The Woman From Pennsylvania’s Ensemble: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Jen Mioduszewski from Erie, Pennsylvia sends her “Just the Basics” submission from Everyday Carry.

And, well, it’s pretty basic.  An M&P Shield in a Q-series holster.  Appendix IWB I’m guessing.

Add to that a Fortius Arms Keybiner and a Leatherman Wingman multi-tool.  She carries more manly stuff that most men I see out in public.


  1. avatar Geoff “Guns. Lots of guns.” PR says:

    I’d be inclined to add a blade and a light, but if what she has works for her, more power to her!

  2. avatar edward kenway's ghost says:

    Something’s missing.
    I think it’s a male concubine, but I can’t be sure …
    Oh well, never mind.

    1. avatar Geoff “Guns. Lots of guns.” PR says:

      I got to experience being a male concubine to an Asian woman, and there is a lot of positives in that kind of relationship… 🙂

  3. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Those skeleton holster make me think that my gun would next to sweaty me.

    There are some pocket holsters that are porous and my LCP rusted like a sumbitch.

    Maybe women really dont sweat.

    1. avatar Viejo Torro says:

      No Sir they glisten.

    2. avatar B.D. says:

      But they fart.

      Or so I’m told.

      1. avatar The real B.D. says:

        Dude. Get fucked. Troll under your own screen name. Pathetic worm.

  4. avatar B.D. says:

    Knife & light. Spare mag too, but not really needed. Definitely a knife and a light tho.

    I do wonder what she carries ID in though. A purse? Not a lot of woman carry those things now days. I’ve never been with a purse carrier, lol. Bullet dodged.

    1. avatar route66paul says:

      So she had you carry it?

      1. avatar B.D. says:

        You betcha!

        Plus I have the perfect purse for every occasion!

        1. avatar B.D. Actual says:

          Get fucked loser.

    2. avatar THE REAL B.D. says:

      Like i said, I’ve never been with a purse carrier, lol. Bullet dodged.

      AKA, you know, a woman.

      1. avatar The actual B.D. says:

        You really need a life. Nobody is impressed at your childish behavior.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    That Keybiner is a pretty cool tool, I’d consider replacing my key set up with that.

    Not sure why everything has to have a bottle opener on it these days but… whatever.

    1. avatar Geoff “Guns. Lots of guns.” PR says:

      I think that’s a nod to the long-neck crowd…

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Long neck, big gut.

        Christ, I was looking for a pair of beater pants today at a local gun/surplus type store so I was looking in what I call the “milsim section”. You know, Propper, Truspec that kind of stuff. Yough and reasonably cheap since I plan to destroy them inside six months. Nothing smaller than a 40″ waist on any pair of pants. So, I figure all the “normal” sized people got in before me and I ask if they have any smaller waist sizes.

        Not only do they not have any they don’t carry anything smaller than 36/30 because they can’t sell them. Mostly they carry 40+/30-32 because that’s what sells. So, 40+ inch waist on 30 inch legs. That’s not big guys, and there are not enough men built like a brick shithouse to justify their stock.

        This country’s gotten fat and, from what I see at stores like that and at the ranges, obese is the new “tactical”. Pre-diabetes dressed in 5.11’s and BDUs.

        1. avatar LifeSavor says:

          Kudos to you, Strych9, for the courage to speak plainly. Being fit is an essential element of self-defense. The constant supply of processed foods and fast foods undermines our health, and personal safety, and family safety. That being said, I love potatoe chips.

        2. avatar Pacer says:

          I always figured the “normal” sizes just sell out and they’re left with the oddball sizes.

        3. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

          As a fat ass let me tell you no one has much over 40 either. Looking for 44-46 pretty much means going to big and tall sections or stores now. I look around at all the people fatter than me and wonder where the hell they shop.

          Not looking for tacticool, just cargo pockets. I have been wearing cargoes since before tacticool was a thing. K Mart seems to be the place for it, until they go out of business. As discussed in previous comments on other articles, stuff in the cargo pockets will bang on the knees of 30 inch legs.

        4. avatar James W Crawford says:

          Fat can be armor to protect youfrom bullets as well as blades.

  6. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Simple and complete(for the most part), I’d like to see a spare mag though…

  7. avatar Hannibal says:

    I laugh at a lot of the gearheads that carry 4 blades, 2 medkits, 3 guns and a partridge in a pear tree but this seems a little sparse unless it’s for walking in the backyard. Wallet? Phone? I guess maybe she’s just highlighting the things that seem more interesting.

  8. avatar possum says:

    Pennsylvania , huh , well he hit on my girlfiend and wound up with s blade to his gizzard( city of brotherly Lov) , Pennsylvania, a witch from hell ” Dee, Chap,”: n the moonlight, the frogs told me, bdad bdadad

  9. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    You are doing very well pretty lady!

  10. avatar Auxwood_rebel says:

    For people who think they don’t need a light, I recommend you walk to the back of any store you frequent and think about whether you can see the light from outside at the back or even the middle of the store. If not, you need a light. The power can go out for various reasons and then a big dark store full of unprepared people can be super dangerous.

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