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“U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday called [armed, militia-supported] supporters of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy ‘domestic terrorists’ because they defended him against a Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup with guns and put their children in harm’s way,” Las Vegas’ reports. “’Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,’ Reid said during an appearance at a Las Vegas Review-Journal ‘Hashtags & Headlines’ event at the Paris. ‘… I repeat: what went on up there was domestic terrorism.'” We called that one. When push comes to shove, the enemies of liberty . . .

label their enemies domestic terrorists.

Click over to the video. Senator Reid intimates that Bundy is what’s called a Sovereign Citizen: “[Bundy] says the United States is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes.” Wikipedia: “The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classifies some sovereign citizens (“sovereign citizen extremists”) among domestic terror threats.” See where this is going?

God I hope not. But Dirty Harry comes out and admits that he’s been lobbying Attorney General Eric Holder and the Director of the FBI to intervene in the Bundy stand-off. “They had sniper rifles on the freeway,” Reid says of Bundy supporters. “They had assault weapons. They had automatic weapons.”

If you think that’s bad – and it is – Reid also calls Bundy supporters baby killers.

“And as one of the former sheriff’s [something] said, ‘and we had children and women lined up because if anyone got hurt we want to make sure they got hurt first, because we want the federal government to kill women and children.’ These people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They are domestic terrorists.”

If Reid’s minions go back in to take out Bundy, gun owners – NRA members especially – will get tarred with the same brush. All hell will break loose. As it almost did in Nevada. Click here to see just how close the confrontation came to becoming a shooting war/massacre. 

All this so Harry Reid’s son can get paid millions to enable a Chinese solar farm in the desert? Stranger things have happened. Just not recently. Or yet. [h/t PH]

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  1. So an actual domestic enemy of the Constitution thinks I’m a “domestic terrorist.” So what else is new?

    I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Sod Harry Reid.


    • I’m sure there will be plenty of sleep to eventually lose over what the seeds the PATRIOT act and provisions in the latest NDAA sowed.

      The last thing we need is a brand like ‘domestic terrorist’ for exercising a protected right, but that’s exactly what he’s floating here and trying to get to catch on. If they use it enough, it might stick.

    • For a myriad of reasons having nothing to do with politics I will be moving to Henderson Nevada at the end of this month. With only a little luck I will find gainful employment and be able to get on with my life.

      But as a really great side benefit I will be a Nevada resident and registered voter who will have the patriotic HONOR to vote against this COMMENT DELETED.

    • Why would you refer to Harry Reid as a “clown”. Is this not insulting to clowns everywhere?

      Funny, well pitiful actually, that the only violence and agression exhibited during the Bundy v BLM standoff was by agents of our government. Actually I believe the Bundy suporters acted with remarkable restraint given the fact that they had rifles pointed at them, in and of itself justification to cap those BLM “snipers”, one of their members tazed and wound up in a fight with a K-9.

      Why does it seem that when the government acts like terrorists they are ok yet when we defend ourselves we are terrorists? This is backward.

    • Aren’t clowns intentionally funny? While Senator Reid does make me laugh, I’m rather sure that it isn’t intentional.

    • If we don’t condone Harry Reid’s hyperbole, then we should not use it ourselves.

      There were no blackwater snipers in helicopters.

      There were BLM and NPS Park Rangers. They had body armor, tasers, and semi auto patrol rifles, just like nearly every cop and deputy in the US.

      No one is a saint here. The BLM posted “first amendment zones” and Bundy violated the contract he signed with the BLM. Lets also not forget assaulting an LEO working dog (followed by a tazing) and the pipe bombs from the 90s (no one talks about those, do they?)!

  2. All I have to say about is that I am ECSTATIC that this got main stream news coverage. More often than not this kind of stuff get’s completely ignored by the main stream news cycle.

  3. Harry Reid is a pluperfect ass that has exceeded his sell-by date by several years. I really feel sorry for him and his family, it appears as if he is progressing rapidly into a state of dementia. Harry, time to hang the spurs up; and Nevada, time to get your collective heads out of a dark warm smelly place and send Harry home to get help.

  4. We can thank Harry Reid for a new TShirt Slogan. front: I’m a Domestic terrorist. back. I support the US Constitution.

  5. “Terrorists” who stood around peacefully, while being attacked by BLM goon squads. Harry Reid is starting to hear the clang of prison bars in his dreams.

    He doesn’t deserve prison; he’s a criminal and a traitor. Traitors of his ilk are executed, not imprisoned.

    Who keeps electing this stinking swine?

    • Sadly, that would be the majority of voters in his district (all voting shenanigans aside). Long road. There it is ahead.

      • He doesn’t have a district. He is a US Senator, not a Congressman. He is voted in by the people of all of Nevada.

        The other Senator, Heller, has backed the Bundy ranch…weird huh? Reid is essentially accusing his fellow Senator from Nevada of being a domestic terrorist.

    • The remains of the Jewish casino mob and their pliable press mouthpieces in Las Vegas, that’s who. Guys like Steve Wynn, the owners of the Las Vegas Sun, et al.

      See, Harry is very… accommodating of the desires of the gaming industry in Nevada, especially Vegas. When they want online poker and other gaming banned in the US… Harry carries the legislation for them. When they want more land cut loose from the BLM for development, Harry does it. When they want more water for development in Clark County, Harry starts maneuvering to suck water out of either the deep aquifer (about 8,000′ deep, and therefore not currently economically attractive, if for pumping costs alone) or out of the northern and eastern counties of Nevada, putting more ranchers and farmers out of business.

      In the rural areas of the state, most people hate Reid with a flaming passion. In Vegas, he’s their money-honey, the guy who knows how to rub the federal genie lamp, the guy who has connections to get almost anything done, for a price.

    • Probably people like this commenter on HuffPo’s version of this article:

      Tiffany Miller (tiffy82)
      “(…) I’d have drone striked the ranch and every compound of the militia groups.”

      The TTAG demographic is far from the only side with opinions on this.

      • I saw similar comments from a user with the handle “peace lover” over at the cnn comment section. I guess you could view that as irony.

      • I’ve seen several similar comments from leftist pigs around the internet. Despite their smiles and B.S. about progress they are Stalinists at heart. That is why they want a disarmed populace.

  6. And the Republican establishment response is… ” ” (crickets). Not because they are stupid or cowardly. Because they are collaborators.

    • Not “collaborators” per say but basically they are doing the same thing in their own backyards.

      Everything in Washington is bought and paid for…influence, special favors, special legislation etc.

      Fienstien’s husband received military contracts, Pelosi’s husband received some sweet deals for selling land for roads that would go through it. If the press was not so busy cheering for their team, which ever side they lean, you would see how every person in Government has basically been paid for in favors and special privileges. It happens on both sides of the isle. This is why there should be term limits for congress. The longer they are in, the more influence they have and in more pockets they are in.

      Plain and simple, they are all crooks! Take for instance even Franken from MN, the supposed politician for the people — he took money from Comcast and he is on the committee that could stop the merger and yet he has basically kept his mouth shut.

      Also look at how many millionaires we have in congress. Many seem to come to office poor, but amazing how many are millionaires.

      In this particular case, if true, Harry Reid’s son needs the land for some deal and it ends up be a twofer for Harry, he can demonize guns and gun owner for his party and all the while make an excuse for BLM to finally start shooting and get them off the land for his son benefit.

      Far to many people have their heads buried in the sand otherwise we would vote the whole lot of them out and the people we put in would put in the necessary reforms to prevent this crap from happening.

    • Politicians excel at three things:

      1) Taking/spending your money

      2) Taking/restricting your freedoms

      3) Pitting their constituency against the ideological opposition so they can get away with the first two.

  7. Didnt our founding fathers object to the British crown paying the salary of colonial governors specifically so that if they did something they objected to they could withhold their pay? Perhaps not quite the same situation, but it seems analogous. The BLM tried to evict bundy from land that he had the right to use, and so he withheld paying them. Doesnt seem anymore like domestic terrorism then what our founders did. Sounds more like a statesman.

  8. How the hell does an anti gun fruitcake like Harry Reid get elected in the fine State of Nevada?
    If I was a member of one of these Militias I would sue this nutjob for libel.

  9. “Stranger things have happened”, like invading Iraq for WMDs? Anything can happen at this point, let’s just hope we the people don’t end up like the Iraqis.

    • Even if you despise the casus belli, it was evident Saddam tricked everyone, even his own generals. I recall he was meeting his generals during the initial conflict and shocked them by saying not to consider WMD attacks to help them, since he didn’t have any in stockpile. And as much as I feel for the average Iraqi who are just trying to get by, my ultimate priority was my fellow Soldiers on the ground.

  10. It seems to me the biggest anti-gun nuts in office are all old farts who should have been forced out of office after 2 terms. These Senators cause more problems in this country the older they get.

    • Not all old farts are bad though. Ron Paul certainly has my support, and he was in office for (I believe) longer than any other person in the history of the US.

      • I doubt that, shoot, Ted Kennedy was in office over 40 years, and Thurmond was over 50. I don’t think Paul was close, remember he had a real job before politics, many others did not, ever.

        • Robert Byrd (D) WV, served as a U.S. Representative from 1953 until 1959 and as a U.S. Senator from 1959 to 2010. He was the longest-serving U.S. Senator and, at the time of his death, the longest-serving member in the history of the United States Congress.[3][4][5][6] (In June 2013, his record was surpassed by U.S. Representative John Dingell of Michigan).[7] Byrd, however, still holds the record as the longest-serving member of Congress to serve in both houses. Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s . . . He filibustered against the 1964 Civil Rights Act . . .

          Goes to show just how long someone can serve, and just what they can get away with!

  11. wouldnt be so scarey if i actually thought Sen Reid could actually figure out what a domestic terrorist was.
    Course if the FBI was loading his teleprompter then that would be very scarey

  12. In other news, the sun came up.
    I like Limbaugh’s name for him- “dingy harry.”
    Seriously, its amazing he ever got elected, with his harsh whisper sex operator voice.

    ….oh wait. I think I am just now getting that.

  13. This guy, reid is a jerk, he hasn’t done shit in office, he hasn’t even pulled a vote for much of anything. Nevada kept him in office, he is a thief and a criminal and some day he will pay for his doings. I am moving to LV and I sure hope he is gone when I get there. It should be jail time for him and his cronies, (F_ _ _ ing thief). I sure hope that I am not the only one that is really tired of paying his rent in his up scaled hotel! Oops, I got carried away again. Be cool out there we are being watched.

  14. Am I the only one to notice that Harry “Palms” Reid was NOT in the well of the Senate and thus, he can be sued for his statements, esp. when he said Clive Bundy did not pay his grazing fees and his taxes? No, Reid didn’t mince words or arguably make a mistake to confuse grazing fees with taxes. He said both. Just like the blanket charge he lobbed against Romney about not paying taxes (which happened in the well of the Senate, and thus was protected speech), no this time, he said the same thing, but like a dumbs, he said it in Las Vegas! I hope Bundy sues the sh!t out of him!!

    • True. The NRA endorsed Harry in the last election. But it looks like someone took food from the Senator’s table. So he’s thrown gun owners under the bus quicker than you can say “automatic weapons” and “domestic terrorists.”

      Of course, Harry wouldn’t see it that way. The Bundy crew are “bad gun owners.” Funny how that Second Amendment thing works out sometimes, isn’t it?

      • I have watched Harry transform from what I would call neutral/positive, to “troublesome” to now downright “bad” for gun owners. He is no Di-Fi but the great state of Nevada should be able to elect someone who is legit pro gun, instead of a FUDD who talks about “evil assault weapons” and “bad gun owners”.

  15. Reid’s characterization comes pretty close.
    I don’t give any credence to the “baby killer” part.

  16. It’s only a matter of time until news blogs that give positive media coverage of people such as the Bundy’s are accused of being domestic terrorists because of shared political ideological values.

  17. Boy, if there was ever a time to bring out the tired old ‘jump the shark’ cliche, this would be it.
    Domestic Terrorists? Really Harry? Uhhhh, upset a little you lost your little Chinese payoff deal there, errr…. Yeah.
    Regardless of what you think of the Bundy thing, labeling them as Domestic Terrorists is nothing short of pyscho stalin police state shit.
    …and pretty revealing too. He had a little moment there where the thin veil came off and you could see the full nature of the beast.

  18. Start dropping those guys and Harry Reid might find out exactly how many ‘domestic terrorists’ there are in the US.

    Hell, more than a few of them wear uniforms.

  19. Why don’t we call them “Occupy Nevada”, then the grand lich and his bozo buddies in Hollywood would be sending Bundy money!

    Does anybody have any doubt who the real enemies of the American people are?

  20. I wouldn’t go as far to call militia members domestic terrorists, especially if they don’t actually involve themselves in acts of terror. There are militias out there however who are engaged in various illegal activities.
    I don’t know about everybody else but the name Harry Reid conjures up images of some white dude punching children in the face.

  21. I’m no fan of Reid, but I’m no fan of Bundy.

    If it turns out to be true that the fun bunch at the ranch came up with the bright idea of putting women and children at the front of the line, then I think they are shit bags, as well as loons and they can triple kiss my butt.

    Any organization thinking about throwing in with Bundy is asking for a whole heap of dumb. He should have just gone back to court and appealed or sought an injunction. Yeah, yeah, the guv should have just filed a lien instead of that round up shit. I know.

    Two derps don’t make a right.

    I think people are just throwing support his way because they are dissatisfied with current events in general so this story caught their attention as a means to thumb their nose at the administration and vent. I think they are reaching mighty hard and putting on thick rose colored glasses to stretch him into some kind of folk hero.

    I’m not saying he’s the wicked witch of the west, but his hands aren’t clean in how this situation developed. Plus I think he’s pretty nutty.

    So is Harry though. They should both shut it.

    • If it turns out to be true???

      You have seen photos of the standoff with the BLM, right? The one with a solid line of MEN ON HORSES directly between the crowd and the BLM?

      Didn’t see many children. Women were there, mostly in the back or up on the rearward overpass.

      Typical BS lies from Reid and others.

      • You know I remember reading stories about the ‘pro Bundy’ people using women as human shields but I’ve been completely unable to find any hard data on that. Sounds more and more to me someone’s spewing BS to try and paint the militia guys in a bad light.

  22. 1) April 18th, 1775.

    General Thomas Gage mad, an American Silversmith, a few patriots, and a bridge outside Concord. Stir well, and pour.

    History doesn’t always repeat, but it usually rhymes.

    2) Tree. Politician. Rope.
    Some assembly required.

  23. The USA PATRIOT Act says:

    (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
    (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
    (B) appear to be intended—
    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
    (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
    (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

    So…can that be stretched to cover what happened in Nevada? Probably, at least enough for DoJ to start requesting warrants.

    Yet another post 9/11 security/safety law that can easily be abused by the gub’mint.

  24. Sadly, there are posters on this very website that agree with Reid. OK, maybe they wouldn’t call him a terrorist, but they do believe he’s a criminal.

  25. Where are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz? Why aren’t they calling out Harry Reid’s gangster tactics instead of grand standing on symbolic issues?

  26. Bundy sounds like he is very much a Sovereign Citizen. There are Sovereign Citizen terrorists. That does not work by transitive property, though. One can be a SC without being a terrorist. And if what those folks at the Bundy ranch were doing was terroristic, we’re all in trouble.

    And I’m no Bundy supporter.

    • I’m not try to be condescending or antagonistic. I legitimately want to know what you think about this: Why is it appropriate to take up arms in this instance? Where do you draw the line? I personally don’t think many soft drugs should be illegal to grow, distribute, or consume. Are the cartels standing up for freedom from government tyranny? I certainly don’t think that’s an appropriate light to cast them in. For a slightly less hyperbolic example, what about local drug gangs taking up arms to prevent the arrest of their dealers? What about abortion opponents taking up arms to prevent people from getting into abortion clinics? Where are these people thugs using violence to get their way? Where are these people patriots defending freedom from government tyranny? I don’t see the latter in any of these or in the action of Bundy’s supporters.

      • The government very noisily, very proudly and in-your-face, brought huge quantities of armed goons to a peaceful ranch which had been having a peaceful disagreement with the gubt for 20 years, relatively obviously offering overwhelming violence and/or murder to an old man and his family where a couple of lawyers in 3-piece suits would have been more appropriate. THAT is what justified people turning out with guns and saying, effectively, “Oh, no, you don’t!”

        See now?

  27. Uh, ugh, no, no, bad, no, don’t use those words, don’t use that language, no, bad, loaded words, charged words, scary words, baaaad, don’t do that, don’t open that can of worms, bad Harry, bad!

  28. The sad truth is that any American who watches a prime time police drama will buy this hook, line, and sinker. The most recent one I saw was on Burn Notice, wherein an evil militia with fully automatic rifles were going to blow up something or another. The mass media has been tarnishing the word “Militia” for decades, for obvious reasons. I’ve never formally joined a militia. I don’t even know where the nearest formal militia is, or what it’s called. But I consider myself a member. We’ve got to get our government out of the hands of the ruling class.

  29. I’ve emailed Rep. Issa and asked him to do a thorough investigation and be sure to dig to the bottom of Sen. Reid and his son Harry and their possible influence of BLM to hire snipers and bring militarized law enforcement to lay siege to the Bundy ranch. I asked him also to find out why the BLM which manages all the Department of Interior property which is quite extensive along the U.S.-Mexico border has never had snipers and militarized law enforcement there with loaded M-16s with instructions to shoot the many drug pushers and runners, criminals, and illegal invaders who cross that border into BLM land daily.

  30. Chris, don’t blame the media on tarnishing militias. Sure not all militias are bad however. But if we look at objectively, many militias are involved in illegal activity of every flavor. Many times they engage in such activity due to the belief because they don’t acknowledge the government on the local, state, and federal government that rules don’t apply to them. That’s why many people view all militias in a negative light

  31. I recollect that the Redcoats called the irregular US revolutionaries terrorists since they’d hide behind trees and plink the Redcoat ranks, as opposed to rank-and-file formations. Harry Reid and the rest of our politicians are 99% scum IMHO. It’s a millionaire lawyer’s club. There are worse things to be than to considered a “domestic terrorist” in the eyes of a monied old turtle man who is caught up in a scheme to give Chinese business US territory via abuse of governmental power.

  32. If that’s the case there are a lot of us domestic terorists and growing larger every year. What are they going to call us when we are the majority?

  33. Maineuh – No, it was the last part of Chris’ comment that disappeared. About Bloomberg, the self annointed one. Not sure what happened there but won’t ask.

  34. After labeling others as terrorists outside you country now Obama is turning his attention to persecuting religion and tradition within. Who would have thought that these ranchers could be labeled as terrorists. They have done their best to distract Americans from what is really going on in their war overseas against religion…tradition and custom with the E.U and U.N.

    These lefties hate religion…tradition and custom and they want to pull the strings behind the scenes to close down free speech like they do in Brussels with giving up these last internet controls. Try and provide a comment on a E.U site. There is no place for it.

    Likewise Obama’s wife wants to tell you what you should eat and Bloomberg wants to downsize your guns and sodas.

    Americans are you getting the picture of a new fascism at the moment that is also manifesting itself in the gay marriage debate. Read this article on a Duck Dynasty competition being cancelled.

    Meanwhile on the wacky left anti-capitalist and anti-rascist groups have demanded 3 billion from a Google executive in San Francisco to fund their activities.

    Obama has a limitless amount of money to divide America and he will use it with his executive orders and these provacations by calling Bible believing Americans as terrorists.

    Americans read Martin Luther Kings letter from Birmingham jail and then look at this divisive President.

  35. How is Reid wrong? By their own admission the Bundys have been breaking the law for decades because they do not agree with policy, and when the landlords remove cattle unlawfully grazing on PUBLIC land, Bundy’s supporters point their guns and threaten them.

    Trying to achieve a political victory through violence or the threat of violence…..yup, sure sounds like terrorism to me.

    • Bundy may be many things but he isn’t a terrorist. He has not threatened anybody. John Hinderaker pointed out that had Bundy contributed to Reid’s campaign fund in the past none of this would be happening. He would be free to to ignore the BLM because Reid would be protecting him. When Reid came up he played footsie with the mob when he was chairman of the gaming commission. Reid is a gangster shaking down someone who is not paying him protection money.

      • Maybe Bundy doesn’t support all the people coming to his defense. I honestly don’t know. But those people who pointed loaded weapons at BLM to get their way certainly sound a lot more like gangsters in a literal sense than Reid does in a metaphorical one.

        • When I call Reid a gangster I mean in the sense mob connected. I would recommend you see Casino and then the read the book. The had to change the names of the characters in the movie because Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal threatened to sue the production company if they used his name. The book also gives more details about Harry Reid’s interaction with the mafia when he was chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Reid got rich off of mob money.

    • Please, can we see more of this here? I’m sure people can come up with many reasons to hate Reid, but he’s absolutely right on this one. Their actions are not an appropriate response to a disagreement with the government. These people need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nowhere is it protected to take up arms against the government because you disagree with a law. We have a representative democracy. There will be laws you dislike. Get over it. Or, better yet, challenge the laws in court. Did you lose? Appeal. There is a framework for government set out in a document these people so often remind us they will die for. Nowhere does that framework condone these peoples’ actions.

      • What about the actions of a senior Senator to appoint judges in a federal district, and somehoe it turns out that when the FBI requests assistant from that particular district to investigate said senator for corruption they get shut down because it’s a conflict of interest. Yeah, Reid has ANY room to talk about people breaking the law.

        Let’s not even start with his granddaughter taking campaign funds for her own personal use, because she was on the campaign payroll and NOT using her given last name, i.e. Reid.

      • Pseudo said: “Or, better yet, challenge the laws in court. Did you lose? Appeal. There is a framework for government set out in a document these people so often remind us they will die for. Nowhere does that framework condone these peoples’ actions.”

        Administrative Law is far from fair. In many cases there is no appeal and even if you win (or even if you can afford to fight) in court, whatever alphabet government administration you happen to be fighting may just ignore the court ruling anyway. Your tax dollars at work.

        Illegal Everything

      • Unicorns and rainbows are strong with this one. So Pseudo – what do you do if the framework is corrupt? Be quiet and do what you are told? Appeal? Appeal again? I guarantee you – If I left my car parked at my neighbors place he could have it towed. He could not sell my car and pocket the funds. If I am a homeowner and some tenents leave their stuff behind – By law I must store it for them for a required time period. I would have to leave notices to the tenents as well. I would not be allowed to simply have a yard sale and sell their stuff. What gives BLM the right to steal his livestock? They are just going to step in and assume all authority yea? Maybe because they have the word “Bureau” at the head of their name? All so Harry and son and strike a deal with chinese solar farming. Open your eyes and wake up to the greater issues at hand.

        • Everyone who has ever lost in court is bitter about the unfair playing field , and some of them rightly so.
          There is simply no perfect system, we all should work to make the one we have better (unless it is irredeemably broken like some Sadamesque – North Korean dictatorship)
          Taking up arms against the federal government is however an exercise in futility because no one other than a few information challenged crackpots wants a civil war unless there is good reason behind it.
          Even if they rebel and win what then? They will need to replace this government with another one that will undoubtedly have it’s own injustices (or no government at all but that is a brand new can with gigantic worms) leading to another group with grievances revolting and so on…
          The unicorns are indeed strong Anonymous, however I fear they are to be found in your way of thinking.

        • So… Real Freedom “bad”, government “good”, keep voting, smile, work within the system. Got it. Thanks.

      • Pseudo, you ARE referring to prosecuting those who FIRST showed up with large numbers of guns and dogs and tasers and snipers and armored vehicles, right? Way out on the otherwise lonesome prairie? Or are we to be selective in our enforcement of supposed “law”?

      • While the specific circumstances of this case are questionable at best, I believe what we’re seeing is the natural response of a people accustom to being free from government intervention coming to the sudden realization that they are not in fact free, and that the deck has been so stacked against them that they would require billions of dollars and many years to right the wrongs through the processes the founders built into the system. The pols have made it so complicated, expensive and slow to seek redress within the system that for a long time people have just thrown up their hands and acquiesced.

        Now though, the people have had it, are fed up, and they want change, real change that occurs right now and that can be witnessed and effected right in front of them. There is a huge sense that the courts do not correct the unconstitutional power grabs by government and that government isn’t answerable to the people. Perhaps if the President, the AG, and in this case a sitting senator weren’t all scoff laws and obvious criminals people would simply continue to throw up their arms and roll their eyes.

        The AG now says that the president can murder you with a drone strike, absent any due process, the President says he can advance his agenda independent of Congress, and the people say they can back down government agents by pointing rifles at them.

        When the government disobeys the rule of law it’s laws are meaningless. This is no different that the talk of how gun control only affects the law abiding. Under this administration and given the current trend in the courts and Congress the people are beginning to realize that obeying the law means surrendering their liberty.

        I don’t think the raid on the Branch Davidians at Waco can be discounted or dismissed in this. There are many Americans who still feel that the government murdered those people without just cause, certainly without due process and on the slimmest façade of legitimacy. Now, when the federal forces descend on a person who will not acquiesce to their bully tactics there is a visceral reaction among some people that they will not allow another Waco or another Ruby Ridge. Next time the world will be watching, and the government forces will have to fight in 360 degrees because outside forces will be coming to aid the dissidents.

        The Davidians might have been nutty cultists, Randy Weaver might have been a separatist and Cliven Bundy might be dead wrong, but that doesn’t matter to a portion of the population, they’re simply sick of the government overreach and its use of violence and intimidation. They’re afraid that when the government comes for them they’ll stand alone and they’re willing to make sure that doesn’t happen to someone else.

        These sorts of showdowns are set to take place in CT and NY, perhaps soon in VT and NJ. If the people there decide to stand up for their rights they may need and certainly will appreciate all the help they can get.

        The current government of the US is disconnected from, unanswerable to, and out of sync with the needs of the people. It should come as no surprise that as Americans, descended all from revolutionaries and counting liberty as the most important pursuit, the taking up of arms to resist an unlawful and tyrannical government seems right and reasonable.

      • We do *NOT* have a Democracy, as has been pointed out here many times in the past. Our Republic may have already become an Oligarchy.

    • So someone merely breaking the law is now a terrorist?? What about the illegal MS-13 members who come to this country and terrorize urban communities? They aren’t labeled terrorists, they are just undocumented. What about the people like Bernie Madoff who DESTROYED lives and did severe damage to the economy? He’s not a terrorist?

      But the people who voiced their opinions against the government, who exercised their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO FREE ASSEMBLY, those are the terrorists!

      Yeah, ok. Got it.

      • Terrorists aren’t given due process by the gov. It is in their best interest to label everyone as a terrorist. They like to do whatever they want.

  36. I know what to call people who cheat the welfare system like bundy did, and defend that decision with an armed, highly racist, militia….HEROS!!!!!!!!

    • Yup, because EVERYBODY knows about those armed militias that stop child services from relieving welfare defrauders of custody of their children. Wait… no, I’ve never heard of that. Seriously, what are you talking about?

  37. What act of terror did they allegedly commit? Who was terrorized here? Was it not the Bundy family being terrorized by overzealous and overstepping BLM agents?

    • They used the threat of violence to impose the ideology that the federal government is terrible on the american people. I personally, have been terrorized.

  38. I don’t entirely agree with Bundy, but that doesn’t mean the government’s handling of this affair wasn’t horrific. Whatever act of Providence staved off a bloodbath at that ranch, the government agents who were prepared to kill American citizens over a few cows need to reevaluate what’s really important.

    And Harry Reid should have just shared his joy that no one was harmed. That’s how I feel about it. Anything that happens before rounds are fired can be negotiated or forgiven. That he didn’t acknowledge that when he had the chance is revealing.

  39. The problem is that the supposed “adults” (ie: our elected leaders) can’t keep their mouth shut when something doesn’t go their way. Stirring the pot isn’t going to help anything, and it never does.

    I’m not a Bundy fan, and think the guy is in the wrong, but a national dialogue on the expansion of the federal govt is more warranted than sniper rifles and labeling people terrorist.

    • Whenever I hear phrases like “national dialog,” my first thought is “what’s the point?”

      Talk is ultimately cheap. It’s kind of like those politicians that “condemn” the actions of individuals or other governments. What does it actually DO?

      We don’t need “dialog.” We need action. Right now, the major battleground is the court room. We need our side well-funded and well represented in the courts – and that is showing some efficacy.

  40. One man’s FREEDOM FIGHTER is another man’s INSURGENT. I don’t think he as seen a Domestic Terrorist, yet. Though I wouldn’t be surprised they show up on his doorstep someday.

  41. Didn’t harry reid take money from his campaign and gave it to his granddaughter? It’s a damn shame that he’s a senator.

    • did Harry Reid’s grand daughter employed by him? its a shame the only thing to do is pick a man’s grand daughter when he’s so dreadfully right. 🙁

  42. I fully agree that Reid should be investigated as to his relationship with the Chinese solar power company. His quick labeling as a terrorist is a little too convenient. Further, Reid has lost so much credibility at this point that I assume he is lying unless proven otherwise.

      • The representatives who worked very hard to create the BLM were elected. The voter turnout was oppressed no doubt like it has for our entire history, yet as fair an election as possible was still deemed good enough to elect the fine representatives who went into creating the BLM and discovering the need for it. If its very basic American government classes you need? maybe google? khan’s academy? it might clear up a LOT of misunderstandings you have. Government is complicated but very worth educating yourself on through methods beyond ‘corporate media’ 🙂

  43. Who are the real domestic terrorists here? This is still the United States of America right? It seems to me that more and more often the official .gov response to any citizen failing to ask how high when they bark out jump is to point a gun and demand immediate compliance. The BLM showed up with guns and snipers to intimidate an American citizen and his family over a bunch of cows. Cows that have been grazing there for over 120 years. I think it is high time for normal average Americans to say enough of this crap. I did not agree to have my elected “representatives” to turn the US into a police state and citizens into serfs. In fact, I dont believe we have even had the conversation. The PATRIOT act (starting to think it was aptly named) is all about “national Security” What part of America are they securing? It sure is not the part where we are free people. Hairy Greed is a doddering old man. But as dangerous as a rattlesnake. His many allies in governments large and small will not hesitate to trample what freedom we have have left, unless We the People make it clear that behavior is unacceptable.
    Meanwhile, the very same government that terrorizes American citizens will not defend our borders. (That is one of the very few actual Constitutional duties that the federal government has) They demand our tax money (again, at the point of a gun) and use some of it to give aid and assistance to the very people that are invading the country. Millions of our fellow CITIZENS are out of work, and they are agitating for amnesty, to make the illegals citizens. I ask again, who is the Domestic Terrorist really?

  44. Pretty much all of the negative things I wanted to say , have already been addressed , and When the 2nd American Revolution starts a lot of these politicians will be tried for treason and probably found guilty , and ya’ll know what happens then , ropes will be going up everywhere . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  45. The times are a’changing. First reference to non-muslim terrorists I have heard in a good while.

    Maybe I can start flying soon?

  46. I’ve only half followed this story, but I have sneaking suspicion that calling these people “terrorists” is bad. You know, having not indiscriminately targeted and murdered innocent civilians and all.

    But hey, what do I know?

  47. The U.S. (As far as I know) is a country of courts and law, not some free for all where anybody and their brother can make up the rules as they choose.
    This guy went to court and lost, then when the authorities enforced the court’s ruling he and a bunch of armed people in army surplus-made up uniforms attempted to keep them from doing so at gunpoint.
    This issue to me is not about Reed or whether the court ruling is correct, it’s about how society works. Is anyone free to break the law if they have enough firepower? Does it depend on the ideological cloak they put on? When it’s a bunch of people with an anti government agenda they get a free pass to break the law as they please?
    If this was a dispute between two ranchers instead of a rancher and the feds would it be acceptable to lose in court and then bully your neighbor at gunpoint?
    This is how gangs work. This is the reason why people in militias are seen as loons by the general public.

      • The US government is elected. Gangs are not. The feds in this case are upholding the law of the land (not always possible without force) The rancher and the militias want the exact opposite they want to tear down the legal framework.
        Slight differences that matter , you know like a despot that is there for life and a president that is voted into office for a max of 2 terms …

    • “The U.S. (As far as I know) is a country of courts and law, not some free for all where anybody and their brother can make up the rules as they choose.”

      Wow… Breaking news there!- So is every other country in the world.

      • And in every country in the world if you try to have your way by force after you lose in court you probably get your rear end handed to you. And you don’t get to cry tyranny when that happens because you decided to try force when words failed. There are many cases of despotic states in the world that deserve to be overthrown the US is not even close to these.

    • They were there to ensure government violence perpetrated by its unaccountable class of knights didn’t befall Bundy and his family and that if it did, he would have a fighting chance.

  48. Well it looks like the Front Sight video was spot on with this dbag’s involvement in the Bundy incident. Harry is on the run, he can’t delete records fast enough, and even then Harry, they will catch you.

  49. Reuters news service has an interesting take on this story, name of it is: ” After Nevada ranch stand-off, emboldened militias ask: where next? ” It talks about who suggested the women and kids at the front. Seems like Koch brothers were stirring the pot before it flared up also using the PAC. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but we all enjoy what those taxes pay for. Same token we hate to see those taxes wasted. Bundy refused to pay for the use of public land, in other words his cows are on public welfare. The case has been taken to court and he lost and lost and lost. We as owners of firearms need to be very careful who’s horse we hitch our wagon to and support. This is not a good cause for us to back, we need the public to back the 2A not look at these guys confronting the police and think everyone who owns a firearm is like them.

    While in office Reid has been very supportive to veterans, pushed though bills that were being held back by Republicans for years when he got a chance. So what has the right done for veterans lately, Ryan put the COLA -1% in the budget bill at 11:30pm the day before it was voted on. NV prior senator had to step down cause he was having an affair with his best friend’s wife that started at a Christmas party at the White House while Bush was in office, Just cause they have an “R” by their name does not mean they are honest and good.

    Bundy needs to pay his taxes and fines like every other honest American does, if not he’s a criminal and should be dealt with to comply with the law of the land.

    • Did Reid support the appointments of kagen and Sotomayor to the Supreme court? I believe he did. I’m sure Reid has done some decent things. Heck, he even supported the 2nd Amendment until Obama got in office. But helping appoint two justices who have no belief in the constitution? Nope

  50. So according Harry, semi-automatic rifles are now “automatic” rifles and all other rifles are “sniper rifles”. He gave away their end game. Once they ban semi-autos as “assault weapons” they will come aftee your bolt action and single shot rifles as “scoped sniper rifles” and want to ban them too.

  51. I just watched some of the videos. Regardless of Bundy’s transgressions, what the feds did was far worse. I seen a video where the feds threatened to shoot into a crowd of protesters if they didn’t disperse. I saw videos where the principals of using the minimum force necessary were thrown out the window by the BLM. The unedited videos say it all. This is what our government has become, and I do not like it.

  52. Domestic terrorist? You mean like voting to appoint those who don’t believe in the Constitutions (Sotomayor and Kagen)? Who’s the domestic terrorist Harry?

  53. This is the method of the Democrats in power positions under Obama. If you are pro-life, you are a woman hating misogynist, if you criticize Obama or Holder, you are a racist, if you stand up to this government’s tyranny, you are a domestic terrorist, if you own firearms and stand-up to this government, you are a mentally unstable domestic terrorist. If you do not walk, think and speak in lock step with the Party Line, you are the enemy, to be feared, loathed and subdued because you are a declared “criminal” against the State.
    This has gone far beyond “gun control”.

    • This ^^^^. Reid is seeding the narrative so that when they come to round Bundy up instead of his cattle they can justify the bloodshed.

    • The methods of bundy are to use armed hate groups to protect his cows from being seized from the government. It wouldn’t matter what party was in power, if this happened, somebody would criticize because those cows actually belong to my children and I because they were using my land for generations and generations without paying a simple fee we democratically chose to have for our land. Just because somebody uses the threat of violence to enforce a political point doesn’t mean they aren’t patriots?? huh. What’s next? stealing planes? because I see the news reporting about armed criminals preventing the federal government from taking what is rightfully mine. I see armed groups on television who are proud to be racist yet pointing out racism is?? wrong?? really?? not in MY country.

  54. I see Emanuel Goldstein, oops I mean the Koch Brothers are up to their tricks again. /sarc

    Do you realize that this is a Harry Reid planted story? The Koch Brothers have nothing to do with this.

  55. Just for the record… While I think Harry Reid’s tirade labeling the Bundy crew as Domestic Terrorists is over the top, inflammatory, sets a bad precedent – and is also very revealing as to his personal level of involvement and motives — I honestly do not think we should tie our issue (of protecting the 2A) to Bundy’s issue, which is essentially a Nevada/State issue about taxes and grazing fees, etc (a ‘Range war’). While I certainly see the correlations (ie – Big Bully Government, strong-handed tactics, corruption, etc), I don’t think this is the same as ‘our issue’ of protecting the 2A, and don’t think we should link ourselves to this event. I also think Yeager should go home. I think there is legitimate blame on both sides and I can only hope this ends well – without violence. And that’s (hopefully) my last comment on any Bundy threads.

  56. So shoot me… Figuratively speaking. I happen to believe that Harry Reid has been a far better than average public servant. You guys need to stop getting your talking points other places than Fox and Newsmaxx. And stop listening to those radio guys that get paid in direct proportion to how much crazy they can whip up.
    I was very disappointed to see TTAG throw in with mr. Bundy. This man has not paid his lease fees for 20 years. He has lost all court actions since. He recognizes no government higher than the state of Nevada ( that might be fun for you to think about, but it’s childish). Yet he continues to ignore his obligations.
    I recently heard a black commentator say what if this was a black man who wouldn’t pay his rent, refused to acknowledge his landlords ownership, and had several hundred armed friends show up to sit around his apartment? What would Sean Hannity say about ?
    This is not a fight about freedom, this is not a fight about the RKBA, don’t be a sucker.

    • Kerry –
      “I was very disappointed to see TTAG throw in with mr. Bundy” — Not sure where exactly you saw that. Maybe you just filled in those blanks in your liberal mind. (kinda like the ‘we all just watch too much Fox news’ thing). If you see Robert’s earlier post on this, it was very neutral (I thought).

      And if you actually read the comments, most people are not backing Bundy’s actions.

      And Harry Reid is a better than average public servant? Really??? Maybe you ought to stop watching so much MSNBC (right back at you)

      and not interesting in trading comments, so BYE.

  57. The original “Patriots” in this country were also labeled “terrorists” by the crown, and as we all know, it didn’t turn out well for England…

  58. This is what we’re headed towards if people like Harry Reid get their way:

    A disarmed society under heavy surveillance 24/7, shamed into thinking only acceptable thoughts and “protesting” in mandated free speech zones patrolled by unaccountable militarized police. The news is reported only by government-approved and monitored news organizations full of sycophants and cowards too worried about losing access to shine a spotlight on government corruption and incompetence. When malfeasance is uncovered by whistleblowers, they’re denounced as traitors and any timid calls for reform never actually materialize into anything meaningful. There are no limits to what government can do, because the progressive believes that they are us, and we are them.

    • Yes, that’s the scary part to this, and the correlation to our cause.

      But does not mean I’m throwing in with Bundy.

  59. Come on people… trying to get women shot in order to stir up an armed revolution is not good for the guns cause.—-

  60. If this was terrorism, then what was the Occupy Wall Street movement? They physically occupied public land, and violently resisted the authorities that attempted to remove them. In fact, they used actual physical resistance which resulted in several law enforcement officers getting injured, yet Senator Reid thought they were great Americans.

    The only thing that got hurt in Nevada were a few cows, and a whole bunch of egos.

  61. I see a lot of comments about “gee, he lost in court, suck it up and pay” Really? Do you honestly think a court case between FedGov and a citizen who stands in their way will in any way get a fair trial? Aren’t you paying attention? The Federal Judges, and Federal Prosecutors, work for-duh- the very same FedGov that is railroading the citizen in the first place. Bundy’s family has been ranching on that land for over 120 years. They OWN the water rights. They have invested hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars over the years making improvements. Then, all of a sudden, FedGov changes the rules, and get the heck off that land…Or Else.
    As an American, I grow increasingly disturbed at the ramp up of government violence against our fellow citizens. Local, State and Federal….The paradigm has subtly shifted, and now WE are seen as the enemies of the state, no matter what the circumstances. Our servants, as outlined in over 200 years of history and laws, mean to become our masters. If you sit back and look, it should become frightenly obvious why there is such a push to dis arms us, by any means possible. As long as American Citizens remain armed, we retain the ability to resist the tyranny. As intended by our Founding Fathers. Look around you. The FedGov has purchased billions of rounds of ammuntion. They are distributing armored vehicles to every Tom Dick and Harry police unit all around the country. Who do you think they plan to use them against?
    And for choosing to resist Tyranny, WE are called Domestic Terrorists.Ask yourslves, who is it that is working so hard to change the status quo in America. Us or Them. Domestic Terrorists indeed.

  62. Now we know why Reid waited so long to weigh in on this controversy. His claim, “I repeat: what went on up there was domestic terrorism,” is very telling, making it clear that our government is planning on pulling out all the stops to have its way here. This “representative,” along with many others in our government – republican and democrat alike – wanted to wait until the smoke cleared to let us know how far the merciless and power-hungry regime in Washington is planning to go to enforce some of its baseless, freedom-destroying legislation.

    Reid said, “I repeat, we are a country of laws.” When he made this comment I’m sure he wasn’t referring only to the absurd and arbitrary “land use rules” that were created to protect an alleged “endangered” desert tortoise. Given the statements Reid made, I think the laws he had most in mind are ones like the unconstitutional Military Commissions Act, which makes it easy for our government to declare its citizens “enemy combatants,” and the National Defense Authorization Act, which makes it easy for them to declare militias as “terrorist groups.”

    The NDAA permits the military to seize U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military facilities, even if they only appear to be “engaged in hostilities against the United States.” Through this “law” alone, our government is authorized to arrest, without charge or trial, and hold for indefinite periods of time individuals accused of terrorism. The language in this bill is broad enough to include whole categories of Americans, including dissidents and activists.

    So get ready for some domestic “shock and awe” that will be brought to us by government-recruited mercenaries – that includes those in our military and law-enforcement agencies that are willing to round up or kill fellow Americans while enforcing “laws” that shouldn’t even be on the books.

  63. Yep, the NDAA does “authorize” such things. It is words put on paper by an out of control and tyrannical government. We the People are in fact the final arbiter of what is “law” in America. Look at Connecticut and New York. “Lawmakers” crafted a “law” in each of those states, making previously owned firearms instantly illegal, unless you “registered” them with the appropriate agencies. If you did not, THEY decreed you became a felon, for behavior that was perfectly legal the day before. Citizens of those states failed to “comply” in huge numbers. The CITIZENS are telling their servants they have over stepped their bounds. WE have the power in America. They can put all the words they want on paper, if WE refuse to comply, there is really nothing that the tyrants can do about it. It is time we collectively put our feet down, and say no more. The Bundy ranch thing is merely the first step. For the first time in a very long time, the Citizens are telling the out of control Government ENOUGH. Back off, or we will force you to back off. No wonder they call us terrorists, they have steamrolled our collective rights without any resistance for so long, they thought it was always going to be like that. Americans are a good hearted people, but as other Tyrants through history have discovered, we can only be pushed so far before we push back.

  64. “Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,”

    But Harry, my little Harry; don’t you know that in Progressive Dystopias such as ours, Patriot and Terrorist are synonymous? As is Freedom Fighter. And even Good Guy.

    • A terrorist is somebody who uses violence or intimidation to push a political point. Stopping the federal government from seizing MY property over a political ideology with the threat of mass violence is very cowardly and considered terrorism. Its simple.

  65. I’ll bet the NSA is glad to have some people to follow home too 🙂 lol geniuses ‘lets git on the fox’s news and show off our guns woo!! yea!! take that OBUMMER hahhah we showed ya! oh. wait. hey woman, stand here in front of me, ok hahahaha look at muh gunz! run fed gov run!’ lol. it reminds me of the south park episode where they all have the civil war reenactment and go from colorado to dc trying to take over the gov. seriously all we needed were some aliens to swoop in and beam up some cows…OH WAIT there WERE cows slaughtered. Real life is copying south park.

  66. Harry Reid needs to explain why his solar plant doesn’t effect the desert tortoise…. But, cattle are a different story? The truth is the Environmental Terrorist at the Center FOR Biological Diversity have free reign to abuse the Endangered Species Act at will.

    • I believe Fox News is saying Reid’s son’s investors in this Solar Project are Chinese…like from the PRC, which is basically criminally irresponsible about environmental matters and safety. Go figure.


    The FBI should be investigating the 30 or so surrounding once BLM properties that somehow ended up in Senator Dirty Harry REID’s land banks. Including the 92 acre piece adjoining Cliven Bundy’s Ranch and his Virgin River Water Rights.

    The fact that Janet Reno and Clinton, hiding behind her pant-suit T.O. the Waco gassing and bombing from the ATF to the FBI and the result lead to what happened in Oklahoma City, pretty much makes it very questionable that they will be able to do a fair and balanced investigation here. (May not be the intent either)

    The Brave men and women, (you don’t see any children in the video or the standoff) that faced AR-15 Full Automatic BLM weapons, were told NOT to fire unless they were fired on first. My guess that first volley would have been 500 rounds or so. Everyone I spoke to afterwards said one of the main reason they were there was to stop another Waco and/or Oklahoma City._citizenactivist


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