NRA(nd) Away We Go…

As RF mentioned earlier, I’m about to fly out to Charlotte, NC for the anual National Rifle Association confab. (And boy will my arms be tired.) The keynote speakers will be Gov. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, so I’m expecting this to be a pretty interesting get-together. Of course, what NRA convention would be complete without a trade show, and this one promises to be everything you’d expect short of the Shot Show.

My question for you, gentle readers, is, do you have any suggestions – products I might keep my eye open for, people you’d like me to interview, specific things you’d like me to cover. I’m heading in with a plan, but I’ve found that the best plans are those that stay a little on the flexible side. Since TTAG is here for our readers, it only makes sense to ask you what kind of info you’d like from the NRA convention, since I’m going (and presumably, you’re not).

Let me know…the show starts Thursday.

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