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 Mayor Michael Nutter (courtesy

I wish I’d been at the meeting when Mayor Mike’s marketing mavens came up with that Everytown for Gun Safety moniker. Everytown. It’s like . . . every town. Every town in America is for gun safety. But what about the cities? We already have the cities. Besides, city people like to think they live in towns. New York, New York, my kind of town. Why one word? Why no hyphen? It’s like Everyman. You mean Arthur Dent? Arthur Dent was an everyman. He wore pajamas all day. I bet Arthur Dent would support gun control. Wait. Can we use that? Do we know that for a fact? We’re talking about marketing, not facts. Anyway, Everytown for Gun Safety has its first high profile member, and he’s a real Nutter . . .

Mayor Nutter joined a coalition of anti-gun groups today to help launch anew initiative to reduce gun violence.

Philadelphia was one of ten cities to become part of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new lobbying group, Everytown for Gun Safety . . .

Mayor Nutter says part of that effort will include a gun sense voter campaign.

“Americans across the country will begin pledging to vote for laws and elected officials or candidates that support common sense gun safety laws to end gun violence,” he said.

Nutter by name, nutter by nature? But of course!

One of the lobby’s primary demands is universal background checks. Nutter contends it is not an organized grab for everyone’s guns.

“I respect the second amendment,” he said, “but I believe I have a first amendment right not be shot.”

That would be “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Nope. Not seeing it. But again, what do facts have to do with this? Oh and it’s now Moms Demand Common Sense Illegal Guns for Mayors in Everytown Who Need Action. Yes?

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  1. Ah, Philadelphia, yet ANOTHER city where gun control is working out so well that there are shootings almost every day and more murders than in cities where there isn’t draconian gun control. What a wonderful spokesman for this group!

    • Actually, as big cities go, Philly is far from the worst regarding gun control. It’s harder to get permit there than it should be given that PA is shall issue, but permits are good state wide (I carry daily in Philly, commuting from the burbs). But yeah, the most anti-gun place in PA is also high in violence. Go figure.

      BTW, everyone in PA contact your reps. Dems are trying to amend-to-death a bill that would give teeth to preemption (make municipalities and counties pay court costs when they try to prosecute an illegal local gun ordinance). Wonderful how we need to make a law, then make another law to force Democrat politicians obey the first law.

    • Nothing is so persuasive as the failed mayor of a city nicknamed “Killadelphia” mau-mauing me about crime and firearms.

  2. *sigh* Before you say anything, yes I know I’m going to Hell.

    Mom’s demand hot sweaty action from illegal mayors in every town?

  3. Getting people to begin “pledging to vote for laws” is likely to be as effective as getting horny teens to begin pledging not to do the deed until they need a divorce lawyer to back out of the deal….

    • I remember that! MILLIONS of pledges, we were so proud. Didn’t change a thing, hell, I would have pledged that when I was 8, too.

    • Hey I think it’s a huge win that the CBS article says “…joined a coalition of anti-gun groups” in the text and the headline! If even the media is waking up and realizing that Bloomberg and his ilk aren’t actually against only “illegal guns” and “gun violence” and for “common sense reform” but are legitimately ANTI-GUN then that is GREAT freaking news. We should be so lucky as to have the majority of folks understanding that these people are pro civilian disarmament on ALL levels, NOT just for trying to get guns out of the hands of criminals.

    • And yet sadly that will just fly right by the vast majority of his constituents that read that line.

      It’s scary how little they even try to make sense (they = gun grabbers) and STILL get away with what they say.

    • He’s implying that if you don’t like what he has to say, you’re going to pull out a gun and shoot him. You know, like George Zimmerman did to Trayvon – he shot him because he didn’t like the way he was talking to him, gettin’ all uppity and stuff. Obviously.

    • I suppose the good mayor interprets the 1st Amendment to mean he can proclaim ‘I’m Mayor Nutter and I’m here to collect your guns before you shoot me.’ to the bangers and everyone else who populates the “City of Love”.

      What a loon.

    • It’s like Constitutional Salad with these people. I wonder if that means I have an Eighth Amendment right not to have to endure the idiocy of big-city mayors from the Northeast…

  4. I don’t tweet (at least not on Twitter), but they say the B-list celebrities are coming out quickly for Everytown.

    Dancing with the Stars must have filled all of the slots for the next iteration?

    We’re gonna see a lot of useful idiots coming out of the woodwork in the next few weeks.

    By the way, someone can take a better guess, but I suspect “Everytown” was made up in order to have a shot at a trademark.

    • Spot on. Marketing can be done with proper branding only. That’s exactly the goal. Registering the mark to be followed by coffee mugs, Tshirts you name it. Remember: their goal is to Compete with the NRA. That’s how they are going to do it.

      Try to turn the Astroturf into grass.

    • It would be an interesting marketing exercise to have a very public campaign to get Colion Noir as a contestant on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

      I like to watch the dancing (going to miss watching Whitney), but hate the political correctness and high school popularity contest format. That said, the producers run the show strictly for ratings, hence the “stars” that are chosen to attract their fan base to watch the show. Perhaps they could be swayed by the 100,000,000 (million) gun owners who might tune in or the 5 million plus NRA members who would watch and vote for Colion. Assuming of course that Mr. Noir can actually dance.

      I would love to see him paired up with Peta Mergatroid, THAT would be epic.

  5. So it seems to me the objective is to create a huge lobbying organization that will use its influence, power, and money to threaten and/or intimidate legislators into doing what they want – or in other words, to do exactly what they rail against the NRA for supposedly doing. Without the slightest hint of irony, it seems.

    • Along these lines I saw an article the other day where Harry Reid is pulling most of the anti-2A legislation efforts from the Senate docket due to fears that connections with such bills might negatively affect Democrat senators running for re-election!

      The Senate Majority Leader is willing to go on record that Americans do not want gun control legislation and will vote against politicians who promote anti Second Amendment laws, but they cannot admit that they want to continue pushing that same legislation they KNOW their constituents DO NOT SUPPORT, only want to wait until it will not hurt them in their re-election bids.


  6. Bloomberg is pre-empting the gun control field. This is a good thing for gun rights.

    We now have one enemy, and he’s a pompous little power-mad New York City billionaire who nobody — nobody — likes. Every pro-gun politician who is campaigning against a Bloomberg-backed candidate can now run against Bloomberg, the much despised. Every gun control candidate in the Nanny’s teat is an easy target.

    Bloomberg is the Emperor of hubris. His own arrogance will bring down the whole gungrabbing movement.

    • Notice their first promo video includes “graphic” footage of a child being injured (I didn’t watch it, can’t)

      That’s a misstep already and here’s why: No one wants to see that.

      Look at the progression in shelter adoption strategies over the years. When they promote photos and video of sad-looking, lonely, cowering dogs they get many fewer adoptions than when they take that same dog, put a cute collar on him, sit a kid nearby so he perks up, maybe does a little hug/face-lick.

      People want to be uplifted and made to feel good by getting off the couch and performing some requested action. They don’t want to be guilted into it.

      Despite the small # celebs that jumped on the initial band-wagon my prediction is this ad campaign = major, epic #Fail.

    • Every debate should include questions of “how much money has Bloomberg (or Soros) contributed to your campaign?” and “Do you support criminal action against anyone who sells a soda larger than 16 ounces?”, etc.

  7. WHA??? You deserve the government you get. Nutter seems to be getting advice from police chief McCarthy LOL

  8. I already do vote for “common sense” gun laws. Laws that expand our right to keep and bear arms as the Founders intended, rather than throwing them out the window in the name of a false sense of safety for an ignorant minority who fear anyone who is willing to take responsibility for their own defense.

  9. Well we’re living here in Everytown
    Its a Pennsylvania we never found
    For the promises our betters gave
    If we were unarmed
    If we just behaved
    So the gun free signs hang on the wall
    But they never really helped us at all
    No they never taught us what was real
    Thugs and crooks
    And chromium steel
    And so we’re dying here in Everytown

  10. Funny thing here is that while Mayor Nutter doesn’t want to get shot (and really, who does?), BUT….. instead of focusing on those who are mostly likely to shoot someone, he and is everytown stooges focus on the law abiding people who are least likely to shoot someone.

    Ask this question – which person is the mayors and moms more bothered by, the career criminal with a rap sheet scrolls long, or the person who has never even committed a traffic violation but happens to own a gun? I know the answer because they always rally for leniency for the former, and won’t even talk to and despise the latter.

  11. Mike Nutter’s gone all-in with the concept that lots of bodies with few rights are the dominant city concept of the future. With another 1/2 million voters Philadelphia could (in the dream) dominate PA the way Chicago dominates IL:

    Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order today that changes Philadelphia’s policy on immigration and customs enforcement detainers, known as ICE holds. Immigration advocates are calling the new policy is one of the most progressive in the country…Under the new policy, the Philadelphia police will no longer hold undocumented immigrants for ICE officials unless the individual is being released following a first or second degree felony conviction and federal officials obtain a warrant from a judge. Mayor Nutter says the change in policy supports public safety and will help rebuild the trust between police and the immigrant community….“Residents and others who are here will not need to fear that interacting with their government will end in a detainer for themselves or their loved ones,” Nutter told the crowd.

    • .“Residents and others who are here will not need to fear that interacting with their government will end in a detainer for themselves or their loved ones,” Nutter told the crowd.

      Yeah, only their car will be detained. For ransom.

  12. Unfortunately for Mayor Nutter, outside of Philly and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has more in common with Tennessee and Kentucky than it does the liberal bastions of the north.

    And I mean that in the nicest possible way. 🙂

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. If Nutter thinks his City Liberal Elitist Anti-2A crap will float even 10 feet outside of the City limits, he’s got another thing comin.

      This is the Cities against the rest of the population. That’s what this boils down to. Bloomberg and ‘MAIG’ make that vividly clear. They step outside their Cities and start their shit here, and they are going to reap the friggin whirlwind.

    • as a resident of the rest of Pennsylvania, accepted in the nicest possible way.

      and I wouldn’t be too quick to lump Pittsburgh in with Philly…that City will surprise you from time to time.

  13. If they want to be successful with their re-branding effort, and push background checks, maybe the first thing they should do is do background checks on their high-profile members. High-profile member caught saying we should confiscate all the guns, or caught in a felony in 3…2…1…

  14. “I respect the second amendment,” he said, “but I believe I have a first amendment right not be shot.”


    The First Amendment protects your right to not be shot?? There IS a First Amendment, and I think its about speech, or something like that. I can only assume he meant “…right to not be shot” and no thats NOT your First Amendment right. These are the people that are lecturing the American people on “common sense” and what gun laws and rights “should be”. The key to a functioning Democracy is an informed and education people. I fear for our nation.

    • I’m pretty sure, on re-reading The Constitution of the United States of America, that there is no mention in it anywhere, including the amendments, of a right not to get shot. If there was it would be a perfect challenge against Selective Service conscription, it would seem to me.

      The closest thing to what he is alluding to is the Second Amendment, which is not a right not to be shot, but an absolute right to shoot back.

  15. Ha, glad to see Bully Bloomy blow 50 mil on something that will achieve nothing. Small man syndrome and wads of cash cant beat the NRA, or the American people for that matter.

  16. Sigh.

    Another clueless elected official. There really should be a written test given to any person running for public office. 100 questions with a 2500 word essay about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the reasons for both.

  17. Dude doesn’t even know what the amendments are. But he supports the second of them. And maybe the first. Good to know. Eh, cuckoo! Eh, cuckoo!

  18. I’m not sure if anyone else has stated the obvious here but, is it not obvious they are dancing on the blood of children when they use anything in front of ___town when we all know it is to make the connection to Newtown. “Oh no” they will say, “it is to honor the slain children of Newtown and so their lives will not be in vain, not to use their blood”.
    For this they should be ashamed. And also for that reason I am a little queazy about grabbing the FaceBook page name.

  19. “What is your name, Earthman?”
    “Dent, Arthur Dent.”
    “Well, Dentarthurdent, we’re about to be late.”
    “Late for what?”
    “Late, as in the late Dentarthurdent.”

  20. “I don’t understand, Mayor Bloomturd, why hasn’t everyone agreed to give up their guns and hire private security like you?”

    “Cavemen, all of them. Change the name and pump 50 million more in, that’ll finish it.”

  21. They keep runnong the old (read months mature) coalitions into the ground and spawn new ones to replace them. They clearly don’t understand that constant rebranding wont make turds highly valued commodities.

  22. Of course Nutter is going to take his Bloomberg’s check. Does anyone really think it will save so much as one life? It’s all about the money – and Nutter is going to have fun ‘spending’ his Bloomie check on his little pet kickback projects and siphoning off the rest for his own pocket. Just like Shannon Watts and the rest of his freeloading cadre of sycophants.

  23. If the moron does not want to be shot then he should go after all his bros in the gangs instead of law abiding gun owners. Or maybe putting away gangbangers would be hitting a little too close to home.

  24. Hey, Robert… Arthur Dent doesn’t need a gun. He has his towel.

    Oohhh… just had another thought, too… Sooo…… in Arthur’s case, would a .22LR be most appropriate? More than anything else, he really needs a mouse gun… 😀

    • I see a resemblance to Osama Bin Laden more than Squidward. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. The dude really looks like OBL to me.

  25. “but I believe I have a first amendment right not be shot.”

    So does that mean if a person breaks into his home and shoots him, he is going to file a Civil Rights case against his attacker?

  26. The ugly truth about guns that nobody wants to admit or discuss is simply that as long as we have ni99ers walking the streets, human beings will forever have the need for firearms to protect themselves from them. Period.
    You want to get rid of guns and the necessity of them? Get rid of the ni99ers first, then we’ll consider the possibility. Until then, we shall have the right to bear arms and to the God given right of self defense, case closed.


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