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The Backup Clamp: “Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Guns…”

“…so I put a gun on your gun so you can gun while you gun!”

FYI, this would probably classified as a “short barreled rifle” under the National Firearms Act as the handgun now has a stock on it. So you’d need a tax stamp for the handgun before use, or face Federal jail time. Not that the designers realized that fact or anything…


  1. avatar JMS says:

    Hopefully people realize this will turn your pistol (the one you attached to your rifle) into an SBR. If you attach it to another pistol (like an AR pistol), then you have just created a vertical (upright) foregrip and an Any Other Weapon (NFA item: AOW).

    Um… either way you would need a $200 tax stamp in order to do this without violating the NFA. Of course, that’s only a Federal felony leading to ~10 years in Federal prison so no big deal.

    1. avatar SnJohnson says:

      He disabled comments, probably didn’t like people pointing out how illegal this is without proper/ridiculous NFA hassle. I’m not a fan of getting your customers in trouble.

      1. avatar JMS says:

        BIG trouble. I could absolutely, positively see people buying this without knowing that it becomes an NFA item. 10 years in Federal pen is no joke!!!

        Even just having the Backup Clamp without having a pistol registered as an SBR or AOW may constitute constructive possession.

        This is ridiculous to have on a website without making that absolutely, positively 100% clear.

      2. avatar InBox485 says:

        Pretty simple. Just flag it for being illegal.

        1. avatar JMS says:

          BTW I don’t think the NFA violation here is even in question. ZiP Factory, makers of the silly little ZiP 22 pistols (which don’t usually function properly… YouTube video: hJEE9soZkC8), has received ATF confirmation that attaching a pistol to a rifle DOES create an SBR. They are awaiting confirmation about the AOW issue if you attach it to another pistol, but I am personally 99% sure that it would constitute a vertical/downward foregrip. I don’t see how it wouldn’t.

        2. avatar mountocean says:


          If attached to another pistol it would create a vertical/upwards parallel grip. I say go for it.

        3. avatar mountocean says:

          JMS, again,
          You’re talking about putting the ZIP on another pistol, sorry. I was thinking of using the backup clamp on another pistol. Carryon.

        4. avatar JMS says:

          Yeah attaching pretty much any pistol to another pistol makes an AOW. The Magpul AFG (angled foregrip) was okay’d by the ATF because it isn’t upwards/downwards/vertical (whatever couple of terms they use). But… I can’t think of a pistol that has a grip that’s raked at such an extreme angle that it wouldn’t make for an AOW in this use, plus they all allow you to wrap your thumb around it and that’s something the AFG doesn’t allow. If it did, I think the ATF would have ruled differently.

          Basically, I can see no scenario at all where this Backup Clamp does not create an NFA item, whether you are attaching a pistol to a rifle or a pistol (or just the clamp itself) to another pistol.

      3. avatar Jake says:

        This is the only vid in the channel and the channel comments are empty. Don’t think they can disable that, good place to make our displeasure known.

  2. avatar Brad says:

    From the depths of uselessness.

    1. avatar reiser says:


  3. avatar Lance says:

    The legality of this seems… questionable, without a stamp. You’ve effectively put a stock on your pistol. SBR anyone?

  4. avatar Isaac says:

    So, tell me how this doesn’t violate that NFA rule, about not attaching a shoulder stock to a handgun? Technically, it isn’t for the use of the handgun, but an ATF agent with a chip on his shoulder might interpret it that way…..

  5. avatar mountocean says:

    Is that an Any Other Weapon or a Short Barreled Rifle? I can’t play youtube, so I might have missed something, but I won’t be constructing that monstrosity anytime soon.
    On a positive note, at least his guns have a mathcing color scheme.

  6. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    If the two weapons have the same point of impact at close range, you could also mount another light and laser on the clamped backup gun! And why stop with one, when you could easily mount *three* clamped backup guns on your quad-rail? You could even mount four, but the 12:00-mounted gun would interfere with aiming the host rifle.

    But don’t try to use any of them as a foregrip, lest all sorts of IGOTD-otry ensue.

    1. avatar Gyufygy says:

      45 degree off-set sights! Four pistols it is!

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        Then why not flip a second set of offsets and go for five pistols?

        1. avatar DaveL says:

          That sounds like what would happen if Gillette went into the firearms business.

  7. avatar Mark says:

    like 28 seconds in her puts his finger on the trigger

    1. avatar FrankM says:

      I noticed that too! I wouldn’t normally consider myself a safety sally but cringed at that.

  8. avatar Nuke670 says:

    Interesting idea. But a crap video. Why was the safety off on the rifle? And why is he sticking his boogerhooks inside the trigger guards on both the pistol and rifle? Nothing like violating 2 of the most basic safety rules to sell your product.

  9. avatar Chuck J says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read the comments, but did anyone mention that using this device might be a violation of the NFA? 😉

  10. avatar Tyler says:

    Aside from the legal issues, this item just looks dumb. Is that important to anyone else?

    1. avatar mountocean says:

      Looks aren’t important when something is as functional as this.

      1. Failure drills are cake ’cause you just pull the other trigger.
      2. You can put .45 tracer in the secondary to ID targets for your 5.56.
      3. Your sidearm will never fall out of holster or print through sportcoat.
      4. If right trigger finger gets shot off you can use left without switching shoulders.
      5. Weapon system has 2x the parts compatibility of any other.
      6. Can be held sideways to engage two hostiles simultaneously.
      7. Legal workaround in mag capacity limiting states.
      8. 100% operability during mag changes.
      9. Additional hard points when accessories are mounted on accessory-pistol.
      10. Joe Biden approves because it’s a “double barrel”.

      1. avatar DC in AZ says:

        11. Double the amount of safeties for the super safety-conscious.
        12. No need to compesate for sight-over-bore since you already have a bore-over-sight.
        13. Adjustable accesorizer for optimal control that can mount secondary at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock (or 12 o’clock for super advanced deployment where you might have to shoot upside down).

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    That gizmo looks like some of the crazy early 20th century patents that I’ve seen at the PTO. When you look at the filings you have to ask yourself, “WTF were they thinking about?”

  12. avatar nelson says:

    forget the ATF business, this is completely stupid. Who would ever want to do this? you could just have pistol located in a proper holster and draw just as quickly without the hassle, weight, clutter, and potential illegality attached to your rifle. Just DUMB.

  13. avatar ensitu says:

    ATF Bust in 3, 2, 1

  14. avatar crzapy says:

    Number one his finger is on the trigger. Number two he muzzle sweeps the cameraman twice. Number three he constructed an NFA item without pointing out the need to obtain the proper tax stamp. That is three strikes and he should be outta here.

  15. avatar Don says:

    There’s been a run of absurdly ridiculous products lately…

    This one:
    1) SBR
    2) So if your rifle breaks your pistol is stuck with the dead weight of the clamp obstructing the sights.
    3) So if your rifle’s not broken it’s got 2 lbs of dead weight hanging up front?
    4) How do you rest it on support with that dumb thing?
    5) It looks like the pistol wiggles when it is “securely connected”.

  16. avatar KY1911 says:

    This is possibly the stupidest idea I have EVER seen.

  17. avatar Pulatso says:

    Hey…guys…isn’t this like a violation of NFA?

    I keed, I keed.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      What’s a NFA?

      I keed too.

  18. avatar Chase Martin says:

    Anyone else notice when we transitions, the rifle totally takes out his shin or knee? He pauses to gather then keeps talking.

  19. avatar Don says:

    I want to be able to mount the rifle on the pistol’s accessory rail.

    1. avatar JMS says:

      YES! Or one of the rocket launchers that Feinstein talks about.

  20. avatar dom says:

    I have no use for this. If I have a rifle in my hands already, what is the point of the handgun.

    Now for something I can really use, when is the Ten-x rail mount 12 gauge going to be available? It was displayed at shot show. An undermounted single shot shotgun attached to an AR would be a sweet setup. Plus, only a five dollar AOW stamp.

  21. avatar iuvenal says:

    Reminds me of a Simpsons episode…. What are you drawing?…. A robot that has guns for arms shooting a plane made out of guns that fires guns.

  22. avatar Charlie says:

    Earlier devices of the type did not require an SBR stamp as long as the handgun was not “affixed” to the extension. This device appears to affix the handgun to the extension (AR-15), and therefore does not qualify under the earlier rulings.

    Having said that, this device fills a niche that does not exist. If my long gun fails to function the last thing I want is to have my backup weapon attached to it!



  23. avatar g says:

    Quick, someone make a chain of infinitely attached handguns attached to more handguns attached to more handguns…

  24. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    I know someone else has probably already said this, but this guy’s voice TOTALLY sounds like what I’d imagine Bobby Hill from King of the Hill would sound like as an adult. Don’t believe me? Listen again and just imagine it…

  25. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    Why didn’t he just mount a kydex holster on there, put the pistol in it and have it setup to pop up inline with the barrel when needed?!
    Then when done he could push it back down out of lone with the barrel.
    Oh wait that might get classed as a New Shoulder Thingy that Pops Up!!
    Sorry took way too many Smartass pills this morning before work!!!

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