that we now have an incorporated individual Second Amendment right. Which means all those state laws based on a collective rights model are probably not legal.

  6. I don’t hate the concept that gun owners have a legal obligation to store firearms in a locked fashion. The question though is how you enforce it, considering it would require law enforcement to enter your home.

    The other bill is bat shit crazy.

    • Really? Heller says that such a requirement is unconstitutional for home defense firearms. Haven’t read the bill yet to see how Yee plans to weasel out of that. Further, I am one of many who have no children at home and no visiting children–why should I be required to lock up my guns?

      • The DC law was written that they had to be locked up at ALL times. This one just says when you aren’t at home your firearms must be locked up. Its for if your house is broken in to they can’t steal the gun (or at least use it)

        Its unenforceable since you can only be hemmed up on this if the police conduct a search warrant and your not home.

        On the one hand I actually agree with this bill and would consider being alright with it if it was anybody other than Yee. Either the other batshit legislation is stalling and he wants an easy win to get the ball rolling. Or its stalling and he wants something to pass since he apparently is incapable of continuing on in his life lest he get something gun regulation related passed.

        Oh and if it wasn’t dumb in the first place. You can comply with this law if you simply have the snake lock through the action. The same type you can cut with the wirecutters on a multi-tool or pick in 30 seconds with a paperclip.

        • oh and if it also didn’t set a dangerous precedent for the government telling you what to do with your things inside your own home.

    • So you support the government being able to tell you what to do with your property in your house?

      Have fun on that slippery slope.

    • Actually we knew it was coning before Sandy Hook. Yee was stymied last year after a huge outburst of outrage, and he promised he would return this year to try again. Last year he was only after the bullet buttons–this year he is going whole hog. There are really only two questions to ponder: will Brown sign it, and how long will it take for CalGuns to file a federal lawsuit if he does so? (Brown, as some of you may know, filed an amicus supporting Plaintiff in McDonald when he was Attorney General. The current AG, by contrast, is an avid banner.)

  7. my legislature clearly needs better things to do. Too bad the budget actually looks legit after gouging the people for more money or else I’d point them that way.

    Yee needs to find another hobby though. Oh well, gun business sure to be booming for the next 9 months for my local stores!

    • The budget is fairy tale dust – it may be a momentary spike in revenue, but over the long haul, it will collapse on itself.

  8. The “safe storage” law is so stupid. A safe is a good thing, but what if you live in a small apartment? The floor of the apartment may not be strong enough to support it. If you have a smaller safe, then it needs to be secured, and that means big holes drilled in the floor (no-go).

    So you’re left with a trigger lock. Oh yeah, that’s going to stop a criminal from using it after he stole it.

    But why am I bothering to write this? I know full well that politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about actually solving problems. They only care about their political interests, so they advocate whatever sounds like they’re “doing something”.

    • It’s not to keep thieves from using your gun, just children. We’ve had three or four in the last year who managed to get their hands on loaded firearms and shoot themselves. So this is doubling down: there is already a safe storage law if yu have kids that can result in misdemeanor or felony charges beinbg brought in the case of an incident.

  9. There’s a risk to Yee’s law that may doom it, too – passing it would, if I understand things, require the State to open up a registration window for ALL assault weapons, meaning those with unregistered Roberti-Roos ARs, AKs, SKSs and the like would get another chance to register them. This was something the state wanted to avoid badly enough to agree to freeze the list of banned ARs and AKs in the statute (after Harrott v. County of Kings was decided in 2001) rather than opening another registration window.

    Not sure even the crazy CA Legislature wants Yee opening that can of worms again.

  10. Just a thought. Maybe TTAG could change the prompt for “You may also like – ” at the end of an article, and instead have a prompt of, “You may also dislike – ” when it pertains to other stories of gun-grabbing zealotry? You may also vehemently hate – ? You may also viscerally detest – ?
    Something that’s true.

  11. I am a CA native currently living in AZ. This sort of nonsense is one of my biggest motivators to do all that I can to move back to CA. As FrankDaTank says, we need to organize. There were enough gun-owners who got involved and stopped Yee’s bullet button ban. We need to stop saying that California is hopeless and recommend everyone move out. What happens if it truly does fall? Will the anti-gunners stop at CA?

    If every pro-2A gun-owner got involved and stayed involved, we could start winning seats in the state legislature. Can’t just stop at defeating a bill and calling it a victory. If we don’t get the anti-2a legislators out, we’ll just keep fighting the same old bills. As difficult as it will be to leave my CCW and standard-capacity magazines behind, I think it will be worth it in the long run.

  12. Thats what you get when you vote libtard.
    I did not know the state had money enough to waste time passing more worthless bills.

  13. I’m glad that the liberal hippies in Oregon own lots of guns to protect their marijuana crops and the city anarchists have lots of guns (and more) too for whenever their revolution begins. There are also the local militias that want to keep out the refugees from California after America collapses. Gotta love Oregon and especially Portland; it is all so good and weird.

  14. So does the magazine ban bill also include bolt guns with detachable box magazines? I read somewhere on the bill about it but was not sure if it meant semi-automatic firearms or all of them. (which I’m sure he wants to do anyway)

  15. After the late breaking news in New York I fully expect to see Leland change the text to grab more…

  16. If you are a California Gun Owner who has not already done so, join the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA). It’s only $20 per year and they send a monthly publication that discusses the Firearms Related Legislation pending and status of Bills in State Assembly. They do a good job of clarifying what would be/is required of GO’s by the Laws. They do a lot of lobbying in Sacramento and have defeated Yee previously. The AWB sounds confusing, particularly where handguns are concerned.

    CRPA’s URL is :

    I am a Member, but this endorsement is of my own volition as I have found CRPA’s information very useful in the past 25 years or so.

  17. Wake up Californian’s. I lived in CA for 30 yrs and was involved fairly heavily in politics. Your state is not run by legislators it is run by public sector organized labor. Namely the CTA (California Teachers Association) , Police , Fire and all the other civil services. If you believe otherwise, do yourself a favor and spend the next 10 minutes researching ‘public sector organized labor risk’. It is a national epidemic that starts in DC but is acute in CA.

    The liberal legislators in CA are elected because the unions get them elected. Jerry Brown – my case and point. You can research the others on your own. Liberals hate guns , love taxes (only for other people of course) , love pensions (theirs only of course) and believe that everyone should be a state employee. As long as you have them nothing will change.

    What can you do?

    Forget about fighting gun and tax laws – fight the unions. Make it ILLEGAL for public sector employees to organize. It has been illegal for 100 years and is still illegal in many states. It should be. It is people using public money to negotiate for more public money. Duh.

    Now take a look at who made it legal for the public sector to unionize in CA in the first place. Jerry Brown in 1973. Deja vu.

    Good luck.

  18. I just joined the California Rifle and Pistol Association and the NRA today, and am a lifetime contributor at CalGuns as of yesterday. I am a veteran Marine who is appalled by what I am seeing from the likes of St Sens Skinner, Yee and DeLeon. But do not think that they will go unchallenged. Knowledge, communication and funding the right organizations and lobbyists are essential. We need to band together NOW to stop this violation of our rights. If anyone can tell me who to write to to oppose these bills, I will do so tonight!

  19. Who, or more importantly how, will this bull shit be enforced? As a full time peace officer (county sheriff), my Department doesn’t have the money to issue me a cell phone. What standing will that agency have to issue a warrant, if no one has been in my home. Where will they find the “individuals” who will accept those duties anyhow? Oath and affirmation will always, hopefully be the cornerstone of our warrant process. You run the risk of losing your guns if you live a disordered life, and law enforcement has reason/cause to enter your home under exigent circumstance. Stay temperate my friends.

  20. i went out and tried to buy a now-Cali-legal auto-loader (which i don’t currently own). backlogged 16 months. our only hope is a lawsuit that these clearly violate the 2A. (the SCOTUS ruled that handguns cannot be banned because they are common; so are auto-loaders.)

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