I’m sitting in my hotel room right now waiting for my flight instead of being on the show floor for a third day. The reason I told el jefe is that I need to upload some video and the internet in the press room sucks (which is true), but the real reason is that I’ve seen everything already. The show was remarkably light on new products, and I can count the interesting ones on one hand. So what was good?…

My favorite thing from the show (if you couldn’t already tell) is Colt’s M2012. There’s something to be said for brazenly poking the competitor (Remington) by designating a gun that drops the “X” and updates the date on the Remington XM2010, and they’ve done a fine job assembling these guns. It may not be a 100% Colt product, but it still looks and feels great and that’s all that matters.

I think the guys at Tapco summed it up best: everyone is focusing on meeting demand instead of extending their product lines. And for right now the gun makers are still playing catch-up.


  1. I got a new knife yesterday. It’s the Becker BK2 and linked below is a link to a review. The BK2 is a good solid workhorse of a knife: camp/survival/etc (though not a combat/self-defense knife). It can baton and chop wood, or clean a fish and skin a kill. True, that there are better more specific designed knives for those tasks. One owner wrote that if he could choose two knives to survive with in the woods he would then choose two other knives. Yet, if he could only take one knife then he’d go with the BK2. Ethan Becker, the knife designer, is also the editor for the Joy of Cooking.


    BTW, the BK2 is built like a tank with a 1/4″ thick 1095 carbon steel full-tang blade. I’m thinking it’s the knife version of my Ruger SP101 .357 in stainless steel.


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