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Ideology. Pragmatism. Logic. Which one of these doesn’t fit? OK, yes, ideology can fit in the mix—if it’s aligned with the other two. For example, disarming American civilians on ideological grounds is A) impractical and B) illogical. There are over a 300m guns in the Land of the Free. Civilian disarmament does nothing to increase the sum of human happiness (if you think about it). Dammit Spock! I’m a progressive not a liberty loving freak like you! It’s funny (peculiar) that Magpul’s decision to leave Colorado if the legislature bans possession of 30-round mags is the one thing that grabbed Gov. Hickenlooper’s attention. The same cannot be said for Dan Malloy. Connecticut’s anti-gun Governor hasn’t said a dickie-bird about legislation-related firearms-industry job losses. Then again, Remington. I guess we can add backbone (or lack thereof) to the list above.

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  1. I’m contacting Remington to tell them that I will sell all my Remingtons and never buy another if they stay in CT

  2. They won’t mind the loss of businesses and tax revenue. At least not until the public raises the question (they’d rather the public didn’t, as usual); but when they they come up short on revenue, I’m sure the gun-fearing public will be more than happy to take up the slack.

    But they will never put two and two together. To them all events happen in a vacuum.

  3. I’m not sure gun banners need jobs, what with “everythings free” philanthropist in place. If you have ever been to an inner city Aldi’s you know the “those that don’t work don’t eat” rule just never quite carried through, Randy

  4. You are making the assumption that these people care about jobs. That’s all talk to keep the UAW members voting Democratic. To the Democrats the inner city is the social ideal. A terrorized population of welfare recipients is the path to permanent power.

    In 2008 Obama was asked who thought was rich. His answer was anybody who made more than $75K a year. In 2012 he ran adds claiming that Romney would destroy Medicaid, the program the middle class relies on. Obama thinks anybody in a good paying job is rich and people on welfare are the middle class. His goal is remake American society by creating a demographic that is 20% on welfare, 75% working poor and lower middle class all ruled over by a kleptocracy of the 5%. Just like Chicago


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