NY Gun Ban: So Much For ‘Justifiable Reliance’

Many semi-auto rifle manufacturers have developed neutered versions of popular modern sporting rifles for our brothers in California, New York and New Jersey. Some of them have their flash hiders and bayonet lugs ground off, and some of them have ‘bullet-button’ magazine releases. Some of them have thumbhole stocks, or worse. Many of them are […]

New From Kimber: “No Comment” On NY Gun Ban

Kimber is one of the few gunmakers still located in the godforsaken Empire State, which is in the process of banning all magazines with a capacity of more than a pathetic seven rounds. Their 8-round Tac Mags are fantastic, but unfortunately they’re going to turn a lot of Kimber employees and executives into newly-minted felons […]

NY “Assault Weapons Ban” Covers Just About Everything.

If you think shooters in New York State are going to have it rough if  S1422-2013 passes, you haven’t even heard the worst of it. It bans all detachable magazines over 10 rounds (no exceptions, no grandfather clause) and self-loading firearms with detachable magazines and shoulder thingies that go up. But Section 6 of the Empire State’s legislative […]